Pokemon Sex-iverse Story 1: Jin of Hoenn

BY : awesomnessman
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon and the works here are not supported by Nintendo. I do not make money from this story or from writing it

Authors note: This is my first attempt at "writing" an adult fanfiction, so I apologize for anything that might seem like bad writing. I say that this is "writing" since I did write some of these words, but some were also written by a friend of mine as these were role-playing sessions we did with each other. Names of our Self-Insert characters were changed. Please enjoy and leave feedback since I really appreciate it. This first Chapter is a Prologue and is SFW. But this is probably the tamest chapter of the story

In the little town of Littleroot in the region of Hoenn, there was a young boy named Johnny. Johnny was born with a defficient immunity system so he was sick quite often as a young boy.  He would get sick very often and very easily and would always get hit with diseases worst than most boys.  Poor Johnny really only had Yuuki, his Skitty to comfort him whenever he was cooped up in the house. Naturally, his parents were always troubled and felt very sorry for him, wishing their was something they could do

One night, when 12-year old Johnny was so sick that the doctors thought he would not live through the night; he saw what looked to be a comet outside his window.  'I just wish I was able to go on a pokemon adventure like my hero Red with my Skitty.'  Johnny thought to himself. Yuuki, as if sensing his thoughts, meowed to the comet.  Suddenly, the comet stopped, changed direction, and flew right through Yuuki's window and stopped just over his bed.  The light of it was so bright he couldn't see anything, but it was starting to dim.

Johnny, or 'Jin' as he was more commonly known by his friends held Yuuki, close before carefully approaching the comet. What was it, and why was it in his room on his bed? He reached out his left hand to touch it. He felt his hand touch something soft and faintly furry.  The light then reduced itself to a very faint glow and Jin's eyes adjusted to see that he his hand was touching that of a pokemon he had never seen or heard of before.  It was pink with large eyes, about 1 foot and 4 inches tall, long feet like a kangaroo, stubby arms, and a tail about twice the length if not a tad more than it's body.  It nuzzled Jin's hand against its head and made a sound that  sounded like a Meow without the O part.  More like Mew. Jin knew exactly what it was he was touching as soon as he heard it speak. It was a legendary Pokemon.

"I-it's a Mew." the sickly boy was happy to see one of his favorite Pokemon floaing in front of him, even if it was supposedly his final hours.

Yuuki hopped out of his arms onto the bed and began crying out to Mew desperately with tears in its eyes. As it listened, Mew floated in the air and flipped about as if gravity had no true bearing on the Legendary Pokemon.  It responded with a couple "Mew" sound and then turned to Jin and hopped into his lap. Jin smiled and looked at the legendary.

"I guess Yuuki called you here to help cheer me up?" he smiled and gave the Legendary Pokemon a hug.

It was clear to the legendary that he wasn't feeling well, and didn't have much time. After Mew nuzzled his chest, it rose up and was looking Jin in the eyes.  It's own eyes glowed with the light previously surrounding it when it looked like a comet.  It touched the tip of it's tail to Jin's head and he felt warm all over his body.  He even began to float off the bed and his covers levitated like they were floating on the wind.  Then Mew suddenly yet softly planted a kiss on Johnny's lips and wrapped its tail around the child's body.

Jin was a bit nervous as he began floating, but certainly didn't mind the kiss he was given. Sure, it was odd that it was a Pokemon that was giving him his kiss, but for some reason, it just felt right. Mew's tail made things better as well. Mew eventually ended the kiss and the boy felt very sleepy as he was gently laid back in his bed.  Yuuki seemed so relieved as she nuzzled her way into the crook of Jin's arm.  Yuuki thanked Mew and Mew - well, Meeeew'ed back to her.  It planted another kiss on Jin's forehead and flew out the window as the young boy drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Jin awakened and felt better than he had ever felt his whole life.

'I'm glad I feel good, but...was what happened last night just a dream?' Jin asked himself. He pet Yuuki to make sure this in and of itself wasn't a dream before getting up out of bed. Yuuki immediately sprang up and was jumping for joy atop his bed

"Yay, Jin's alive, he's alive!" the little Skitty happily stated.

'Whoa, did I just here that right?' he thought. "W-wait, Yuuki, did you just talk?" he then asked as he looked right at the Skitty who was his best friend.

Yuuki tilted her head to the side "Jin, we always talk.  We talk all the time." She pounced on him with affection "I'm so glad I get to talk to you again today. I would be really sad if last night was the last time we got to talk"

"It's so odd that I can understand you," Jin told her "But I'm more than glad that I can." he hugged the little Pokemon once she pounced on him.

Yuuki put its paws on his chest and looked at his face curiously

"Wait, you mean you can actually understand what I say?" Yuuki asked "Not just figuring it out like you usually do?"

"Yeah. That's why I assumed that you were speaking." he smiled. "You're my best friend, you know." he pet the female Skitty.

"THAT'S AMAZING!"  Yuuki cried out "Mew must have given you that ability when she healed you.  This is soooooooo great!"

"I think I have you to thank." Jin said to the pink feline Pokemon. "If it hadn't been for you, she might not have come here."

"Yes, she came because I cried out for someone to save you as hard as I could." Yuuki explained "She heard me. Mew said she would do it because you have such a kind heart."

Jin hugged the Skitty. "I can't thank you enough for what you did." he said to her

"Well, I can think of a way you can start." Yuuki told him "Since your all better now, lets play!"

"Well, alright. So what should we play?" Jin asked.

He was glad he could actually play with Yuuki now. Jin had barely done anything like that before. 

Yuuki gets her favorite toy, which was like a fuzzy thing on a mini-fishing rod.  As the two laugh and play, Jin's parents suddenly come bursting into the room.  The joy they felt at seeing Johnny okay was beyond words.  It was a miracle to be sure. No one other than his parents ever believed Mew had visited Jin that night and saved his life.  No one believed he could speak to his Pokemon either since he could only speak to ones he was really close to, but one sure thing is that Jin never ever got sick again.

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