Mutual Respect

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Disclaimer: I do not own Street Fighter or Marvel, or any of their respective characters.

Title: Mutual Respect

Pairing: Ryu/ She Hulk

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel or Capcom or any of their associated characters.

Commentary: Why I’m wrote this was down to a few things.

a) They’re both in my UMvC3 team and they work well together. I worked on that idea and this pairing seems to work at least in my head with Ryu being the non-discriminating world warrior who has no interest in settling down whilst She Hulk’s the ultimate warrior women has no interest in being tied down

b) Google ‘Ryu She Hulk Hentai’ and a dope picture should be there.

N.B: Some parts of the speech for the characters is based off of the stuff I could find from UMvC3 quotes as well as previous MvC games.

Again this is an old fic I never released.


It had been by pure chance that Ryu had happened upon a Gym, in central New York a few months prior that had held an all comers MMA tournament. It was just a case of right place right time and no more than that. All that had been required was a sign up fee and an agreement not to sue if you were taken home on a stretcher.

There had been boxers, sumo, grapplers and so on of all sizes and skill levels and the prize had been a sizeable amount of money. What no one had expected was, for there to be a High Profile professional MMA fighter within the tournament, nor had anyone expected for the professional to be annihilated within a minute by some then no name fighter.

Unfortunately for Ryu that wasn’t the last time he’d see the Champ.

Despite a lack of T.V coverage for the tournament itself, someone (well someone’s) had caught the defeat on their phone(s). Once those videos went viral that was it. No hype needed. Word spread like wildfire of what had happened.

All hail the power of internet and social networking.

It’s what had led to Ryu ultimately being found in Japan and being brought back to the USA and having a lawyer to deal with a rematch agreement which in itself had been pointless.

“I’m sorry for wasting your time Ms.Walters.” apologised Ryu demurely. She’d waited patiently backstage whilst he’d fought.

Chuckling at the respect she was given, She Hulk simply shook her head slightly, as she removed her glasses. Quickly they were tucked away, then next went the pin that had held her hair up in a bun and immediately her curled long green tresses dropped to her shoulders.

“Didn’t I tell you to call me Jen?” smirked the Heroine because she was more than sure she had.

“Then I’m sorry Jen.” replied Ryu with a brief smile.

She Hulk just smirked as she sorted the strap on her white and lilac battle vest. It felt good to be out of her work clothes. Not that she hated her black work skirt. She had an amazing pair of pins after all.

Sighing to himself Ryu, just readied himself. Fighting an easily agitated martial artist was one thing. Fighting a heroine who could throw him like a pebble was another.


Madison Square Garden

Peter Parker was not your average photographer, still whilst making an honest buck was never a bad thing photographing man touching was never exactly high on his priority list.

Problem was his hot head of a boss, J.J loved headlines as much as he hated Spiderman and ‘World Warrior Agrees to Rematch’ was something that had dominated the papers since the prior ‘Exhibition Tournament’ and follow up fight had been announced a few months back. The event was sold out the moment it had been announced.

“It’s not as if this guy fights Evil Dictators, yeesh...” muttered Peter as he glanced past his fellow media peers and round the arena.

It had been a sellout but that wasn't what made Peter roll his eyes. Neither was that if he was lucky he’d find one kid in a million who had a Spiderman mask on his rounds as the Webbed Wonder in NYC, whereas in the arena alone there had been more people wearing Red headbands than he could be bothered to count.

What made Peter roll his eyes was the fact that Tony Stark was waving to the crowd, before he looked right at him and grinned. It didn’t help that he was flanked either side by a twin pair of lovelies. To add a cherry on top, the camera briefly panned towards the genius billionaire who’d sat in the crowd, and as soon as the big screens showed him, the man just gave a playful grin and salute. It was a nice reminder that being the masked nice guy sucked sometimes.

‘Remember kids, money might not buy you happiness but it will buy you escorts.’ chuckled Peter to himself.

Truth to be told, the fight had come about to fact that Tony had gotten bored with a loud idiot running his mouth on T.V about how he had an injury and that the first defeat was ‘a fluke to some no name scrub’. It’s what had led to the genius playboy tracking the Ryu down.

Honestly if Peter had Billions of dollars he’d probably be flying round looking for new recruits to the Avengers too. Hell Spiderman would probably have a Spider cave. Or not.

Still at least he had MJ.


Xavier Institute

A curious look crossed Laura’s pretty green eyes. She’d never been a fan of television but Logan had wanted her to watch it, even if it had been for about one minute.

“Who is he?” she deadpanned glancing over her shoulder.

The young man was definitely older than her but younger than Logan. He’d been dressed in a white gi, red fingerless gloves and a tied on red headband standing with his dark eyes unblinking. He wasn’t bad looking she figured but that wasn’t what caught her attention... What had caused her to watch was that when she’d been told to watch this ‘Ryu’, it sounded like her old man had respect for whoever he was.

What had kept her interested was the way he’d moved. It was as fluid, if not more so as anyone she’d trained with.

"That guy?” grinned Logan, picking up another bottle of beer.

With no bottle opener in sight, he unleashed one of his inbuilt claws on his left hand, before flicking his booze’s bottle top off.

“Just a fellow fighter...” he smirked before taking a gulp of his last bottle of beer.

Instantly Laura’s eyes widened slightly. Well as much as a trained assassin clone could be. Did Logan mean mutant?

Logan simply chuckled.


Ringside: Madison Square Garden

“You can't blame a guy for knocking his opposition out the park.” replied Joe simply. Ryu had, had six fights, four of which had been recorded and won all of them within via first round stoppages.

“Now not even Diaz can say the loss was a fluke...” replied his co-commentator.

Like you said earlier you don't agree to a rematch as fast he did,.” replied Joe, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

The simple fact was Ryu had been flanked by one of New York’s finest personal lawyers, Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She Hulk when they'd literally walked into to the fight negotiation and walked out a couple minutes later.

When the press had tried to get a word from him, Ryu had demurely apologised to his representative for wasting her time before nodding his affirmation that the fight would go ahead. He’d even explained that he didn’t fight for money, he fought to learn.

He hadn’t said much else though.

That was the understatement of the century. When the weigh in had been done Ryu had literally turned up alone with his duffel bag, in the same outfit he was wearing now. Hell he hadn't spoken at the pre fight press conference nor had he in the build up. Hell, the organisers had, had to find him corner men.

“Seriously, the 'I let my fists do the talking' quote was made for this guy...” laughed Michael as he watched the man touch gloves with the champ.



“Now don’t get this twisted but what were about to show you is literally the entire fight.” grinned Joe gesturing to his monitor. “Ryu in the all white karate gi and now famous signature Red headband and gloves whilst Diaz in the all black trunks.”

A clock appeared in the corner of the screen, counting down five sminutes for the round.

Then again, this time Ryu had literally backed himself up almost against the fence behind him. It’s why he went in with a few probing jabs of his own.

“Initially just some zoning with the two feeling each other out.”

“It didn’t last long though as twenty seconds in Diaz threw a straight right hook out there... It whiffed and boom!” chuckled Joe watching the replay.

Ryu had dodged the right by crouching under it before he’d immediately dashed in.

Several oooh, ahhs and more than a couple of winces from the crowd, as they heard Ryu’s strikes make land followed as they rose to their feet.

“Left jab to the face, right knee to the stomach followed by a fierce right hook...”

It was followed by a roundhouse.

“Then again Diaz eats the sole of a size twelve this time to his chest before he’s literally bounced off the cage wall, and he can’t even cover up. It’s like he was in hit stun.” Muttered Michael still in awe of the strikes he’d seen.

After the five near concussive blows, Diaz simply bounced off the cage wall.

Both commentators went silent as they winced because of the the step kick that followed. It made contact flush with Diaz’s chest.

“Then this was it, Ryu dashed right up in there and then it came... That Dragon Punch!”

“It’s a thing of beauty ain’t it.” grinned Michael.


Coney Island Beach

If only the match Ryu was currently in was as simple.

She Hulk was literally charging at him with all the intention of taking his head off.

When Tony had told her to scout the man she’d offered Ryu the chance to back out. She was an Avenger not to mention Seven Hundred Pounds of She Hulk. Imagine her surprise when she’d been thrown over Ryu’s shoulder like a rag doll after he ducked under a clothesline of hers.

It was a mistake she’d just made again.

“A good win...” smiled Ryu as he caught his breath.

Having been the one on the end of the early bath, She Hulk however was not impressed, and the temper her cousin was famed for almost came to the fore as Ryu offered her a helping hand.

“Oh no you don’t....” she grinned as she grabbed a hold of the Street Fighter’s famous Red Headband.

Briefly She Hulk paused as her left hand toyed with one of the ends of Ryu's headband, like a cat would a ball of yarn. Honestly, this infatuation was hard to put one of her lean green fingers on. Sure the sex was amazing, sensational even to create an awful pun seeing as how she was The She Hulk and... Never mind. But if she thought about it, it was more then one thing that attracted her to her client.

Part of it was the fact that Ryu had this inner power that had just helped get him on top of her. Part of it was the fact that she could get away with a casual dominance over her foreign lover. Maybe it was the fact that, Ryu wasn't the settling down type and that she could at least tie him down for a little while. Mostly though it was down to their being a mutual respect between the two.

When it came to fighting, most of the losers she'd dealt with would try and taunt her about being the SHE-Hulk. Morons. Ryu on the other hand just listened and learned when it came to dealing with others. That's not to say he didn't notice her feminine side. He just didn't draw attention to it when she fought with him. There was also the added bonus that Ryu was the attractive type of athlete. Strong jawed, deep smooth voice, broad shouldered, nice tight little ass... Speaking of which... Her right hand, snaked it's way to the man's left ass cheek and immediately Ryu felt his whole body tense before he let out a groan.

“Jen...” muttered the Street Fighter throatily.

All six foot seven, of the She Hulk shuddered as she heard the slight groan before one handed she pulled her foreign lover down by his ass, so that his lower half met hers. Immediately she gave slight moan of her own as she felt there clothed sexes connect, and she heard Ryu huff something in Japanese. Then again it's not as if either of them had any real layers separating them.

As soon as she'd recover, She Hulk pulled Ryu's head in close via a handful of his headband and hair, and her mouth covered. Instantly, the Avenger began to kiss Ryu forcefully (because was there any other way) and it wasn't as if Ryu complained. He simply kept himself up by his hands and returned the favour. His head had been forced to dip low to meet the woman's own, and his mouth literally melded with the woman's own. At first it was a few tentative pecks, lips just ghosting over each other, as She Hulk simultaneously played with strands of Ryu's hair, but it didn't take long to deepen.

Another forceful grope of Ryu's ass caused him to groan and for his mouth to open up to the lawyer's, and he groaned again into her lips as he felt his tongue get pinned down by her own. The two's mouth quickly, melded against one another's heatedly and for a while She Hulk was more then content to let the closeness overwhelm her. Her eyes closed slightly, as she idly played with Ryu's headband.

Honest to God, after a couple of kisses, the Avengeress' could already feel her pussy ache as the adrenaline surged through her body. The fight had gotten her more than a little warmed up and it had taken all of the She part of her to stop her Hulk side from just ravaging the Street Fighter senseless. However, the Hulk part's argument got a little stronger when Ryu ground his bulging arousal against her core.

The duo both gasped, Ryu gave more of grunt, as the two's lips separated for a moment.

“Again...” muttered She Hulk, and her whole body tensed as Ryu listened.

He gave another frustrated grunt as he again ground his lower half against hers and again the duo let out airy gasps.

"Ughhh...Ryu..." huffed the heroine, as she gently pulled the man's face back and stroked his cheek.

Her right hand suddenly began to sneak up Ryu's shoulders as she drank in every sculpted bump of the Street Fighter's half covered body. From his taut ass, to his firm stomach all the way up to his rounded chest and shoulders. Her teeth gnawed at a corned of her lower lip in anticipation. Suddenly her right hand clenched a handful white gi before yanking back fiercely.

With a sigh Ryu pulled back.

“Again?” he muttered simply. This was the third gi of his that the heroine had torn apart like it was a paper bag.

“I'm sorry hun.” sighed She Hulk, more amused than anything else.

With her left hand she brought Ryu back for another smothering kiss whilst her right went to her neck so that she could pull down on the zip to her turtle neck top past her chest. In sync, with the undoing Ryu pulled his mouth away before it headed down town. A couple of quick pecks to first She Hulk's lower lip, then chin and then neck caused the woman to mewl in anticipation as she continued to lower her zip.

Ryu continued to kiss downward, his dry lips blazed a trail down her long neck and to her sweat covered chest. Each bit lower was followed by another kiss and She Hulk had to take a shot air as she shuddered blissfully. As soon as his gaze got to her chest, Ryu shuffled down a little before easing the woman's right arm aside. Immediately, Ryu was greeted by a lush pair of FF breasts, glazed by a slight sheen of sweat and straight away his mouth set about teasing them.

Another gasp from She Hulk followed as her hold on Ryu's hair tightened just a little bit. The moment Ryu's molten mouth latched onto her right breast, she just groaned airily . Like a vice, the green goddess's hands clamped to the back of her lover's head and Ryu jut kept on kissing all of her chest. From the sides up and all over her breast went Ryu's mouth in circular motions. The mixture of a gentle breeze in between each of the soft kisses on her tits caused another shudder to rock her.

“Give me strength....” she huffed as a wave of warmth surged through her body.

That was definitely another plus point to Ryu. He understood that an off hand comment, or groan or a shiver didn't mean stop and ask questions. It meant don't stop. No surprise then that her request was silently complied with as Ryu continued to lather the Avenger's bust with his molten mouth. Every inch of her bust was touched. From the valley of her chest to the twin peaks themselves. Not once did Ryu use his hands. He just kissed, licked and carried on.

Another moan from She Hulk followed as Ryu switched breasts and easily began to moisten her left teat as well. All over her darkened areola, roamed Ryu's slick tongue and She Hulk more than loved the mix of tickle and tingle feeling that spread through her chest. The only annoying thing for She Hulk was that he

hadn't once touched a nipple. His mouth would go close, close enough that she'd squirm because of his breath going over the tantalising bud but never any closer..

"Lower...." She suddenly gasped as that changed.

Ryu had stole a quick kiss of her pert right nipple.

This was another thing She Hulk loved. Whilst Ryu was well mannered there was doubt in her mind that he could handle her. He didn't constantly ask 'is that good?' like a little boy. He just let her drown in him pleasing her. Every muscle in her body tensed as she felt Ryu's warm breath wash over her sex.

“Wait.” she murmured, stopping Ryu in his tracks.

With a glance down to their near joined midrifts, Ryu just watched one She Hulk's hand ran down past her perfectly toned abdomen to the v of her leotard, before she hooked it aside with one of her digits.

“Go lower...” she muttered baring her already moist sex.

Instantly Ryu slid down and She Hulk felt her butt clench in anticipation. With an emerald like glint in her eye, she just watched as the Street Fighter took a hold of her leotard from her. It freed her hand so that it could go to his hair and his headband and immediately Ryu positioned his mouth right above her puckered lower lips. He was greeted by a small tuft of dark green hair which he kissed straight away.

That little act alone caused She Hulk to let out a slight huff as she brought her free hand to one of her FF breasts. The cold leather from the palms of her lavender gloves immediately covered the aching peak of her right breast and it created a tingling feeling. She couldn’t help but grope her breast and loud moan escaped her mouth because of the act. She’d hoped Ryu would just go straight for her cunt but he hadn’t.

Instead he just let his sense get drowned by the scent of the heroine’s sex for a second. It was a mix of something sweet and salty. His trapped cock, twitched eagerly beneath him. All She Hulk could do was watch as the pink of Ryu’s tongue showed itself before it met the tanned green of her slit.

With a slight tilt of his head, Ryu was able to spread She Hulk’s nether lips with his tongue. As soon as it had just penetrated the sensitive curtains his taste buds were instantly washed in an addicting saltiness. All She Hulk could do was moan loudly in appreciation as Ryu began to stimulate her pussy. Her hold on Ryu’s headband tightened, whilst her right hand began to work one of her tremendous breasts.

"Ughh... your tongue...” she groaned whilst squeezing her breasts.

Honestly, as lame as it sounded Ryu’s mouth alone had a black belt in pleasure never mind the rest of him.

All around went Ryu’s tongue, touching sensitive nerve after nerve. Another airy groan escaped the Avenger’s lips as she felt Ryu’s nose graze her clit. It was a like pleasure spike struck her when he did so. Unable to stop herself, her hold on her right breast became even stronger, causing her to moan again. Her eyes closed as she repeated the trick. Ryu’s mouth repeated his. He continued to lavish the heroine’s wanton core by forcing his tongue deeper.

As she lost herself in pleasure, She Hulk couldn’t help but think that this was definitely another plus point to Ryu. He just shut up and gone on with it. No stupid cockiness just an understanding of what they’d both liked.

She pulled her hand away from her breast and brought it to her mouth to stop her from groaning again. Her hands on instant began to squeeze her huge breasts together. The meeting of the two, combined with the roughness of the leather from her fight gloves over nipples created a sensational friction. Her breaths shortened as her chest heaved. To think this was all just a warm up for sex.

With a just tilt up of Ryu’s head things got better. He began to french out She Hulk clit. Literally every muscle in She Hulk’s body tensed as she felt her clitoris get moistened. Her moans picked as the little bud was licked again. An exaggerated lick followed, causing Ryu’s jaw to jut forward and rub along her sex. His stubble stimulating She Hulk’s pussy with a new means of bliss.

That’s what did it. She Hulk’s eyes glazed over with lust as her pussy was intentionally rubbed again. Her want had. Another throaty moan followed as her clit licked again and her hips bucked slightly as she felt Ryu’s jaw rub against her sex again. Enough was enough.

“Ryu...” she murmured once more this time getting his attention.

The man paused as he looked but he wasn’t allowed to for long. On reflex She Hulk just pulled Ryu's head up by his headband towards her. With a quick adjustment Ryu soon found his face and body hovering over the woman’s own. His arms planted themselves either side of her head. He immediately saw another playful grin cross She Hulk’s face as she looked up at him. The reason was simple, it was because Ryu had absentmindedly licked his lower lip.

"You... Have too much on..." muttered She Hulk seductively, before she leaned her head up and tried to sneak a quick kiss from the martial artist. She’d always loved tasting herself from her own toys.

Surprisingly, Ryu pulled himself back out of reach with a shake of his head.

"Not as much as before." he muttered, causing a melodic chuckle to come from the heroine.

Grinning to herself, She Hulk just brought both her gloved hands to Ryu's broad chest and traced a few circles.

“I said I was sorry didn't I?” she smirked before pulling Ryu for yet another kiss, with tongue very much included.

Ryu gave a slight smile whilst his face bore down on the leering women beneath him. For him things were simple. Whilst fighting allowed him to learn and better, sex helped ease his mind. He was a world warrior in more than one way was what Ken had once joked.

The duo were soon moaning into each others mouths, as they lost themselves to their little tongue tango. She Hulk's hand though had a mind of their own. Every gasp she gave was followed by her hands

brushing up or down Ryu's toned body. That was until Ryu shifted his form a little and a grunt escaped his lips as his hips meshed into hers more.

She wasn't interested in more waiting games. It's why she ran a finger down the Street Fighter's chest down to his black belt.

“No more games.” she muttered as she began to ‘undo’ Ryu’s belt.

It was literally torn in half off of him.

With a shake of his head, Ryu just put aside his gloves before standing up. In one swift tug his pants and boxers were removed, with him folding them together leaving him in as naked as the day he was born. With his athletic form bathed in moonlight She Hulk could only lick her lips hungrily as she caught sight of the brunette's lower half not to mention the man meat that stood at full attention.

She beckoned the Street Fighter towards her half naked form with one of her perfectly manicured fingers. Gracefully, Ryu got to his knees before he crawled atop of the waiting Avenger and the moment she felt the head of Ryu’s dick rub against her stomach She Hulk grinned. It’s why she kissed Ryu softly.

“Poor baby.” muttered She Hulk with a knowing smirk.

Ryu gave her a brief look as they broke their kiss, which was answered with a seductive smirk from the Avenger. She more than knew how long Ryu had been keeping it hiding. Hell her pussy had felt his erect dick during their earlier bump and grind. Truth be told she’d have sucked him off if he’d have wanted but he’d told her not to waste time during their first dance. It had never done anything for him was what Ryu had said. That was another plus point to the foreign man in She Hulk’s eyes. He knew what he wanted.

“Well what are you waiting for hon?” she smirked as she gently eased her hands over Ryu’s chest pushing him back.

Nodding, Ryu slid back her and pulled himself up, setting the two up in the missionary position once. With his left hand he grabbed his meat and guide it to her hot and wet entrance.

"You ready?" he asked, looking in her eyes, She Hulk's face was flushed, but she nodded,

Head down he began to sink into his lover.

Instantly She Hulk moaned loudly as her love canal was intruded. A wave of adrenaline crashed down on her as she finally got what she’d wanted. Ryu was no different, it’s why both heroes let out shivering groans of their own as until Ryu bottomed out inside of her, his cock head resting against her cervix. As soon as he had Ryu felt himself pulled forward by his headband.

"Ughh... Ryu ..." breathed She Hulk as she buried Ryu’s head into her neck, holding him place.

She just wanted to enjoy the feeling of having Ryu’s throbbing prick in her. She groaned again

Every time Ryu had squirmed, his cock flicked another nerve in her pussy.

Suddenly She Hulk just smirked, as one of her hands came up and rested against Ryu's right cheek. She caressed it with a coy grin, but behind the sugar sweet look was a needy one.

Ryu, on the other hand, just groaned as he felt his cock get engulfed. It literally felt like his dick was sucked into a velvet stranglehold. With another moan he as he bottomed out inside of his lover, happy to be united with her like this despite his earlier objections.

She Hulk smiled warmly as Ryu's face showed extreme pleasure at being inside his lover.

"You feel good...," she smirked briefly leaning up to get another kiss from Ryu.

Immediately Ryu leaned forward and met her half way.

"But just putting it in isn't what I want." she added lustfully as she shifted her hips, causing a jolt of pleasure to travel through their bodies.

Ryu came back to reality with that jolt. It’s why he reared his hips back, pulling inches of his dick out till nothing but the head remained before slamming back home. Instantly She Hulk groaned.

"Again!" she ordered and Ryu began to pull more and more of himself out of her, right before slamming his cock right back into her tight, hot hole.

Ryu just pulled every inch of his shaft out and pushed back in, causing the heroine’s back to arch, as their hips met with a, lewd 'Slap!'

The duo both groaned again. The sand beneath them shifted. There was nothing else for She Hulk to do but just smile at her lover whilst moaning loudly in approval of his silent declaration.

She Hulk's hips continued to rise and meet Ryu's as his member repeatedly entered her folds. Her inner muscles curved greedily as they drew him back in. Her eyes became clouded with lust and ecstasy, and her mouth remained open almost constantly as she moaned, with slight drool escaping her lips, giving her a ‘fucked happy’ look on her face, which Ryu enjoyed immensely.

His every thrust seemed to go deeper pracically forcing her loose for the eventual hosing her pussy would receive, and She Hulk was expecting that with much anticipation.

Ryu's own mind was focused completely on the pleasure he recieved from his lower organ. She Hulk's pussy was one of a kind. Her body was one of a kind. It clung to him, worked him and rubbed him plentifully. Every time he tried to pull back, her walls drew him back in. A slight smile graced his face, but it was masked by a look of concentration as he stared at the groaning warrior woman. Knowing his lover was pleased silenced any doubts from the Hado in the back of his mind

She Hulk noticed Ryu's thrusts becoming more forced, and the heat in her stomach was getting to the point of overflowing. She loved the way his eyes were locked on her face and not her body. It was erotic

to watch him staring at her as he pounded into her pussy. Still, she felt her end nearing so she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

"Cum Ryu..." she practically purred as Ryu began to huff more hastily.

This time there was no stopping She Hulk this time as she pulled Ryu towards her. Her massive breasts hovered over his face as her pussy again swallowed his cock once more. His face was pushed into her magnificent bosom, while his cock continued thrust into her green pussy. Briefly Ryu kissed her breasts as he made love to her. His senses were filled by a taste of sweat and lime, as he took in taste sight. The moans grew as She-hulk knew she was feeling herself cum.

The fight and tongue teasing had made her primed for an orgasm.

"Cum for me..." She muttered again, feeling Ryu still thrust into her.

Ryu groaned as he felt his end near. He heard She Hulk's words. With several more savage thrusts he obliged her. With one final deep thrust inside of her, he let out a throaty graon before he released his hot load right into her baby factory.

Back arching off the ground, She Hulk literally lifted Ryu with her as his cum blasted its way into her waiting womb and her own orgasm exploded in kind. Her arms wrapped around Ryu, holding her to him, as the pleasure crushed them both. All six foot plus of her, shook in pleasure, as her sex contracted around Ryu’s cock, milking it for it all it was worth.. More and more of his precious seed surged from his base into her most sacred place and it was great.

It right then and there that She Hulk thought that maybe it was the way he looked at her; the way his voice dropped even lower when he was getting aroused and trying not to show it. No, no it had to be the way he kissed, so uncertain and shy at first. That was it, she thought toying with Ryu’s headband again.

Whatever it was, it’s what caused her to bed him for the umpteenth time.

"You're not going anywhere until I say so..." she smirked seductively.

Ryu just gave a slight grin as he was allowed to catch his breath. His Master had taught him to keep things simple when it came to women in his life and simply see where they take him. In She Hulk he'd found someone who'd been intrigued if nothing else in his lifestyle but his attraction to the heroine had nothing to do with Tony Stark's insistence that there was more to life then fighting like fast cars and women. It was just down a respect for the Avenger, not as a woman but simply as a fighter.

The fact that it got him sex which silenced the Satsui no Hado in him, was an added bonus.


Nearly an hour later, the two lover's grunts and moans came to a brief close with an animal like growl from Ryu and a long Amazon-esque groan of pleasure from She Hulk, leaving the two to simply lay together in the post-sex afterglow under the moonlight.

“You know, I'm still sore about losing to you again.” whispered the Avenger, before she took a quick nibble of her lover's ear lobe. One of her hands had idly been tracing little circles across Ryu’s exposed chest

Drawing a breath in, to stop a sharp breath from escaping his lips, Ryu just stared back at the woman

“I'm always ready for a rematch.” he offered as he glanced at the Avenger.

A wry smirk crossed She Hulk's face at that before she rolled over Ryu and planted her hands either side of the man's face. Her bare chest hovered over Ryu's own as she waited on all fours above the Street fighter. Stll it’s not as if there was a rush, she had a day off and Ryu didn't even have a nine to five.


Good or Bad?

Again this is another old story that was never uploaded. I tried to make the pairing possible because this was two thirds of my UMvC3 team. Plus with MvC Infinite being recently not to long ago I thought why not upload this.

I’m not sure how good the lemon is. 

A lot of research (well Googling went into this. From checking MvC3 quotes, to making sure how Peter addresses Jameson no stone was left unturned. This is a MvC3 fic but there is only a MvC 2 category

Also Ryu being invited to the Avengers occurs in an earlier MvC by Captain America. Ryu politely turns it down because he still feels he has much to learn. It’s an answer that’s respected but the X-men (well Cyclops) says they’ll be on the lookout for him.



I tried to focus on She Hulk when she was getting her lean green pussy licked because from a male POV it’s just teasing. But I tried to make the lemon from both people’s POV at times. Ryu I depicted as a silent lover with She Hulk being more vocal. You have to be appreciative of both sexes in Lemon’s even if you’re not necessarily attracted to one.

Finally don’t forget precaution. As it was insinuated in the story Ryu/She Hulk know each other fairly well hence they trust each other that I left it out. I’m sure some people feel it disrupts a lemon but it’s important unless the two people (or group) have a trust between them (i.e. this story) or the intention was for pregnancy/plot.

More Notes you probably won't give a damn about lol

i) Wolverine’s speech to X-23 (Who is he... Just a fighter) is actually the one used by Logan on Jubilee in MvC when the latter lady sees Ryu briefly. Wolverine’s closing remark of ‘Let’s see those...’ is his intro quote from MvC3 when he and Ryu meet.

ii) Ryu’s weight according to Street Fighter Wiki is 150lbs (68kg/ about 11 stones) which in Boxing would put him at Super Welterweight but in UFC/MMA classes him as a Lightweight, hence the commentator referred to Ryu as a Lightweight.

Catchweight fight is where two fighters agree to a bout with a compromise in the Weight disparity between the two as there’s a bigger difference than normal.

iii) MMA/UFC has only come to NYC recently. This story was wrote when it was just a myth. 

iv) MMA/UFC rounds are five minutes, with a minute rest in between. Basically the guy Ryu fights gets blown away within Fighting Game time.

v) Ryu's moveset are his MvC3 ones (well this is an MvC3 fic). Not his street fighter ones. 




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