Joma's perfect Christmas present

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Joma’s perfect Christmas present

Standing outside of the Aura Cleanser Bar and Club Nightingale felt her hands shake as she tried to pluck up the courage to go inside, a sign in the window advertising for an open position as the Club’s receptionist having drawn her attention days beforehand to which she had spent the days up until this point plucking up the courage to apply

“Come on Gale, you can do this” she told herself taking a deep breath before heading inside only to be immediately taken back by its atmosphere

When she had heard that the Aura Cleanser was a ‘gentleman’s club’ she had assumed that it was nothing more than a seedy little dive bar/strip club but after reading the glowing reviews it routinely received she found herself compelled to seek employment there and now that she was finally in the building she could honestly be forgiven for thinking she had stepped into a high end club the likes of Goldenrod and Nimbasa City would produce

Staring in awe at the interior of the building Gale didn’t notice the Gardevoir approaching her “good day Miss” the Psychic Type spoke directly into her mind making the girl jump “how may I help you?”

Taking a moment to compose herself Gale mentally prepared the script in her head taking a deep breathe “I’d like to see the manager please, I’m here for the secretary vacancy” she stated trying to sound confident despite the fact that she was trying her best not to stammer, the fact that the Gardevoir was wearing a collar that read ‘property of the manager’ written across it wasn’t helping either giving her plenty of mental images of the Psychic Type being her owners cock slut

At the mention of her owner Gardevoirs expression fell “I’m sorry Miss but this isn’t a good time to speak with him” she explained “he’s going through a rough time right now”

“Oh? Is he trying to choose between interviewees?” Gale asked worried that she had missed her chance already

“No, it’s more personal than that” the Psychic Type explained glancing back towards the bar where Joma was currently sitting, the heavily scarred man looking like he had been drinking for hours with his Lucario still serving him despite the heavy look of concern on his face “I’m afraid you’ll have to come back another…wait” Gardevoir told her before trailing off, her eyes scanning the petite girls body “do you have a sister?”

“No I’m an only child, why?”

“You just…look like one of our regulars, could you…turn around for me please?” the Psychic Type asked to which Gale obliged allowing Gardevoir to fully take in her appearance, the girls standing at roughly five foot five making her petite but not the shortest girl in the club, her hair short and shiny black styled messily to almost resemble wings at the front with a single red highlight on her fringe, her eyes a glistening blueish grey and her lips glowing with a ruby red lipstick, her chest a meagre A cup but its perkiness easily made up for its lack of size and her ass was perfectly round and heart shaped “actually, you’ll do perfectly”

Perking up at Gardevoirs words Gale smiled wide as the Psychic Type excused herself to go talk to her Trainer, the petite girl watching as Joma reluctantly turned away from his drink as Gardevoir shook his shoulder, the owner downing his drink before turning to face the Pokémon and exchange words with her

Watching as Joma and Gardevoir spoke Nightingale began to fret about her appearance worrying that she’d get turned down on her choice of clothing alone, her clothing consisting of a simple black t-shirt with a purple corset underneath to substitute a bra, fishnet pantyhose with sleek black skinny jeans over them and just a pair of simple heelless pumps

Whilst she was worrying about her clothing choice Gale didn’t notice Gardevoir coming back to her letting out a startled ‘meep!’ when the Pokémon spoke “you may see him now”

Composing herself Gale thanked the Pokémon before making her way towards the Club’s owner, her heart hammering harder and harder the closer she got to him as her mouth went dry “you can do this, just say hello and say you want that job” she told herself trying to build up her confidence as she now stood in front of Joma, opening her mouth to greet him but all that came out was a weak whimper of “h…hi…”

“You’ve got the job”

Flinching at his sudden stern tone Gale blinked a couple of times before asking “w…what?”

“My Gardevoir told me that you came to apply for Leaire’s old job so yeah, it’s yours now, congrats” the scarred man told her, his voice heavy with weariness and pent up emotion as he then turned back to his glass ordering another drink from his Lucario “you start tomorrow”

Normally in a situation like that a person would just thank him for the job but seeing as how Joma was a little too eager to drown himself in his drink Gale couldn’t resist asking “are you ok?”

“None of your business” Joma simply grunted back as he knocked back another drink before slamming the glass back down to demand another, his Lucario pouring him another as he flashed Gale a look that practically begged ‘keep going’ showing that the Club owner needed help

Swallowing thickly Gale decided to risk it, refusing to walk away and instead moving to sit down next to him “do you want to talk about it?”

“No I don’t want to…” Joma growled starting to lose his temper when Lucario placed a paw down on his wrist, the Aura Pokémon’s expression going from concerned to stern as if silently commanding his Trainer to speak, the scarred man glaring back before letting out a deep breath as he relented “fine, fuck it, you want to know what’s wrong?” he snorted as he turned to face Gale “two years ago today the woman I loved and thought loved me left me for some random guy, just because he had a bigger dick than me, didn’t matter that he had no job, no future and didn’t give a shit about her, as long as he had a massive cock that’s all that mattered to her so once again I’m spending Christmas fucking alone, so there, that’s what’s fucking wrong”

Staring in absolute shock at Joma as he then turned away from her Gale’s mind spun as she tried to understand just how someone could betray him that way, from all the rumours and hearsay she had heard about him Joma was a pretty stand-up guy and just from looking at him Gale was more than smitten with him to the point that she wouldn’t dream of just jumping on another guy for just being better endowed

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry…” Gale told him reaching out to touch his hand to which Joma stiffened making both Gale and Lucario flinch as the scarred man then stood up

“I’m going to my office, don’t disturb me” he stated firmly before walking away leaving Gale staring in shock

“Did I go too far?” she asked as she watched Joma walk away

“Honestly no, if you had gone too far he’d have broken something” Lucario explained with a sigh “at least he talked about it this year, that’s progress”

“I think you’ve actually pushed him in the right direction” Gardevoir then spoke appearing behind Gale making her jump once again “I think it’s time to keep pushing and now we have the perfect person to push him”

“Who? Me?”

“Hmmm, yes, she is the spitting image of Kirrie so that’ll help”


“She’s one of our regulars, you’ll meet her soon since you’re working here now” Lucario continued

“And she’s one of the few people who can calm Joma down when he’s angry” Gardevoir added “so in theory you should be able to as well, one question though, have you had sex before?”

Gale’s face turned beet red at the question “I…I have yes…only with my Mightyena though”

“Oh, are you a strict Pokephile? That complicates things a little”

“Oh no! I like humans too, it’s just I’ve only had chance to have sex with my Mightyena, it’s hard to talk to people at times, I’m…not that pretty” Gale explained shyly

“You’re joking right?” Lucario asked with a raised eyebrow “you’re easily one of the most attractive girls in here”


“Of course” Gardevoir chimed in “once you start working here I’m sure you’ll have plenty of men begging us to break the ‘no touching the secretary’ rule”

Gale’s eyes widened slightly at that, she had assumed that since she would be working there that she would be ‘open property’, having taken the job since she was extremely sexually submissive and was more of a pleaser than a taker so she was sure working at the Cleanser would both raise her meagre confidence and sate her sexual preferences “so I’m not allowed to have sex here?” she asked trying her best to not sound ungrateful or disappointed

“Oh no, you’ll be having sex here, you’ll just be Joma’s sole property” Gardevoir explained, her statement making Gale more than a little wet


“The secretary position means that only Joma gets to lay a hand on you, without his and your permission no one else can touch you” Lucario explained

Nodding Gardevoir then highlighted her collar “when you start your only real uniform will be your collar, you’re free to wear whatever you want otherwise, you can even come to work naked if you so pleased”

“Collar?” Gale couldn’t help but whined, her legs shaking a little as she got even wetter, the thought of being Joma’s personal fuck toy becoming more and more appealing with every passing second already fantasising about wearing the collar “I really want the job”

“You already have it sweetheart, now we just need to cheer Joma up to cement it” Gardevoir explained “and I have just the idea on how to do so”

(Fifteen minutes later)

Joma grumbled to himself as he went through his paperwork wanting to get this year’s taxes out of the way before the end of the year, he still had several months left to get them done but in the mood he was in it was more a decent distraction at that moment

That was until there was a knock on his door

“What?” he called out being in no mood for interruption at that moment, getting no answer he just sighed as he heard his office door being opened “this better not be May coming in to ‘blowjob my problems away’ again…”

“Sir, I’m here for my interview…”

Raising his head at the sound of the new voice Joma was surprised to find the girl that had applied for Leaire’s old job “look, I already gave you the job, you start tomorrow” he stated before stopping when he realised what Gale was wearing, the petite girl having been stripped down to just her corset and stockings, the sight of which made his heart rate spike a little bit

“I know sir but shouldn’t you check if I’m compatible for the job? Your Lucario and Gardevoir have filled me in on my duties and I want to make sure that I would be able to please you properly”

Opening his mouth to turn her down again Joma then stopped himself, it had been two full years since Leaire had cheated on him and whilst he still held a lot of anger and resentment towards her he was equally sick of feeling angry all of the time, maybe it was time to listen to his friends and Pokémon and finally move on

“Tell me your name” he instructed as he sat back in his chair, his eyes scanning every inch of Gale making her feel nervous and excited all at the same time

“Nightingale sir, but everyone calls me Gale” Gale replied trying her best not to blush as Joma instructed her to turn around, spinning on her heels to show him every inch of her “do I look ok sir?”

“Yes, you’ll do perfectly” Joma praised her making her heart flutter “now remove the corset but keep the stockings”

Feeling her cunt clench at his instruction Gale complied, reaching back to undo the straps of her corset letting it fall from her body revealing her perky little A cup tits and her smooth little pussy, her heart hammering in her chest as she then awaited for his approval again “very good, now I understand you told me that you were informed of your duties?”

“Yes sir, I am to see to our guests needs and to sexually please you” Gale replied feeling slightly more confident now that she had said it herself, the idea still making her weak at the knees however

Nodding with approval Joma stood up and walked around his desk to stand in front of her making their height difference even more noticeable, Gale trying her best not to faint from how much blood was pooling in her cheeks making Joma smirk slightly “you understand by taking this job that you will belong solely to me right? No one else will be able to touch you without both of our permission”

“I want to belong to you” Gale breathed as she looked up at him, desperately resisting the urge to just drop to her knees and worship his cock before he gave her the command to, she might have been completely new to sex with humans but her instincts and desires were driving her wild so she was sure that she’d get into it very quickly

“Good girl, get on the desk” Joma commanded to which Gale acted almost a little too eagerly, clambering onto his desk before turning around to face him spreading her legs wide desperate for his approval

Staring wide eyed and eager at her new employer Gale breathed heavily as he then proceeded to undo his pants “oh Arceus, my first human cock…” she whined internally as her cunt dripped even more, her eyes glued to his pants before she let out a shrill gasp when his erection was freed “oh fuck you’re huge!”

Grinning at her shocked praise Joma then fully undressed to show off his scarred chiselled physique, his body weathered by months on the open ocean giving him the perfect sailors/swimmers body sending a shudder of arousal up Gale’s spine as he then took his place between her legs

Biting her lip Gale resisted the urge to scream as he pressed his cock head to her dripping cunt, her breathing getting higher and more erratic as excitement coursed through her veins until she let out a sharp cry of pleasure when Joma finally penetrated her “oh master!!!” she cried out losing all focus in that moment letting her mouth and desires run

Groaning at how tight Gale was Joma placed his hands at either side of her whilst she clutched at his shoulders, the petite girl looking down between them wide eyed at the sight of her groin bulging around his girth “that stupid bitch gave this up?!” she exclaimed as sheer ecstasy coursed through her veins “how could she give up this dick?!”

Stiffening at the mention of his ex Joma channelled the sudden spike of anger into fucking Gale harder, his cock punching straight into her womb making her stomach bulge out with every thrust making her eyes cross with pleasure

“Yes master! Fuck me like you did that stupid cunt!” Gale screamed digging her nails into his shoulders as her first orgasm struck her like a freight train, her entire body seizing up as her brain exploded with ecstasy

Grunting as she squeezed even tighter around him Joma then picked the petite girl up starting to move her along his cock like she was a sex doll, the action driving Gale wild as she clung to him almost desperately, his pace preventing her orgasming from properly ending instead just dying down a little whilst her second orgasm built up just as quickly

As Gale squeezed tighter Joma made a mental note to thank Gardevoir for talking him into giving her a chance, maybe a threesome later with her and her daughter, yeah she’d love that

Joma was then drawn from his thoughts as Gale orgasmed again on his cock, the rhythmic squeezing and clenching of her pussy dragging him to the edge as well, the Club Owner setting her down on the desk and pulling out of her before he came not knowing if she was on protection or not making the petite girl whine at the loss of his cock, her protest soon silenced as he came all over her showering her from head to groin with his hot seed

“Mmmm yes master” Gale purred licking up the cum from around her lips as she relished the feeling of his seed on her skin

“Call me Joma” the scarred man replied with a grin “and I really needed that, been bottling that up for far too long”

“And I’m on the pill so when you need more relief don’t worry about pulling out” Gale giggled back licking up more cum from her lips “so I start tomorrow?”

“Of course, I’ll have your collar made up for you”

“I can’t wait”

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it

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