What happens in Sanctuary stays in Sanctuary

BY : The_Horny_DM
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With a bright light and a grunt arrived Maya and Krieg in the flying city of Sanctuary, the ‘New You’ station had teleported her there after sheared Krieg had defeated Bloodwing. 
Krieg lifted her up, she was exhausted from the rigorous fighting that had taken place just minutes earlier. He carried her with uncharacteristic gentleness to the Crimson Raiders headquarters and laid her down on one of the beds, Maya was a bit bruised, but nothing serious just a couple of small cuts and bruises, her clothes had sustained the most damage, several large holes and burns covered her clothing. 

The ‘New You’ station in Sanctuary and other machines around the city had not been working as well as they once did after the sudden move, the ‘Quick Change’ station no longer dressed its customers and only dispensed clothing. Maya laid on the bed, resting, as Tannis was looking if she staring at her body according to Tannis she was looking her over for slag residue, but from Maya’s perspective it seemed more like the crazy scientist was staring at her barely cover breasts, you could see her right pierced nipple as what was left of her tight top clung to her chest. 

Tannis’ staring quickly stopped when the huge muscled form of Krieg came up from behind her, “ Science lady stop looking at meat pillows, Boss man needs help, I go with Tiny Beard and smash skulls in Dusty place!” The psycho spoke in his ‘normal’ load tone as he exclaimed that he and Salvador were going to the Dust and Tannis was needed upstairs. Tannis blushed slightly when she heard that the brute had noticed her fascination of Maya’s bosom. Maya sat up on the bed and got up in one swift movement, her right arm covering her partly exposed breasts, she kissed Krieg’s mask on the side with a small smile giving him a silent thank you, the psycho had saved her before from awkward situations and they had become quite good friends during their time together. Maya felt Krieg’s hand play with her hair gently before Salvador called him over so they could get going with whatever Ellie needed help with in the Dust. 

Maya went to the ‘Quick Change’ station in the middle of town after Krieg and Tannis had gone to do whatever they needed to do. The kiosk dispensed a new outfit for her, she now needed a private place to get dressed and rid herself the unwanted attention her current clothing was drawing. She was going over her options in her head, the Crimson Raider headquarters was her place to sleep and relax, but in terms of privacy the place was lacking and Tannis would probably try to examine her closely to learn more about sirens. Maya decided to go to the place where she was the most likely to find some privacy Moxxi’s bar, most people would find the idea that privacy could be found in a place run by a woman known for her sexual exploits and teasing nature, but Moxxi respected the vault hunters and was glad to help them if she could.

Maya walked in through the front entrance to Moxxi’s place, her hips swinging from side to side as she walked towards the bar, her arm still covering her bosom, a couple of guys at the bar whistled and spouted out some crude remarks about the holes in her clothes and tried to encourage her to move her arm so they could get a look at her chest, the men quickly shut up when Moxxi spoke up “Now boys that is no way to speak to a lady and if you want to stay here you better get your acts together” as she said this she put Rubi (her revolver) on the bar top.

Maya gave Moxxi an appreciative look and leaned against the bar and asked Moxxi with a hint of nervousness in her voice “Moxxi you don’t happen to have a place where I can get dressed and freshen up? Privately.” 
The men seemed for a moment want to resume their remarks and cat calling, but none of them wanted to get shot. Moxxi tipped her hat and smiled a bit too seductively for Maya’s liking “I sure do, Sugar. Just come round the back and go through the back door, my bedroom should have everything you need” She ended the sentence with a playful wink and Maya reluctantly felt her heart flutter. Moxxi opened up a door in the bar and Maya went to the room Moxxi had instructed her to, the room had a large hearts heaped bed in the middle with a large full body mirror next to the walk in closet and in the other end of the room was the door to the bathroom with a shower.

The siren undressed and stepped into the shower, turning it on and letting the warm water stream down her body. She squeezed and played a bit with her breasts as she washed herself, she left the shower and dried herself off. She stood in front of the tall mirror and admired her toned body, she was quite fit, her breasts were firm and perky and hernipples were pierced by small rings. Her ass was nicely shaped too, round and fit yet soft, nestled between her legs was her tight vagina, she had developed quite a bush above her clit, blue just like her hair, she hadn’t had time to trim it since arriving on Pandora. Her concentration was broken when a pair of soft hands cupped her breast from behind and gave them a playful squeeze, “Need some help, Sugar?”.

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