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it was a normal day for me. an orc. boy, i never thought sunlight could be this shiny. like a ore in this cave behind me! oh wait thats junk ore nevermind that. most of my kind look at me weird because going out in the open mean inviting a pitch fork filled with retornen villager. i didn't come here strolling but staring at the crouching blonde in front of me. of course im hiding behind bushes. i dont know what her reaction is altough most of the time she talk to an air....

why im hiding in this spot? simple. her butt is very tempting from here. does she walk around in that fabric? i mean, sometime when she looking down, her panties are...oh earth dragon, she is so inviting!

speaking of village, she live very far away. i wonder if she is like it here or maybe...she is like us monster? oh hell no! even siren and banshee inside cave got nothing pretty on them! she's too shiny! than buffamoo mane...no thats too far, she's not fat.

i honestly dont know what i got myself into. but the bulge in my short pants keep acting funny whenever she's around. sometime another blonde come visit. she's hot but not come often, so i kept forgeting her. one day they having a talk on a wooden bench. they giggling while not aware that i stare at their panties from bushes. damn, bulge in my pants keep me uncomfortable!

"seriously Mist, do you even know why you live here? i mean near a cave? who know what happen if something come out?"

"living near a cave is normal"

"Mist, come on!"

"its just you" Mist said with giggle "i could say the same about your house since its near the inn"

"what are you talking about? its not dangerous there"

Mist cock her head "but you say Lukas is predator in sheep cloth"

i dont know what they talking about but another blonde seem pissed but still talk to her. before i knew it, its already sunset.

now its start to bugging me. whenever i enjoy bashing some rock, that blonde lady keep apearing on my head and my bulge built up. i really dont know what to do and somehow i imagine it being stroked by her...

i decide to go out and take some fresh air. i dont know how long i gone from cave but when i got back, silver wolf howl from afar. i run quickly since i fear some of them are on the hunt. but i stop when i see a house dimly lit with an open door. i'm started to get curious so i went in. what do i got? her view in the dress that almost transparent! i see her in full glory albeit not completely. im mesmerized by her very own body that my bulge start to feel like growth more in length than usual.


damn, she got me. hell im not hiding anyway. she pull out some watercan. but i know that thing filled with retornen. now, what do monster do in a situation like this?


it take many effort to pin her down. i dont know why but her struggle make my buldge gone mad. i see her face filled with fear. but damn that too make me feel harder! i reach any part of her body and it make her let out a moan sometime scream. i stare at her breast. they not small they big! i decide to take her bra and it jiggle. she's wiggling whenever i drink from each of it. and an idea struck to me. i put my manhood beetwen her breast...she try to get away but my weight is enough to hold her in place. her moan tempting me further. i decide being bold and pump her mouth full with my manhood. damn! bad move! my manhood goes mad than before! i feel tingling sensation but cant pull it out!


i scream her name or what i thought it is along with my manhood spewing inside her mouth. i pull it out and see that her mouth is full of my semen...thats what you call is it? but damn...i wanna do it again! i put it inside her mouth but the result are not great like last time. while wondering, i breastfeed from her until my manhood reach a place that become my favorite spot.

"no please..."

she beg? why? i just rubbing it and she scared? curious, i rub it with my finger. her response are incredible. she's arching her back while a flow of juice came out. i dont know why but...it make me hard again! i ravage her body while kissing her. and finally a imagination come to my mind. i used to see a orc mating. they always hard...

"no...no no no!"

she strugle like mad but i finally become a victor. she cried hard while i put myself inside her. damn it all! she's too tight for me! i pull it out but...i push it again inside. her moan just unbearable. she said stop between her moaning but thats it! im fueled with pleasure!

"M-Mist! Mist!"

i call her name and we both scream all the while feeling some flowing pleasure. i dont know about her but...she looks knock out from daily labor. she cried but...i wanna go at it again!

she scream, i gone hard. she moan, i come at her with all i got. we doing it for many hour. damn i lost count! Mist! you wear me out than when im mining!

its been many month. there she is in a cave with me. i dont know what drag her here but it must be something with that fat belly..

"now living in a cave is normal right?"

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