Week with Nanako

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 Nanako Dojima sat in front of the T.V. watching the Quiz show as she regularly does.

 She was home alone again; her father out for work and wouldn’t be returning until late in the night, the older boy who was staying with them, Yu Narukami, usually wouldn’t be coming back until late in the afternoon. So after school ends Nanako has the house to herself for quite a few hours.

 Recently that had begun to change as she met some friends of Yu. And so after school, while she is alone, someone always comes by to play with her.

 The doorbell rang and Nanako jumped up, eager to meet her new friend.

 The little girl opened the door with a smile on her face. On the other side was a tomboy looking girl with short hair and wearing a green jacket with a skirt underneath.

 “Hi chie.” Nanako said happily as she let the girl inside.

 “Hey there.” Chie Satonaka replied as she took off her shoes and stepped inside.

 The two made small talk as they went into the living room and sat down on the couch.

 “I’m really hungry.” Chie said seductively as she placed a hand on Nanako’s bare leg. “And I’m really in the mood for some nice, juicy meat.”

 “Um… I could try finding some, I don’t know what we have in the fridge.” Nanako replied.

 Chie shook her head as her hand ran up and down the bare leg flesh, even at times slipping under the child’s dress. Nanako giggled at the pleasurable feeling it gave her. The giggles began to subside as her breathing grew shallower and her legs squirmed. She felt a stirring in her panties. “I think I know where to find some meat.” Chie said.

 Nanako looked up at Chie’s lustful grin. She seemed to finally grasp the flirting of the older girl. “I might have some.” She laughed.

 “Do you, could you give me some? I’m really hungry.” Chie breathed into Nanako’s ear, her hand ran up and on top of the little girl’s panties, feeling the growing bulge inside. “I think I found it.”

 Nananko squirmed, barely able to contain herself after so much teasing. She lifted up her dress, showing the huge bulge that Chie was rubbing.

 “Oh my!” Chie teased. “That certainly looks like a big piece of meat! I think I’ll have to try some!”

 Chie grinned lustfully as she began sliding off the couch and moving her face towards the bulge.

 Chie gripped the edge of the panties in both hands and began pulling. Nanako helped by lifting her butt, and soon the panties were down around the little girl’s feet. The big fat cock hidden underneath sprang out and stuck up in the air. 

 Chie licked her lips. “I love meat. And you have the thickest, juiciest meat in town! I just need to take a bite!”

 Nanako giggled at that, but her giggles soon turned to a moan when she felt warm, wet lips pressing against her cockhead.

 Chie wasn’t one to start slow and she was soon devouring as much as she could of the dick down her throat.

 Chie looked up at the girl she was sucking off, their eyes meeting as she tried taking even more inside. Her neck was bulging out from the obscene size of the cock on the small child, saliva flowing freely from between her tight lips and the cock, running down onto the heavy balls underneath. 

 Nanako began pushing her little hips forward. Pushing more of the monster between her legs into Chie’s tight throat. Chie gagged, tears welling up in her eyes and more saliva coming out from between her lips, but still she kept sucking.

 Nanako let her small hands run through Chie’s short hair, the older girl’s hands were running all over the bare flesh of Nanako’s that she could find.

 As Chie gagged and bobbed her head on the massive meat, Nanako felt herself beginning to reach her climax. “Chie.” She groaned. “I think I’m going to cum.”

 The older girl didn’t reply but continued to slurp on the cock. Nanako took this as meaning she could cum whenever she wanted.

The little girl let herself go, cuming directly down Chie’s throat in huge amounts. The sticky seed came out so fast that Chie was surprised and tried desperately to drink as much as she could. Cum gushed out around her lips, leaking down onto the balls and legs of Nanako. Cum even squirted out of Chie’s nose.

 After a few more squirts, Nanako let the last bit of her semen out and down Chie’s throat. Chie swallowed as much as she could, though a lot still came out from her nose and mouth, the white goo slipped down onto the smaller girl’s legs and balls, other bits falling down onto Chie’s outstretched hands, though some still fell onto the floor in a puddle.

 As the flow of semen came to an end, Chie began to slowly pull the thick cock out from her throat, drinking the last bit of cum that lingered behind. As the cock popped out of her mouth in a huge slimy mess of cum and saliva, Chie opened her lips to Nanako, showing off the huge amount of sticky semen that still swam around in her mouth, then she gulped the last bit down.

 “Your meat juice is so tasty, it makes me want seconds.” Chie grinned, then began licking her fingers clean of the gooey substance.

 The T.V. buzzed in the background as Nanako, out of breath, leaned back in the couch, enjoying the feeling of an after orgasm. Her cock was already beginning to retract in size. “That was a lot of fun!”

 “But I’m not done my meal.” Chie grinned. “That was only an appetizer, now I want the main course.” The older girl stood up and reaching underneath her skirt, grabbed her shorts and panties and began sliding them down her long, lean legs. Long trails of pussy juice followed them down.

 Nanako’s eyes widened as she looked at Chie, who now was holding her skirt up letting the little girl get an eyeful of her soaked pussy. “You want to play again?” Chie asked.

 Truthfully Nanako wanted to as well, but after just cuming she felt her little body was a bit worn out.

 Chie took off her jacket, tossing aside, then she let her skirt fall to the floor with her panties. Her shirt came next, she unbuttoned it and slipped it off her shoulders, her bra was the last to come off and she threw it on top of her discarded shirt and jacket.

 Nanako defiantly liked the show and the naked sight of Chie. Her cock, only seconds ago turning flaccid, was now starting to rise once more.

 Chie decided she needed to help the small girl if she wanted more of the delicious cock, so she got back down to her knees in front of the big dick.

 Chie’s hand reached out and took hold of the rising member, running her hand up and down the hardening meat. “This is a delicious sausage.” She said. “But I wonder how these two big meatballs taste?” Chie pressed her mouth up against one of Nanako’s big balls and gave it a big kiss.

 Nanako reacted positively to the attention with a soft moan, so Chie continued to lather on kisses. She alternated between the two big balls, giving each equal amount of love.

 Her kisses soon turned to sucking as she pressed her mouth over the massive testicles and sucked heavily on them, emitting a satisfied coo from Nanako.

 While one hand pumped the rapidly rising cock, the other went underneath the balls, lifting them and rubbing them lightly to add to her sucking. She pressed her hand further underneath, and touched the little vagina that lay beneath the ballsack, she rubbed tentatively at it, feeling the wetness that leaked from the lips.

 Nanako was now at full erection once again. Chie licked her lips as she stared at the massive pole, waving slightly back and forth with Nanako’s breathing. It was really big, almost comical against the little girl body it was attached to, but Chie couldn’t deny the effect it had on her own body, she longed for it greatly.

 “Now it’s time to taste this meat with my other lips.” Chie grinned seductively as she turned around on her hands and knees and stuck her ass up in the air. “Please give me that tasty meat stick to eat!”

 Nanako got off the couch, stroking her massive, throbbing cock as she did so, her hand not being big enough to fit around the insane width. She lined her cockhead, leaking pre-cum, up with Chie’s soaked pussy lips. Then she began to press in.

 Chie groaned out loud as she felt her cunt stretch to lengthy amounts in order to welcome the mammoth-sized penis inside. Nanako continued to bury her dick inside the tight warmth of Chie’s cunt, letting out soft moans as she enjoyed the sensation of the fleshy walls that wrapped itself around her cock.

 Chie’s breathing was rough as she allowed more of the immense cock deeper inside, she shouted suddenly as she felt it pressed against her cervix. Nanako moaned out loud as well as she pushed her cock against the womb entrance, trying to force more of her meat inside.

Chie placed her hand over her belly, feeling the bulge that appeared from the size of Nanako’s erection.  

 Finally Nanako felt as if she had hit the end of how far she could go for now, there was still more of her cock outside of the hole but she couldn’t fit anymore in. So she began to pull out.

 The little girl dragged her cock back through the sensitive flesh, enjoying the sensation of the pussy walls that seemed to try desperately to keep her in their tight, warm embrace.

 When enough was removed, her cockhead and a small part of the shaft underneath still clenched in the vaginal cavity, she decided it was time to start thrusting back in.

 Nanako slammed her hips forward. Causing Chie to scream out loud. The small girl didn’t go slowly this time, she was desperate to feel more of the intense pleasure of sex. She pulled and pushed with her hips, pounding Chie’s pussy roughly.

 Chie gasped and moaned. “Oh god! Oy yes, it’s so good!” She had never felt pleasure like this before. Nanako was amazing, her cock so big it seemed to fill every inch of her cunt, ending with it slamming into her cervix.

 Nanako too was moaning, her little heart beating fast, her little hips acting out of instinct as they pounded away at the older girl’s soft, warm pussy. “Chie!” She breathed. “Chie! It feels really good!”

 Chie was thrusting her hips back into the child, hoping to get every inch of cock the girl was packing. “Fuck me!” She groaned. “Feed my hungry cunt more of your thick salami!”

 Nanako did so with eagerness. She could tell, that with the rapid fucking, she managed to squeeze even more of her massive meat inside Chie’s hole, stretching the older girl to new lengths.

 Chie reached down and began flicking and playing with her clit, twisting it in her fingers, while her other hand stayed on the floor trying to keep her balanced under the weight of Nanako’s heavy thrusts.

 Nanako hands were gripped tightly around Chie’s waist as she pounded away at the girl. She moved one hand down to Chie’s soft butt and grabbed it, making Chie moan out.

 Nanako groped the warm globe of flesh in her hand, enjoying the feeling of the tomboy’s ass. Then the little girl slapped it lightly. Chie groaned, and Nanako repeated the action, a little harder this time. Chie hissed through her teeth. Nanako once again brought her hand up, then slammed it down on the pale cheek of Chie’s ass. The older girl shouted out in pleasure.

 With the assault on her deepest parts and the spanking of her ass, Chie was floating in pleasure, and it was all building to its climax.

 “Nanako! Nanako, I’m going to cum!” She screamed as she felt her pussy tighten. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” It was one of the best orgasms of her life. She shook under the climax, as well as Nanako who continued to fuck her through it.

 Chie had no time to settle down from her orgasm as Nanako never let her, the little girl showed no signs of stopping as she continued to batter the soaked cunt of the older girl with her massive cock.

 Nanako stopped her spankings of the now red ass cheeks and instead keep them gripped in her hands while her hips hammered away.

 The two made intense love for long minutes. Chie and Nanako pushed against the other, both trying to feel more of this extraordinary ecstasy that was produced from their sweaty sex.

 Finally however, as they continued their dance of lust, they both began to feel an orgasm approaching. 

 They began bucking their hips like crazy, their breath became jagged and their bodies tingled all over. Then with one final push, they both went over the edge.

 “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Chie screamed over and over as her body spasmed and shook from the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced in her entire life.

 “Ahhhhhhhh!” Nanako shouted, her cock stuffed fully inside Chie’s warm cunt, her balls now unleashing their white goo. Semen shot out of her penis and directly inside Chie’s womb. Nanako shook her hips as she continued to shoot out more and more of her seed. Chie’s hungry womb gobbled it up quickly, but it could only hold so much and soon cum began gushing out from where the cock and pussy met, spraying little Nanako’s legs and balls in a white mess.

 Chie felt her belly expand as it fought to hold the large amount of cum it was forced to swallow. She pressed her hand over it and basked in the incredible pleasure it added to her amazing orgasm.

 Nanako shot out a few more loads but finally her orgasm began to subside and her hips slowed their pace. When it was over and she had no more to shoot out she collapsed on Chie’s back.

 Chie who herself was quite tired after the greatest fuck of her life, almost feel over from the weight of the child on her back but she held on. Still she enjoyed the feel of the massive cock still inside her vagina, resting along with the little girl, both quite worn out from the intense workout.

 Nanako, after taking a few second to catch her breath, began to withdraw her penis, it slipped out with a pop, cum gushing out of the now opened cunt as she did so.

 Both girls were exhausted. Nanako dragged herself back on the couch and sat down breathing hard. Chie slipped onto her back on the floor and lay there panting.

 The two girls stayed where they were and rested for a few moments, basking in the after sex feelings. Finally Chie spoke up. “I guess we should get this cleaned up before your dad or big brother gets back.”

 Nanako looked around at the puddles of white goo on the floor and even some on the couch. “OH no!” She jumped up. “It’s on the couch! How are we going to get it out?!”

 Chie too jumped up quickly. “Um… have any bleach or… I don’t know…” She panicked. “For now I’ll open the windows and back door to let the smell freshen up.” She said as she rushed to do her activities.

 Nanako flipped open her phone and searched up: How to get rid of semen stains on couch.

 The two busied themselves with their new task. They cleaned up as best they could including trying to get the stains out of the couch, they succeeded pretty well. While doing this, Nanako noticed Chie stealing a few licks of the cum from off her fingers.

 Finally they finished as best they could. “Looks pretty good.” An incredibly worn-out Chie said.

 “Yea.” Nanako sighed, her feet felt heavy, and her eyes dropped. She yawned.

 “But now I really am hungry.” The tomboy laughed. “How about we go get some actual meat to eat? It’ll be my treat.”

 Nanako’s tiredness seemed to evaporate at this suggestion. “Alright!”

 And so the two went out to enjoy a nice meal together.

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