Green Fucks the Guys

BY : SkittleBro
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any of the characters from it, and I am not making a profit from this.

     Green woke up late and in a panic.
     Today was the day, the day she could start her travels with Pokémon. She was so excited the evening before that she had forgotten to set her alarm. She was supposed to be with Professor Oak right now, picking her starter and going on a grand adventure. Instead she had been dreaming about being fucked by two Machops, their rough dream bodies turning her on in real life. She got dressed quickly, deciding she could come back later and pack, her Mom going nowhere, except to bed with some strangers in town. She pulled on her red skirt, ditching the panties, it being too much of a hassle at the moment. She also pulled on a light blue tank, not skipping the bra, as her EE cups needed all the support they could. Finally, not wanting to mess with her hair, she put her signature white and red hat, slipped on some shoes, and ran out the door for the lab. 
     She arrived a few minutes later, out of breath but excited. Blue and Red, her neighbors, “rivals”, and frequent sex parters we’re talking with Professor Oak, their backs turned as she approached them. “Hey guys, sorry I’m late” she said frantically, the men turning to face her. “I forgot an alarm this morning, so I was a tad bit late waking up. Is there still a starter available for me?” Oak looked at her, almost confused, and said “I’m afraid these gentlemen here got the last of the starters.” “What?” She said gasping, “I thought there were three starters available. What the fuck?” She was pissed; unbeknownst to her, the three had planned this, hiding the last ball from her view, wanting to get a little action before their long and difficult journey began. “Well…” Oak said, looking like he was thinking deeply, “there might be a Pokémon left for you. I’m not sure if you’d want it though, it’s a tough one to deal with.” “I’LL TAKE IT!” She yelled, nearly pouncing on the old man, desperate for any Pokémon. “Whatever it takes to get it, I’ll do it. I don’t care how difficult the task or the Pokémon is, I need to go on this adventure.” The three men glanced at each other and grinned, their plan working just as they suspected it would. “Well, I think you need to prove to me, as well as Blue and Red, that you are capable of handling such a beast” Oak said slyly, barely able to contain his sexual energy. “I can handle any challenge you throw my way, old man. Do your worst.” Green said confidently to all three of them, looking at them with her arms on her hips. The three looked at each other and nodded in agreement. “Ok then, are you ready?” Oak asked, Red walking over to the door and locking it. “Absolutely!” said Green innocently enough, noticing the three men closing in around her. 
     Oak started by pulling her hat off, tossing it on his desk, his hands grabbing her head and forcing her down toward his crotch. She yelped in shock, not expecting this from him, having never actually fucked the old man before. He quickly pulled his rapidly hardening cock out, shoving it in Green’s mouth and beginning to pump. Green gagged and choked on his cock, not ready for it yet. Oak pulled out and slapped her face with it, his dick fully hard now, Green able to take in his full 7 inch manhood. She felt her shirt being yanked over her head, her bra falling off quickly. Before she could turn towards Blue and Red, Oak was back in her mouth, thrusting rapidly, his cock reaching the back of her throat with ease. Green relaxed her jaw and opened wide, gladly deep throating the old man, her gags and moans filling his office, drool running down her chin and onto her exposed breasts. Green then felt hands on her shoulders as she was pulled off one cock and onto another, Blue shoving his 7.5 incher into and down her throat quick. The slut slowly began realizing the extent of her trial ahead of her now, as she could see Red jacking his 7 inch dick off and could hear Oak doing the same behind her. Green began to lick the bottom of Blue’s cock, drool still running freely out her mouth and down her chest, her tits gleaming in the early morning light. Blue pulled out and Green was spun right onto Red’s cock, her head being forcefully pushed down on his big dick. Out of the three, his was the widest by about an inch, Blue’s next and then Oak. She accepted his roughness, as she was use to forceful sex with him. The other two then moved in closer, beginning to hit the back of her head with their cocks, the slut unable and unwilling to have any other punishment. Red pulled her head away and Oak took his spot, the rotation continuing on a few more times before they all came on her face, coating her hair and eyes with hot and sticky semen. She began to clean it off herself as she was laid down on Oak’s desk, feeling the old man feel her ass as he placed his cock on her wet and waiting pussy, having been turned in from all the face fucking. Oak pushed in and Green groaned, feeling the professor start to thrust deep inside her, moaning as he did. She gasped as he began to tease her womb with his cock head, and as she gasped, Blue slid his cock back into her mouth. She choked and spluttered around his cock, unable to breathe. He pulled out briefly, letting her cough and catch her breath before resuming the face fuck. With Oak in her pussy and Blue in her mouth the two men unintentionally synced up, their speed and force matching. Green, the ever-loving cum slut she was, began to taste Blue’s precum on her tongue, his familiar salty taste nothing new to her. The two came soon, Blue dumping directly into her throat, Oak able to pushing to her womb, flooding her with his cum. Green could help but cum, Oak pushing her over alone. She sucked hard on Blue as he pulled out, swallowing shortly after.
     Barely catching her breath Green felt Oak start to fuck her mouth, distinctly tasting herself and his cum on his cock. As she blew him Red came over and rammed his cock into her cunt, Green screaming in pleasure as his rough fucking began. She sucked Oak off as much as she could, unable to keep Red’s pace, but still trying. She felt Oak’s hand on her left tit, squeezing and pinching her nipple. She moaned hard around his cock, Blue joining in on her other nipple, except he began to suck on it. She reached out and down, finding his cock and jerking it off wildly, her hand easily matching Red’s speed. She took a minute to take the situation in, actually having a minute to think coherently amid orgasms. These were her childhood friends and one of her biggest idols, and all of them were fucking her body hard like the whore she was. She was so happy. 
     Red came first, pushing into her womb easier than his grandfather, cumming more than he had as well, her stomach visibly swelling from all the cum. This in turn caused her to cum, clamping down on Red, his cock not moving from her womb, as well as Oak, sucking with a force near vacuum levels. He then came, the sucking force too much for him; grabbing her head he shoved himself down her throat, cum coating her uvula for at least the 6th time today. Then she heard Blue grunt, spraying all over her chest, her tits and throat covered with most of his cum. She was delirious again, unable to think or move, feeling her body being twisted and contorted to whatever her lovers desired. She could vaguely feel a tongue on her ass; she would have normally objected, but on account of the fact that she said she’d do anything (and that she still was delirious), she said nothing only moaning as Blue fingered her cum filled pussy, a runny, cummy mess leaking rapidly from her slit. Her cunt properly drained, Blue forced his way into her, picking her up and sitting with her on top, bouncing her on his cock. She regained enough motion to start to ride him, however she soon felt what she assumed was a finger on her ass. As she turned, she saw Oak, lubing his cock and her ass up, ready to enter. She couldn’t even begin to object as he thrust inside her ass, Green screaming in agony, as she had been an asshole virgin until then. Oak didn’t mind her screams, only focused on how tight she was. Red took advantage of Green having her mouth open constantly and stood on the desk, moving over Blue and sliding his cock down her throat, not stopping as she began to choke on his cock. He pulled out slightly, letting her barely breathe through her nose before he forced her head to his crotch, burying her nose in his unshaved pubes. She still tried to scream, Oak having never slowed down in her ass, Blue pounding her pussy near Red speeds. Her ass had begun to feel better by the time Red forced her to deep throat him, and she began to moan, having never felt so stuffed in her life. She came, not used to having three large cocks in her at once. The men only thrusted harder, her cum acting as lubricant for Blue, Oak already lubed enough to not slow. Red grabbed her hair, pulling it out, her head following, and pulled her into a kiss, his tongue trying to mimic his cock, feeling through her whole mouth and brushing her uvula. She forced her tongue into his mouth, mirroring his, soon feeling him pull away and his dick coming back, starting to throb slightly as she felt it halfway down her throat, the skin bulging. As if on cue, all three came in her at once, her ass, pussy, and mouth overflowing with cum. Green screamed, tearing her vocal cords in orgasm, clamping down too hard on Oak and Blue as she came with enough force to knock a Snorlax back to sleep. After a full minute of cumming, both Green and the men were able to relax and pull out, Green feeling the cum rushing out of her like a waterfall.
     The session didn’t end there, as the men were all seeming miraculous hard, Green unaware that they had each popped three viagra to be able to keep going. She was spent as is, knowing that her counterparts must be feeling the same way. This didn’t stop them, however, as they all swapped positions, Oak in her pussy, Blue in her throat and Red in her ass, the ass man making sure to lube up extra good, knowing the power of his cock. This rotation system continued, the men moving after they came, all relatively close together. When Blue pushed into her ass for the first time, Green wasn’t sure how much more she was going to be able to take, already too weak to move, becoming a glorified cum filled sex doll to them, her unmoving not phasing them. If anything, they preferred it, able to do and try anything with her open canvas of a body, their cum being the paint. No body in the nearby vicinity of the lab was doing anything but fucking, even passers-by fucking each other, unable to explain their increased libido as they didn’t know about the brutal foursome happening inside the boring looking building. Even the aides who were informed were having a giant orgy, each woman having at least two holes stuffed constantly, some of the guys even breaking away to fuck each other, unable to fuck one of the female aides near the center of the huge group. Anything went that day in the lab; straight fucking straight, straight fucking gay, it didn’t matter. Everyone was horny and willing, the atmosphere too heavy to stop anyway over two hours in to the foursome behind the locked door. 
     Red, Blue and Oak bust another nut in Green, their session running over four hours now. Green was barely conscious, having cum a record number of time, slipping between wake and dream too often for her to keep track of which world was the real one. Finally, she didn’t feel anything and she opened her eyes, the guys in a half circle in front of her, beating themselves off one final time. She couldn’t believe that it was actually ending, and she went to move in to jack them off one final but couldn’t, her arms merely twitching. Too many orgasms had their toll, she discovered, merely opening her mouth wide as all three took a step in and came, hitting her mouth, hair, chest, tongue, and the desk across two minutes, squeezing every last drop of cum from their balls. They were all surprised they hadn’t shrunk at all, if anything they had grown. They moved in independently, their cocks slowly shrinking, Green sucking the last drop out of each cock before they finished for good. The three collapsed; Oak in his desk chair, Blue on a futon in the corner, and Red on their pile of clothes, asleep instantly. Green, finally having the strength to move, pushed herself onto her knees, turning around to asses the damages. She was stunned to see the room in shreds, papers and important looking documents everywhere and covered in cum. She saw, as she shakily stood, the huge cum puddle she has been sitting in, almost calling it a cum lake. She stumbled to a mirror, taking in her appearance: she was pale white, not from lack of heat, but from layers and layers of varying levels of dried cum. She looked like the Ghost of Frat Parties Past, unable to fathom how much each of them had cum in the past four hours, nearly cumming again from the thought but too weak to produce anything except a thought of the feeling. She unlocked and opened the door of the office, stepping out only to see an identically chaotic scene on the floor below, every aide plastered with cum, too many guys and girls to even count without having them conscience. She walked into the nearby shower slowly, unable to move with anything resembling speed. As she lowered herself into the single tub in the bathroom, she came again, the heat of the water overstimulating her. She washed off, the water gifting her strength back to her slowly, and she stood 30 minutes later, glowing and refreshed. She felt like if she has sex at any point in the next year she’d die, having become too bruised to even sit properly. She hadn’t even gotten her Pokémon, the whole reason for today, but she could give less of two shots at the moment. She walked gingerly back to her house, her mother asleep on the couch as she entered, unwaking as Green slammed the door shut unintentionally and walked up stairs, following the men’s lead and slept for the next 24 hours. In nine month’s time she gave birth at 19, to three healthy young men, all resembling their fathers, Green somehow having been impregnated by all three men. She was just happy to see little cocks as she nursed the boys, knowing that they’d fuck her just as hard ass their dads had, the four living together once she found out she’d gotten knocked up. That day went down in history in that family, as every year they recreated the event, except with no viagra and for an hour, her sons joining in as they hit puberty, their cocks filling in to match each dad, except an inch longer and wider each once fully developed. 
     They were one close family.


Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed. This was my first story, so any and all feedback is appreciated. I plan to post more one shot stories as well as a few long ones in the near future. 

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