Pinzu vs The Pussy (A 100% Orange Juice Adventure)

BY : Boo-Sama
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Disclaimer: This fanfiction is based on the characters and fandom of 100% Orange Juice. I do not own 100% Orange Juice, nor do I make a profit from this story.

It was an average Friday Night, and Pinzu was getting his ass beat in 100% Orange Juice once again. This time The Blank King and nTurbo had joined forces as Aru and Aru to bully Pinzu, playing as Krila, into 4th place. Once again, Pinzu had failed his waifu, and was put into another deep depression. “GG” he said at the end of the game, but he didn’t mean it, this was fucking bullshit.


Pinzu shut off the game and went over to R34 to find Krila porn to jerk off to in order to fight his unbearable sadness, but alas, there was no porn. Pinzu had had enough, he couldn’t bear this pain anymore. He went into his dad’s dresser and pulled out his Colt Single Action Army, and pressed the cold steel to his head. The last thing Pinzu yelled before everything ended was “I WISH THAT ORANGE JUICE WAS REEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!” and pulled the trigger… Sadly, that chamber didn’t have a bullet, since Pinzu’s dad had shot Pinzu’s mom last week, and he was too lazy to reload the single empty chamber. Pinzu pressed the gun against his head again, still determined to end his life, but before he could pull the trigger again, his computer flickered on. Pinzu was confused, since it was already on, but now it was doubly on. Pinzu put the revolver into his pocket and walked over to figure out what the fuck was up with this shit, only for a hand to grab his face, and drag him into to computer.


Pinzu was dragged through cyberspace at what seemed like Mach 2, passing out during the first few seconds of the trip due to the shock of all this overwhelming his body. When he reawoke, he was in a vast mistfield of orange and pink colors. It smelled sweet, like sugary orange gummy bears, the mist lightly coating his body. He felt at ease with the universe, and simply laid there for a few minutes, taking it all in. Maybe… Maybe he did end it all, and he is now in purgatory, just like that one bitch in “The Lovely Bones” who got murdered and raped by the local pedophile and spent a few minutes fucking around thinking she was alive, when really she was dead, and in purgatory. That must have been what happened, he died, didn’t know he died, and came here… Pinzu began touching his dick at the thought of violating that girl from “The Lovely Bones”, since he was into lolis. This created “A Lovely Boner”, and he used the wet sweet smelling mist as a form of lubricant, rubbing his dick. However, before he could really get into the zone, a figure walked into his vision, causing him to awkwardly pull his hand from his pants and stand up to meet the figure.


“Who are you?” Asked Pinzu “Also I wasn’t mastubaring to the little girl from “The Lovely Bones”, I’m not a pedo, I just thought of her as a younger looking woman, also that actor is over 18 now so it’s perfectly le-”


“Silence mortal”, the figure told him, putting its hand-stump on his mouth. “I am Roblox Sweet Breaker, and I am here to grant you your final wish”. As she said this, she did a pose and glowed violently “AND I AM YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL!!!”


“That makes sense” said Pinzu “But why are you only helping me now? My entire life is an irredeemable shitbag trainwreck that, like my whore mom while she was alive, never stopped sucking”. Pinzu clutched the Single Action Army in his pocket, once again feeling the need to shoot himself.


“Because, my poor, sweet child” Roblox Sweet Breaker said, putting a her right block arm on his shoulder “I had faith that you would find your own happiness… But I was wrong, cause time and time again, you constantly fucked up your own life to the point where you were about to shoot yourself over not having appropriate fap material. You have broken all expectations I had in you, so now I have to physically come to you in order to save your poor, sweet, pathetic ass from an heroing”.


This made all too much sense to Pinzu. He was always a pathetic piece of shit who constantly turned down real life woman, or was too ignorant to notice when a woman was trying to sleep with him. He was also always sure someone was always watching him from above, which made him extremely paranoid, leading him to lock himself in his room whenever he felt it’s pressense. If only he had known all this sooner, his life may have been saveable.


“So….. You’re going to make 100% Orange Juice real?” Pinzu asked, a twinkle in his eye.


Roblox Sweet Breaker sexy cried a single tear, and said “Yes… But, there is one cost”.


“I’ll never be able to go home or talk to any of my friends again?” He asked.


“No, knowing you that'd be a blessing. This cost is a bit more of a… Personal one. A small exchange, if you will.” She continued.


“Anything for you. M’lady. Merely tell me your request” Pinzu got onto one knee and knelt before her as a royal knight would. As he did this, he felt something hard hit the top of his head. He looked up, and gasped in horror… As he saw a large, skin colored, rectangular block hang from Roblox Sweet Breaker’s skirt.


“Suck my dick” she said, coldly.


Pinzu cried softly. How could she do this to him? After everything!?... But, on the other hand, he’ll finally be a part of the world he so desired to go to. Krila was there, and Star Breaker, and all the other girls!!! This task… This deed would be more than worth it if he would be able to see them, and tell them how much he loved them. Without wasting a single second more, he stuffed the large rectangular cock into his mouth. It tasted like lego plastic and orange candy spray, it was also unbearably hard, making it hard to choke down, but he did it… For Krila. He wrapped his tongue around the tip and sucked as hard as he could, up and down, in and out. It wasn’t long until Roblox Sweet Breaker put a hand on the back of his head and pushed him into the cock, forcing the lego down his throat, and unleashing a mighty plastic load down it, letting out a mighty “OOMF” as she did. After this, Pinzu fell onto his hands and knees, defeated… Yet victorious.


“Oh…. Fuck, okay. You did it my child… Well done…. Now get the fuck out of here” Roblox Sweet Breaker concluded, roundhouse kicking Pinzu in the face, sending him flying into a new formed portal behind him.


Pinzu reawoke again, head on the cold pavement of an alleyway. He got onto his hands and knees, and coughed up a few white lego bricks. Was… Was it all a dream? He reached into his pocket, and felt the cold steel of his gun, and he sniffed his arm, smelling the sweet orange mist. Either he ate a bunch of white legos after a drunk bender after nearly killing himself, and somewhere along the way robbed someone of their orange perfume and sprayed it all over himself…. Or this was real. He looked out the alleyway cautiously, making sure nobody saw him, only to very quickly duck back into cover. He saw her… Krila!!!!! HE WAS IN OJ!!!!!!! She was walking down the street with a shopping bag of instant rice all alone!!! Now, Pinzu had two options tackling this. He could jump out of the alley and confess his love to her right then and there, though this would most likely result in him being eaten alive by stuffed rabbits, leaving him only with Plan B. Right as Krila walked in front of the alley, Pinzu grabbed her by her fluffy collar and dragged her into one of it’s inner walls. He then grabbed her by the neck and pressed his revolver against her forehead.


“You’re going to take off all your clothing right now, and let me split your pussy open with my dick, or I’ll kill you right now, and cum inside your bullet hole” Pinzu threatened, shaking the gun violently.


“Ha… You attempt to rape me? Try as you may, it will take far more than just a mere bullet from the universe’s strongest firearm to puncture my dome. You clearly do not know of whom you’ve just dragged into what I can only assume is your… Home. However, I have no attachment in you, so I shall end you as quickly as we ha-” Pinzu pointed his gun towards her rice. “NO PLEASE, I BOUGHT THAT USING THE LAST OF MY MONEY!!! I HAVEN’T HAD A SINGLE GRAIN IN 4 DAYS!!!!” Krila screamed, her rabbit that was about to snap Pinzu’s neck suddenly fell to the ground, void of life.


“Then you know what to do” Pinzu said coldly, snatching the bag from her and walking backwards, deeper into the alley, giving her space to “present”


With no other choice given, Krila began to undress, starting by removing her angry cat brooch. She looked at it for a bit, most likely question what she was doing, but as Pinzu’s gun pressed harder against her beloved rice, she tossed on the ground. The next item was her puffy jacket, which she allowed to slowly dropped off her back, and onto the ground.. Next, her shirt. Her first step was removing her adorable brown bow, which popped off easily. Her troubles came with her actua shirt. She fiddled with the buttons, slowly popping off each, one by one. She had trouble since, normally, she would have her plushies do it for her, but sadly, her fear of losing her grain made her unable to use them, so she was all alone in unbuttoning. When the last button was gone, she carefully slid each sleeve of herself, and tossed the shirt to the side, revealing her black, lacy, B cup bra. Next step was her big, puffy skirt. Pinzu demanded she turn around for this step, and bend over as she removed it, or one of her rice packs were going to take a bullet, so she did. She slowly turned around, and bent over, grabbing the zipper to her dress and slowly, oh so slowly unzipped. After the zipper fully zipped, she grabbed the sides, and began to pull down her dress, revealing her petit, cheeky behind, guarded by a silky, lacy pair of panties.


Pinzu could control himself no more, he tossed the rice and gun to the side and pounced the presenting Krila, ramming her head against the wall. He unzipped his more than erect cock, and slid it between her legs, right below her cunt. While lightly thrusting between her skinny, soft legs, he undid her bra,letting it fall to the ground. After this, he grabbed hold of her small tits, and hoisted her upward, pressinger her back to his chest. He was able to get a good look at her boobs. They were small, but so delicate, so tender. She listened to her whimper as he aggressively rubbed them. After a bit more rubbing, Pinzu tightly pinched Krila’s nipples, causing her to squeal in pain. This noise caused Pinzu to release a hot patch of precum onto the ground. Anymore playing, and his full load would be lost, so Pinzu took action. He forced Krila to to the ground, onto her knees, face on the floor, right into where his precum landed. With her so vulnerable, Pinzu took a single finger, and slid the lacy material of panties to the side, and proceed to gorge himself on it. She let out light squeals as Pinzu’s tongue explored her pussy, licking all up and down her slit, lapping up all of her sweet, succulent juices. Fully refreshed from so much forplay, it was time for the main course.


“Fool” Krila scoffed. Pinzu was surprised.


“You call me a fool? You’re the one face first in my cum.” Pinzu replied, thinking he was on top of this situation.


“You threw away your only leverage on me, I was merely using this time to recharge” Krila said, followed with a spine tingling laugh. Pinzu looked behind him, realizing one of Krila’s many plush rabbits had stole back Krila’s bag of rice.


“Shit” Pinzu said. Krila then lifted her leg upward using incredible flexibility to kick Pinzu on the balls while down, causing him to fall to his knees like a bitch in pain. Krila got back up, and summed her rabbits to grab hold of Pinzu’s arms, restraining him. Krila put a hand on her face, taking some of Pinzu’s precum, and smeared it all over his face, and as she did, she gave one of the biggest shit eating grins she could. This show of strength and cockyness caused Pinzu to cum all over the floor, which was incredibly embarrassing for him. With no more time wasted, Krila roundhoused kicked Pinzu’s head clean off, killing him.


Pinzu reawoke in the field of orange mist, there waited a very dissapointed Roblox Sweet Breaker.


“Wha….. What happened?” Asked Pinzu, feeling up his own neck since he was pretty sure that thing snapped in half.


“You done fucked up my child, Krila lured you into putting down her precious grain, and fucked you up. You never stood a chance against her, she would never let someone as weak as you split her cunt for the first time.” Roblox Sweet Breaker replied.


“Then… Then I have no reason to live” Pinzu grabbed his gun he dropped in the alley and put the gun against his head. He was ready to die, now knowing he would never be able to fuck his precious Krila.


“NO MY CHILD” Roblox Sweet Breaker yelled, shooting a block at the gun, causing it to fly from Pinzu’s hands “It is still possible to fuck Krila in her tight pussy, you merely have to become more powerful!”


“How!? I’m a pathetic weakling who would kill himself over running out of wank material” Pinzu replied, looking down at his feet and kicking up some orange fruity mist dust.


“You must seek out this world’s greatest rapist. One who, while not able to get into Krila’s panties, has fucked over 50% of the cast in this world's inhabitants”. Roblox Sweet Breaker said, pulling out a magical image from the ether.


“...... No.” Pinzu gasped, staring at the person before him. Before he could ever dream of having his way with Krila, he would have to gain the professional information of….. Kiriko.

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