Pokemon: Ultra Slut Nuzlocke Edition

BY : JoanieBirb
Category: +M through R > Pokemon
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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, or the characters from it, and I'm not making any money from this.

Althea Hawthorn grumbled to herself as she woke, sparing the Meowth that had quite deliberately disturbed her a harsh glare before rolling out of her bed and onto the floor. For several seconds she stayed there, face down in the carpet before, with a groan, she pulled herself onto her feet and stretched out with rather more creaking than a woman her age should really produce.

Of course after an early morning and a long flight - mostly spent waiting around to be able to actually leave - had left Althea just a bit stiff, and her immediate reaction of collapsing into her very new bed in her new home had only made that worse.

Still, thanks to that damned Meowth she was awake now and, after one last yawn, stretch and audible popping of her back, she made sure that she had some form of clothing on and went to see what her mother wanted so much that she would wake her up for it.

Unlike her daughter, who had the pale skin of someone who had rarely if ever gone outside for any extended period of time, Althea’s mother was tanned with brown hair that had been lightened several shades from her daughter’s by exposure to the sun. And, just a little bit to Althea’s annoyance, a soft, curvy body that was rather more well-proportioned than her daughter’s slender and modest form.

Stood behind one of the kitchen counters, her mother frowned at Althea, her cheeks already slightly red at, Althea guess, the heat of Alola. Hopefully she’d agree to get some air conditioning, as Althea had already found this place to be just a bit too hot and sticky than she was used to.

“Althea.” Her mother began, hands firmly holding onto the counter. “I know we just got here, but you’ve had a rest already and you did promise that you’d get out a bit more, so can you go see where the local shops are, exactly?”

“I thought you already knew that.” Althea protested, wanting nothing more than to just flop back onto her bed and then, in a couple of hours, see about getting her computer properly connected to the internet.

Her mother sighed, fingers curling on the counter for a moment. “I- Althea, please just go for a walk for a little while. You’ll … I, ah, am sure you’ll enjoy this place once you go out and look at it.”

Rolling her eyes in a way that made it clear she was still a teenager at heart if not quite in years for much longer, Althea grumbled, put her shoes on and left. After the door closed her mother let out a long sigh that slowly turned into a soft moan, one hand moving down to touch the back of the head of the Meowth that was stood inside her skirt, giving it a little push further against her crotch.

“That’s right, baby,” she moaned softly as she slid carefully down onto the kitchen floor, tugging her skirt up to reveal the pokemon and the pussy he had been licking since he left her daughter’s room. Moaning as he answered with a purr into her sex, she leaned forwards and lifted the pokemon’s face from her crotch, her tongue pushing against the familiar roughness of the Meowth’s and tasting the almost as familiar juices he had covered it with.

“Now let’s see if you can give me a second child,” she purred as the Meowth pushed his hips up between the woman’s spread thighs, giving his own little happy noise as his barbed cock sank into the familiar warmth of her pussy. Their tongues tangling again, the Meowth started to paw and knead at her breasts, while Althea’s mother pushed up to meet the pokemon’s thrusts.

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