Twins' Love

BY : KratosAurion97
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The long, worrisome night finally ended for Eirika when Ephraim finally returned to Castle Renais and walked through the door to her room. The princess sat up in bed and was relieved at her brother's safe return.

"Did you run into trouble?" The princess asked.

"Not at all. The old woman who reported the large group of brigands seemed to have exaggerated. We found only a handful of bandits and thieves, they ran as soon as they saw me and my soldiers. Seth will be sending more men to the town to protect it." Ephraim reassured Eirika.

"Good! I'm glad it wasn't too dangerous..."

"Mm. Would you rather me leave you to sleep or..."

"No! Stay with me, Brother." Eirika exclaimed, feeling a little embarrassed at her neediness towards her twin.

The king smiled, he locked Eirika's door and hastily undressed. He was soon in bed next to his already naked twin, she rolled over onto her side and Ephraim held her from behind. The prince ran his hand down his sister's side, feeling her soft skin and the curve of her hip. "Tomorrow should be a quieter day. Would prefer if I spent the day with you?"

"Of course, Ephraim. It seems like with each day I see you less..." The princess smiled at her twin's warm embrace, his presence had helped her slip into a gentle sleep. Ephraim held his sister close, he smiled as well and followed her lead into a comfortable sleep.
"Mm...?" Eirika moaned early next morning. She felt her brother's fingers already inside her pussy, he was still laying on his side holding her close. Ephraim made it a point to push his cock against Eirika's rear as he touched her. "You didn't wait to say 'good morning'?" Eirika gasped.

"I thought you would rather me do this instead. But, good morning, sister." Ephraim replied softly, still pumping fingers in and out of her.

"Ah, give it to me already Ephraim. I can't wait any longer." The princess murmured, pressing her butt back against her brother's groin.

Ephraim slipped his slick digits from Eirika's greedy little cunt and watched as she rolled onto her hands and knees in place. The naked princess looked back over her shoulder to see her twin moving quickly around and settling down on his knees behind her, Eirika looked back forward and felt Ephraim's monstrous cock slipping into her soaked pussy. Eirika whimpered in surprise as her pussy was stretched around her brother's dick.

"You're tighter than I remembered," Eirika heard him say behind her, Ephraim's words were followed by a firm squeeze to her round ass. "Should we go for two rounds this morning? I don't need to meet with any advisors until later." He offered, his hips pushed forward and he began to slide his shaft in back and forth within Eirika's pussy.

The moaning princess could feel Ephraim's hands pulling her rear cheeks apart, his thumb sank into her ass amidst his steady thrusting, Eirika couldn't contain her moans from getting her pussy fucked and her butt fingered all at once. Eirika was having trouble keeping herself propped up from the intense pleasure from Ephraim's rapid thrusts, his cock reached the depths of her tight hole with each push forward. The young woman's medium-sized breasts were swaying from the rapidly quickening slams into her hairless cunt. Ephraim had been particularly busy theses last few days, Eirika was beyond relieved to have her brother inside her after a handful of nights using her hand and a toy to pleasure herself.

Now Eirika was a moaning, pleading mess, she pressed back against Ephraim's now hard thrusts, crying out in joy from the hot friction all while he continued to finger her pucker. Ephraim was physically fit and was able to ram his dick in and out of Eirika without pause and for long period of time. He watched the sudden movement of Eirika's hair as her long, aqua locks spilled down the sides of her back. His gaze often wandered to the prominent bounce of Eirika's rear as it bounced from his hips crashing into hers.

"Why don't we sleep in my room tonight? I can bend you over the table I have in my room and ravage you there."

"W-whatever's best, brother! I just want to be at your side from now on."

Ephraim smiled earnestly and continued to fuck his sister, the wet tightness of Eirika's pussy felt too good to even think about slowing down, his cock felt like it was being milked of its seed as with each push his shaft was gripped tightly by Eirika's slick inner walls. There was something so arousing to Ephraim in regards to Eirika's neediness; it was almost like she was dependent on his touch and his cock. Though Ephraim recalled just how much he was yearning to get his dick wet, these last couple of nights without sleeping with Eirika had left Ephraim fantasizing about her slender yet curvy body during the times he had to jerk his own cock off for release.

Ephraim continued to slam into Eirika each powerful push into her hole drew out ragged moans from his twin. At this point Ephraim wanted nothing but to fill Eirika's womb up with a sticky load of hot cum. He moved his hands from her rear to her waist and used his hold on her to lay out fierce thrusts that peeked their mutual pleasure and set both of their releases off. Eirika's body was consumed in a intense heat as her body spasmed in bliss. At the same time as the ripples going through her, Eirika felt her brother's warm spunk flooding her needy hole.

Eirika was turned over onto her back, Ephraim watched his seed run out of her loose hole, seeing that made him even more ready for a second fuck. A pleasured smile was adorned on her reddened face as she panted. "It felt so good when you stuck your finger in my butt. Is that the next hole you want?"

Ephraim nodded, the king watched her chest fall and rise for short while before Eirika rolled over again, though this time she propped herself up on her elbows instead of her hands. He got back right behind her and brought his length that was slick with her juices to her ass and slowly pushed in, watching and feeling her asshole envelop his shaft. They groaned in concert, both being able to feel just how tight her rear was. Eirika kept her taut butt raised and pointed at her lover, waiting for him to start moving while they both took in each other's embrace.

After waiting a couple moments, Ephraim thought it was time to move things forward, he gave Eirika's perky rear cheeks firm squeezes before he started to move his cock back and forth. Ephraim kept a slow, considerate paste when dragging his hips back and pushing forward balls-deep into her tight little asshole. He gasped quietly, feeling his balls hitting her wet, creampied pussy each time he thrusted into her. Ephraim loved fucking her ass just as much as he loved ravaging her pussy, her backdoor was extremely tight and was a delight to drill.

Ephraim knew however that Eirika loved her ass fucked just as much as her pussy, being twins there were things they agreed on, and they both favored the same types of sex. After moments of steady, tender thrusting, Ephraim started thrusting harder, he began to slam into Eirika's tight ass with hard thrusts, the consistent sound of their skin slapping together grew louder and quicker. Eirika felt her brother's large girth passing back and forth inside her rear, she made no effort to conceal her whines as Ephraim roughly fucked her ass.

It amazed Ephraim how tight Eirika's pussy and ass had remained after the countless times he fucked both of her holes, her anal walls clenched delightfully around his cock while he remained buried in her rear and thrusted with haste. Another vocal grunt escaped past Ephraim's lips, he took a moment from the frantic fucking to appreciate the warmth and tightness that was caressing his cock, Ephraim pulled Eirika's cheeks apart further to watched himself thrust his dick in and out of Eirika's small hole. He was always glad he could spend his time in bed with the one woman he truly loved; regardless if it was a tender moment or a healthy anal pounding like it was now, he simply loved being with his sister.

Eirika felt her pussy getting wetter, she had already soaked the sheets during the first round earlier and with each time Ephraim hilted himself in her rear, she grew nearer to her second orgasm. Her fingers clenched the blankets as her elbows and forearms just barely kept her up. She realized how much she needed more days like this, or at the least more time with Ephraim in a similar fashion. Eirika wanted to spar with her brother, she wanted to sit and talk about mundane things, and she wanted him in her bed each night hammering at one of her holes. "I'm so close, brother," She cooed, she felt Ephraim's chest at her back as he was now leaning over her and still fucking her bottom with great speed.

Ephraim kissed her neck while continuing to hammer her cute butt in his new position leaning over her, he slammed into her backdoor fiercely, their groans overlapping each other as his balls still struck her pussy with each of the last few thrusts. Eirika heard Ephraim grunt closely in her ear before another batch of white seed filled her asshole. Eirika was in a state of raw pleasure from feeling her brother's body against hers, his cock in her ass, and his seed spurting into her. Eirika fell onto her stomach, her brother's wonderful spunk leaked out both her holes as she lay exhausted.

The king of laid next to her, she managed to roll over to face him. "I better get dressed. I've burned a bit of time here. I'll see you tonight." He said, kissing her.

"Mm, okay. I should head to the bath," Eirika said, watching her brother leaving the bed.

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