Riding out the Storm

BY : LadyKae
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A/N: I wound up taking a little break from writing due to work and the holidays. On top of everything else, I hit a small snag with both of my main works and I'm trying to work through the writer's block with this. It's a one shot for now, but if you want me to continue it, let me know! This one has the potential to get bigger!


Riding out the Storm
A World's Dawn Fanfiction


He was sitting at his normal table, reading a book during the two hour break that he afforded himself, when she swept into the Midnight Tavern.  The poor thing was soaked to the bone and shivering to the point that he could tell from the distance he was at. It wouldn’t take much in her case either to catch such a chill.  She barely weighed a buck thirty. He looked over his shoulder as he thought to himself. He was right near the fireplace after all. Her blue-green eyes lit up when they fell on him from across the way, and he nodded his head to the right.  A silent invitation to join him.

Within moments, Brynn was taking her cloak from her so that she could run it through the dryer for her and Indigo handed her a few towels.  It was early enough in the afternoon that they were dead, but it warmed his heart nonetheless to see that they were being so hospitable to their friend and neighbor.

It was one of the many reasons he had come to love this town.

“You’re not planning on going back into that, are you Quint?  It’s only gotten worse from this morning. I might even have to rent a room here in the inn tonight,” she said through chattering teeth.

“Delaney, take my seat, please.  It’s right by the fire and you need to warm through.  I’ve already dried off and warmed up,” the town sentinel said kindly even as he dodged her worried inquiry.  He stood up with a little difficulty, but he did manage to get to his feet without his leg protesting too loudly.  It seemed to do that more often than not on cold, wet days like this. Quint gently ushered Delaney into the seat, and the smile she gave him in return made his heart do flips.  Ever since she had asked him to be her dance partner some months back, he had been feeling, well, completely smitten.

It was by no means manly nor was it something that should be used to describe a sentinel like himself, but it was a hell of a lot better than lovesick pup.

“Thanks a million Quint.  That feels lovely. OH! Before I forget!  In the main partition of my knapsack is something for you!” Delaney exclaimed brightly.  Brynn was back with more towels for her, and a spare set of clothing to borrow while the wet ones she wore were laundered.  The two women exchanged hushed whispers for a moment, and Delaney groaned in annoyance. “I’ll be right back, Quint. This mother hen over here won’t let me relax until I’ve put something a mite drier on.”

“She’s right to worry, Lane.  I’ll get it. You just go change.  I’m not leaving for a while yet. Barley would agree with me that no one, besides you, myself, Logan, or Senah, is going to brave this weather any time soon.” Quint assured her.  The pout in her lower lip made him pause for a moment and then he grinned in understanding. She wanted to see his reaction to whatever it was. “I’ll wait until you get back. Sentinel's word,” he promised.

Delaney beamed at that and only then did she follow Brynn towards the backroom to get changed. 

Quint continued to read his book, though he looked up on a whim when he heard Delaney bickering with Brynn as they made their way back over to the table he was at.  His heart leapt into his throat however when he saw the vision of beauty that was approaching him. The skirt was short in the front, coming to her mid thigh, but it belled out and lengthened to her calves in the back.  The shirt was innocent enough, a lovely three quarter sleeved blouse that belled out elegantly near the elbow which brought the summer bracelets on her wrists to one’s attention. Her hair was still damp, but it was quickly drying to soft, lovely waves of caramel brown that framed her round face invitingly.  What kept drawing his attention most was a pair of knee high leather boots hugged at her legs teasingly, looking tighter than what should be permissible. It was giving him the image of seeing those lovely, lean legs wrapped around his naked hips as they rocked sensually back and forth to meet hers.

Just that thought alone nearly made Quint erupt from his seat.  He didn’t sexually fantasize about his charges. He was here to protect and serve the people of Spring Blossom Village, not to bed or woo any of them.

By the spirits, though, Delaney did look positively divine just like this.

The woman in question was shooting her friend a glare of epic proportions, for if looks could kill then Brynn would have been ash on the wind for her choice of outfits for Delaney.  It served to settle his nerves a little that she wasn’t intentionally trying to attract anyone’s attentions, and that she was less than pleased with the garments herself.

“I’ll bring over a toddy for ya, Lane.” Brynn said with a wink as Quint helped Delaney back into the seat that she had vacated.

“I’m going to kill her!” Delaney hissed under her breath as she tried to fold the back of the skirt over her bare legs.  No matter what angle, Quint would be able to see her knickers if either of them moved just right!

Quint chuckled and he removed his scarf. “Here Lane,” he offered once more.

By the spirits, thank you Quint.  It’s good to know that there is one certifiable gentleman in these parts.” Delaney whispered under her breath as she laid the scarf over her bare thighs.  She gave him a tender smile before her gaze lingered a little on his neck. A scar was there as well, almost lining up perfectly with the one over his eye. Knowing that he would rather not talk about it, Delaney turned her attentions to her knapsack and she smiled as she drew out a still warm container for him.

Quint took the container from her wordlessly.  It didn’t take much to see that it was food. It was wrapped tightly in aluminum foil to keep the chill of the day and the rain away, and was still hot to the touch.  Once he had removed the outer casing of foil, Quint popped the side of the lid to take a small sniff.

As he inhaled, he was instantly transported to heaven.  It couldn’t be...How had she figured out what his favorite food was?!

“Sparrow mentioned that you really liked getting the dumplings from his shop whenever they were fresh.  I wanted to find a way to thank you for joining me on stage back at the Misty Music Festival, even though you didn’t have to.  It took Sparrow all this time to teach me how to make them right.” Delaney admitted as she looked off to the side. A small blush lit up her cheeks, made even more rosy from the warmth of the fire nearby.

“Well, let’s see if the lessons paid off then, shall we?” Quint said with a small grin.  She had crammed the container as full of food as possible. Along with the dumplings was a generous serving of rice, covered in a fresh tomato and mushroom gravy with some seared loach on the side.  Everything looked amazing however. All of his favorites in one dish…Quint couldn’t help the soft smile that crossed his face as he continued to look over everything. It look positively delicious and his mouth was watering the longer the savory aromas lingered in his nose.

This was one mighty thank you.

“For the record, Lane, I was more than honored to join you on the stage that night.  You were an amazing and graceful dance partner. You’re welcome on the same note though.”

Delaney watched, unable to breath or move out of sheer nervousness, as Quint brought the first dumpling to his lips.  She heard the delicate snap as he bit through the dough, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from how his jaw moved as he chewed.  Her thighs nearly flooded with moisture when she heard his groan of delight. By the spirits, only you would turn this into something sexual like a freak. Delaney mused, chastising herself for her behavior all the while.

“I daresay I’ll be coming to you and not Sparrow if I get the craving for dumplings.” Quint said as he finished the savory morsel.  He began digging into the dish with gusto, peppering his frenzy with compliments of the taste of the meal.

Delaney watched with happiness as Quint ate heartily.  She tried to make sure that he got some measure of a home cooked meal from her on the daily if their paths crossed.  On the few days that she hadn’t had the time to cook, Delaney at least had some mushrooms on hand that Quint was always happy to accept.  He really did love them a lot. “I’m glad you like it. I’ll be more than happy to make them for you anytime you want, Quint. Don’t make it too often, though, or I’ll charge what Sparrow does.” she added with a flirtatious wink.

Quint chuckled warmly as he finished the meal.  It had been absolutely delicious. “It would be coin well spent for the entire meal.  Even if it was a gesture to thank me, I find myself needing to thank you for such a wonderful repast,” he told her honestly.  His blue gaze met hers and he felt a warmth rise in both his chest and cheeks from the light he saw there.

When was the last time a woman had looked at him like that?

Quint was about to say something when Orion came bursting into the main part of the bar.  He and Delaney were the only two people there.

“Quint, I just got a call from Barley.  This storm is going to be a doozy and he’s asked everyone to stay home for the next two…” Orion’s features paled when he saw Delaney sitting beside Quint.  “Oh sweet spirits...Delaney, I didn’t realize you were here. I don’t have any open rooms,” he said, obviously pained to say it.

“The mayor decreed an advisory for everybody to stay indoors for the next two days?” Delaney clarified.  His two rooms were in use, and the third upstairs was never rented out. It was Paxal’s room for when the man came back to Sugar Blossom Village from his travels.  Her hands were shaking. She had braved the storm long enough to get into town to get her package from Senah, but that was as far as her tolerance of storms like these went.  More than likely, she’d get herself sick from cowering somewhere trying to hide from the thunder strikes.

“You can’t possibly be thinking of going back to your farm in all this?!” Indigo yelled, swinging his arms wide as if that would emphasize just how asinine her idea was.

“She’s not. I’ll keep her at the guardhouse with me.” Quint cut in, his voice full of authority.  “Thankfully it’s right over here and if we cut through the back we’ll get there in minutes.”

“Do I not get a say in this?!” Delaney demanded, rising to her feet in her ire.  Just who did Quint think he was? Making arbitrary decisions like that was a bonafide way to get on her bad side and quick.

“Delaney, I’m the town sentinel.  It’s my duty to keep you safe. It wouldn’t sit well with any of us if you were to go off into this weather on your own to get back to your farm. I have more than enough room to house you for the next two days to ride out the storm.  From there you can call Hunter and Benjamin to if they can check on your girls and Eisen if you want. It’s either that, or I walk you home and Maiya and I bunk with you for the next couple days.” Quint said seriously.

Delaney couldn’t help it, she creamed herself at his tone, at the stern, yet compassionate look in his eyes.  Quint was her idea of walking perfection, and she had always been a sucker for a man in armor. What she needed was the privacy of her home to rub one out to thoughts of the man before her.  He stirred her in ways no man, nor other sentinel for that matter, ever had before. Her girly bits wanted his manly ones, almost desperately and in the worst possible ways sometimes. All she knew was that she wanted this man to not just punch, but completely obliterate, her v-card.  But it was much more than lust for Delaney on the same note. She had become emotionally invested in Quint, to a point where her heart broke and tears flooded her eyes and cheeks if she saw him grabbing at his leg. She had witnessed it more than once, not that Quint knew that. She had no intentions of ever telling him either. She wanted to keep his pride intact after all. “I’ll...I’ll join you at the guardhouse, Quint.  The animals should be alright tonight, but I’ll phone over to the carpenter shop to see if Hunter can check on my girls and Eisen in the morning.” Delaney whispered at first.

Quint visibly relaxed at those words and he nodded to himself after a moment.  Knowing that she would be safe did wonders to ease his anxiety. Knowing that she would be safe, cohabiting with him for two days, made his stomach do excited, nervous, flips.  “Thank you, Lane,” he said softly. “I’ll guess we’ll wait until your clothes and cloak are dry so that you have something to change into when we get there.”

“Sounds like a plan Quint.  Orion, let me get a couple bottles of the grog you made last season.  I have a feeling I’m going to need it to get through this storm. The company will be wonderful, but the sounds...Well, not so much.”

Quint opened the door to the guardhouse, and he had the grace to blush at all the clutter that abounded.  He had been a bachelor for a long time after all. Besides, he wasn’t used to entertaining lovely young ladies like Delaney.

At least the dishes were done and the garbage taken out.

“I apologize for the mess, but at least it’s warm and dry.  The bathroom is off the kitchen over there if you want to get changed.” Quint offered softly.

Delaney shook her head as she hung her cloak up on the rack. “I’m good, Quint. You go ahead.  It was just a quick dash and my cloak took the brunt of it. Do you have a futon?” she inquired.

“You’re not sleeping on the floor.  You’re a lady. You’ll get the bed. I’ll take the floor.” Quint said, his tone not brooking for any opposition.  His leg was killing him from the quick run over. He was rummaging through his chest of drawers for some drier clothing, something more comfortable for that matter.  The worst part of all this was what he needed to do to help with the pain in his leg, and he didn’t want Delaney to see it. There just wasn’t enough room in the bathroom for him to do it, and the cord for the plug was nowhere near long enough to reach in there.

Delaney puffed up indignantly at the man, while alpha in every sense of the word, tried to impose his will on her. “You’re not taking the floor either.  I’m imposing on you here, Quint. Not only that, sleeping on the floor can’t be good for your leg! No! I am taking the floor and that’s final. My being a lady be damned.  I will not allow you to put your own comfort before mine like that. If you plan on being bull headed about it, I will go as far as to make you sleep beside me in the bed. I’m not putting you out of your bed and that, sir, is final.”

Quint was stunned into shock and silence by her outburst.  Sleeping beside her in the bed? Was she crazy? People were going to be talking as it was!  Sure, Orion, Indigo and Brynn would put down any rumors of them getting romantically involved during these next two days.  They all knew that Quint was and would be nothing but a proper gentleman with her.

Then again, if any rumors did start, it would be from those three.  They had been the only ones present in the tavern after all.

“Sharing a bed is out of the question, Lane…” Quint argued.  A slight rouge was staining his cheeks at the thought of him spooned behind her, his nose buried in those magnificent caramel colored curls, came to mind. “For all I know, you snore.” he added with a grin, teasing her.

“I face the same worry with you, Quint.” Delaney shot back with a grin.  “Seriously, we’re both adults here. No one’s going to know unless either of us tell them, and quite frankly, I have no desire to put either of us into the rumor mill in such a fashion.  What harm could come of it?”

Quint’s brow raised in curiosity.  If he didn’t know any better, Delaney was now actively trying to get him on board with her idea.  Why? He was teetering on the fence as it was. “You kick me once, I’m going to the floor.” he said after a moment.

“I think the worst you’d have to worry about is me cuddling you.  Eisen sleeps beside me on nights like this and, well, it helps me feel better.  I’m not overly fond of thunderstorms, much less ones of this magnitude.” Delaney admitted, looking towards the floor with shame.  “It reminds me of the night I lost my parents.”

Quint’s expression softened and he silently walked over to where Delaney was standing.  He set his change of clothes down on the bed and both arms came up, wrapping around her gently. “I’m sorry…” he whispered.

His sympathy was completely sincere, and Delaney wrapped her arms around him too, soaking in the comfort he was offering.  “We had been out of town, and we were driving back home when a storm like this came out of nowhere. I don’t remember much else, but I remember that the car hit a slick patch on the road, and it put us out of control.  I blacked out for a few minutes, but when I came to, I was out of the car, my shoulder and arm bleeding profusely, and the car was upside down and on fire. My parents, bless their souls, had thankfully died upon impact.” Delaney whispered against his chest.  The leather of his armor was cool against her forehead, though it was quickly warming the longer they stood like this.

Quint swallowed hard.  He understood what had gone unspoken.  They had died before the flames could get to them.  That would have been a very agonizing death. “If cuddling is the worst of it, then I think we’ll be fine, Lane.  I’m going to go change. You’re welcome to browse the bookshelf.” he said into her hair. The urge to kiss her on the forehead was great, the desire to kiss her fully even more intense.  It had been years since he had last been attracted to a woman like this. He felt dirty on the same note for it, considering that he was much older than her.

Delaney smiled as she stood on tiptoe, and her lips pressed a soft, sweet kiss against his cheek.  “Thank you, Quint,” she whispered.

Electricity crackled throughout his entire body at the feel of her lips against his skin.  Every muscle tensed, his entire being screaming at him to kiss her. Instead he gave her a small grin as he rested his forehead to hers.  The action, in of itself, felt much more intimate than a kiss. “You’re welcome Delaney,” he returned softly.

Delaney was browsing the bookshelf when she heard Quint stepping out of the bathroom.  She turned to look at him and a bright blush rose to her cheeks at the sight of him. He was in a pair of loose pajama pants and a blue wife beater.

By the spirits, his armor was hiding such a delicious body under all those layers.  His abs and pecs alone looked as if they had been chiseled straight out of marble. He was cut just the way she loved too, with his torso tapering in a v shape to his abdomen.  His arms were the perfect blend of size and strength. While he wasn’t overly bulky, Delaney knew from experience that Quint could lift her quite easily. The crowning glory of it all was the way those pants fell on his ass though.

That ass was nothing short of worthy of fanatic worship.

Delaney could easily see herself grabbing at those beautiful glutes, her head thrown back in pleasure as Quint…Realizing where her thoughts were going, Delaney blushed brilliantly before turning around.  This was not going to be as much of a walk in the park as she thought.

The two conversed a little, and Delaney moved over to the kitchen to make supper.  She attempted to shoo Quint when he came in to help her, it was for naught. Both of them were stubborn to a tee, and when either of them got it into their minds about something there was no stopping them in most cases.  Together they made a nice, filling meal of pan-seared tuna with fried rice and dumplings.

The night was spent with very little conversation as both Delaney and Quint lost themselves in a good book.  Maiya was soaking up all the attention as well as Delaney’s fingers scratched a little behind her ears. The pooch was contentedly snoozing beside her all the while.

Quint looked up when he heard Delaney yawn, and he smiled at the sight of Maiya passed out cold beside her on the couch.  “Getting sleepy?”

Delaney nodded as she carefully carried the sleeping pooch over to her pet bed and Maiya growled a little in her sleep at something.  “Yeah. This is about the time I go to bed anyways. Probably best if I stick to my schedule,” she replied, stretching a little. She looked down at her clothes before blushing brightly.

Quint realized the problem as well and he chortled as he made for the chest of drawers once more.  “Here Delaney,” he said, handing her a large shirt and a pair of his pajama bottoms.

Delaney smiled sweetly as she took the items in hand.  “Thank you again Quint.”

She was changed within minutes, and Quint couldn’t deny that there was nothing, not in this world or the next, sexier than the sight of Delaney wearing his clothing.  It was hard to keep his eyes to himself as they turned down the covers, and Quint turned out all the lights after a moment. Delaney had taken the side closest to the wall, allowing him easier access on and off the bed.  A small smile turned up the corners of his mouth as he laid down beside her.

This was something he wouldn’t mind getting used to…

Quint paused a moment, wondering just where in hell that idea had come from.  Delaney was much too young for him, too full of light, joy, and laughter to be saddled with an old gimp like himself.  He was stiff as he came to a rest against his pillows and Quint stared up at the ceiling. He really hadn’t felt his leg throb since they had both entered the guard house however.  He felt amazing all things considered. Amazing, and nervous all at once that was.

Delaney rolled over again, and she gave him a strong hug as she laid beside him.  She was in a good mood from the wonderful company and food. It had done wonders to help her tune out the storm still raging outside.  “Good night Quint.” she said sleepily. She nuzzled his chest through his shirt as his arm wrapped around her reflexively, and a small contented sigh escaped her.  “This feels good…” she mumbled.

Quint couldn’t help but agree.  She was invading his space, but she had warned him fairly about the possibility of her cuddling him.  One of her legs tangled with his good one even as his free hand came up of its own volition to hold the one of hers that was over his heart.  Her fingers were absently tapping out the rhythm of his heartbeat as she fell fully asleep, and Quint turned his head down for the briefest of moments to place a single kiss on the top of her head.  “Good night Delaney.” he breathed out against her hair as his eyes closed. 


Kaboom !

The word, followed by the harsh thunderclap, drew him out of his sleep as if he had been doused in ice water.  Quint had turned onto his side sometime during the night, and Delaney…

She was thrashing on the bed, clearly caught in a nightmare as the storm raged around them.

Quint rolled over a little more, and he carefully straddled Delaney’s hips in an effort to keep her from moving closer to the side of the bed.  She could get hurt falling out after all. “Delaney, Delaney! Sweetness, wake up!” Quint called out. He hurriedly dodged as Delaney’s hand’s shot out, and he grabbed her by both wrists as she continued to flail.  “ C’mon, Delaney, snap out of it...Please sweetness, open your eyes.”

Delaney inhaled sharply as she strained upwards and her eyes snapped open as she came face to face with Quint.  Tears were in her eyes and racing down her cheeks as she panted heavily. “The smoke...I can...The car…” Delaney stammered brokenly.  Her teal gaze found his bright azure ones and the longer she gazed into those sapphire colored depths, the more she began to come back to herself.  His hands were loosening their gentle grip on her wrists, and Delaney entwined their fingers before they lost the contact completely.

By the five shades, Quint looked decidedly delicious just like this.

Her heart hammering, both in fear, and the rush of the feeling overtaking her, Delaney fell back against the mattress, pulling Quint with her.  She was caged under him for the moment, their fingers still entwined, and Delaney’s eyes narrowed slightly as the heady feeling building began to overtake the fear that she had woken up with.  She felt free, wanton even, and her body was burning. Delaney pushed herself up slightly, and her lips slid over Quint’s. He stiffened for the briefest of moments, and Delaney couldn’t hold back the chuckle that escaped her.

The moment her tongue swept across his bottom lip, Quint relaxed against her, and he stretched out over her on the mattress.

“Quint…” Delaney breathed out as he began kissing his way down her jawline to her neck.


“Make love to me...Please…” Delaney gasped as his lips suckled a sweet spot just behind her ear.  Her body arched high, attempting to make contact with his, and she moaned deeply as her mons brushed against his erection.  “I...Oh!”

Quint couldn’t help himself, he ground himself against her.  He hissed even as he savored the friction, the sweet gasp of pleasure that came from Delaney, and the feel of her softness against his rigid frame.  He repeated the motion and Delaney matched his movements this time, and he was rewarded with the sexist moan that he had ever heard in his life. She wanted him.

But how could someone so young and vibrant want an old man like him?

“Tell me to leave, Delaney…” he whispered, his lips hovering above hers as their bodies continued the dance they had begun.

“Oh hell no! You’re not leaving this bed nor me, period. I don’t just want you, Quint. I need you…” Delaney panted before she sat them both up again.  Her fingers left his, but the connection remained as she kissed Quint passionately once more. Blindly, they found their mark, the hem of his wife beater and Delaney began shoving the damn thing up his torso.  She smiled against his lips as he began helping her undress him, and Delaney grabbed both of his wrists, guiding his hands to where his shirt was bunched up at her hips.

Quint couldn’t deny her.  Delaney’s passion for him was honest, and he was going to die a happy man drowning in it.  Slowly, so as to give her a chance to change her mind, Quint rose his borrowed shirt up her torso.  He groaned in both delight and pain when her breasts bounced into view.

The sentinel had always fancied himself a breast man after all.

Quint dipped down, his lips pressing a blazing trail of desire into Delaney’s skin as his kissed his way down from her collar bone to the swell of her bosom.  Her fingers instantly found purchase in Quint’s hair as his lips wrapped around the pert bud, and he suckled her gently. The faint scent of her arousal wafted up to him, and Quint’s mouth watered from it.  Delaney smelled positively divine. As he teased her, his hands swept down her sides until they reached the elastic band that was holding his borrowed pants up on her full hips.

Delaney was built just how he liked them.  Pear shaped body, full, but not overly huge breasts, petite size.  It was as if she was made just for Quint…

Don’t go thinking like that... he chastised himself internally.  Delaney was undulating against him, her hand still fully grasping his verdant strands of hair.  The way she was moving was driving him wild with want, and his cock felt hard enough to hammer nails as it was.

“Quint...Darlin’, please…” Delaney panted needily.  She could feel his fingers toying with both the skin on her hip and the waistband of the pants she had borrowed.  A fetching blush stained her cheeks, not for what she was doing, but for the surprise Quint was going to get when he took them off.

“In time, honey…” Quint answered before switching to the other tit.  Delaney hissed at the sensation of cold air hitting the wet nipple, only to moan unabashedly as Quint began sucking, nipping, and licking at its twin.  He laid her back down, kissing his way over her toned abdomen. His fingers hooked into the elastic of the sleep pants on either side and he nearly faltered.

He didn’t feel anything else under them…

Delaney had the grace to look sheepish.   “I, uh, don’t have a spare pair here, and I washed mine out while I was getting changed. They’re still drying.”

“That makes sense.” Quint chortled.  His azure gaze was bright as it locked onto hers in the darkness and he pulled the garment down her legs.  A soft smile was on his face all the while. It had been years since he had partaken of a woman’s charms and to have Delaney here…

It was nothing short of a blessing.

Most women didn’t want a man who was broken.  To have Delaney in his arms, his bed, accepting him was a huge boost to his self esteem.  Her natural scent wafted up to his nose, gentle and unassuming, and Quint couldn’t help but take a deep whiff of it.  She smelled positively delicious, and he would be a fool to pass up partaking of this particular pleasure.

Delaney squirmed in anticipation as Quint pressed a soft, gentle kiss to her mons.  She had dreamed of him doing this, and she hissed as she felt another gush roll out to coat her inner thighs.  She bit her bottom lip as she saw Quint’s nostrils flare at her scent, and Delaney’s legs spread a little further as her sentinel moved down.  He made a big production of taking in another whiff.

“You smell so sweet…” he whispered.  His warm breath fanned over her moistened thighs, making Delaney wiggle again from the sensation.  He chuckled sensually as he locked his gaze to hers again. His tongue darted out, devling between her lower lips and he gathered her flavor on it before suckling her clit.  A pleased groan rumbled out from his chest, and Delaney’s first cry of pleasure fell on his ears. Instinctively, Quint wrapped his arms under her thighs to hold her in place as he immersed himself in her and even then, Delaney was arching high to wiggle out of his grasp.

“Oh shit! QUINT! YES!” Delaney cried.  Her fingers tangled in his hair again, and she heard Quint chuckled into her pussy.  Apparently this was a desired reaction for him. He barely nipped her clit with his teeth, and Delaney screeched as her back arched high, lifting Quint at the same time.

Quint rose to his knees, bringing Delaney’s core up with him, and he winked down at her before resuming what he was doing.  Her flavor was much sweeter than her scent had led him to believe and he wanted more. Quint’s tongue eased into her opening, trying to draw more of her flavor from her, when he felt something block his intrusion any further. His eyes went wide in understanding and he nearly dropped her to the mattress in surprise. “Delaney...I...You…”

Delaney looked up to Quint, her gaze pleading and needy all at once.  “Quint?” Dammit, she had been right there! What had happened? Why had he stopped?

“You’re still…” Quint stammered.  How had he let himself get so carried away?!  He began to ease her down to the mattress, mentally kicking himself in the ass for getting swept up in the rush.

“Not for long...My v-card, my choice.  That’s you Quint.” Delaney said as she sat up.  Her arms wrapped around his neck, her hands buried in his hair as she brought them nose to nose.  “Make me forget this storm, the memories that surface with it...I don’t want to know anything but you, Quint.”  Her lips met his once more, and she moaned as she tasted herself upon them. Delaney could definitely see why he had enjoyed paying homage to the gates of paradise.  

She was nearly as sweet as the produce she grew.

“I’m too old for you.” he whispered into her mouth before Delaney silenced his protests again.

“I don’t care about age, Quint.” Delaney purred.  One hand had released the green strands and had headed south, traveling the expanse of his torso.  It was littered in tight, lighter green curls, and her gaze glittered. She loved body and facial hair on a man.

Just another reason why none of the younger men appealed to her.

“I’m nearly twenty years your senior.  You’re not even twenty yet.” Quint protested weakly.

“Actually, you’re only twelve years older than me.  I don’t look my age.” Delaney replied with a grin. “Besides, I was able to buy alcohol more than once from Orion, remember?”

Quint took a moment to think it over, and he found that Delaney was going to be patient while he did as much.  He had only just turned thirty eight, meaning that Delaney was twenty six if her math was right. She wasn’t wrong that she didn’t look her age and if that were the case, that would explain why she wasn’t attracted to any of the younger men.

She was older than all of them after all.

And she had been saving herself all this time for who she felt was the right man.  In this case, she felt, no seemed to be adamant, that it was him. If he were honest, twelve was a much better age gap than twenty.  He didn’t feel like such a cradle robber now that he knew her real age. Quint leaned in, cradling one side of Delaney’s jaw as he pressed his lips to hers once more.  If she wanted him, he would be good to her.

Delaney responded to his kisses with sweet sighs and moans and Quint felt her tongue tap at his lip.  He lifted her up, wrapping those lovely lean legs over his hips before depositing her against the pillows once more.  He ground against her lightly, and Delaney threw her head back in reaction, gripping at him tightly. It was easy to see just how worked up she was still.

“As much as I don’t want to stop kissing you, I don’t leave anything unfinished.” Quint whispered against her lips, sounding like the living embodiment of sin.  He kissed his way back down Delaney’s beautiful body, making it a much faster trail this time as opposed to earlier. He wanted her quaking against his lips and tongue sooner rather than later.  He had nearly had her at the precipice as it was. His leg spasmed and Delaney heard his hiss of discomfort.

She sat up quickly as he gripped the top of his left quadricep muscle, and Delaney looked alarmed.  This was the first time all night it had bothered him. “Quint?” she asked, clearly worried.

This wasn’t going to stop him, not if he had anything to say about it.  “I’ll be fine Lane. Just need a quick change of position is all.” he purred sexily.  Delaney gasped as Quint hauled her flush against him, but he was all smiles as he turned them around and he fell onto his back against the mattress.  There. That helped with his leg immensely already. Quint gently maneuvered Delaney to where he wanted her and he smirked at the resounding blush that colored her cheeks, neck, and the top of her perky tits when she realized that she was sitting over his face.  “Might want to grab the headboard there, honey.”

Delaney didn’t have to be told twice, though she trembled and strained against Quint’s hold when he resumed his pleasurable assault on her sensitive clit.  “Oh shit! Quint!” Delaney cried, her back arching so far back that it popped a few times. A fresh slew of swears fell from her lips as his tongue delved into her tight folds again, and Delaney fought to keep herself from grinding against his face.

She didn’t want to smother him after all.

Quint held her firmly in place as he continued to draw out more of her ambrosia.  He could tell she was close, as he could feel her channel fluttering slightly around his tongue.  He reached one hand around, his bright azure gaze locked to her the entire time, and he flicked her clit a few times before mashing it with the pads of his fingers.

That did the trick.  Delaney screamed his name as she orgasmed, her body fighting to undulate wildly in response to the waves of pleasure that were rocking her system.  Quint held her tight though, and he made sure to get every last drop of the nectar that she had given him. When her movements finally stilled, Quint released his hold on her.  He was licking his lips, and feeling quite pleased with himself for being able to bring Delaney to orgasm the way he had.

The look of pride and satisfaction on his face made Delaney smile seductively.  He had better be ready to go all night long. She was only getting warmed up and she was ready to be made a woman in every sense of the word.  “My turn?” she purred, her aquamarine eyes finding his blue ones.

“In what way?” Quint asked.

“Returning the favor kind of way.” Delaney replied seductively.  She wouldn’t mind sucking his cock to get him off. He had loved how she tasted after all, it stood to reason that she might enjoy his too.

Quint actually blushed.  He wasn’t expecting her to want to go down on him for her first time.  He figured she might be ready to move on to the main event.

Delaney didn’t wait as she slinked down, stretching out over him.  Her lips and tongue cleaned the rest of her emissions from his face before she shared them with him, and Quint groaned in delight at what she had done.  His hips surged up to meet hers and Delaney rubbed her body against his, stimulating them both. “I think I’m going to like sucking your cock Quint…” she whispered in his ear.

“I’m going to explode if I don’t get inside of you,” he returned.

“Turnabout's fair play, Quint.  Besides, I know enough from listening to Amber and Mono that men last longer after the first shot.”  Her teeth gently scraped against the skin of his neck and Delaney gasped. She had accidentally nipped near his scar!  Did it still bother him?

“Little sensitive there…” Quint admitted, seemingly reading her thoughts.

Delaney pressed a kiss fully to the marred skin, only to do the same to the one over his eye. “I don’t know if you’ll ever tell me what happened, Quint, but know this much.  These scars? I don’t find them horrific, nor do I think that they make you anything less than a capable sentinel. If I know you as well as I do now, I’m positive that you got them from going head long into some sort of danger to protect or save someone.  They’re nothing but badges of valor to me. You…” Quint felt something warm and wet hit his skin and he realized that she was crying. “...you push yourself much too hard. It’s like you’re still trying to give yourself some sort of penance for what you feel you did wrong.  I wish there was a way for you to see yourself how I see you. Courageous, temperate, just, kind, empathetic...You embody everything a sentinel is supposed to truly be.”

Quint had no words, but he did silence her sweet rambling with a kiss that left her dizzy.  “No more tears.” he whispered against her lips before claiming them once more. Delaney was pulling at his pants, trying to get them off.  Quint wanted them off as well and he helped her to peel them away without once breaking their connection. What Delaney had just told him meant more than she would ever know.  He hissed against her teeth as her fingers found his manhood and he buried his face against her neck as she began pumping the shaft. Her name fell from his lips in a desperate plea for more and Delaney rolled Quint onto his back.

“It’s my turn, remember?” she whispered seductively.  Delaney resumed her journey down, this time taking care to only kiss the skin of his neck.  Tears flooded her eyes as she saw the evidence of Quint having been run through on a blade and she kissed the skin tenderly.  As she went lower, his left leg came into sight and Delaney openly wept for the pain he was in. There was a full chunk missing near the top of the knee.

What had caused him to be injured so badly?

Quint’s thumb gently brushed her tears away and Delaney looked back up at him.  No words were needed once more, and Delaney felt him twitch in her hand. A small smile slowly raised the corners of her lips and she marveled at the magnificent tool that would soon be part of her, inside of her.  He was easily ten inches long, and her long fingers had trouble touching as she wrapped them around his girth. One thing was for certain.

Her v-card was most certainly in its dying throes.

Delaney glued her eyes to Quint’s as she leaned in, and her tongue darted out tentatively to collect a drop of murky precum that had gathered at the tip.  She gauged the taste, and she smiled. It had a slightly woody flavor to it, but it was definitely palatable. Her mouth enclosed over him and she took delight in watching and hearing Quint’s reaction.  His hands had flown to the headboard and he let out a long moan of delight. His head flew back against the pillows and the cords of his neck strained as he tried to allow her the same chance to explore his body.  Delaney found her rhythm soon enough and she hummed happily around his dick that she was obviously giving him so much pleasure.

Quint’s hips thrust up at the same time she was coming down in reaction, and he sat up fully in worry that he had accidentally gagged her.  Delaney used that moment to grab one of his hands and she placed it on top of her head with a wink. Quint’s fingers wove into the caramel tresses, and he marveled at how silken they felt in his grip.  He swallowed hard at Delaney’s unspoken connotation. That she wanted him to guide her to what felt best to him.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, honey…” Quint groaned out.  It had been many, many years since he had last had a blowjob. His grip on her hair tightened ever so slightly as Delaney picked up her pace, altering the tightness of her hand every now and again to change the feeling.  He nearly jumped off the bed when he felt her other hand start playing with his balls. “Oh damn…” Delaney hummed in response again, glad to have found something that he enjoyed. His cock twitched in her mouth in response and Quint was left gasping as Delaney brought him closer and closer to the brink.  “Delaney...Honey, I’m gonna…” he growled out.

Delaney didn’t care, all her focus was set to getting her sentinel to come.  She wasn’t moving. He had drank down her release after all. She was adamant about doing the same that he had done for her.

Both Quint’s hands found the back of her head and he pulled her as flush against him as he dared even as he exploded in her mouth with her name on his lips.  He was more than glad to be laying down when he felt her mouth, tongue, and throat moving together. A sure sign that she was swallowing.

Quint was more than certain both his legs would have given out after that.  He moaned slightly as Delaney began kissing her way back up his body and she stretched out over him fully.  Quint’s hands rested on her hips, keeping her in place even as he kissed her once more.

It was a good thing his stamina was still good…

Delaney blushed when she felt the heralding pulses of his cock coming back to life.  “I thought it took awhile…” she blurted out.

“Maybe for other men, but bear in mind that I work out most everyday.  My stamina is much better than theirs.” Quint purred in return. He turned them over, his leg feeling better now that it had a break, and he began teasing Delaney again once more.  The way her eyes fluttered as Quint rubbed his cock against her, the soft; almost mewling, sounds that she made, and the feel of her wetness had him raring to go once more in what felt like record time.  Delaney was getting just as worked up as he was, if the way she was pulling against him said anything.

“Quint! Stop teasing me dammit! I will flip us back over and ravage you if you...OH!” Delaney was just about to finish her threat when Quint reached between them and slapped his cock against her pussy.  The crown landed right on her clit, pulling a new wave of moisture from her that liberally wet his shaft.

Quint  adjusted himself to where he was lined up and ready, and Delaney looked up at him vulnerably.  The look on her face made her look so young. It was hard to think of her as a twenty six year old woman when she was gazing at him like that.  Quint’s insecurities rose to the fore again. He had to shake them off before he backed out and didn’t touch her ever again. “Why me?” he asked.

Delaney’s expression softened and she pulled him in, both for a kiss and piercing her body for the first time.  She barely felt the pinch of him breaking through her last bastion of innocence. “Because, out of everyone here in the village, your pain matched mine in a sense.  I don’t feel it when I’m with you.” she whispered against his lips. Quint drew away a little, only to press himself inside of her fully, and Delaney’s head flew back at the feeling of the gentle slide and check of their bodies.  “I can connect to you more than anyone else in the village Quint. I...AH! Yes!”

“Mmm, no more words now honey…” Quint purred out against her ear.  She had convinced him with the first sentence and she didn’t need to ramble on.  Delaney was right. They both were holding on to pain from their past, and like her, he didn’t feel it as strongly when she with him.  Even his leg didn’t hurt that much. “Just let me love you…”

Delaney was in a haze of sensation as Quint flexed into her body, and she clung to him for dear life all the while.  Her legs were wrapped tightly over his hips and waist while one hand tried to find some sort of hold on his back. The other was buried in his hair as their bodies moved together in an age old dance, and Delaney felt tears of joy spill down her cheeks.

She had never felt whole until now.

Quint was the perfect lover.  Attentive, strong, thorough, but gentle at the same time.  He didn’t need to pound a woman to climax to prove he was a man.  No, he was a master at making love, and Delaney wanted to be his only from this moment.  He eased her into the positions he wanted, all to bring her more and more pleasure.

“Quint! Yes!” she cried out.  He had rolled her onto her side and he had one of her legs pulled flush against his torso as he continued to work his length in and out of her body.  He had hit something that had made light erupt behind her eyelids, and her body quivered for more.

“Right there?” Quint questioned, driving into that same spot once more.  She could hear the sexy little smirk that was on his face. “Or right here?”  He changed his angle ever so slightly, but it was enough to make Delaney’s toes curl.

“Shit!  Right there!  Do that again, please!” she exclaimed.  Delaney rolled her hips at the same time Quint thrust inside of her again and she screamed his name in delectation again.

Quint began putting all his focus on that one spot, his thrusts becoming just a little harder and faster as he worked to bring her to the pinnacle again.  Delaney’s cries egged him on and he threw both her legs back over his hips. “Come for me honey,” he whispered against her lips. Quint hissed as Delaney’s fingers grabbed at his ass and she tried pulling him in faster and harder.  “Tell me how you want me,” he ordered sexily. “I can either keep up this pace, or I can go wild. Pinning you to the mattress, fucking you hard and fast…I’m fine for now, so don’t worry about me. Just tell me how you want me to please you, Lane.”

Delaney’s gemstone gaze fastened onto her lover’s for a moment.  The heat in them was reflected in his own, he knew. She loved the way the latter sounded and she smiled up at him.  “How about your choice? You’ve been phenomenal so far,” she returned before kissing Quint deeply. She gasped into his mouth as he hooked both of her legs over his arms, spreading her wide beneath him.  Delaney’s head flew back as Quint plowed into her, his cock knocking against her cervix, and she held onto him for dear life. “Oh Quint! Yes! YES!” she cried out in time with each thrust.

That was exactly what she had been needing from him.

Quint could feel the stirrings of her orgasm coming, and not a moment to soon as his was building as well.  His pride demanded that he feel her reach the zenith first. “That’s it, Laney...Let me feel you...Come for me love…”

Delaney was lost to Quint’s wild, passionate possession.  His words were the breaking point however and she felt herself draw inward before exploding.  Quint gasped in surprise before he joined her in their shared bliss. His hips flexed of their own accord into her body, emptying his seed inside of her.  Both went limp in the aftermath, and Delaney turned her head enough to find Quint’s lips. He returned her kiss, basking in the afterglow with her as one of his hands entwined with hers.

The storm was still raging outside, but for the first time in a long time, Delaney didn’t care.

The rest of that night and the next day were spent in that bed, learning one another’s bodies. It had been years since Quint had felt like this. Virile, ready to take on the world…


He wondered if it was such a good idea for this to continue between them.  He rarely had time for anyone because of his job. Would Delaney get clingy and demand he give it up?  Was this just a fling? She not that kind of person, Quint. Ask her... his inner voice both chided and urged.

Delaney was in the midst of working on dinner while Quint had an electro-stimulation machine hooked up to his leg.  It did wonders to help ease the pain he was in, and Delaney had finally talked him into taking care of his needs even though she was here.

“Besides, Quint, I’m part of the reason that your leg is as sore as it is,” she teased with sexy little laugh.  She brought a plate over for him and Quint’s mouth watered. It was the same little meal that she had made for him, only there were more vegetables included this time.  Steamed carrots, and potatoes completed the dish.

“This looks amazing Lane, thank you.” Quint told her honestly.  He cleared his throat nervously and Delaney looked over to him. “Lane...I…”

“...am wondering where we’re going from here?” Delaney offered.  “I’ve been thinking the same thing myself in all honesty. The question is, what do you want?  What I want is something stable, something that I don’t have to second guess…”

Quint nodded before going into a contemplative silence.  “We go slow from here, Lane,” he offered. “Maybe meet up once or twice a week for lunch or dinner while I’m on patrol…”

Delaney smiled.  She had been scared that Quint was going to tell her that there was nowhere to go.  Was it possible that he felt something there as well? “I like the sound of that,” she replied before chuckling a little as she plated herself up.  “We kind of turned the dial to eleven, didn’t we?”

Quint laughed with her a little.  “Possibly twelve.” he joked. Delaney joined him at the table and Quint reached across it, placing his hand over hers.  “If anything happens…” He had been worried because the fact that they had not used protection once.

Delaney shook her head even as tears filled her eyes.  “The car accident my parents and I were in pretty much rendered me sterile, Quint...One ovary was completely obliterated, hence the slight scarring you might have seen around there because it had to be surgically removed, and the fallopian tube for the other...Well...Let’s just say that the odds of me getting pregnant are exponentially huge because of the trauma and damage I suffered in the past,” she admitted.

Your pain matched mine in a sense…

By the five shades, Quint now understood what she had meant by that.  She saw herself as someone who was just as broken as he was. Quint laced his fingers with hers, silently vowing that he would show Delaney in no uncertain terms that she was far from broken.  

In fact, she was the one who had started to fix him.

A/N 12/19/18: I went in and fixed all the little grammatical and punctuation errors!  I hope it makes for a smoother reading experience!

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