Night of the WereIsaac

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Night of the WereIsaac

Jenna was worried about her boyfriend Isaac; he was acting very weird in the last few days, even his mother Dora didn’t know what was going on with him. Garet, Isaac’s best friend was currently missing, maybe that was the reason why Isaac was acting weird, come to think about it Isaac started acting weird around the same time that Garet went missing.

Jenna asked Isaac about this and he told her that it was true, so her problem was solved or so she thought that it was solved.

They were walking in the woods to the west of Vale; it was starting to get dark outside. It wasn’t that bad because there was a full moon out tonight and it gave them enough light to find their way back to the town. Isaac was in a hurry, he mostly ran her to her house and dumped her there, and he didn’t even kiss her good-night. As she looked out the window she saw Isaac run back into the woods.

“He better not have a hot date with a certain Mercury adept” Jenna said to herself, she never believed that Isaac would cheat on her, but he was acting way too strange for her not to be a little worried that he might be so desperate to get some sex that he would hook-up with a total slut to get it. Plus why would he run back into the woods when he wanted to get out of them a moment ago.

“Why don’t you follow him and find out” said her brother that stood behind her

“I was just about to do that” said Jenna and she ran out of the house and went into the woods, following the trail of Isaac. It was clear that Isaac didn’t think she was smart enough to follow him, because even with her tracking skills that were crap, it was a piece of cake for Jenna to find her way to him. Isaac was in the woods completely naked.

“Isaac, what are you doing?” she asked as she came out from the trees “Where are your clothes?”

“Jenna, you shouldn’t be here” he told her

“Are you cheating on me with Mia?” asked Jenna; why else would he be in the woods naked if he wasn’t planning on screwing someone like her.

“It’s not like that” said Isaac as he fell to his knees in pain.

“He was bitten” said a voice behind her, Jenna turned around to see Ivan.

“What do you mean? Bitten by what?” she asked him, Ivan was the smartest person that she knew other than Kraden.

“By me” said Ivan, he smiled and she saw that he had sharp teeth.

“You’re a vampire!” said Jenna, she just couldn’t believe it.

“No I’m not” said Ivan all insulted by her. “These aren’t vampire teeth”

“Then what are you?” asked Jenna

“Wait and see” Ivan told her

“I. Am. A. Werewolf.” Isaac said in great pain, as hair grew on his body.

“Isaac, you ruined the surprise” said Ivan, he started to take his clothes off and Jenna saw that hair was growing over his body as well. She was in the middle of two wolves and she had a feeling that this wasn’t going to end good, at least on her end. In the best case she could escape from them using her fire psynergy, in the worst case they would bite her and she would become a werewolf as well.

Ivan and Isaac were turned fully into werewolves now. The color of their fur was golden, the same color of the hair that they had. Jenna used her fire at Ivan, she didn’t want to hurt Isaac because she still loved him even if he was a werewolf, but she couldn’t care less about Ivan. Ivan moved back when he saw the flame at her palm. Something jumped on her back, pinning her down onto the floor; it was Isaac in wolf form.

“Isaac, what are you doing?” she asked, Isaac only growled at her.

“Something that you should have learned” started Ivan “from master Maha in Garoh is that when we turn into wolves speaking the human language becomes very hard to do”

“But he should still love me” said Jenna, tears building in her eyes as she knew that soon her life would end.

“Isaac was best friends with Garet, but that didn’t stop him from cracking Garet’s neck a few days ago when he turned for the first time” Ivan told her “Isaac was acting weird because he is a werewolf, he doesn’t care about Garet being missing, he knew that he was missing because he killed him”

“And now you’re going to kill me because I know your secret” said Jenna, the tears fell down her cheeks.

“No, we have a better use for you” said Ivan, he looked at Isaac and nodded his head.

Isaac took a bite from her skirt and ripped it off of her body; he carefully moved his teeth over to rip her panties from her body as well, even if one tooth made a cut on her right leg.

“Don’t do this, I’m a virgin” she shouted

“Really, I was sure that you and Isaac would have done it by now” Ivan told her, he looked at his wolf friend Isaac, who shook his head NO, meaning that he never had sex with her. “Well, you’re in for a treat tonight my friend”

“You’re a cruel mastermind Ivan” said Jenna, the tears kept on falling from her eyes.

“Thank you” he told her and he moved forward, licking her lips with his wolf tongue in a sort of kiss, it wasn’t just her lips that got slobbered on; it was her chin, nose and cheeks as well. Meanwhile on her other side Isaac started to lick her pussy, even if her ass was facing towards the moon.

“Isaac, don’t lick me there” she cried, but the werewolf didn’t listen to a word that she said.

As Isaac licked her more, Jenna started to pant, that was a perfect opening for Ivan to get his tongue inside of her mouth as he licked her face, Jenna started getting turned on by her boyfriend turned wolf and her tongue feeling Ivan’s sharp teeth in his mouth and the fur on his face touching her skin only turned her on more than before.

“This good” said Isaac as Jenna hit an orgasm that he gladly drank on the spot.

“Those were his first human words in wolf form” said Ivan as he kept on taking Jenna’s tongue inside of his mouth, Jenna pulled away to speak.

“Stop tensing me Isaac and do me already” she said and when back into Ivan’s mouth, her tears were all gone at this point. Isaac moved his tongue away from her sweet pussy; he walked forward, looking at her fine ass. His front paws passed over her back and his claws ripped the back of her shirt as it passed over her, they were pressed down next to her as his cock went inside of her ass, she let out a lustful moan inside of Ivan’s mouth as her tongue twisted with his own.

Isaac was out of control, he started to trust hard inside of his still human girlfriend, Jenna being a virgin, was not even used to having a rough fucking with a human, could barely hold her hands on the floor, her nails were sinking into the dirt that she was on. Isaac’s blood stained  wolf cock moved deep inside of Jenna as her ass bleed from the cruel treatment that she was now undergoing, her eyes were rolling back, she was panting out of pure pleasure, she didn’t regret going after Isaac, this was the best night of her life, nothing could ever top this unless she was turned into a wolf and they would do this again, even Ivan a trained wolf was so into the action that he didn’t remember how to speak English and by mistake his teeth cut some of her lip, causing her mouth to bleed, but she still didn’t care, it was worth the pain for this kind of night. She would never in her entire life forget her first time.

“CUMMING!” shouted Isaac as he did one final trust inside of her asshole and a river of wolf semen flooded her rear end, he pulled his cock out of her and fell to his side out of breathe, meanwhile the semen slowly dripped from her butt.

Jenna was a little disappointed that she didn’t have a cock behind her.

“Isaac is a little rusty since he is a new wolf, I’ll destroy you instead” said Ivan, he walked around her.

“Oh goody” said Jenna, her ass was a little painful, so she rolled over, making her pussy visible to him, telling him to take away her virginity. Her pink shirt was still on her body, the back of it was ripped by Isaac’s claws and it was covered in dirt stains from her intense fuck session, Jenna knew that it was ruined, she didn’t care, and she had a whole drawer of them back home. It only made things easier for her. She placed her hands on her shirt and ripped it open, straight through the middle, freeing her bra covered melons. Ivan took care of that with his sharp teeth, he took a bite of her bra in the middle of her boobs and ripped it off of her body, her tits were huge. Ivan placed a paw on each of them, it wasn’t like having an actual human hand on them, but it was the best that Jenna was able to get.

Her eyes lit up when Ivan made his wolf cock enter her pussy, it was amazing. Jenna never felt anything like that in her entire life, she sure hoped that Isaac would tell her the next time that he would turn into a wolf so she could follow him again and get fucked like this again. Ivan started to trust inside of her pussy, he was the first wolf to go inside of her, while Isaac was the first wolf to do her hot ass. Ivan was clearly a master at having sex in wolf form and Jenna had to wonder, how many human and/or wolf chicks did he fuck to get so good, she didn’t even know how Ivan turned into a wolf to start with, while he pounded her pussy without using the psynergy move, Jenna wanted to learn more about him.

“How did you turn into a werewolf?” asked Jenna

“When Hamma thought me the power of reveal, I started to turn into a werewolf. I know your second question, Mia was the first girl that I had sex with in wolf form, she loved every single second of it and wanted to marry me, so that was how we started to date, we still didn’t get married yet because I ain’t ready to settle down” Ivan told her

“Oh, I didn’t even know that you and Mia were seeing each other” said Jenna as he kept on pounding her pussy.

“Usually on a night like tonight I fuck her in my wolf form, but Isaac saw us last time, he thought that the wolf was raping her and tried to kill me, it was a close call for me and Mia was scared for my life, I was forced to bite him to protect myself from that sol blade that would have killed me if it did its unleash” Ivan said.

“You and Mia went through a lot” said Jenna, as she moved her left hand over and started to stroke his fur “Your fur is so soft”

“Thanks to Mia who washes my fur after we have sex with each other” he said

“I can give both you and Isaac a bath after we are done here, hopefully that won’t be soon” said Jenna

“Mia gives me my baths at 4 in the morning; we still have plenty of time”

“Since your dating Mia and I’m dating Isaac, maybe next full moon we could have a foursome” Jenna said, of course Ivan agreed and he knew that Isaac and Mia would as well.

Ivan moved his paws off of her huge breast, because the other wolf (Jenna’s boyfriend) was up, he came over to her fine breast, he never saw them when he was a human, heck, he never saw her naked as a human. He moved his wolf tongue over to them and started to lick her nipple, Jenna started to moan at the feeling of his cold tongue on her warm skin.

Ivan was also trusting inside of her pussy at a frantic pace, while they were chatting he was just slowly moving inside of her, but now that the talking was over it was time for the real fucking to begin. He was going very deep inside of her and would pull out again; Jenna could feel her eyes rolling over as she reached her peak and had another orgasm.

Isaac was careful not to bite her nipple or then she would turn into a werewolf. Ivan pushed inside of her one final time and let out a howl as he unloaded his jizz inside of her, he then fell on his side next to her body; even if she would want to for some reason get up and leave she could not because her body was way too weak.

“I sure hope I don’t get pregnant from my first time” Jenna said as she got close to her boyfriend and cuddled up to him, feeling his warm fur on her large chest.

“As far as I know” said Ivan “You can’t get pregnant from us in wolf form”

“That is very good to know” added Jenna as she then fell asleep; she was very tired after a rough workout.

The Next day

Jenna woke up in the woods, naked and alone. She looked around for Isaac and Ivan, but didn’t want to leave the spot that she was at, she had no decent clothes with her and her house was in the center of Vale, how could they leave her like this? She heard someone walk in the leafs, it was only Isaac, he was fully clothed, he had a change of clothes in his hands, of course the clothes belong to him and not her, but it was better than nothing.

“I wanted to tell you” said Isaac “about the whole werewolf thing, but I didn’t know how”

“It’s OK” said Jenna as she pulled up the pair of pants that he handed over to her “I had a lot of fun last night”

“I have to admit it was fun to fuck you in wolf form” said Isaac

“I agree” said Jenna “Like Ivan and Mia we will be doing this again and we might even have a foursome with them a couple of times. I’m sure wereIsaac won’t mind getting his cock inside of Mia and I know I won’t mind kissing her”

“WereIsaac?” he asked as she put on his shirt.

“That is what I’m calling you in wolf form” said Jenna with her arms crossed, it was weird being in Isaac’s clothes, the last time that she wore pants was when she was 3 years old. “Don’t you think it’s cute?”

“Whatever makes you happy” he said to her, which was mostly his way of saying that he hated it, but didn’t want to hurt her feelings. They got in each other’s arms and kissed, once their lips were apart, Jenna opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out; she passed her finger on her tongue taking out some hair, werewolf hair. “Sorry about that”

“I don’t give a fuck, it was totally worth it, not matter what way you look at it, I’m glad that I followed you and now I believe that our relationship is totally at another level” she said

“What do you mean by that?” he asked

“When are you going to ask me to marry you?” she asked

“Ivan warned me about this after your first time doing it wolf style” said Isaac, Jenna laughed and kissed him again

“I can’t wait to tell Mia all about this and about our plans for the future” she said, her and Isaac headed towards Vale, hand in hand and dressed like twins. Their destination was Mia’s house because Jenna had some important information to tell the Mercury adept.

“Do you think…” started Isaac “Do you think maybe one day we could have sex, just you and me and that I can be in my human form?”

“Sure, in fact” said Jenna looking around “No one is around and Mia can wait an hour or two since she is probably having a bath with Ivan as we speak, we could have sex right now”

“Here? In the woods” said Isaac; he was shocked that she was so bold

“What can I say, I really, really, really love the woods” she winked at him and took him in an embrace as a gust of wind blew her hair behind her.

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