The Trevalyan's Tales

BY : HuntingParty
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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Age that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. All characters belong to Bioware.

Title: The Trevelyan's Tales
Chapter 1: Power of the Mark
Author: HuntingParty
Summary: The Herald received a proper reward after saving a certain bar maiden during the attack on Haven, thanks to the newly found power of the Mark.
Series: Dragon Age Inquistion
Rating: NC-17, Lemon, Hetero, M/F, Creampie
Pairing(s): Inquisitor (Theodore) Trevelyan x Flissa
Feedback: Desired.

Author’s Notes: These stories are highly inspired by The Blowjob Throne started by TheHighKing at CHYOA. The default Inquisitor in the story is Male Human Inquisitor that goes by the name of Theodore Trevelyan. Flissa is the owner of The Singing Maiden tavern in Haven.
Disclaimer: I do not own the game that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. This is just for pure fun and enjoyment. So don't sue me. This is purely a work of fiction made by fans, for fans.
Warning: This fic contains explicit content and adult themes. Do not read if you might get offended by it. Plus, they are just game characters, so don't take this seriously! If you do not like those pairings, then don't read it. Don't get mad at me for many grammar mistakes and errors. After all English is my second language.


Theodore Trevelyan is the son of the noble Trevelyan family from Ostwick in the Free Marches. Because of the fact that the Trevelyan family has close ties with the Templar Order, he was raised to be devout and loyal Andrastians, although he didn't believe the whole thing. He doesn't really believe that the Maker had plans for people as he only believes that people are what they are by the decisions that they had made.

His raven black hair was long on the top while on the sides it was shaved short, kempt into a ponytail, and his face young but mature with the faint scars of battles of long past, the traits that he received from his mother's side. His chin was rimmed with slight dark stubble. His body is well built, not too muscular, but leaned enough for him to wield dual blades, a technique that was taught by a foreign swordsmaster that was hired by his father. He was more of a charming and mischievous young man in the noble circle and always find several noblewomen to lay with.

Now, here he is, living in a mighty fortress in the Frostback Mountains, which the elf Solas called it Skyhold, being called as the Herald of Andraste, leading a religious group called The Inquisition to fight against someone or something called Corypheus. And yeah, did they mention that they probably need to save Thedas and the whole world by doing that. No pressure there.

Not only that, he was bestowed with a strange glowing green mark that appeared on his left palm. The mark grants him powers to disrupt or to permanently seal tears in the Veil, from Fade rifts to the Breach itself. That's what he believes it does. Along the way, he recruited allies and friends, shut down these green rifts all across the land, and have rebuilt Skyhold.

But lucky for him, the mark seem to give him some other abilities, it gave him powers to make any women around him to find him attractive, not that he needed it. Basically, any person of the opposite gender would willingly throw themselves onto him. He was able to use the power after Corypheus attempted to remove the Anchor from him, which apparently awakened the Mark's power.

He is definitely not the hero that the people were expecting, but currently since they have no one else that can save them except for him. Better to enjoy the whole thing while he helps everyone to save the world. There's nothing wrong with that. Especially to indulge oneself into a few debaucheries now and then.

Maybe the Maker did have plans for him after all.


The room was filled with the sounds of flesh on flesh, and the ragged breathing of two people. Bended over the table, Flissa moaned in pleasure as the young Trevelyan pounding her from behind. The skirt of her dress was hiked up to her waist, revealing her bare plump bum while her dress was pulled down, revealing her beautiful and busty bosoms. Her gray scarf was still wrapped around her neck. Her face was red, and her mouth hung open as her tongue was lolling out. Her bosoms bobbed and swayed, heaving with her laborious breath, and her arse shook with the pounding that she was receiving.

"Guess I am... Ahhhnn... serving the Inquisition.... in another way now," the former bar maiden of Haven said as she turned her head around.

Lowering his body so that his face near hers, the Inquisitor removed his left hand on her hip and placed it on her head, his fingers rustled through her red hair as he pulled her closer for a deep and passionate kiss. Both of their tongues wrestled with each other while he continues on thrusting into her.

"Guess you are," Theodore broke the kiss, smirking at the red head.

He then took hold of her wrists and tugged backwards, pulling her torso up off the table while giving him enough leverage to keep her in place while he fucked her. He drove his hips forward, plunging his thick shaft all the way into Flissa with a wet slap. The young red head shuddered as the Inquisitor bottomed out inside her, moaning as he felt her inner walls reflexively clench around him.

"If I'd... Haaah known that I would get... this kind of reward, I - Nnf, fuck! would save you.. Unnhh... more often," Theodore groaned as he continued on thrusting into her. "You.. Aahh… don't do this to every... Hnggh... guy who saved you... do you?"

"Only for you, Your Worsh-AH!" Flissa's response was cut off by the sensation of being impaled hard by the Herald of Andraste

It's true. The main reason for her seeing him was to say thank you for saving her in Haven during the attack from Corypheus. She was trapped in her burning tavern under a pile of debris. Without the intervention from the Inquisitor, she would be crushed when the roof of the tavern collapses on top of her. After that, the power of the Mark took a hold of her gratitude and amplified it so that she would felt willing enough to give her savior the proper reward that he deserved.

Still holding her wrists, Theodore drew back and immediately began thrusting again. The room is filled with the sound of his hips smacking against her bare ass, sending ripples through her backside. Her mouth was open slightly, and she panted as Theodore drilled her cunt mercilessly. Sweat began to drip down her brow, and her breasts continue on swaying from the pounding she was receiving. Theodore groaned and sped his thrusts, while his hands let go for her wrists and placed them at her busty bosoms. Flissa shrieked in pleasure as he squeezed both of her breasts and played with her rock hard nipples from behind. Her tits jiggled in the young Trevelyan’s grasp every time he thrust into her tight, dripping cunt from behind.

Theodore's thrusts suddenly became quick and sharp, and he stopped occasionally to grind around inside of the young lady. Flissa bit her lip, and her body quivered as she tried desperately to stave off an oncoming orgasm so that she could enjoy this a little longer. However, it was no use as the Inquisitor knows which spot to hit her. He kept on thrusting into her, hitting all her weak spots. Another few thrusts from him was all it took to force her over the edge.

“I'M C-CUMMING, HERALD!” Flissa squealed when she felt her body giving up from the pleasure she is receiving.

She let out a shriek of pleasure as she orgasmed around the young Trevelyan's cock, her cunt spasming with pleasure as she sprayed her juices over his cock. However, the Inquisitor wasn’t quite finished with her as his thrusts only sped up as he fucked her hypersensitive pussy, and the pleasure Flissa felt as he nailed her from behind was so intense like she had never felt before. His fingers squeezed hard around her hard nipples, and Flissa moaned in pleasure as she came again for the second time, her orgasm forcing her cunt to spasm around the Inquisitor's cock again.

Theodore grunted as he was trying his best to withstand on how tight her cunt was squeezing him for the second time. He placed both of his hands on her hips and tried to pull back, only to be sucked right back in by the tavern maiden’s pussy. He held her head down, her face against the table, arse up for him to squeeze and slap as he drove his cock into her again and again, his skin meeting hers with a slap each time, until he was gasping, unable to hold on anymore, he rammed his cock into her hard enough for the head to slam against her cervix.

He let out a hoarse grunt as his balls tightened up and his cock began to twitch. Flissa gasped shakily when she felt the first shot of hot, creamy spunk squirt into her womb. She grunted and moaned as Theodore filled her up. Countless fat, gooey wads of cum erupted from his cock and basted the inside of her womanhood, effectively painting her inner walls white. Her body twitched madly as it accepted the Herald of Andraste’s massive load, and she bit her lip, letting her eyes roll back as a warm and tingly sensation washed over her.

Flissa remained laid on the table, still spasming from the best fuck of her life that she received from the Herald of Andraste. Still cumming inside of her, the Inquisitor slumped ontop of the red head. Her rear was still grinding against his hip, trying to milked every cum he has in him. Feeling of the last spurt, Theodore pulled out of her with a wet plop and looked at the well fucked red head with a satisfaction on his face, his cum oozing out from her cunt. Damn, that felt good. He sighed contently as he put on his trouser.

Then, he leaned over, kissed her cheek and whispered, "I'll be filling your other holes next time."

Flissa could only response with a soft mewled. Theodore took a look at the red head ontop the table one more time, then quickly left the room, the door slamming shut on the carnal scene that was done by yours truly.


Exiting the barracks, the Inquisitor let out a groan as he stretched his arms out. Nothing feels like a good fuck in the morning. Flissa was the few females that the Mark had influenced on. The first one would be the young elven girl that helped to tend his wound when he was unconscious back in Haven. Theodore remembered quite well on how timid the young elf was when she apologised profusely after she saw him had woken up when she entered the house where the members of the Inquisition placed him.

Meeting her again in Skyhold, he discovered the Mark's power to influenced the opposite sex by amplifying their admiration and lust towards him. The next thing he knew, the young servant elf girl was kneeling before him and simply starts to suck his cock. First thing led to another, it all ended with her tight cunt being stuffed with the Herald of Andraste's thick cock. She ended up walking bowlegged after that with her mouth, cunt, and asshole being filled with his cum.

Then it was Mother Giselle, a member of the Chantry. Theodore found it is amusing as he remembered on how the Revered Mother Giselle was humping on his cock not having a care in the world, unbefitting for a woman of the cloth such as her. Still, she was a good fuck despite the fact that she is old enough to be his mother. Especially the fact that she gave him one of the greatest blowjobs he had received in his entire life and on how her voice howled like a common whore when he filled her up with his thick and virile cum.

As Theodore continues on reminiscing his debauchery, out of the corner of his eye, he spots his Dwarven companion Varric strolling across the courtyard. The devious smile on the dwarf's face makes it clear he's up to something.

"Varric!" Theodore called out, attempting to catch up with his diminutive friend.

“Ah, your Inquisitorialness!” the dwarf greets the Inquisitor warmly. “Making the most of this lovely morning, I hope."

"Absolutely. Definitely one of the best morning in my life," Theodore grinned. "What are you doing out here?

"Oh, I was just strolling around. You know, getting some new ideas for a new series of novels," Varric explained.

"Okay. This isn't something illegal you are doing right?" Theodore started to ask.

"Oh, Master Trevelyan, you wound me. I would never...." the dwarf pretended to be offended by the question, but then he grinned deviously. "But if I were to encounter something worth being an inspiration for the book, it might be."

Both of them laugh together. Theodore finds it comforting that the dwarf is one of the few people that he felt comfortable talking like this. Perhaps both of them are kindred spirit since they share the same interest in charming and wooing the ladies. As Varric would put it, it was the chest hair that got the ladies swooning.

"I heard that Curly has a mission for us today," Varric informed. "Wants us to go back to the Hinterlands to help some refugees from the Crossroads to bring them here."

"Sounds great. Really need to go out and stretch out more," Theodore said. "Hopefully Cassandra won't be tagging along this time."

Varric laughs, "The Seeker most probably will be babysitting you."

He let out a soft sigh, "I really wish she would stop doing that."

"Are you sure that’s wise, Inquisitor?" Varric teasingly asked, "We know how bad The Seeker's temper can get."

Theodore let out a laugh and said, "I’ll take my chances."


A/N: That is all for Chapter 1. Now onwards for Chapter 2. Any reviews or suggestions would be nice. Would probably do a story about Mother Giselle but not right now.

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