A Fiend Hunter's Bad End

BY : Lord22
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Chapter One: Devoured at the Bar

Hans bar was the center of the Vigoor Empires underground intelligence network. One could fill a thousand volumes with all the dirty little secrets which were passed around within its gaudy and affluent interior and still not even scratch the surface on what went on inside. Yet Rachel wasn’t here to trade information, or even to get it.

She was here for a drink.

Rachel was a statuesque woman with blonde hair tied behind her head. Her eyes were blue and on her head was a circlet of crystal. Two jade earrings were on her ears and her skin was of perfect pale complexion. Not that it was her skin which most people paid attention to, although quite a lot of it was showing. And what was concealed was concealed in such a way as to attract attention to her curvaceous form.

She had two enormous breasts packed into a one piece studded leather outfit that bared her stomach and a lot of cleavage. Her every move drew further attention to the way her tits jiggled and she had an ass to match. Her pouty lips were painted red, while her legs had leather stockings on them reaching up to her shapely thighs and ending in high heeled boots.

Overall she appeared more suited to dancing on one of the poles now occupied by some less comely woman than her actual area of employment. But appearances could be deceiving and Rachel was a deadly efficient fiend hunter. She’d had to be to survive as long as she had.

She sat down on one of the seats and set aside her massive axe, before tapping the bartender on the shoulder. He turned to face her, taking a moment to check out her cleavage on reflex. It was a reaction Rachel was well used to by now, so it didn’t bother her. ‘Get me the strongest drink you have.’

‘You sure?’ asked the barkeep, sounding doubtful. ‘We sell some pretty strong stuff here, maybe you should start off with something a little milder.’

‘I can handle it, trust me.’ said Rachel with a smile.

‘Alright,’ he said ‘one Emperor’s special coming right up.’

He opened a bottle and poured it into a glass of crystal, before sliding it across the table to her. Rachel picked it up and sipped the drink easily. Any ordinary person would have been effected instantly, but it would take more than a few sips for Rachel to get even a mild buzz. One of the advantages of her bloodline was the fact that alcohol didn’t really phase her any. Turning round in her seat with the cup held in one gloved hand, she watched the various people going about their business, scheming and plotting.

Then, suddenly, there was a sound of shattering glass. Someone screamed and a roar resounded throughout the bar. A massive red dinosaur creature, a gahruhlas, appeared from nowhere, leaping over the bar to savage the bartender. The patrons screamed in horror and fled out the doors in a panic, trampling each other in the process. 

Rachel went for her axe. Yet even as her hand grasped it the creature lashed out with its tail, sending her and the war hammer flying in different directions. Winded, it took a moment for Rachel to recover and by then the gahrulas was approaching her while licking its chops. Rachel stood up and made a run for her axe, but the creature lunged first and bowled her over.

Rachel hit the ground as the last of the patrons fled from the club. Rachel struggled to get to her feet. Yet the creature was on her, forcing her to the ground with one claw. It was then that she noticed something long, bulging and thick sticking out from under it. Its gigantic cock was totally erect and it reached out to lick her across the face with its tongue.

Rachel struggled in disgust, yet at the same time she found a feral rush arising inside her blood as her eyes locked on the member before her. Moments later the gahruhlas began to tear off her clothes, ripping off the leather over her cunt before grabbing her legs in its claws and pushing them back so they were over her head. Rachel tried to break free, but her struggles came to an abrupt end when the gahrulas plunged its giant member into her cunt. Its sheer size knocked the wind from her as Rachel let out a scream as her hymen was broken. In and out of her the creature went, as its claws tore off the rest of her outfit, letting her massive tits bounce freely in the air as it fucked her relentlessly.

Rachel found her fiend blood arising within her, and she wanted to feel horror, to hate what was happening to her, hate that she had lost her virginity to this monster! Instead she found herself enjoying the sensation. Already her screams were turning to pleasured moans. Her struggles were beginning to subside. She needed to get free of this thing before she lost all control of herself!

The Fiend Hunter reached out with both hands to try and push the creature from her body as it continued to have its way with her. With a mighty heave, Rachel pulled herself off its dick and threw it off her before scrambling for her axe. She came within a few feet of it and her fingers brushed up against it. Then she was forced to the ground by the gahrulas. Her arms were grabbed and put behind her back, and she could only stare at her axe helplessly, just beyond her reach.

Suddenly she felt the monsters dick press up against her asshole. Rachel’s eyes widened. ‘No! You can’t-‘ Then she gasped as it plunged into her ass, stretching her to the limit as it began to fuck her relentlessly from the other side with even greater fury then before. Its drool dripped down onto the Fiend Hunters skin as it continued to mate with her.

Her moans grew louder and louder and her tongue lagged out of her mouth as her asshole was pummeled relentlessly. She couldn’t get free, couldn’t escape, couldn’t do anything but lie there and take it. And the fiend part of her loved every second of it.

Suddenly the gahruhlas moaned, and Rachel felt it coming inside her. As its hot seed spilled into her body her tongue lagged out of her mouth as she began to pant. The pleasure she had felt before was becoming all consuming, and she could think of nothing beyond the sensation. With a cry, Rachel came as well. Then she fell limp.

The creature pulled out of her and paced around the fallen fiend hunter, nudging her with its mouth. Rachel could do nothing but lie there, exhausted and helpless. Gradually she began to stand, before suddenly the creature grabbed her in its claws. With its dick now limp, she now faced another kind of hunger. It threw her into the air and opened its maw wide.

Rachel had a glimpse of its razor sharp teeth and lolling tongue as she fell, before she plunged past them into the creatures throat. For a moment she grabbed its tongue, desperately trying to force it not to swallow her down as her legs kicked desperately. Then she lost her grip and was sent tumbling into its body.

She landed hard and came to a rest within its stomach in utter darkness. She could feel at her feet liquid. Yet it wasn’t stomach acid. Fiends did not digest their prey like ordinary creatures, she remembered. Instead they gradually absorbed them into their body, until their spirit was imprisoned in the flesh of the beast itself. Most were lucky to be torn apart as they were devoured, then at least their souls would escape.

Rachel felt the water rising, and suddenly her arms were gripped by tentacles, pulling them apart. Her legs were also gripped and she was soon standing in a spread eagle position as the liquid went higher and higher. Soon Rachel would be a part of the gahruhlas. She felt the tentacles digging into her skin, and looking up saw that they were not digging in, but merging.

Her hands were merging with the tentacles, and so were her feet. Soon she was no longer being held in a spread eagle position, instead her four limbs had become tentacles attached to the walls of the stomach.

The water was rising now up to her neck, and Rachel moaned as she went under. Her tentacle limbs pulled her torso up against the stomach walls, and her shoulders and thighs began to sink into them. It was both horrifying and pleasurable, and though Rachel knew she was going to cease to be, she found herself becoming wet at the prospect. The fiend part of her was delighting at nature in action.

Her shoulders and thighs had been absorbed. Now only Rachel’s head, her enormous breasts, and her torso down to her pussy were free. And there it stopped. The water drained out, and Rachel tried to struggle. Yet she didn’t have anything to struggle with, and all she succeeded in doing was making her massive tits jiggle appealingly, if only there was someone to see it. That was all she could do now.

Tentacles descended to torment her nipples, yanking on them causing her to shriek. Then they clamped down and began to suck on them relentlessly. Rachel felt her milk being drawn out from her breasts. Meanwhile other tentacles came out and plunged into her cunt causing her to shriek.

As her torment went on Rachel realized what was to happen to her. She wasn’t going to die here, she was going to exist here, trapped in a prison of pleasured flesh, independent of will yet totally unable to act in any way. Merely living on as she was toyed with. Her human side was writhing, while her fiendish half, having long since merged with the gahrulas, hungered for more and tormented her further.

Rachel lifted her head as much as she could and screamed in pleasure and despair as a massive orgasm went through what was left of her body. Then she fell into blissful unconsciousness, knowing that when she awoke she would still be here.




Meanwhile, outside of her, the gahrulas sapped the fiend hunters power to grow to nearly four times its normal size. Its skin became purple, and it roared to the sky. The Fiend Hunter had been an excellent meal, and the tormenting of her spirit would provide it with many years of entertainment, so long as no one slew it.

With that done, it moved on, searching for yet more prey to fill it’s belly with.


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