Pokemon Sex-iverse Story 2: Pup of Kanto

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Autors Note: Welcome, one and all, to the next entry in the Pokemon Sex-iverse. This takes place around roughly the same time as Jin's story is going on. Anyway, hopefully you guys enjoy this one. Feel free to leave a reply. I enjoy feedback

Phil, or "Pup" as he was more commonly known, was a bit unique when it came to his parentage than most kids. His mother was a teacher, teaching mathematics at the local elementary school. His father, on the other hand,, was a scientist who often worked on experiments that helped make humans better trainers and being more compatible with their Pokémon. Pup was often a volunteer test subject, though his father made sure to not have anything dangerous or poisonous in his experiments. He was also rather unwilling to have his son essentially be a guinea pig for science, but he often reluctantly agreed since not only were new test subjects hard to find, but also they would be unqualified as well. One experiment, however, that he began working on that he was willing to try on his son involved trying to find a way for humans and Pokémon to be able to communicate with one another. However, the substance would need to sit overnight in his lab in order for it to be ready. Many had tried and failed, but he was certain that this time, he got it right.

Pup was super excited since if this worked he would be the first to understand what Pokémon were saying when they said their name. His father postulated that since different Pokémon could understand each other despite only being able to say their respective names, that it must be something in the Pokémon brain that's not in the human brain; something physiological. Pup was so excited that he just couldn't wait for the next day. The ability to speak to Pokémon? Who wouldn't want that? So he resolved to sneak down to his father's lab after everyone went to sleep so he could look through the notes and see the experiment. Of course, the place was under heavy surveillance, so sneaking around would be difficult. Luckily, Pup had been to the lab enough to understand the layout of the place like it was his own house...in fact it wasn't far from his own house either. Either way, his knowledge of the lab's layout gave him a much easier chance of sneaking around.

If he was caught by guards, he could just say his dad forgot something, but he planned to get to the lab using the vents like in Die Hard or in those kids TV shows.  He already knew blind spots in the cameras and pocketed a screwdriver kit so he would not have to worry about the type of screw.  Pup was very flexible, a good climber, and a bit of a contortionist. Self-taught, mind you, but he still was skilled in it. He didn't dislocate anything, but used his flexibility, and lung & muscle control to be able to sneak in and out of the lab.

Once Pup got into the lab, the lights were off, but that could easily be fixed. But it would also draw attention to himself, so he'd have to be very quick. Pup knew the lab almost as well as his father; so while he had never entered through the vents before, he knew what wall he was facing and knew were the light switches were.  Just a matter of feeling out with his steps and hands. He eventually came across the door to the lab and the light switch to turn the light on. Once the lights were on, he could see that the liquid his father created for the experiment was on the table, labeled "Linguistics experiment" It was in a small lab test tube and it was purple in color.

Pup walked over to the liquid.  He just wanted a closer look and to read the notes.  How'd his father do it?  He hadn't even told Pup yet, so the boy had to know. Unfortunately, his father took his notes with him just in case someone tried to take the notes and then take credit for the idea. Still, the white board had some notes on it involving some berries, along with what seemed to be essences of some Pokémon.

'Hmm, which Pokémon?' Pup wondered.  Pup himself was no chemist despite being pretty good at math. He had to be considering his mother was an actual Math teacher. Pup started pouring over the board, trying to retrace the steps. Try as he might, though, it was nearly impossible for him to tell without his father's exact notes. The smell of the experiment then reached his nose and...it wasn't half-bad, honestly. Perhaps he was too close; maybe if he took a step back and saw the whole thing.  He could try to guess his Father's thought process. After all, he thought like his father did for puzzles and equations.

Looking back, there were lots of things crossed out on the side, listing off a few berry types and Pokémon. They must have been ones that weren't successful, but one that wasn't crossed off was "Psychic-Types" Pup could see that working.  Enhance the mind and humans could understand them.  Pup was getting excited about this.  He couldn't wait to take the drink.  What time was it anyway?  Perhaps he needed to start heading back so he could get sleep for the big day tomorrow. However, all he could really focus on right now was the drink. Its scent was actually pretty intoxicating. If this was how it smelled, how did it taste? That was a question that needed answering. Pup walked over to the glistening liquid.  Would it be okay to try it with his dad not here?  His dad always made sure that all the potions were environmentally safe and all that jazz.  Pup picked up the vial.

'What could it hurt?  I'm just going to drink it tomorrow anyways.'  he thought to himself. Pup puts the vial to his lips and 'Bottoms up'

The drink was okay. It wasn't as great as it smelled, but at least it didn't make him gag. Although he didn't feel any different.

'Well, they've been failures before.  Maybe this one just didn't get the job done' Philip thought.  Kinda anticlimactic, but oh well.  'Great, now I'm going to be in trouble with Dad and have nothing to show for it.'  Pup began walking over to the light switch while keeping an eye on the vent he had entered through.

"Hey!" he heard one of the guards say before he could get to the vent. "What are you doing here!?"

Pup froze 'Which guard, who's voice is that?' Pup held up his hands "It’s alright, I was just getting something for my dad that he forgot."  'The vent is right there.  I just gotta get to it or I can make a b-line for it slowly and make the guard think to chase me before going out the main door instead.  I know plenty of places to hide from when I was younger' the teenage boy started to turn around to see who it is.

It was one of his dad's closest friends, Alan. "Well Phil, we didn't get any word of your father sending anyone down her. But c'mon, you need your sleep. It's late." he told him before escorting him out of the building

"Sorry, he was pretty embarrassed about leaving it so I got it for him quietly." Pup told the security guard "Perhaps just a secret between us that you caught me; save him peace of mind?" he pocketed the empty vial using his gesticulation as a distraction for the sleight of hand

"It's alright, Phil. But you're still a growing boy, and your father will want you to help with his experiments tomorrow." Alan told him. "Besides, what if someone besides me had found you? You'd be in much more trouble."

"Yeah, you're right" Pup admitted to the security guard. "Don't worry; I will be sure to get enough sleep"

By the time Pup got home, he had to find a way to sneak back into his bedroom without his parents hearing him. But Pup had done that before.  Climb the tree to the roof at the backyard and cross to the side with the garage and swing in through the window.  The lock was broken since a long time ago so he didn't even have to worry about it being locked.  It was a 2nd story window as well so no one made a fuss on the matter. He would cross the roof on all fours to displace his weight and sound more like an animal or a Pokémon. And it gave him more stability as well for balance. His Fennekin, Ruby, was lying down on his bed still when she heard him come into the house through his window. It was something he did before, and at night, but she had heard voices outside before, so her tail wagged as she made her way over towards the window.

Pup opened the window and whispered "It's just me, girl."  Fennekin always waited for him there when he snuck in and out so he knew to whisper that so she wouldn't make noise and wake his folks. Pup crossed to his bed and began undressing into pajama bottoms as quietly as he could to hop into bed.  He loved cuddling with the little firefox while he slept; she was so warm. Fennekin walked across his bed and snuggled up against him. Before he actually fell asleep, it sounded like he heard a female voice say "Good night" to him he looked around the room and at the door 'Did Mom see me come in?'  But no one was there.  'I'm just hearing things in the quiet'  "Night, Ruby.  Big day tomorrow, although I might get in some trouble” He scratched behind her ear and then hugged her close before covering them both with the sheets and blanket.

The next morning, he heard a knocking on his door. "Philip, are you up yet?" his mother asked, knowing he had a big day.

Pup stirred as he awoke "Yeah, I'm up" he said before letting out a yawn "I'm up” He then scratched Fenneken's ear again.  "Are you up Ruby? Did you have some nice dreams?"

"Yes, Philip." he heard a female voice say to him. "And I had some really nice dreams."

That caused Pup to do a double-take. 'Did Ruby just....?' "What was that Ruby? I didn't quite catch that"

"I said that I'm up and I had some really nice dreams?" she sounded confused as to what was going on, like he was being sarcastic or something.

"Oh my god, it worked!"  Philip's head was swimming with the implications he held the cute little Pokémon aloft in both hands "Ruby, say something else! Say anything!"

Ruby was confused as to what was going on. "Uh, your mother is probably going to be wondering what's taking so long." she told him.

"Ruby, you're not going to believe this!" Pup said as he started dancing around the room with Ruby in his arms "Dad's experiment totally worked and I can totally understand everything you're saying!"

"R-really!?" the little fox-like Pokémon was so happy. She began wagging her tail from how happy she was. It was then that he heard another knock on the door.

"Is everything okay in there?" his father asked, sounding concerned.

"Oh yeah, everything is fine, Dad, I'm just getting dressed.  I'll be out in a jiffy."  Pup knew his dad would be a tad upset when he found out Pup snuck in and drank the potion last night, but surely the fact that it was a complete success would overturn that.  Pup set Ruby down and started dressing as fast as he could.  As he was putting his belt on he looked over to Ruby and said "and yes, really.  Hey, why don't we see if Dad will let me take you with me today, Ruby?  I mean the experiment is to see if I can understand Pokémon so why not bring my favorite one with me, right?"

"I guess that could make sense" she told him. "I mean, it would make sense"

Pup had to laugh a little at her trying to speak her mind when she wasn't used to anyone actually being able to understand her.  "I'll take care of it; heck, I'll sneak you in there in my jacket if I have to.  Come on” Pup beckoned Ruby to follow him "Dad, give me two more minutes to freshen up and I'll be all ready."  he darted into the bathroom and closed the door to take care of that first morning business when he looked down at his groin and noticed...well, it seems that the potion had a side effect, as instead of just one penis, he actually had two of rather large sizes for his age, one right above the other. "The heck?"  Pup rubbed his eyes real quick and looked again to see that they were still there.  "Ok, that's kinda weird.  I've heard of unusual side-effects, but....” he decided to show that to his dad after they were at the lab since he certainly didn't want his mom to know.  Hell, he wasn't sure he even wanted his dad to know.  'Surely Dad can fix that' He finished up in the bathroom and went downstairs, Ruby following behind.  "Dad, I was thinking I could take Ruby with us for a bigger sample size to see if it works.  She really wants to come with us."

Ruby nodded. "Y-yes sir. I would like to see if Pup really can understand Pokémon." she told his father. Of course, Pup's father couldn't understand any of what she said.

"Well, I guess it would help." the father thought out loud "Alright, sure thing."

"Looks like your along for the ride, Ruby” Pup told her. He held the door for Ruby to follow them out of the house.  Once she did.  Pup started trying to think of how he was going to tell his dad he had taken the drink already.

They quickly arrived at the laboratory, specifically at his part of the lab. When he stepped into the room, he saw that the test tube he had placed with the potion was gone. "What the-WHERE IS IT!?" he asked loudly. "Oh PLEASE don't tell me it evaporated or that it was stolen or-"

"Um, Dad" Pup spoke up "D-don't get mad, but I kinda snuck in last night and did the experiment without you” Pup then pulled out the empty tube for his father to see.  "I know it was wrong of me to do it without you here, but I just got too excited at the thought of being able to understand Pokémon."

"You did WHAT!?" his father was very clearly upset. "Philip, that had to sit overnight! I'd have to make another one just to see if the potion will work! Do you know how long it took for me just to be able to get it to be made in the first place!?"

"Well, uh, that's the good news, Dad." Pup answered him "It already worked.  I've been talking to Ruby all morning."

His expression went from extremely pissed to very happy in a matter of seconds. "The potion was a success?" he asked, very happy. It seemed he had gotten over his son deciding to be impatient.

"Y-yeah, I mean Yes." Pup said to his father "I woke up this morning and could understand Ruby perfectly.  I think I even heard her last night when I snuck back in so it works pretty fast."

"I-it actually worked!" Pup's father was ecstatic. "It's a creation of mine that actually worked!" It's a good thing he kept his notes for this because otherwise this would've been almost impossible to recreate "Ha ha! It worked! Oh, my life feels so complete!"

Pup turned to Ruby "looks like we're in the clear, Ruby...well, I mean I'm in the clear since you didn't do any sneaking around last night"

Ruby smiled. "I'm glad you can understand me now, Pup." she told him, nuzzling against her trainer

"Heehee, me too Ruby." Pup said as he started scratching just under the tuft of fur by her cheek.  "I mean I always used to have pretend conversations with you, and it was always cute when you winked back at me after anything I said, but now I can ask you questions and really get to know you waaaay better than before."

She wagged her tail at the idea of the two becoming closer as teammates. "Well that was the inspiration and point to the potion." his father told him, having eavesdropped in on his son talking to the little fire-type

"So Dad, I should tell you that there's kinda an odd side effect."  Pup took his father by the sleeve and led him toward the far wall in the camera blind spot and away from the entrance.  "Stay over there for a bit Ruby” He unzipped his pants and showed his father his new equipment.  'Man, there's no way to do this without it being embarrassing.'

"Hm..." his father was surprised, but also curious. "I assume that's from one of the essences in the drink. Of course, getting rid of it would be tricky."

"Well, let’s um, be careful - and I mean really careful before we try...undoing it."  Pup started buttoning up his trousers again.  "So, what kind of tests do we do for this?  I mean you can't just take my word for it that I understand Pokémon now, right?  Especially since for all we know, it might have only worked on Ruby."

That was true. However, they had an ingenious plan. "Well, we'll need you to come back over to the main area." the team had set up a chair for Pup to sit in.

Pup sat in the chair and waited. He guessed you could do it by showing Pokémon shapes for him to understand them saying or telling them something to tell him to repeat.

His father put a blindfold on Pup before getting a camera and turning it on, facing the boy and his Pokémon. Once he hit record, he began speaking "Okay, Philip, here's how the test will work. We're going to show Ruby a picture, and she will say what it's a picture of. If you can understand her, you'll tell us what it is she said, and hopefully you will be right."

"Sounds easy enough” Pup put on the blindfold

"Alright then." Ruby said, even though she couldn’t be understood and walked over to Philip's father. "Alright, first picture." his father stated, he could hear a page flipping. "Now Ruby, what do you see?" his father asked. "A boat." she stated

"A boat" Pup parroted

"Good." he then flipped another page. "A muffin." Ruby stated

"A muffin" Pup repeated again

"Alright. One more should do it." they flipped the page again. "It's a Snivy!" Ruby said

"It’s a Snivy" restated once more

"Perfect! Well, I guess we can call this a success!" Pup's father said, smiling. "You can take off the blindfold too."

Pup did so, but something about this bothered him. "Dad, do we want to try it with a few more Pokémon?  You’re always talking about how important sample size is."

Pup's father thought about it. "That's very true. We do have other Pokémon as well."

"Ok," Pup readied the blindfold again "I’m ready for the next Pokémon, let’s keep going."

The test went on quite a few times over the next few hours and basically took up the rest of the day for Pup. Several Pokemon were brought in to help, including a Purrloin, Buneary, Smoochum, Goomy, and a whole bunch more. But in the end, his father wasn’t quite happy.

“The tests have been perfect and with flying colors, but I still don’t feel like this is enough!” his father thought out loud. “We need to figure out something.”

“Well, what if the Pokemon we tried this with were wild Pokemon.” Pup suggested.

“Hm…that could very well work. We could always set up something with the Safari Zone for this." Philip's father told him. "That'd be the best way to figure out if this works."

"Wow, I've always wanted to go to the Safari Zone!" Pup said with enough emotion to rate an exclamation point at the end of the sentence.  "When could we go there?"

"I'd have to make a call to the Safari Zone first to see if it would be allowed, but it should be at some point in the next few days”

"Oh, I could work there like the maintenance people and the rangers.  Sure it’s all nature and Pokémon run at this point, but they must need some kind of help there. What do you think, Ruby, would you like to go to an exotic Pokémon preserve?"

"Sure!" she told Pup as she started to wag her tail. "It sounds like fun getting to meet new Pokémon"

Pup took off the blindfold, "See Dad? Ruby is up for it too."

"Well, I guess you could.” his father said, thinking this over “Plus it would get you some work experience. Alright, just give me a few minutes to get a call to them and we'll try to get you a job there."

"Sweet!"  Pup scooped Ruby up into his arms and started singing and dancing about "We're goin’ to Safari; we’re goin' to Safari."

And so, within the day, Pup was set up for his new job at the Safari Zone. Little did he know what awaited him there.

End Chapter 1

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