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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Star Trek is owned and copyrighted by Paramount Pictures and CBS. For full disclaimer, see Chapter 1.

Full Disclaimer: Star Trek is owned and copyrighted by Paramount Pictures and CBS.  Characters and situations from Star Trek Online are the intellectual property of the creators and distributed by Perfect World. All rights to the characters, universe, and races are theirs and theirs alone.  I make no money off this fan fiction.
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A/N: This takes place in the Star Trek Online Universe with inclusions of novel (ie non-canon) elements and canonical elements.  Frame of for players, this takes place approximately three months after the mission “Boldly They Rode”.

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Star Trek: Adventurer

Chapter 1: How We Deal With Death


“Captain, I’m getting something on the comms.”

“What is it, Lieutenant?” Takala Karizesma Zh’An asked from the command chair, turning to face her Tactical Officer.  From the upper deck and curved Tactical station, the Trill woman seemed to tower over Taka’s smaller, Andorian frame, and her antennae twitched ever so slightly.

“Distress call from a ship in the Neutral Zone,” Tanis Lanul replied.  She looked down at Taka.

Taka frowned and her antennae twitched irritatedly.  She turned back to the viewscreen and stared at the stars.  “Helm, set course for the distress signal and engage, maximum warp.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Straala, her Vulcan Helm Officer, acknowledged.

“Go to yellow alert,” Ricardo Santiago ordered from his chair beside her.

“Do we have any other ships in range?” Taka asked.

“None within any distance to help,” Tanis replied.  “The Courageous and Kirk are an hour away at warp.  We’re the only ones in any capacity to help them, Captain.”

“Inform the Courageous and Kirk,” Taka said.  To herself, she muttered, “This close to the Neutral Zone, I don’t like it.”

“Definitely something going on,” Ricardo agreed.  He ran his hand through his brown hair.  “Damned peculiar.”

“What’s our ETA?” Taka asked.

“15.58 minutes,” Straala replied.

“Tanis, pull up the details of the ship.”

“Yes, Captain.”  The Trill tapped the commands into the console and the details of the ship appeared on the viewscreen.

Taka rose from her chair and stepped up to the Helm, her hand falling on the back of Straala’s chair.  Her eyes darted over the information.  Under her breath, she whispered, “300 passengers?  On a neutronic fuel carrier?”  She turned back to Tanis.  “Verify that information, Lieutenant.”  Her antennae leaned forward, inadvertently showing her frustration.

“Information verified, Captain.  Starfleet Command lists the ship with 300 passengers,” Tanis stated.

Taka shook her head.  “The information’s false or something else is going on here.”

“I’ve cleaned up the message, Captain.”

“Let’s hear it.”

This is the …..  We’ve struck …. Gravitic mine…  No power…  Need assistance.”

“Open a channel, Tanis,” Taka said.  The redheaded Trill nodded at her a moment later.  “This is the Enterprise, Captain Taka Zh’An speaking.  We’re on our way to you.  Do you have any means of evacuating?”

Negative,  Hull penetrated...casualties.  Lost...power.  Life support failing!” a man’s voice pleaded.  Involuntarily, Taka’s antennae laid across the top of her head in sadness.  “...need help, En...prise.  Can...assist us?  Can you assist us?”

“Damn,” Taka muttered.  “It’s a trap, it has to be.”  She looked at Ricardo.

“Red alert, all hands, battlestations!” Ricardo ordered.  The Bridge was bathed in crimson as the klaxons turned blood red.  

“Captain, we’ve just entered the zone,” Tanis informed.

“Good thing the Neutral Zone doesn’t mean a damn thing anymore,” Taka muttered.

A nervous sweat on her ridged brow glistened in the light and Taka wiped it off.  The stars on the viewscreen stayed there, unmoving, as though taunting her.  Her left antennae shrunk back with the anxiety she felt while her right twitched with the apprehension.  An hour away from help on the wrong side of the Klingon border was not somewhere anyone wanted to be, least of all the flagship of the Federation fleet.

That was enough to put a target on their backs.

“Get in, get out, quick as possible, no one needs to know,” Taka muttered.

“Captain, I’m losing the signal,” Tanis reported.  Taka turned to look at her Tactical Officer, who returned the glance with worry in her eyes.  “Three Klingon ships decloaking!”

Negh’var-class battlecruisers,” Straala reported stoically.

“Tanis, hail them,” Taka ordered.

“No response.  They’ve locked on!” Tanis cried out.

The Bridge of the Odyssey-class starship jerked and Taka’s grip on Straala’s chair tightened.  She tried to remain calm, though her antennae would have betrayed that had any other Andorians been present.  “Report.”

“Direct hit, shields holding,” Tanis said.  “Captain, I can’t get a lock on the distress call.”

“Of course not,” Taka scoffed.  “Damned Klingons laid a trap.  Straala, get us out here, best speed!”

“Aye, ma’am,” Straala said, entering the commands into the Helm.

Taka stepped away, back to her command chair.  “Tanis, torpedoes, full spread, Sisko-Alpha-Nine.”

On screen, a barrage of torpedoes flew through space towards the Klingons, exploding against their shields.  The variant ‘X’ shaped head of one of the Negh’vars erupted through the dissipating explosion, disruptors firing.  The Bridge jerked and Taka stumbled into her second officer’s chair, thankful it was empty.

“Captain, starboard nacelle has taken damage,” Straala reported.

On screen, the Negh’Var battlecruisers opened fire in unison.  Shots pelted the shields and the entire ship was jerked around.  Taka grabbed the armrests of the second officer’s chair tightly, opening her mouth to give an order before the Helm exploded in a shower of sparks and debris.

The Vulcan rolled from it and laid on the floor, unmoving.  Taka pushed herself out of the chair and moved over to the her friend.  “Straala?”  There was no response and Taka rolled her over, faced with cuts and seeping green blood, eyes staring into oblivion.

“Ric, take the Helm!” Taka ordered.  She rose to her feet And grabbed the Helm as another volley jolted the deck.

“Captain, they’re coming around!” Tanis called out.

“All power to shields!” Taka cried.

They did nothing.  The overhead light erupted in sparks and consoles flickered as many of the officers standing lost their balance.  Ricardo rose from his chair before something exploded behind him and he clutched his back before falling to the ground, still.

Bridge, Engineering.  We’ve got a problem down here.  Mag-interlocks have been ruptured!” M’Akl, the Caitian Chief Engineer, reported.  “Five minutes to a core breach!”

“Send out emergency distress call.  All hands, abandon ship!””

“They’ve got a jamming signal in place,” Tanis reported.

“Then make sure you survive to let Starfleet know of this,” Taka said.  “Now, clear the Bridge.”

“What about you?” Tanis asked.  She noted that the rest of the Bridge crew hadn’t argued.  They'd headed for the turbolift and waited for her.

“I’ll be fine,” Taka smirked.  “Now, go.”

Tanis nodded and entered the turbolift as Taka watched the doors closed.  She turned back to the viewscreen.  “Well then, you Klingon bastards, as the humans say, let’s dance.”  She stumbled as the Bridge shook, sliding into the Helm chair.  She tapped commands into the console, the ship shifting its position back to face the lead battlecruiser, which continued firing.  She glanced at the status of the evacuation.  All shuttles had launched, but some were still too close.  “Come on.”  Two shuttles flashed out of existence and the rest reached a safe distance.  She hit the command.

The Enterprise-F surged forward, into the fire of the Klingon ships.  Explosions ripped up the saucer’s hull.  Hull plates spiralled away before the front of the Bridge disappeared in a blinding explosion.

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