Samus and Ridley's First Encounter

BY : newenglandee
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    Ridley chuckled darkly as he examined the decimated land before him. His Space Pirate squadron of choice was doing a cruelly beautiful job of laying waste to the Earth colony designated K-L2. On the hunt for one of the Space Pirate’s most valuable resources - the metal Afloraltite. Even the name left him drooling with desire.

Granted, things had been far from successful - at least, in terms of going without a hitch. The Earth-born residents of K-L2 had no love or even tolerance for Space Pirates… But Ridley couldn’t say he was surprised by that. After all, it was in their name. Space Pirates. That last part tended to be a pretty big turnoff for anyone who wasn’t part of their ranks. But then, Ridley didn’t care. He didn’t have to answer to anyone and no laws held him. For the raptor-esque villain, it was paradise.

    Even as he watched the landscape of K-L2 below him, he could see building after building go up in flames, or sound out with weapons fire as humans stumbled out of them and collapsed, burning or bleeding their last as pirates plundered whatever they could. Among their hauls were resources, food, alcohol, and especially women. Space Pirates were notorious for taking prisoners, and no one had ever escaped the fate that was intended for those poor women.

    As another loud *FWOOOOOSH!* sounded out and a building erupted in billowing black smoke and flames, screams of the dying echoing out from within, one of the pirates approached Ridley to give him a status report.


    The alien turned to look at the pirate, his beak showing no signs of emotion as he simply let out a deep rumble. “Hrrm?”

    “We’ve recovered much of what we needed from this rock. Casualties aren’t very large for our numbers, but it’s doubtful enough human life will remain on this planet for it to remain sustainable.”

    The leader considered this, thinking over options and turning to scan the destruction again. “Take all women and children as slaves. Those who resist, kill them. Any man who is strong enough to fight, kill them. Any who are strong, but are showing no signs of desire to retaliate, can be probated and observed.”

    “And what about any others?”

    Ridley chuckled again, the evil sound sending a jolt of fear instinctively through the pirate’s bones.

 “Kill them all.”



    Samus was awoken by screams and fire, lifting her little head from her cot to find her eyes and throat burning from the smoke. Coughing loudly, she grabbed her security blanket and covered her mouth and nose with it, stumbling blindly throughout her house in an attempt to escape. However, in her panic, the girl forgot the flight of stairs that led down to their living room and front door. As she called out for her mother and father, Samus screamed to find her footing disappearing, and she tumbled down the stairs with various cries of pain.

    The girl probably would have died if it wasn’t for a single event that caused both fortune and misfortune. As she hit the ground, she didn’t land on the floor like her final moments should have resulted in. She landed on something firm, yet soft. Something that felt like it was - or at least, had been, alive.

    Samus had landed on her father.

    The little girl realized this and shrieked, rolling off of him and falling into a pool of sticky, dark blood. She could see his empty eyes staring at her, and knew in that moment that her father was no more.

    “Daddy… Daddy!...”

    But her daddy didn’t speak back. She didn’t expect him to, but she had hoped. As tears poured down her cheeks, she looked through the smoke and saw another still form, with more blood. Her heart seized in her throat.

    “Mama? Mama!”

    Samus was about to run over to her mother, to just maybe see if there was any hope, but her heart said that it was too late. And even if it wasn’t too late to save her mother, the girl wouldn’t have been able to go see her. A hulking, black shape made its way through the smoke and stumbled around as if searching for her, having heard her screams. Knowing she would be doomed if she let herself be caught, Samus took advantage of her size and slipped away, taking a back door and running for freedom. She heard one faint shout, but didn’t care. She simply ran away and didn’t stop running.




    The little girl lasted around ten minutes of what she called “running” before she deemed herself a far enough distance away to have been okay. The air was getting easier to breathe, and her eyes didn’t burn anymore except for tears. Samus didn’t know where else to go, except for one place. She loved to visit this one plateau, where she could overlook her colony and see all the people going about their days. What had once been a fun place to visit was now her only safe place, or so she thought. But there was one issue that she wasn’t aware of.

    That was the same plateau Ridley was watching everything from. And sure enough, when she got there, the alien was perched near the edge and watching the chaos. Samus let out a small gasp as she noticed him and began to try and escape, but the alien’s ears were finely tuned, and he looked over his shoulder to see her trying to slip away.

    “Wait,” he said simply, his voice carrying weight that practically forced Samus to obey. The girl stopped, turned, and looked back at him. Despite suffering trauma from the brutal lost of her parents, Samus wasn’t a distrusting little girl, and had simply been afraid of being killed just then. But when the alien showed no signs of violence, she took it as a positive sign and walked closer. The large creature turned to face her, a good four times her size if not more.

    “What is your name?”

    Samus answered without a second thought. “Samus Aran, sir.”

    “And how did you, Samus Aran, not get caught by my pirates?”

    The girl froze. The creature led those who killed her family? Despite this, she didn’t run. It would be pointless to try, so why hold off the inevitable? “My house was burning, sir. I ran in the smoke. My…” Her voice broke, and she looked away. “My parents are in there…”

    Ridley sighed. It was one thing to witness destruction. It was another to have to get involved with the more depressing parts of it, such as a girl whose parents had died. Why they weren’t enslaved, he didn’t know. He’d have to bludgeon whoever killed two perfectly good slaves. But as for now, he had to deal with the girl. But now that he had spoken to her, he didn’t want to just leave her to the slave trade, or worse, kill her. No, he had to make her his. Clearing his throat, he assumed a commanding but gentle tone.

    “Take off your clothes, Samus.”

    The girl didn’t know why he wanted her to remove them, but it wasn’t her place to try and negotiate with the leader. She began to strip, gently encouraged to take off more and more by Ridley. Soon, she was naked before him, proportioned like a cherub with her toddleresque form, nervously clasping her hands together. Ridley looked over her body, at those yet-to-bud breasts and that small, hairless slit and rumbled in approval. Then, approaching her, he gently picked her up. Samus gasped at this, squirming slightly until the alien was able to calm her.

    “It will all be okay, Samus. However…” He said softly. “I cannot spare you. To let you roam free is not what a pirate does, nor would it be anything short of a death sentence for you. There are few from your colony left alive, Samus.”

    Those words hit the little girl heavily, and she fell silent and still as she hung her head. However, as she looked down, she let out a small gasp to see a slit on the alien’s crotch opening up, and his long, lubed cock beginning to emerge. As it reached its peak at just under a foot, he began to lower her towards it and she whimpered quietly. “Wh-What are you doing?...”

    The alien didn’t stop until the tip of his shaft kissed against her nether lips. Then, speaking evenly, he explained himself. “I cannot let you go. Which means that I have to make some use of you. So you’re to be a vessel for my seed. Just stay quiet and feel the good parts of this.”

    With that, he ignored any protests or questions that Samus had and simply pushed in. His cock stretched the little girl wide, and she let out a heavy whine as her little pussy fought to fit him inside. However, mercifully, the alien’s semen worked as an aphrodisiac. Right at the point where Samus should have been feeling pain, she was hit with a wave of pleasure so immense to her little mind that she nearly came on the spot. The child let out a loud moan and a squeal, her little toes curling tightly as her head lolled back. Seeing the fruits of his rather minor labor, Ridley smiled softly and shivered, loving the feeling of the tight little girl around his cock. He began to push in deeper as Samus moaned, leaving a bulge appearing in her small middle.

    Samus was in absolute bliss, having never felt so much pleasure as she was right then. Panting and moaning, she squirmed in his arms and shuddered heavily with each withdrawal and each time he thrust back in. Pre began to leak more and more, and the alien began to thrust faster and harder, the gentle slap of his balls hitting her rear sounding out around them. The moans grew more frenzied, and then… It hit. Samus screamed as she came, overwhelmed as juices gushed from her slit, drenching Ridley’s cock and balls as his own cum came in a torrent, pumping rope after rope of hot, thick, sticky seed inside of her. It filled her little underdeveloped womb, making her tummy bloat as his orgasm faded. When it was all said and done, both of them breathing hard, Ridley held Samus against him and began to walk towards his ship, ignoring the looks of any of the crew as he entered his quarters and laid down on his bed, holding Samus close against him so he could feel the beating of her heart, and vice versa.

    “Do you feel that, Samus?...” He asked gently, guiding her hand down to her belly, where she could feel his cum churning inside of her and his cock still nice and erect amidst it. The little girl nodded, and Ridley smiled warmly and kissed her on the cheek, her forehead, and finally her lips. “Good… You’ll get used to that. With time, you’ll become more than just a pet for my cock… But that comes with time. For now, you’re mine. And I’ll be the perfect master for you.”

    Samus nodded and yawned, feeling rather sleepy by that point as she rubbed her eyes. Ridley grinned again, kissing her one last time on the top of the head as he rested on his back and went to sleep, gently rubbing her belly as they slipped into slumber.

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