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The members of Team Skull/Re-Skull weren’t good at most things, hell it was the reason for most of them joining the once villainous group but there was one thing they could say with pride

They knew how to party

The entirety of Po Town was alive with the sounds of music and revelry as Team Re-Skull intended to spend the day and most likely the entire night drinking and just having a good time, members of the redeemed group literally littering the streets either relaxing wherever they had sat down and some of them already passed out

Inside the main mansion of Po Town the real party was happening, music blaring from several speakers dotted haphazardly around the place, Guzma sat in the centre of it having moved his throne chair out of his bedroom and into the middle of the upstairs balcony looking down upon his party below

Taking another swig of his beer Guzma grinned broadly as he looked down upon his Team members, his pseudo family had grown a lot ever since they had changed their ways towards helping people, their numbers rising greatly as more of the lost and downtrodden eagerly joined up as a way to give something to society

Finishing his drink Guzma crushed the can in his grasp before tossing it aside, rising from his throne to stand at the balcony resting his foot on the broken railing “right! Listen up!” he barked over the music drawing everyone’s attention “y’all have done real good these last few weeks! Everyone looked down upon us! Said we were nothing! Worthless! But we showed them didn’t we?” he declared raising his arms as his Team members cheered up at him “as Team Skull they feared us! But now as Team Re-Skull they need us! So after tonight y’all get back out there and keep proving that you’re worth more than they ever said you were!”

Pleased with his speech Guzma smirked as he watched the party go back into full swing, even more boisterous now as everyone’s spirits was lifted higher by his words “should’a gone into politics” he chuckled to himself turning back to his throne only to find someone had claimed it for themselves

“I didn’t know you could do speeches” Selene smiled as she sat back in Guzma’s throne, her petite body making the large chair look even larger in comparison “you should be my hype man for whenever someone challenges me”

“Hey kid, don’t sneak up on a guy like that” the Re-Skull leader smirked brushing off the slight shock she had given him “when did you get here?” he then asked having not seen her enter, she wasn’t exactly invited but then again nobody was, ever since Team Skull had been reborn as Team Re-Skull he had declared Po Town to be open to everyone so that travellers could come and rest in the many abandoned houses as they saw fit

“Showed up about ten minutes ago, brought Hau and Gladion along as well” Selene replied to which Guzma glanced back over the balcony to find that she was telling the truth, Hau seemingly enjoying the company of a couple of female grunts who obviously approved of how much he had grown over the years, the eternally cheerful teenager now standing at a good six feet of lean muscle with dreadlocks running down to his shoulders

Gladion on the other hand wasn’t enjoying the same attention, having served as the Aether Foundations President for some years now he had grown out of his dark edgy clothing now wearing a pristine white suit befitting of his new stature, despite his more mature look and personality however he still had his aversion to most people and touch simply standing in a corner with his Silvally, shrugging off a Grunt who tried to greet him with a hand on his shoulder

“That boy has some serious touch phobia” the Re-Skull leader smirked before turning back to Selene finding her sipping from a drink making him raise an eyebrow “didn’t know you were old enough to drink”

“I’m eighteen now Guzma, it was my birthday last month” the Alola Champion pointed out as she took another swig of her drink

“Eighteen? Shit has it been that long already?” Guzma asked honestly surprised that a good seven to eight years had passed since he had met her “and I didn’t get an invite? I’m hurt girl” he told her with mock offense “thinking about it though I’m no good at no kiddie parties, what did you do? Pin the tail on the Mudsdale or some shit?”

Smirking at his attempt of teasing Selene simply finished her drink before setting it aside “not really, mainly got wasted and got my brains fucked out by Hau and Gladion” the dark skinned girl replied as if it was the most mundane thing in the world making Guzma’s eyes widen with surprise

“Well…that’s something I never thought I’d hear you say” Guzma admitted completely shocked that those words had come out of Selene’s mouth, a girl that he had come to believe to be near completely innocent if a bit sassy so the idea of her getting double teamed was mind boggling to him

Smirking at how flustered Guzma Selene couldn’t help but try and push him further to see if his tough exterior was just a front or if his sudden nerves was just towards her, the dark skinned girl having developed a small crush on the Skull Leader when they had first met and through the years that small innocent crush had grown into a primal longing so the chance to tease him was greatly welcomed by the Alolan Champion

“Why not? I’m a big girl now and I like big dick, is that so hard to believe?” she tittered as she leaned down over the side of the large throne to pick up one of Guzma’s cans, her confidence mainly coming from the healthy level of alcohol that was running through her system, cracking it open and taking a sip as she pulled down the hem of her loose tops neckline to flash one of her small perky breasts “is it wrong to need a good hard cock deep in my little cunt from time to time?”

Feeling his throat go dry as his eyes ended up glued to her chest Guzma cleared his throat “ya have any idea how old I am kid?”

“I dunno? Forty?” Selene tittered back making Guzma’s nostrils flare

“I’m twenty nine! Ain’t that old” he grumbled before realising that she had used his own ego to break down his ‘I’m too old for you’ excuse “damn it kid”

Giggling Selene took another deep gulp of Guzma’s drink the dark skinned slut rose from Guzma’s chair and sauntered up to him, one hand clutching at his hoodie whilst the other boldly cupped his groin “come on, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about fucking me at least once?” she breathed as she rubbed him through his shorts, a couple of female Re-Skull grunts noticing as they walked by, gasping and giggling whilst miming encouragement to the Champion making Guzma shoot them a quick glare

“Kid, I just found out you’re legal and you’re drunk as shit, I’m bad but I ain’t that bad” Guzma hissed as Selene rubbed his groin harder, able to feel how soft her hand was through the fabric of his pants

“You say that but I can feel you getting hard” Selene teased licking her lips “tell me you haven’t just wanted to bend me over and hate fuck me whenever I used to beat you in a battle, trust me, I’ve wanted you to” the dark skinned girl purred pulling down on her neck line again to flash both tits at Guzma making him groan

“Kid, keep doing that and you’re gonna regret it in the morning” he growled as he felt his restraints crumbling, the husk of his voice making Selene bite her lip lustfully

“I think I can live with that” she grinned before placing both hands on the neckline of her baggy top, pulling on it until it slipped over her shoulders allowing it to simply fall down her body leaving her naked from the waist up in front of the Re-Skull leader “so here or the bedroom?” she asked pulling on the hem of her shorts threatening to strip naked then and there

Letting out an aroused rumble from the pit of his chest that sent a shudder up Selene spine Guzma deeply inhaled and exhaled “this is a fuckin’ mistake” he growled before suddenly picking Selene up making the Champion giggle as he heaved her over his shoulder, flipping off a couple more Grunts who cheered their encouragement at them as he passed by

Giggling as she was dropped onto Guzma’s permanently unmade bed Selene’s hands flew to her shorts, frantically undoing them as she kicked off her shoes seemingly desperate to get naked as soon as possible tossing her shorts across the room before stripping off her socks and hat to lay back completely naked on Guzma’s bed, a fantasy she had been harbouring for a good few years now

Taking a moment to take in Selene’s naked body Guzma decided that this wasn’t that much of a mistake after all, his shorts getting a lot tighter as he worked his hoodie off over his head

Whilst his view was obscured by the hoodie Guzma felt small hands on his shorts frantically tugging at them, peering down through the waist hole of his clothing to find Selene seemingly trying to tear his pants off “damn she’s a lot friskier than she’s got a drink in her” he noted mentally as Selene added her teeth with her hands biting at his pants in an attempt to rid him of them “someone’s desperate” he teased her as she bit down on the hem of his shorts tugging on them

Growling huskily in response Selene continued to tug on Guzma’s shorts with her teeth as he pulled his vest off, kicking off his sneakers before pushing Selene back onto the bed making her moan and giggle at the sudden roughness, her eyes glued to his groin as he then proceeded to remove his shorts and boxers at the same time “I ain’t no Kukui but I doubt ya gonna complain” the Re-Skull leader stated to which Selene nodded, the dark skinned girl biting her lip as she admired his hard manhood

Reclining back against the large pillows Selene spread her legs wide, her slit dripping as she brought her fingers to her core, spreading the lips to show just how tight and needy she was for him, the sight making him grin wolfishly sending a shiver along the petite girls spine, despite being able to absolutely destroy him in a Pokémon battle it was obvious physically just who would dominate who and as Guzma climbed onto the bed and crawled towards her making him look like a predator advancing on his prey and she was loving every second of it

“I hope ya ain’t just used to gentle shit kid cos I ain’t about that” he warned her to which Selene replied by wrapping her legs as best as she could around his waist trying to pull him down and into her, her hips bucking desperate for the feeling of his cock inside of her “something tells me you’re gonna be fine”

“Damn right I’m going to be fine! Now fucking destroy me! Show me destruction in human form!” the dark skinned slut begged/demanded, the last part meaning to be a tease but with how much her cunt ached for him it came out as a desperate horny plea

Resisting the urge to tease her Guzma gave the slut what she wanted, driving deep into her weeping cunt making her scream out with pleasure, her toes curling in the air as she felt his cock punch straight through into her womb “oh shit! Oh shitttt!!!” Selene cried as she orgasmed near immediately, her tiny body shaking and convulsing under Guzma’s as she clenched even tighter around him

“Arceus girl ease up a bit, gonna snap my dick off” the Re-Skull leader grunted as his girth made her groin bulge out, the look of almost mindless bliss on Selene’s face making it obvious that she hadn’t heard a word he had said “huh, bit of a hair trigger girl ain’t ya?” Guzma then commented as Selene tried to grab onto his shoulders, her nails just running along his chest and shoulder blades as she seemingly lost the ability to grip

Sitting up on his knees Guzma took hold of Selene’s waist making her gurgle as the new position caused his cock to sink even deeper inside of her, her tongue holding out as a trickle of drool ran down her cheek, her body completely open to the Re-Skull leader to use as he wished

And use her he did, his pace and pure dominating presence over her rendering her brain a lust addled mush as she lost count of her orgasms and even at points she blacked out only to wake up to find Guzma still going, making it almost impossible for her to uncross her eyes as her nails clawed at his chest “fuck! Harder! Cum on me! I want to feel your cum all over me” she pleaded feeling him throb inside of her

“Dirty girl” Guzma grunted as he felt his climax rapidly approaching, thrusting into Selene a few more times before pulling out to cum all over the Champions front, his seed coating her from crotch to face as she moaned and simpered at the feeling of it

“Mmm Arceus I love that feeling” Selene moaned scooping up some of the cum from her tits and sucking it off of her fingers “why haven’t you fucked me earlier?”

“Like I said, I’m bad but I ain’t that bad, I don’t do minors” Guzma retorted with a smirk making Selene roll her eyes

“Well since I’m eighteen I want that dick on demand, understand? Oh and I want an invite to every party you throw”

“I never invite anyone, you walk into Po Town while we’re partying you’re in it” the Re-Skull leader explained as he reclined back on the bed next to Selene “I’m gonna be honest, I never expected the little annoyance that kept kicking my ass all those years ago would end up so wild in bed, I know you’ve got a drink in ya but Arceus damn”

Giggling at his words Selene licked up another strand of cum from her body “you think I’m just like this whilst drunk? I only drink at parties, trust me Guzma, I can go wild on a cock whenever wherever” she purred waggling her eyebrows at the older man “tell you what, when I’m sober in the morning I’m going to ride your dick harder than anyone has ever done before and you can tell me whether I’m better drunk or sober, deal?”

“Ya know what kid, you’ve got yourself a deal”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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