Lucas Learns

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"I'm going to Fuel's house!" shouted Lucas.

"That's fine," replied his father. "I will be working with your grandpa most of the day, I'm not sure that I will make it back for dinner. If you are back before me, just head into town and buy dinner.

"Okay, bye!" Lucas said, nearly flying out the door.

Fuel was Lucas's best friend in Tazmily. He always wanted to be around Fuel, enjoying their time together immensely. The saddest part of the day was always when one of the two had to go home and Lucas was separated from his friend. Something about that boy made Lucas so very happy, like he would never enjoy something or someone so much as Fuel. 

Lucas trotted down the path to Fuel's house, the gentle wind blowing a cool breeze into his shorts. He knocked on the door to no answer and shrugged, pushing it open and entering the house. Fuel's home always smelled like freshly cut pine, probably due to his family's profession.

Lucas walked down a dimly lit hallway towards Fuel's room. There was light coming from under the door, and it seemed that Fuel was the only one home. Lucas thought to knock, but stopped. He thought it might be funny if he spied through the keyhole and caught Fuel doing something weird, like dancing to a nonexistent song or something equally embarrassing.

Kneeling down and peering through the small opening, Lucas could see most of Fuel's room. Little wooden statues on his back shelf, the red wool blanket on his bed, and the little table the two had made together with help from Fuel's dad. Soon, Fuel walked past and over towards his dresser.

"What's he doing?" Lucas thought.

But then he noticed that Fuel was still wearing his pajamas.

"Always a late sleeper," Lucas whispered, grinning to himself.

Lucas kept staring, thinking about how he could poke fun at his friend for sleeping into the afternoon. Fuel pulled out a few articles of clothing, placing them on top of the dresser. And then he began to remove his clothes. Lucas was captivated. He felt rude to keep spying, but couldn't look away. 

First, Fuel pulled off his shirt, the action making his fluffy brown hair stand up more than usual. Lucas had gone swimming with his friend before. Neither wore a shirt. It wasn't too weird to see his friend bare chested. But then Fuel pulled his pants down and stepped out of them. He wore tight grey briefs that concealed a medium bulge from his crotch. Lucas continued to stare through the keyhole. He always wondered what other boys looked like... down there.

Next, the briefs dropped down to his ankles, still covered by long, red woolen socks. Lucas's eyes widened as Fuel's penis hardened slightly, asserting itself. It was maybe four inches long, with foreskin concealing half of a bulging pink tip. Fuel's scrotum was still relatively small but slightly wrinkled. Above his penis, a patch of brown hairs had begun to show the boy's first steps into adolescence. The whole sight was entrancing to Lucas, he felt that it was wrong to spy but couldn't take his eyes off of the magnificent sight that was Fuel's body. Fuel turned and bent down to remove his socks, his bare ass facing the door Lucas spied through. His ass was round and pale, drawing Lucas's gaze until he turned to put on the clean set of clothes.

After pulling on a new set of socks, Fuel peered down at his crotch. He gave his penis a small tug. He became slightly erect. Fuel then gently pulled back his foreskin and revealed the pink tip of his penis that flared out. Lucas let out a gentle sigh as he watched Fuel play with himself. Something about that boy and his body made Lucas feel funny inside.

Seeing that the excitement was over, Lucas backed away from the door and into the hallway, amazed by what he had just seen. He was supposed to like girls, right? But something about Fuel, something about seeing him like this gave Lucas some strong feelings in his pants. As soon as Fuel had removed his shirt, Lucas began to slowly harden as his friend's body was exposed. Seeing Fuel's fully naked body had given Lucas a full on erection, forming a noticeable bulge in the front of his shorts. Excited and a little bit scared, Lucas decided to run home and mull over his feelings.

It felt weird to run while his penis was hard, but nobody would notice one boy jogging through the forest, right? For Lucas, the most important goal was to get home. His encounter with Fuel had left him with a lot of strange feelings.

Several minutes later, Lucas pushed through his own front door and quickly shuffled into his room. He took off his shoes by the door and walked over to his mirror. He stared at himself, hair combed up like he always had. His gaze shifted down toward his crotch. There was still a slight bulge as he stared at himself in the mirror. With a sigh, Lucas slowly removed his shirt and pulled down his pants, leaving the boy only in his striped boxers. He kneeled down and pulled off his socks, just as Fuel had done. Finally, Lucas pulled his underwear down to his ankles and kicked them off toward the rest of his clothes.

Just like Fuel, Lucas had begun to experience some hair growth near his genitals. His hairs were lighter, but his balls had already started to hang slightly lower than when he was younger. Much like Fuel, Lucas's penis head was lightly colored and bulged out slightly. 

Lucas thought back to how he had seen his best friend in the same naked state only several minutes earlier. He imagined Fuel's smooth body fully stripped of clothes. Just as before, Lucas began to become more and more erect. Lucas stared down at his fully extended penis, about five inches long. He lightly gripped it with his right hand and began to gently rub back and forth on his shaft. His fingers wrapped around the girth of his cock, every movement pulling closer to an orgasm.

"Mmmmhhh.....Fuel...." Lucas quietly moaned. 

He began to stroke himself faster, moving up to the sensitive penis head that gave him so much pleasure. All the while Lucas imagined he was with Fuel in his room. He imagined they were both naked, and not afraid to show each other their bodies. Lucas imagined that both of their penises grew hard, and that he was reaching down and rubbing Fuel's erection. Fuel would look Lucas in the eyes and smile a loving smile, as if this was all that could make him happy. He then would pull Lucas in close, bringing their warm bodies together while beginning to pleasure Lucas. The scene continued to play out as Lucas rubbed himself faster and harder, imagining that the two boys kiss and rub their erections together.

Lucas let out a slight shout as he experienced his very first orgasm, filling up with sexual pleasure as he fantasized about his friend. A thick, white liquid dripped out of the end of his penis and dripped onto his feet. Lucas began to stroke himself slower and slower as semen flowed out of him.

Finally, Lucas's erection began to fade as he inhaled and exhaled slowly after the excitement. 

Had he really just done that? Rubbing his penis until something sticky and white shot out? Masturbated for the very first time while thinking of a boy? A boy who might not even like him? This wasn't just any boy though, this was Fuel. Fuel was nice looking and funny, caring and kind, great and wonderful. No wonder Lucas couldn't stay away.

"Maybe...Do Fuel?" Lucas wondered aloud. "He's a boy like me... but it's different. My best friend in the world. There isn't anybody I would rather be with." 

Saying it out loud, Lucas felt a little strange. Would Fuel like him back?Could Fuel like him back? He had to spend several minutes pondering this possibility and whether or not he could end up with more than a friend.

As Lucas pulled his socks back on and began to zip up his shorts, he had a strange but interesting thought. 

" time I see Fuel...I could dare him to kiss me. He might think its just for fun, but I would really like it." Lucas proposed. 

"Fuel...I can't wait to see you again." Lucas stammered shyly. His face turned beet red. It was always hard to admit having feelings for someone. Even harder since it was a boy.

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