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 Dragon age: Futa tales……

 Tale 1: Chantry confessional

Note: Slight spoilers about Leliana’s back story.


 Leliana sat peacefully on the bench inside the chantry’s confessional booth. The red-head beauty stoked her hair as she reflected back on the events that led her here.

 Barely even a few months ago she had been a successful bard in Orlais, she had flirted, stolen and killed skilfully to earn favor with her boss Marjolaine, a woman she had loved dearly. Though in the end she was betrayed…. And she fled to fereldan. There she barely managed to wobble her way to the steps of loitering’s chantry before falling unconscious.

 The revered mother had taken her in and nursed her back to health, and with nowhere left to run, Leliana decided to stay in the town and live as a lay sister to the chant.     

 But there was no use in living in the past, stuff happened and you needed to move, something she learned many years ago. But she missed her home….. dearly. The Fashions, the flowers, the buildings, but most of all she missed the futanari.

 Back in Orlais, there was an abundance of dick girls, beautiful women who were a menace beneath the sheets and extremely lusted after. Leliana first had her taste of sweet futa on a mission to the royal city of Val Royeaux, there she was supposed to seduce a noble woman into telling her secret information for Marjolaine, instead the noble woman dominated her! In the end Leliana received what she was after but she could never get the taste or feel out of her mind.

 Now in fereldan there was a lack of such girls, Leliana gave a sigh, oh what she would do to get her hands on those girl cocks!

 The door to the confessional booth opened up and Leliana could hear someone sit down on the other side. She gave another sigh, the confessional booths were usually empty that’s why she went here, to escape the other sisters and just to think.

 “Um…Excuse me?” A feminine voice asked.

 Leliana turned to the sound half expecting to see the other woman, but all she saw was black screen. “Yes?”

 “Can…I... confess?”

 “Well……” Leliana was going to explain that she was only a lay sister and that only the revered mother is actually allowed to do the confessional. But then she took a whiff of something amazing, something she almost forgot….. She could smell a Futanari.

 You see ever since she could remember, Leliana was able to tell who was a futanari or not, just by their scent. When confessing to Marjolaine about it, the other woman said she had never known any other to possess such ability.

 “Yes. You can tell me and I will ask the maker for your forgiveness.” Leliana responded, trying to sound as professional as she could.

 There was silence for a few seconds then the woman spoke up, “You see I…. Well you see I’ve been….”

 “It is okay child, take your time.” Of course Leliana was only half listening; in truth she was desperately trying to picture the other woman in her head.  

 “Mother I will tell you the truth…. I have been having lustful thoughts about other women!”

 Leliana’s heart pounded as she heard that, she could feel her pussy start to get wet. “Tell me more…. Tell me what you are doing in these lustful thoughts.”


 “You must tell me, it is important to tell me of your sins.” Leliana bluffed.

 “Yes, mother of course…. Well it usely starts out with the girl lying down naked on a bed…. Then I……”

 “Go on.” Leliana insisted, she was growing more aroused by the second, she needed to hear this. “There is no need to be afraid.”

 “Okay, well then I usually get them to suck….” The woman fell silent.

 “I know about you, don’t worry. You are a futanari and there is no need to be ashamed of that.”

 “How did you know.”

 “The maker told me.” Leliana bluffed.

 The woman was silent once more and the red-head feared that she had messed up but soon the woman spoke again. “Okay… so I would get the girl to suck on my… my cock then after fucking her face I would turn my attention to her lower area.”

 Each word that came out of the woman’s mouth sent chills of arousal down Leliana’s spine, she felt her panty soaked, and her nipples turn hard. “Please tell me more.”

 “Well then I would put my dick inside her and make love to her, I would finish off by Cumming straight into her womb.”

 Leliana could barely stand it anymore! She needed that futa cock! “Listen, I know of a way for you to be forgiven.” Leliana stated. “You need to remove the grate that’s by the bottom.”

 The woman did as instructed. “There’s a hole here?”

 A hole leliana had made awhile back…. In case something like this may happen. She too removed the covering from her side. “Now I need you to put your coc- I mean penis through the hole.

 She could hear the woman gasp. “What? But that’s-”

 “It’s the only way to receive forgiveness.” Leliana said, maybe too quickly.

 There was silence once more in which the Orlaisian bard was sure she had messed up, but instead the large cock of the futanari pressed itself through the opening.

 Leliana gasped at the sheer size of it, it was huge! She was surprised something like this could be unnoticeable in a dress. Cautiously Leliana took the member in her hands, it almost too big to fit in the one. She heard the other woman groan.

 “Mother… are you sure-”

 “Yes, quite sure.” Leliana interrupted once more. She carefully ran her hands up and down the dick, rubbing its shaft and drawing small amounts of pre from its tip.

 The groaning continued as Leliana stroked the cock, grinding her small palms against it. Then she placed her mouth over the tip.

 The other woman nearly shouted but bit into her lip, she felt lips envelop her cock, slowly sucking on it. Leliana was a professional at giving head, she had given it all the time back in Orlais, and she was especially crafted with her slippery tongue that seemed to go in all directions.

 The groaning only got worse as the red head slurped on the appendage, bobbing her head up and down, taking more and more of the massive dong into her throat. The tightening of the shaft was evidence to what was about to happen but the Orlasisan happily sucked and slurped, the woman however had never had an ejaculation before, except in her dreams sometimes, and she panicked.

 “M-Mother something is happening.”

 “Don’t worry.” Leliana said as she pulled the cock out of her mouth. “Let it happen.” She pounced once more, taking the entire thing into her mouth.

 This new form of pleasure proved too much for the girl and she came, letting her seed flood the throat of who she thought was the revered mother. Lelianna who had much experience swallowed all she could, taking in in big gulps, though there was just too much and many spilled from her lips.

 The taste was exquisite and a delicacy that she had missed dearly. As Leliana finally scooped up the last bit of sperm and gulped it down she noticed the large cock, and that it was still erect.

 “Um… M-Mother?” The woman asked as she felt Leliana’s hands once more wrap around her dick.

 “The maker hasn’t fully forgiven you yet, there is something else that must be done.” Leliana was quick to remove her robes and slip off her undergarments.

 Bending over, the orlaisian placed the erect cock near her pussy lips, letting it smear up and down her slit, and then she pushed back letting it all in in a single movement. Both held their hands in front of their mouths to keep from screaming out.

 Only seconds passed before Leliana started moving, slowly at first, back and forth letting herself be filled to the very edge. Both woman were having a hard time keeping their voices down as bodies were rocked in pleasure, and flesh met flesh in sweet ecstasy.

 It was soon that Leliana felt the other woman start to pound back, both of them met in-between the walls of the chantry confessional booth. The speed was increased and soon both were pounding into the other like a well worked machine. 

 The pleasures rocked each other’s bodies and the orlaisian red-head could feel her tongue slip out of her mouth as she continued being ravished. Leliana grabbed her tits and started rubbing her nipples in-between her fingers, wreaking her body in surges of sweet ecstasy.

 The other woman panted back at the orlaisian and trusted even further into her. Leliana could feel it, as the large cock head started pushing up against her womb slowly penetrating it and diving inside.

 If she could Leliana would scream at the intense pain and pleasure such a thing brought, but she couldn’t her breathing only came in short gasps and her eyes and mouth watered.

 Finally after a few more moments of fucking Leliana’s womb, the other woman was reaching her climax, Leliana had already reached multiple. The tightening of the dick stretched the chantry lay sister even farther as she once more came on the large member, this time however it sent the other woman over the edge and she unloaded the biggest load of cum Leliana had ever had inside her.

 It came in shots that pushed directly against Leliana’s womb and filled it to the brig, however the other woman’s cock was still blocking the exit and the sperm just continued to pile up and up and soon Leliana looked months pregnant.

 Leliana held her inflated belly as she tried regaining her breath, something that was incredibly hard after everything they just went through. It was only when her head stopped spinning that the red-head noticed that the other woman’s cock was still buried inside her.  

 “Mother… it’s still hard….. that must mean the maker hasn’t forgiven me yet.”

 Leliana eyes widened, Does that mean….. she wouldn’t…. she wouldn’t!

 The woman started slowly backing out till only the tip was left, making much of the cum slip out, but then just as Leliana was feeling relief she pounded back in. The orlaisian covered her mouth to prevent from screaming and alerting the others, she could feel her legs start to give way as she was fucked harder and harder.

 Everything was spinning, Leliana could barely stay conscious as she was sent way over the edge from pleasure, her eyes were blurred from tears and she was drooling like some cave man. For a few seconds she did pass out but was awoken by an intense pounding, probably from the woman after she noticed Leliana’s body starting to sag.

 Placing her hand on her knees to steady her shaking body Leliana once more tried to gain her breath as she was placed trough orgasm after orgasm, her body was defiantly feeling the tear as her inflated belly was rocked with the heavy fucking of the futanari in the other booth.

 Finally the cock exploded once more, spilling its milky contents deep into the bard, filling her even more so until she thought she would pop. As the orgasm died down, the other woman pulled herself out and Leliana fainted.


It was a few weeks later from her brutal fucking that Leliana decided once more to enter the confession booth to steal some privacy.

 She had barely escaped being caught the last time, Waking up to a place filled with cum that was leaking out of your pussy, and she was surprised no one came in and thankful. She had managed to slither out of there with her robe on once more and cleaned both booths quickly before hoping in a bath and once more falling asleep.

 Leaning back on the bench Leliana absent mindedly stroked her hair as she thought back to the other woman. Tough she didn’t get long as someone sat on the other side.

 “Um… Mother…. My friend told me that you could help me.” A woman’s voice said. “Help me with my…..”

 Leliana sniffed in and her eyes lit up. “Yes child…” She began. “I will help you receive the maker’s forgivness…. Now take off your clothes.”

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