The Night

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The Night
time is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep.
~Catherine O'Hara

            In Twilight Town, there's nothing on the planet that quite compares to their sunset. As one knows, it is a time where the sun disappears behind the mountains and leaves an artistic array of soft colors that tickle the clouds pink and envelope the sky in a Dreamsicle.

            However, Dusk City is a completely different story.

            It's a dark place where, if it's not raining, the city is heavily flooded with fog, or the tall buildings block the sun, which is a distant dream as there are few glimpses of it through the day aside from summer. There is the sunrise, the sunset, and then nightfall: a time of nearly pure darkness illuminated with alluring neon light.

            And with every dark space, something is surely lurking within it.

            As nightfall approaches, once a month there is the moon-rise, and the Dusk Tower bells sound; covering the whole city in a fearful outlook. In Twilight Town, the Twilight Tower bells signaled everyone to relax and let themselves slip into harmony. But here, it's the exact opposite. The clock tower bells meant to close up shop, get home, lock your doors, board your windows, and wait in fear the rest of the night until daybreak. The reason for this?

            The things that go bump in the night.

            Or rather, things that kill in the night.

            They feast upon the innocent to eliminate their hunger, they would battle their own sibling for a scrap of meat, and they howl at the presence of the moon. They are the werewolves. These creatures hide in the day, blended in with mortal society, then strike at night when people least expect it. When the moon is full, they frenzy; eating until nothing is left.

            But it's not just the werewolves that the city-folk fear… it is the real-life succubae and incubi—the vampires. They appear as regular people who show no harm by offering help to others so as to escape the damned labyrinth of Dusk City. But then, when the poor, unfortunate soul of a victim is not looking… they're drained and dazed. Sometimes dead.

            By now, the citizens were accustomed to this and routinely set out cattle or other large animals so the werewolves would feast upon anything instead of them. Blood banks would even sell packets of blood for a reasonable price to keep vampires satiated. Of course, it didn't always work.

            Humans don't tend to realize how delectable they are… especially fresh.

            However… rarely, but more often than not, humans are sought after for something besides their flesh and blood. Sometimes humans are more than just mortal, and the most satiating of delicacies can also have the most power. Over the lycans, the vampires, the ghouls, the gargoyles…

            They have power over all of Dusk City and the creatures of the night.

            However, my dear reader, this is just what the citizens of Twilight Town believe, and you may think this plot begins at this point… but to tell a good story, one must start at the beginning, and when one comes to the end, one stops.

            So we'll start back where the sky is Dreamsicle orange, bells are tolled for harmony, and where all these eerie rumors of Dusk City stem from: Twilight Town…

            BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEE—

            …just as Roxas slams his hand down onto the snooze button of his annoying alarm clock before groaning into his mattress.

            "Another day, another 24 hours closer to my demise…"

"Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop."

~Lewis Carroll


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