Let's Snuggle Together, Mimikyu!

BY : JoanieBirb
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Selene smiled shyly as she closed the door of the little room in the Akala motel.
Quickly, she made sure that it was locked and that the windows were covered by the curtains.
A little bit nervously, she set all but one of her pokeballs carefully down and then, after a moment’s hesitation, opened the last.

Her smile grew less nervous, more certain as she looked over her Mimikyu and, with a happy little sigh, she scooped the cloth covered ghost up into her eyes, letting out a little giggle as Mimi snuggled into her chest.

“Mimi,” She began, letting the pokemon balance on her lap as her arms began to move, forming a heart over her chest as she felt the energy shift between herself and the Mimikyu. “Let’s … snuggle together.”

With a joyful little noise, Mimi swept herself up over her trainer, pulling the girl under and inside her false body.
For Selene, there was a flash of Mimi’s eyes and then everything went dark, the sounds of the outside world abruptly cut off and the sensation of warmth covering her entire body, seemingly bypassing her clothing. A warmth that, she was suddenly certain, was Mimi’s true body.

That warmth held her for an indefinable time before it began to move against her, phantom hands trailing lovingly across her cheeks, her lips … her breasts and her sex.
“Mimi,” she tried to moan, only to have Mimi’s ghostly form fill her mouth as she opened it, that same gentle warmth playing over and around her tongue, further moans provoked and muffled as the ghost fairy moved from rubbing against her to pushing inside her, filling every part of her body.

The gentle hands grew bolder, rougher as Mimi gave Selene what she had so desperately craved, the gentle caresses of the girl’s breasts turning into a rough groping, and the appendages inside the girl's body quickly picking up speed and force as they slid and pulsed and twisted inside her.

Time seemed to be absent in the void of the Mimikyu’s body and Selene quickly found that she had no idea how long she had been under there, not that she especially cared as Mimi pushed her to climax after climax, the gentleness touches gone and replaced by a rough, almost violent ravaging of the trainer’s boy, her mind almost empty of anything other than her feelings of love for Mimi and the overwhelming pleasure of being taken like this.

Something large and hard pushed against the spread lips of Selene’s sex, although she was so far gone at that point that she barely noticed the remarkably solid object being pushed slowly inside of her until it forced her womb open and settled heavily inside her.

And then Selene found herself tumbling out over the motel room’s bed, her breathing ragged and raw and her clothes soaked in sweat and other fluids, a salty sweetness on her tongue and lips and a feeling of fullness in her stomach.
With one last little moan, she pulled the Mimikyu up against her breast and gave in to her exhaustion.

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