Suikoden II: Of Libertine Revolutionaries

BY : Jin
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Millie was at the tavern area of Dunan Castle, bent over, resting against a low bench on her elbows with her ass stuck high in the air. Her blue skirt had been pulled up to expose her rear, a pair of lacy blue panties obscuring her most intimate of places. Well, most of it — a small teardrop-shaped window near the front did expose enough of her slit to let her the hood of her clit peek above its scoop. 

She was clean shaven — or perhaps just hairless, and from the dark crease in her panties, wet as could be. She whined softly and stamped her feet. 

“Hurry up!” she cried, “I’ve got money to make and want a cock in meeee!”

She looked over at Nina next to her, bent over just the same, her shirt wrenched open and her small tits jiggling as she was jostled back and forth. She had a green thong pulled to one side, her blonde-furred snatch being stretched around an enormous piece of cockmeat belonging to none other than the mysterious gunfighter, Clive. 

Nina whined with each deep thrust, Clive pumping away with a scowl on his face. “Ah! Ah! Ah!! You’re being so rough...! My beloved Flik is never this rough with me!”

Clive snarled and hilted himself, administering short, deep pumps of his cock to the entrance of her womb. Deep inside, Nina could feel his thick cockhead knocking on her cervix, wedging it open and threatening to invade. 

“Then you should fuck him instead of whoring yourself at the tavern.” Clive snipped, palming her ass with either hand and prying her cheeks apart. 

Nina cried out as Clive gave a particularly hard thrust and rooted himself in her womb, his cock spewing precum directly into her baby chamber. Clutching at the bench beneath her, Nina’s legs almost buckled, her cunt washing Clive’s shaft in hot juices, streaming down her thighs as she came. 

Millie blinked, watching the forceful fucking next to her. Biting her lip, she pouted and looked over her shoulder. “Hey! Hot, wet pussy right over here! Someone come and plough me!!”

A few of the soldiers muttered amongst each other. Despite her being a choice specimen of youthful womanhood, she and another woman — the forest dwelling Ayda — were known for mating with the local beasts. How could anyone hope to please her after seeing her taken by the likes of Siegfried the unicorn?

Just then, a powerful hand came down on Millie’s bottom, giving one cheek a hard slap. Millie yelped, gasping as a shiver ran through her.  Looking to her assailant, she was greeted with the grinning face of Oulan. Oulan was known for taking many of the other young women in the army to her bedchamber — everyone from energetic Nanami to bashful Apple, and plenty of the girls from nearby villages. And she was known as a regular at the tavern, but never when Millie had been there.

So it was only natural that Millie hadn’t expected a horse-hung piece of fuckmeat hanging between her legs. Oulan pulled the apron of her dress out of the way, revealing the fat pipe, a good ten inches or more in length, and as thick around as her own wrist. Matched with smooth, plump balls the size of large eggs, it was somehow completely fitting on the muscular physique of the lady brawler. 

“W... wait you’re a man?!”

Oulan laughed, “Not exactly.” She pulled her balls aside and up, showing the cleft of her cunt just behind, “I have the blessings of both genitals. Surely you don’t object?”

Millie glanced down to the thick pipe and then back up to Oulan’s face. Shaking her head, she bit her lip again and let out a soft laugh, “... not at all... Y-you’re just way bigger than most of the human men here. Only Lord Riou and General Ridley have something that matches your size...”

Oulan took Millie by the waist with one hand, pushing the head of her cock between the girl’s slick pussy lips. “I bet you’ve spent some nice nights tied to Ridley while Ayda’s knotted to Shiro, eh?” Oulan chuckled, sinking herself a few inches deep with a sigh. “Mmm... you’re still tight for having fucked a horse.”

Millie’s eyes widened, “I’ve never done such a thing! Ayda monopolizes those beasts whenever I want to play! I’ve been stuck fucking the dogs!” she insisted. Oulan cocked an eyebrow, pulling Millie down about halfway before beginning a slow pump. 

“But I’ve seen you under Siegfried?”

Millie rolled her eyes. “He’s a UNICORN. It’s different!”

Oulan shrugged, pushing herself deeper. Millie let out a soft gasp and steadied herself on the bench, pushing back. Her steaming hot cunt quivered around Oulan’s length, shivers rolling through her body. “Hnnnh... their penises are... ahh~ Different...” she panted, her knuckles turning white as Oulan’s fat cockhead pushed past her cervix. Unlike Nina, there was almost no resistance. Unless Siegfried was allowed to plough her that deep, he simply wouldn’t cum inside her, so she had gotten quite used to being invaded so deeply. 

Oulan sighed again, happily. Feeling her cock pumping past into Millie’s innermost chamber was a delight. Few girls let Oulan use her entire cock, most too scared or simply too small to take her fullness. But here she was, her cock forming a lewd bulge in Millie’s tummy, her balls slapping the girl’s mound with each deep thrust. 

Next to them, Clive watched interestedly as he pumped Nina. The schoolgirl was being reduced to a babbling mess, clutching feverishly to the edge of the bench as orgasm after orgasm rolled through her. The floor beneath them was stained dark with slick juices pouring from her well-used cunt. But as deep as he was, Clive just couldn’t compete with Oulan for sheer size. He only made a small bump in Nina’s body, while Oulan looked to have stuck an entire arm up Millie’s snatch. 

Grunting, he felt his balls tighten. Hot ropes of creamy white jizz shot deep into Nina’s womb, splattering the walls of her baby chamber with fertile seed. Clive snarled, hilting himself as a second volley fired off, his breath catching in sharp pauses. 

“Huff... huff...” he looked down. Pulling himself halfway out, he felt and then saw a glut of seed pour out from Nina’s cunt, splattering on the floor beneath them. 

Nina was barely conscious. She whimpered softly and sank to the floor, laying in the pool of their mixed juices. Clive let her go and pulled himself free. 

His cock drooped, coated in rivulets of sperm and juice, the head of his cock still oozing from orgasm. Looking at Millie and then Oulan, he gestured, “Can I use her mouth?”

Millie was in generally no state to respond, her tongue hanging obscenely from her mouth, her eyes rolling back in her head as Oulan hollowed her out from behind. The red-haired brawler gave a nod between thrusts, taking Millie by her throat and turning her to the side to receive Clive’s shaft. 

As though by instinct, Millie pumped her neck, moaning around the pulsing piece of cockmeat in her mouth. “Tassh shoo gooodhhh...” she mumbled, right before Clive silenced her, his cock sliding down into the back of her throat. 

“Hmnnn... got a second round to fire off?” Oulan asked, picking up the pace of her thrusts. Over and over, Millie’s stomach tented as the brawler rammed her cock deep, her nuts starting to clench up close to her body with building release. 

“I reload quickly.” Clive quipped, holding Millie by the back of her head, pumping her throat with rapid, deep strokes. For her part, the poor girl was utterly brainless by this point, fucked into a blissful state of utter, slutty ignorance, little more than an onahole for the cocks filling her. 

Oulan laughed, “Who knew somber-faced Clive had a sense of humour!” she said, right before the wave hit her. Like a man, she had the explosive build and sudden release, but like a woman, it consumed her body more thoroughly. Her tongue slipped from her mouth as she came, her legs trembling as her cock unloaded in Millie’s womb. Pump after pump of creamy seed spilled from Oulan’s nuts, filling up Millie’s babymaker to the brim in mere seconds. The girl’s belly, tented from Oulan’s hilting, swelled around the outline of the brawler’s cock. Oulan laid a hand on Clive’s shoulder, steadying herself amidst her earth-shattering orgasm. 

“Haaah...! Hnnnnhhhh!!”

Clive couldn’t hold back, either. With a grunt, his nuts unloaded. Two thick, milky ropes spilled down Millie’s throat and directly into her belly. A few more pumps and he felt his nuts relax, his cock finally softening as it rested in Millie’s mouth. 

He looked at Oulan, who was still shaking but no longer unloading in the slut between them. Bracing her with his own arm, he gave a nod. “All right?”

She gave a slow, soft nod. “Y... yeah. I cum both ways, so it can be a bit intense.” She drew in a deep breath and straightened up. Laying her hands on Millie’s hips, she pulled herself free. It was like a cork coming free. As her fat pipe slopped free of Millie’s well-used fuckhole, a torrent of cum came flowing out. Her belly shrank, slowly deflating as Oulan’s seed washed out of her body. 

Oulan laughed, leaning down and taking a deep lick of Millie’s cunt. Gathering her own sperm into her mouth, she swallowed it down and patted the girl on her ass. 

“Good mix. We taste great together little lady.” She said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Standing and looking at Clive, now himself free of Millie’s throat, she let Millie fall into a pile similar to Nina and tucked her cock back behind her apron. 

“You’re fun to share girls with, gunslinger. We should do this again!”


“Eh? Oh, whatever.”

Clive waved a hand dismissively. “I’ll be back when I build up again.” he said, pulling his trousers closed. 

Oulan touched her chin thoughtfully. “These sluts are good for regular maintenance, but if you’re into having some fresh pussy, I’m having some girls over tomorrow. They’re virgins as far as I know, though I’m pretty sure I saw one helping Millie suck off that unicorn, so at least she should have some experience. Whaddya day?”

The sniper pulled his cloak back on and paused. Looking over his shoulder at Oulan, he gave a nod. “I’ll stop by.” With that, he turned and left through the tavern door. 

From the counter, the raven-haired barmistress Leona sighed and jotted down a tick on the pad in front of her. “Well, he owes me for another night.”

Oulan raised a brow. Leona shook her head. “He’s in here more often than you or even Sierra. Bastard owes me three months of whore fees.”

The brawler laughed and went over, laying down 500 potch from her purse. “That should cover both of us for today.”

Leona made a face, but took the money.

“Sierra’s in here a lot though?” Oulan asked, feeling her balls stir at the thought of the vampire woman’s pretty pale pussy wrapped around her cock. 

Leona gave a nod, “She often uses me to service her, but more often she’s into...” she glanced at Oulan, “Let’s just say, youthful men are her preference.”

The brawler did a double take. “! You mean...?”

The barmistress gave a nod. “Klaus is probably the oldest man she takes to, and they’re together almost every night. She likes... youthful energy.”

Oulan broke into a peak of laughter. “That figures...!”

“Anyway,” Leona said, “Tomorrow is Meg, Nanami, and Lo Wen. Karen is available for oral use only, and if you’d like a man, Futch, Seed, and Shu are on duty. Futch can be penetrated if you’re interested. Should I pencil you in, or will you just do drop in tomorrow?”

Oulan waved her hand. “Nah, I’m going to be training with Ayda tomorrow.”

Leona looked up and blushed. “Oh! Well... have fun.”

Oulan caught the look in Leona’s eye. “...Wanna come? There’ll be plenty of wolves to go around. You might even get mounted by Shiro.”

Leona’s blush grew, her thighs pressed together as she squirmed. “That... sounds nice.”

“Then it’s settled. Get someone to cover for you. Tomorrow, in the old forest to the east. I suggest not wearing underwear.” 

With that, the brawler headed for the door. Leona smiled as she watched the redhead go. Dipping a hand behind the apron of her figure-hugging red dress, she slipped a finger into her sopping cleft. 

“Joke’s on you, Oulan. I never do.”


* * * * * * *

My first fandom story! Let me know what you thought and if you have suggestions for where this should go! Scar and watersports are a hard pass, but I’m open to most other things!

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