High Stakes Tournament

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Kano played with the small tuft of blonde hair he kept tied around his neck and smirked as he stared across Shang Tsung’s courtyard at his opponent. Sonya’s skin tight green leggings and sports bra left practically nothing to the imagination as she performed her stretches. Her black headband was mostly successful at keeping her messy blonde hair off of her powerful, flawlessly feminine face. Kano’s eyes traced over every one of her perfectly toned muscles landing on the two thin black lines of her thong which rested on her hips just above her pantline. His heart raced and his loins throbbed in anticipation.


The tournament had been going largely in Outworlds favor, mostly thanks to the Lin Kuei assassin’s hired by Tsung. They had taken out many of Earthrealm’s strongest fighters. In fact Sonya and Li Mei were the last two contenders on the side of light. But if Kano was being honest, he didn’t give two shits about the bloody tournament. His focus was singular: to make Sonya suffer for what she had done to his face.


Similarly, Sonya had thought about nothing but killing Kano since he had killed her partner a few years ago. The image of the woman’s tongue grotesquely pulled through her opened throat haunted Sonya constantly. Her rage was now doubled after watching Johnny killed in this tournament. She was ready to make Kano pay.


“Sonya Blade, Kano, you fight for the fate of Earthrealm,” Shang Tsung spoke from his throne. “Please be reminded that our new rules make the stakes especially high for you Miss Blade.” Shang Tsung and Kano both smirked and blatantly stared at Sonya’s body. She looked down and cursed her cleavage silently. Her plump DD breasts had always been inconvenient in her profession but never more so than that day. ‘Don’t lose focus’ she thought. ‘Kano must die, that’s all that matters.’


“FIGHT!” Tsung dictated in his raspy voice.


“Miss me baby?” Kano taunted.”I certainly missed those. Haven’t seen tits that nice since that partner of yours!”


Sonya fell for the taunt. She roared in anger as she charged at Kano. Thankfully she was quick enough that it didn’t matter. She landed blow after blow against Kano’s bare chest, ending with a jumping kick. The combined force of both feet was enough to send Kano flying onto his back. Sonya’s glistening breasts heaved up and down as she panted. She had given everything into that assault. Kano chuckled and stood up, brushing the dust off his pants.


“Good show love. Much better than that twat Cage.” Sonya wound up for a right hook but was stopped by a flash and searing pain in her right shoulder. Kano’s eye laser had found it’s mark. Blinded by rage Sonya threw a left jab which Kano caught effortlessly in his right hand. The distraction from the pain in her shoulder was exactly as much as Kano needed. He sharply twisted her wrist causing her to cry out in pain and released her hand.


“Come on honey, another.”  She threw a panicked punch with her right hand. The hulking man calmly deflected it and brought his steel toed boot straight up between her legs. Hard. The beautiful woman howled and fell to the ground, clutching her throbbing cunt. She tried to gasp for breath but no air would come as the pain traveled up her abdomen.


Kano let out a twisted laugh as he reached down, wrapping his massive arms around her slender waist. He lifted her high above his head and slammed her down in a devastating piledriver. Her head hit the ground with a sickening crack. Kano turned his gaze to Shang Tsung. The wrinkled sorcerer observed Sonya’s moaning, motionless body for a few moments before nodding to the brute.


Kano smiled ear to ear as he looked down at his prize. He reached down a massive hand and grabbed a large handful of Sonya’s blonde hair, jerking her up to her knees. She was barely conscious and did not notice Kano unzipping his pants. His dick stood completely erect, swollen at the sight of the broken special forces agent. He had been careful, her skin remained flawless, save for the small burn on her shoulder. A bead of sweat dripped down her long neck and disappeared between her plump breasts. ‘Perfect’ he thought to himself.


He grabbed the back of her head and forcefully pushed her face into his cock. His balls rested on her lips while his engorged shaft pressed into her nose and eye. The stench immediately snapped her out of her daze. Her eyes widened with realization. Kano slowly grinded his hips up and down as Sonya choked back her rage.


“Sonya, Sonya, Sonya,” the man said as he stepped back. “Look at you. You should have just let it go. Now open that pretty little mouth.” Sonya glared up at Kano for a few seconds. ‘I agreed,’ she thought to herself. ‘I agreed even though I knew the risk with this perverted tournament. How did he get so strong? Was it the enhancements? This shouldn’t have happened…’


She slowly lowered her jaw, never breaking glaring eye contact. Kano laughed his twisted laugh and slowly slid his first few inches into her mouth.  “Tongue it bitch,” he commanded. Sonya continued to glare but made no attempt. Kano connected the back of his fist with her temple, knocking her to the side. “We’ll do it the hard way then!” he growled.


He grabbed a fistful of hair on the back of her head and rammed his dick in her mouth all the way to the base. He held her there for a few seconds. The combined discomfort of the cock lodged in her throat and the smell of his rancid bush in her nostrils caused the beautiful woman to gag violently, spit dripping down her smooth chin. He pulled out for a split second before ramming back in over and over. Every thrust caused Sonya’s slender throat to bulge, as the barbarian’s cock was relentlessly buried to the base. Her cool, wet tongue slid along the bottom of his dick, causing him to moan in pleasure.


After what seemed like an eternity, Kano thrust in and stayed. As the unwilling woman deepthroated, he reached down and plugged her nose. After a few seconds her face began to turn blue and her eyes began to roll in her head. Just as her vision began to fade and life slipped away, Kano released her. She fell onto all fours gasping for air, drool running down her chin onto the floor of the sunny courtyard. The Black Dragon thug wrapped a hand around her throat and lifted her, her feet kicking in defiance inches from the ground.


“Let’s get some sun on those tits,” Kano grinned. With his other hand he reached into her cleavage, and pulled down the front of her sports bra, letting out her massive breasts. The spandex remained wrapped under them, keeping them pushed up. “Even better than I imagined!” Kano exclaimed as he began to play with her nipples. Sonya blushed and glared as they became involuntarily erect. He lifted her slightly higher and began licking and sucking on them. Sonya desperately pulled on his arm trying to release herself, but to no avail. “Fuck you!” Sonya screamed in pain as Kano bit one of her nipples.


“Well I guess it’s about that time then,” the australian chuckled. He turned her around and placed her on the ground, marvelling at her perfect ass. Sonya flinched as Kano plucked her exposed thong string, causing it to snap back into her waist. He then forcefully pulled her impossibly tight green leggings down between her knees, thwarting the first plan of escape.


With a quick jerk he bent her over and slapped her ass hard. It jiggled perfectly. Sonya winced but did not give Kano the satisfaction of a verbal response. He pulled out one of his large, serrated butterfly knives and calmly cut her thong which fell between her legs, landing on her stretched leggings. “Well at least your cunt is happy to see me!” Kano laughed. Although she had taken no enjoyment in what transpired, her body had reacted to the activity against her will. Her now moist twat glistened in the afternoon sun.


Kano entered her violently and Sonya grunted in discomfort. “God damn you’re tight blondie!” the man laughed heartily. “Wouldn’t have guessed you were such a prude the way your tits are always bouncin’ around!” In truth she wasn’t. Sonya had certainly gotten around her platoon, despite regulations. She had also had a long secret relationship with her CO, Jax. She tried to imagine it was his black cock fucking her brains out but it didn’t help.


Kano rammed in and out relentlessly. Sonya’s pussy tightened with each hateful thrust, coating the thick shaft in more and more juices and allowing him to move faster and faster. Sonya was much too proud to cry, even though the pain from Kano’s violent fucking combined with the shame of being publicly raped by the man she hated most brought her close. She held only due to the fact that she still had a plan.


Despite her commanding it not to, her cunt finally gave in to Kano’s pounding. Her wet pussy walls clamped down on his rock hard dick and she let out a shameful moan of pleasure. Her knees buckled but Kano caught her by the hair just in time to keep her from falling. The feeling of victory combined with the increased tightness of her vagina sent Kano over the edge as well. He howled and released load after load of cum into her cunt. Once he had finished, he dropped her. She slumped on her knees, panting like a bitch in heat. After a second she held up her head and sat up straight. ‘Now,’ she thought. ‘Now all I have to do is-’




Sonya shrieked in agony as Kano’s hand burst through her chest. She looked down to see her still beating heart in his hand. Kano quickly pulled his large butterfly knife from its sheath on his leg with his free hand. Sonya still had complete feeling as every inch of Kano’s serrated blade slid across her throat. Blood spurted from the fresh wound as Sonya choked and clutched her throat. Kano pulled his fist back through her rib cage allowing the soldier to fall to the ground. Sonya’s life left her just as she landed. Her lifeless eyes staring into the crowd of monks in attendance.




Kano squished her heart in his fist and dropped the remains onto the ground before placing his cock back in his pants and zipping them up. Shang Tsung stood from his throne and muttered a brief incantation. Sonya’s shrieks could suddenly be heard again as her soul lifted out of her twitching corpse. It was quickly sucked into Tsung’s hand, causing his eyes to briefly glow green. “Another victory for Outworld,” Tsung wheezed and turned his gaze to Li Mei. “Earthrealm’s fate lies with you.”

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