Pokemon: Ultra Slut Side Stories and Bad Ends.

BY : JoanieBirb
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When Kaden and Ika both failed to defeat the teacher’s Litten, Althea knew she was in trouble. Nibbles and Ruffles were good pokemon, but they were still a bug and a grass type against a fire pokemon, not to mention the only things between herself and a woman who went straight through dominatrix and into abusive territory.

With half of her attention on trying to find a way to get out of here rather than the actual battle, her last two pokemon quickly joined the others on the floor, leaving Althea defenceless. Desperate, she turned and tried to run but was quickly on her face on the ground, the Litten perched on the back of her thighs, his sharp claws digging into her shorts and the flesh of her legs. Further struggle was quickly stopped when the teacher’s foot pressed down on the back of Althea’s head, the heel digging painfully in.

She whimpered in pain as the Litten’s claws abruptly cut their way through her shorts, hot trails of pain left across her ass as the pokemon peeled away her clothing.
“What do you think-”

Althea was cut off as the foot on her head pushed down harder, the heel feeling like it was about to stab through the back of her neck at any moment.
“I don’t think anything, you stupid whore,” came the teacher’s voice from above her, the pressure on Althea’s head easing off slightly. “I know that Litten is going to rape your ass.”

She gasped in panic and would have tried to squirm away but, true to the teacher’s word, the hard, barbed cat cock of the Litten was roughly and abruptly forced up into Althea’s dry, virginally tight ass, and the only thing Althea could do was cry out in pain as he started to violate her.

“That’s right,” the teacher purred as Althea whimpered into the floorboards, the older woman making no attempt to keep her arousal out of her voice. “Moan and cry like a good little whore for me.”

There were sounds above Althea that suggested that the teacher had started to take a more ‘hands on’ approach to her own pleasure, not to mention the soft impact of what felt like her panties landing on Althea’s head, but the younger woman was just a bit too preoccupied to either notice or especially care.

The Litten’s dick wasn’t much bigger than Ruffles’ and, if anything, just slightly smaller than Kaden’s, and the pokemon’s precum had finally started to provide a faint bare minimum of lubrication that meant that the pain was starting to fade in intensity, letting the first hints of pleasure start to poke through.

Not that she could or would like this, Althea had to remind herself as she whimpered in what she told herself was still only pain. This was wrong and terrible and completely different from what she’d done with her male pokemon. Somehow.
That belief managed to last a little while before the painful yet somehow still shamefully pleasurable feelings of the Litten’s barbed cock raking up and down along the cramped confines of Althea’s ass was joined by the pain of fingers twisting tightly into her hair to roughly yank her head upwards, forcing Althea’s gaze to meet that of the teacher’s, the older woman’s trousers undone and her visibly damp, glistening pussy on full display.

Even though she was Zubatshit insane, Althea had to admit that the teacher was still quite the attractive woman and the look of lust and power in her eyes was definitely quite attractive. And, for a moment or two, Althea found herself thinking that the dick in her ass felt great and that being down here looking up at a stronger, more powerful mistress was where she belonged.
After her soft moan, however, hot tears of shame filled her eyes.

If anything, though, those tears only seemed to excite the older woman more.
“You’ll admit it soon enough,” she told Althea, even as she lowered her hips and pulled the Kantonian’s face up, sloppily grinding herself over her face and lips, leaving behind a taste and scent that Althea tried to ignore, tilting her head as much as she was able to in the other woman’s grip until the Litten behind her tensed, the part of him that had been driven deep inside her throbbing and seeming to pulse as it flooded Althea’s bowels with what felt like a wave of creamy cat cum and she moaned into the teacher’s sex, the pleasure from the taste of pussy on her lips and the feeling of a previously unused part of her body filling with spunk pushing past her attempt to resist.

Conflicted, weakening but still defiant eyes met the teacher’s again for a moment as the pokemon pulled out of Althea and her face was pulled back away, a little moment of shame passing through Althea as she found herself wanting to be back between the other woman’s thighs.
Then she was too busy scrabbling on her hands and knees, crawling clumsily behind her as she was dragged back into the classroom by her hair, forced to go over her own pokemon in the process.

When that grip on her hair was released, Althea stayed on her knees where she had been put, not quite aware of that fact until the teacher, now back in her usual seat, smirked down at her.
“All that defiance and yet you aren’t even trying to run.” She noted with the look of someone whose newest pet had performed an unexpected trick.
“Now, why is that?”

“I…” don’t want to, Althea almost found herself saying. It felt better on her knees than on her stomach and, somewhere along the line, she’d very quickly gotten comfortable having to look up at the older woman.
“I don’t think it’d do any good.” She corrected herself after a few moments, the initial response needing some effort to hold back and change.

Her weak attempt at resistance, not to mention the dimming of her earlier fire was hardly hidden and for a few moments Althea felt ashamed at having just lied to her mi-
No, she had to remind herself. She shouldn’t feel ashamed. She wasn’t the slut the teacher was treating her like and it definitely didn’t feel somewhat good to be treated like this by her mistress.

Althea was so intent on convincing herself of those things that it took her a moment to realise that her top had just been pulled off of her, her attention snapped firmly back to the present as Mistr- as the teacher squeezed and pinched and fondled Althea’s small breasts.
Trying not to moan at the rough groping was quickly abandoned as impossible, although she still tried to keep the volume down, a continued resistance that the older woman was wearing down.

When Althea’s tits had been mauled until the smooth flesh was red and sensitive, she was pushed onto her back, the rounded toe of the teacher’s shoe pushed between her legs to grind both painfully and wonderfully against Althea’s sex, but not quite hard enough to push her over the edge.
Her ass, sore from the Litten’s earlier use was the next to be played with, the moans flowing louder and with less hesitancy as the older, more experienced woman kept her within sight of release for what not only felt like hours but, unless the classroom clock was being changed when she wasn’t looking, had started to actually edge towards that sort of time.

“Please …” Althea whimpered as her mistress’ fingers stroked lightly just tiny bit too far away from her now painfully needy cunt. Resisting was a thought that had long since been forgotten. Only release from the aching need between her legs was what mattered, of feeding the hunger that had pushed out all other feelings, all other thoughts.
“Please, mistress! Take me! Use me! Please!”

“And why should I do that?” Althea’s power, fickle Goddess asked reasonably. After all, why should she waste her time and effort on pleasing a useless whore like her? She had nothing to offer her, even.

Something in Althea’s mind clicked.
Or, looked at from another perspective, broke.

“Because it’s what I’m for.” Althea replied with heated sincerity. Only the hand on her head kept her from pushing forwards and putting her tongue to work in a more direct method of pleading her case. “I’m your slut, your slave. I don’t just want you to use me over and over again, it’s the whole point of me! Please, I beg you, fuck your little slut until her body is broken and worn out!”

“You really are an eager little whore, aren’t you?” Mistress looked surprised at the passion Althea had shown, but not displeased. Her response brought a little flutter of hope, not to mention a warm glow of pride at the compliment and her only response to seeing Mistress yank the double ended dildo from Hiromi and Mia’s cunts was an overwhelming feeling of joy.
And, of course, lying back and spreading her legs eagerly.

Althea stayed at the trainer’s school for far longer than others had expected. Indeed, while she was consistently the top of her class, she refused to simply leave and go on a journey.
This was where she belonged, she told the professor and her mother. Not just as a student, but as a teacher in the future. She needed to stay here with Miss Emily - she had almost slipped at that point and called her Mistress in public but, luckily, had caught herself.
There were hardly any other options for continuing her education, she pointed out and, as she knew it couldn’t be concealed much longer, she confessed that she was pregnant and would hardly be in any state to travel and her mother could hardly argue that point, or complain that the father was one of Althea’s pokemon.

There was no point in sharing more details, though, like how Althea had helped Mistress to break Kaden just like she had been broken, or how Mistress liked making Althea and her Zorua doppelganger fuck each other on command, regardless of where they were or what they were meant to be doing.
Or how Althea looked forwards to the day when her daughter would be old enough to serve Mistress Emily alongside her mother and father.

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