A Treatise On Proper Care For Weapons

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A Treatise On Proper Care And Maintenance For Weapons


Authors Note: Here we are! Only slightly late this time, this is the small project I mentioned working on and seeing if I could get finished before the New Year. Unfortunately I got sucked into playing EVEN MORE Xenoblade (I’ve put 200 hours into the game now apparently, although some of that is idling… Damn) and with everything else around the Christmas/NY, family stuff, that didn’t happen. So, as the deadline stretched out, the story expanded to fill the gap. But I’m fairly happy with it and hopefully it’s a good read.

If you haven’t played XBC2 and like old school epic style JRPGs, I very, very heavily recommend it. Absolutely blew me away, incredible game. Great cast, great combat system, great world, and a great story that’s unveiled piecemeal, always dragging you, slavering hungrily towards the next reveal.

In what’s almost certainly going to become the “Lucina confronts Robin” scene, of the Xenoblade 2 fandom, this is set directly after Rex and co return from the Spirit Crucible and after everything that’s revealed about Nia.

WARNING: There are spoilers here for Nia and for everything up to Ch7. Probably best to finish the game before reading to be safe.


Twilight settled warm over Leftheria and with it Rex and his companions (such as they currently were) had settled themselves lethargically around Corrine’s house. Succeeding where countless before them had failed, they had completely plumbed the depths of the Sprit Crucible Elpys and gained -even if only for a moment- the legendary blade that not even Addam himself had been able to wield. It had been no easy journey however, with their abilities severely restricted they’d all been pushed to their absolutely limits both physically and mentally, leaving them each drained in a way that even finally taking in the refreshing whisps of fresh, open air had only partially relieved.

As a result, their debriefing had been uncharacteristically short; Rex had seen a vision, of Pyra being held atop the ruins of a decaying Titan, and so their course was set, towards the Cliffs of Morytha. Unfortunately, few ships journeyed to Leftheria and even with Rex, Zeke and Mòrag’s combined influence, the soonest they could charter a ride to Mor Ardain would be the following morning, giving them no other option than to accept Corrine’s gracious offer of hospitality and stay another night in their leader’s hometown. A fire was already burning on the hearth as a meal was prepared, and they’d all been quickly hurried out of the kitchen and out of the way, leaving them with nothing left to do but to relax, rest and restore themselves as best they could for the coming battles.

Of course, given everything that had happened and all they’d learned, that was easier said than done.

“Meh meh meh! Tora surprised, Tora VERY surprised! Friend Nia look so different! Even after so much time together, Tora never realise Nia was a Blade! Tora still cannot believe it!”

“Er, well… Sorry, for not saying anything. It was just, well, you know…”

“Poppi knew! Poppi knew ever since the bath in Mor Ardain! But, Poppi never say anything, not even to Masterpon, just like Nia asked.”

“Ah, yes, that’s right. T-Thank you Poppi, you’re a good girl.”

Standing shifting awkwardly from one leg to the other as the small Nopon Driver and his artificial Blade circled around her, gawking in apparent amazement at her true form, Nia had to suppress an embarrassed desire to shift back to the form she’d hidden herself in for so long. It was only the sight of Rex, pacing through the marketplace in the middle of town, locked in a low conversation with Zeke, that held her back. She wasn’t disguising herself anymore. It was hard, even strange, but more than anything else she’d ever felt, after keeping quiet for so long, she wanted to be truly honest with him and with all her friends. Thankfully, Dromarch’s presence, standing stoically as ever, a few metres away gave her a small measure of calm.

“So now… So now Nia is Rex-Rex’s Blade?”

“E-Eh!?” Nia coloured, her thoughts suddenly jumbling in her head. It was a little hard thinking of herself as being Rex’s anything. “Th-That’s, that’s up to him now, isn’t it?”

After all, as a Flesh Eater, she didn’t need to have a Driver. There was no reason anything had to change. Strangely, that thought left heart feeling suddenly hollow, and her eyes flicked momentarily back to their leader’s spikey black hair, off in the distance.

“Mehmehmeh! This all far too big shock for Tora, Rex-Rex Driver of friend Nia now, just like friend Pyra!”

Just like Pyra? Nia’s world jolted. It took another moment for her to realise that wasn’t possible. Rex had plenty of blades besides Pyra after all and none of them were like Pyra, she was special to him because of everything they’d sha-

“Only difference Rex-Rex have friend Pyra’s core-crystal.”

“Th-Yeah, that’s right, sh-”

“Masterpon! Poppi has already considered this!” An overly energetic voice rang right over her words, as the small robot raised a hand in the air, waving it around excitedly, “Pyra give Rex core crystal to save life. Mythra break seal on self to rescue him. And, Nia transform into Blade to protect him. All different, but meaning behind the acts identical. Poppi’s logic circuits say all are the same. Conclusion is correct, please clap for Poppi!”

“Oooh! Well done Poppi!” Tora’s wings slapped together as he dutifully applauded the artificial maid, “Tora not think of that!”

All the same. They were all the same? She was… The same? A Flesh Eater was the same as an Aegis?

Clicking her tongue and turning away, Nia’s face was burning hot and it was suddenly difficult to even face her two friends, “Tch, this is pointless. We should be focussed on rescuing Pyra, not on, on talking about me and Rex. And anyway, Dromarch will get lonely if I leave him alone.”

Spinning on her heel, she strode away towards the shoreline, in the opposite direction to their aforementioned leader.

“My Lady! I would, I would be overjoyed to see you find fulfilment as a Bl-My Lady? W-Wait a moment!”


Meanwhile, on the other side of the small town, a surprisingly similar conversation was taking place.

“I see, so you saw a vision of Addam himself? Master Blade or not, I’d say that was worth the journey alone.”

“Yeah, it’s… It’s like a series of broken images,” Rex answered, “I’m still trying to make sense of it myself. But, that doesn’t matter. I know now, I finally understand them, Pyra and Mythra, and I know what I have to do.”

“Well, I can’t say I dislike that confidence! Hah! And that look in your eyes now, it’s just as Mòrag said, you feel stronger than ever now.” 

A warm silence settled between the two men as Zeke smirked proudly down at him. The Prince of Tantal was a lot of things, a trusted friend and comrade for sure, a mentor at times and a headache at others, but every now and then Rex wondered if the bond between them felt like how having an older brother would be. It wasn’t something either of them had ever verbalised and somehow, he didn’t think there was any need to.

“Hey, ah, Chum,” shifting his gaze, slightly awkwardly, Zeke scratched his cheek, “Look, I won’t claim to have caught everything that happened down there, we were all fighting for our lives after all but, it felt like you didn’t really give Nia much of an answer, you know?”

This time it was the younger Driver who lost his composure, flinching away as his eyes fell to the ground, “Wha, I, what’re you talking about?”

“C’mon Rex, I’ve never taken you for someone who’d misunderstand his closest friends.”


He hung his head, his cheeks burning this time with embarrassment. There wasn’t much he could say. He’d answered Nia honestly at the time, racing with adrenaline, he’d only been thinking of their team and of making sure everyone was safe, it hadn’t been possible to even consider anything else.

It was only on the way back, as he’d slowly cooled down, that he’d realised what had happened. And, even if he’d wanted to deny it, there was no way he could forget the shock in her eyes when he’d said he loved her, nor the disappointment a moment later when he’d said he loved every one of them.

“I… I need to answer her properly, don’t I?”

Maybe she wouldn’t want to talk about it, or maybe she already understood. He couldn’t imagine the emotions that she must have been feeling at the time. Inside the Spirit Crucible hadn’t been the time or place to discuss it, but now… He couldn’t just pretend it hadn’t happened.

Zeke laughed in reply, his usual attitude quickly returning, “Well, it’s fine so long as you do. We’ve all seen how sweet you are on Pyra anyway. Must be hard having two girls fighting over you like this, huh Chum? Oh, or is it three, with Mythra too? Hahah!”

“It-It’s not, not like that!”

Mythra could be a little prickly sometimes, but he didn’t think he could imagine Pyra and Nia fighting about anything.

“Well Chum! If you’re a real man, you’ll just have to take responsibility and make them all happy! That wa-OWHA!?”

Looking up, Rex could see that apparently Pandoria had followed them. Lowering her hand as Zeke rubbed the back of his head, she breathed out a disappointed sigh, “My Prince… You were doing so well, right up until then too.”


From there, the rest of the evening passed swiftly. Corrine soon called them in for dinner and, stuffed with good food and drained from a difficult day, they were all soon piling off into bed.

In the end, Rex didn’t get a chance to speak to Nia, he’d tried a few times both before and after dinner, but she’d always been around others and he hadn’t dared broach the topic within anyone else’s earshot, he knew it would have been mortifying for them both if their friends had heard him ask to speak to her privately. So he resolved instead to make time to talk to her on the way to Mor Ardain.

Unfortunately, despite his fatigue, after everything that had happened, Rex found himself unable to settle down.

Lying awake and alone in his own room, rather than able to relax, his thoughts swirled uncontrolled and he soon became lost in them. He recalled Zeke’s words, the discussion he still needed to have with Nia and everything he’d learned about her. He played back the visions he’d seen from Addam and the scattered memories he’d gained from the legendary Hero. And, between everything else, he simply stared at the ceiling, aching with longing for the two Aegis girls he owed so much to.

It was a quiet and difficult night, the first time he’d been truly alone to think since waking up from the battle with Jin, and the weight of the revelations laid heavily upon the once Salvager.


Meanwhile, and perhaps unsurprisingly, in a small inn halfway across the other side of town, the party’s resident healer was finding herself in a similar predicament.

Lying wide awake, staring at the moon shining bright through the open curtains, sleep seemed the furthest thing from Nia’s mind right now. With the room filled with the gentle hum of Poppi’s ether lines, as well as Mòrag and Brighid’s soft breathing, it was the first time since the crucible she’d had to truly be alone and to truly reflect on everything that had happened.

‘I told Rex I love him,’ she remembered for the hundredth time, her chest tightening and her mouth falling into a bright smile, that thought always seemed to make her stomach flip itself over. But somehow, what she came back to just as often, what truly made her smile, was everything else, ‘I told him everything, I finally… I finally told him the truth.’

After so, so long. After holding back for long enough to make her crazy. She’d finally found the courage to say everything she’d always wanted to say, to tell him the truth about who she was. And, finally, for the first time since leaving her home, she had a group of friends who accepted her.

More than anything else though, she couldn’t help but think about the future, about Tora and Poppi’s words.

‘They said, I’m just like Pyra. I’m… I’m Rex’s Blade.’

Her face burned red again and she squirmed a little just thinking that.

She felt silly. It wasn’t an emotion she could understand, it was nothing she’d ever experienced before. It definitely wasn’t a human emotion to care about something like that, and she’d tried to think of herself as a human for so very long now… But she wasn’t a human. She was a Blade, wasn’t she? And, as a Blade, the thought of being accepted and bonded to a Driver like Rex, the man she loved, left a tingling excitement through her soul, “Ahhn.” Her voice leaked out in a soft sigh and Nia squirmed in place again as an unimaginable feeling welled up inside her.

It was deep contentment mixed with warm affection, the knowledge she’d finally found a place where she belonged. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d ever felt this happy.

Of course. Nia was no fool and she never had been.

She could see exactly what was going to happen. She hadn’t needed Rex to answer her, every one of their team knew how he felt about their missing companions. She wasn’t sad about it, she wasn’t even disappointed really, she adored Pyra and had grown very fond of Mythra, she hadn’t confessed her feelings to Rex expecting him to feel the same, she’d done so only to finally be able to be honest with him.

She sighed.

They were going to leave here tomorrow and go off to somewhere she’d never heard of, to fight enemies she could only imagine. And then, at the end, they were going to face down another Aegis as well as Jin. They couldn’t afford to give up or to be beaten again, they would finally put a stop to the man who’d saved her in what almost felt like another life, and they would rescue Pyra from whatever it was he wanted her for.

And then, she knew, Rex and Pyra would never be separated again.

There was nothing sad about that thought. Nia knew for sure that Pyra’s place was at Rex’s side. After everything she’d suffered and all she’d endured in her long years, the Aegis finally found a place to belong, she knew better than anyone how important that was. She’d been just as heartbroken as any of them when Pyra had been taken and was more than willing to risk her life to save their friend.

She wasn’t jealous, nor did she lament the situation. In all her being, in every cell of her body, there wasn’t a single fragment of her that didn’t wish for Pyra and Mythra to be reunited with Rex.

It wasn’t a sad thought. But, it did make her feel a little lonely all the same.

Her gaze wandered to the sight of the “sleeping” robot and she reconsidered the other girl’s words. She was meant to be the daughter of a Lord of Gormott, she’d accepted that life, loved it even, it was still strange to truly think of herself like a Blade, and still scary to think about the real truth of her existence. But, at least in regards to her affection for Rex, perhaps she really was just like Pyra.

That felt a little unfair.

She closed her eyes for a moment, but sleep still felt as far away as ever.

‘Ahh, I want to talk to him…’

It was pointless now, she knew he’d be long asleep. But, she yearned to see him all the same, there was still so much she wanted to say, even if he didn’t hear it. And, tonight would be the only chance she’d ever have- Normally when they travelled, whenever they weren’t camping, the rooms were split between the girls and the boys, even now she was bunking up with Mòrag and Poppi, just like usual. However, tonight they were in Leftheria, and so while they were all lodging in an inn, Rex was back at Corrine’s house, in his own room. And, even Gramps, in some strange fit of nostalgia was apparently spending the night in his old berth near the docks.

She couldn’t imagine what would happen next, what was in store for them at the World Tree when they rescued Pyra, or even what Elysium would be like -she tried to believe it existed- but, she knew almost for certain, that tonight would be the last time she’d ever have to be alone with Rex.

Nia swallowed heavily, her thoughts trapped on that realisation for a long moment.

And then, with her mind resolved, she slipped from her bed and out the window, controlling her movements with such silent, feline grace, that not even the famed Flamebringer stirred in her sleep.


Rex was still wide awake when his door opened.

Lying on his back, lost in thought and staring mutely up at the familiar ceiling, the door opened so softly he almost didn’t hear it, only finally registering it a heartbeat later when the sound of it clicking shut snapped him from back to awareness.

“Abuh?” He grunted, groggily blinking himself back to reality as he propped himself up, “Eh? …N-Nia?”

It took him a moment to even process what he was seeing, but indeed, jolting suddenly stiffly in place, with her large, soft ears twitching nervously atop her head and the milky white skin of her body limned softly by her the silvery-white glow of her ether crystals, the sight of his friend’s new form was unmissable.

“A-Ah, so-sorry! Did I wake you?” she whispered, “I thought you’d be asleep already, after everything that happened. You ah, you worked really hard today.”

“No, not at all. I was having trouble sleeping actually, too much on my mind I suppose.”

Nia nodded and a small, awkward silence fell between them. He wasn’t sure what to say, and, finding him unexpectedly awake, she couldn’t quite find the words she’d meant to speak.

He looked good, she realised belatedly, better than she’d realised and for a moment she found herself drinking in the sight of Rex’s bare chest from where he was sitting up in bed facing her. She’d gotten so used to thinking of him as the same scrawny Salvager kid she’d met so long ago, she’d never noticed just how much he’d filled out until now. His body looked hard, and strong, far more than she’d expected and he’d gained an impressively toned musculature; all the time he’d spent fighting, training or travelling had obviously done him some good.

“Er… Nia?” he ventured a moment later, “You… Came to see me when I was asleep? Is something wrong?”

The urge to flee was almost overwhelming. But, somehow, the look in his eyes gave her the strength to stand her ground. She’d snuck into his room in the middle of the night, and still all he was concerned about was whether or not she was okay- that was so like him, she couldn’t help but smile, her heart singing for a moment in her chest once more.

“Rex, you’ve, you’ve realised it by now, haven’t you?” she spoke at last, tugging on the sleeves as she gestured toward her true form, “How I saved the Emperor back then? What I can do?”

He nodded. It was pretty obvious in hindsight.

They’d been too relieved at the time to properly think about it, and it hadn’t felt right towards Mòrag to pry into her brother’s miracle recovery afterwards but bringing someone back after the point where their Blade had already returned to it’s Core Crystal? That was far beyond anything they’d seen from Dromarch. Rex didn’t have a good understanding of just how strong Nia truly was, but he could only imagine she held considerable power.

“I… I couldn’t have done anything for Vandham,” she whispered softly, her ears drooping flat against her head and her eyes practically begging for him to believe her, “The Ether flow was cut off, and by the time Mythra saved us he was already… I… I knew Akhos was dangerous, maybe if I’d transformed from the start I could have…”

“Nia…” he had thought about it, of course he had, but his conclusion had been unwaveringly simple, “You said it yourself, you’d never fought with those guys properly, you couldn’t have known what he would do. Even if you’d changed from the start, he would have just cut off our Ether as soon as you scared him.”

“But,” losing her composure, Nia’s face contorted in anguish and she stepped shakily across the room towards him, “R-Rex, I… I could have saved you.” 

Dropping onto the bed in-front of him, she laid her hand against his chest, over his heart, where Jin’s blade had ran him through. Her fingers stroked warm and soft over his skin and his breath caught in his throat, there was no trace of damage on him, not even the smallest scar, but Rex doubted he’d ever forget the blinding pain and shock he’d felt in that moment, nor the bewildered terror he’d suffered, collapsing to the ground unable to even make sense of what happened as his body refused to move and his lifeblood drained away before his eyes.

Her touch was gentle and soothing, but the memories were cold, and his body felt chilled despite the summer’s heat.

“Th-They killed you without a second’s thought and… And I just watched it happen. I ju-just, I just left you to die.”

It was her tears splashing against his body that snapped him back to reality, the heat flushing through his body once more as Rex gaped at the sight of his friend’s pained face.

“Nia, tha-that’s, it’s fine really, Jin and Malos wouldn’t have just let you save me. And hey, maybe if you had, I would have never met Pyra? Or who knows what would have happened?”

“No!” she choked out, shaking her head in refusal, “No. It’s, it’s not okay just because it worked out. You’d been nothing but kind to me, I-I really liked you, and, and I still valued my secret over your life. Rex… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

He swallowed. It was clear she’d kept these thoughts bottled up for a long time now. Was that guilt why she’d been so willing to help him and Pyra, even when it had meant turning on her own allies? Nia always acted abrasive, but anyone who’d known her even half as long as he had knew just how gentle she really was, especially towards her friends. She was a selfless girl with a big heart, he couldn’t imagine it had been easy for her.

“Nia, it’s okay, really,” he repeated, wrapping his arms around her slender body and pulling her against him. He didn’t have any experience hugging girls, and he felt awkward attempting it, but when he felt her shivering against him, he squeezed her tighter all the same, “There’s no need to apologise, really. C’mon, how many times have you saved my life since? You’ve always been helping and supporting me, we wouldn’t have made it half this far without you. I wouldn’t have made it half this far without you. If… If you did anything wrong, you’ve more than made up for it.”

“Rex… P-Please, let me be your Blade. I’ll never let anything like that happen to you again, I swear. No matter who we face, I’ll heal you, I’ll always keep you safe.”

His face flushed red, even more from her words than their contact. He’d never once imagined Nia acting like this, it was hard to believe. Even how, he didn’t need a single moment to consider her offer however, “Of course. I think we’ll make a great team.” If it would make her happy, he would never refuse something like that.

She drew back a moment later, looking up at him with a small smile and her eyes shaking as he released his hold on her… Until a heartbeat later, when the realisation of what she’d just done seemed to suddenly catch up with her all at once and, letting out a small squeak, she instantly scooted herself away to the far edge of the bed, her face burning crimson and ears sticking up ramrod straight above her head.

He had to laugh, seeing her embarrassment did a lot to calm his own.

“You know, it’s actually kind of nice seeing this side of you Nia, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you like this before. You’re usually stronger than anyone I’ve met, like, no matter what happens, you just keep going.”

“A-Ah, well, hopefully I’m not as bad as Shellhead at least.” She blustered, a small grin forming as she laughed with him.

He leaned back against the headboard, folding his hands behind his head as the atmosphere between them warmed back to how it usually was between them. Clearly Nia had been shaken by everything she’d wanted to say, but just like he’d said, she was as resilient as anyone he’d ever met. He knew he’d drawn from that strength many times.

A stray thought occurred to him though, and he remembered that, despite her attitude, Nia had lived a slightly more sheltered life than she usually let on, “You should be careful though, you know?” he teased, “Coming to a man’s room at night like this, they’ll get ideas.”

“Oh?” her voice was soft, but her fingers clenched tight around the sleeves hanging off her arms and the spark of a challenge rose in her eyes, “And…and, what if that’s what I want?”

His composure faltered instantly. Eyes going wide, Rex gaped.

She hadn’t been planning for anything like this, she hadn’t even thought he’d still be awake, given how exhausted he must be. She’d only intended to see him again, to have a moment alone between them and to try be honest about herself at a time when they weren’t desperately fighting for their lives. But honesty was difficult, and Nia had more pride than was good for her sometimes, enough to give her the courage to do what she couldn’t otherwise imagine.

“Hah, that’s just like you Rex. You talk big about being a man, but you’re just a kid. I bet you’ve never spent the night with a girl before.”

“S-So what? What’s that got to do with anything?”

“It means that no matter what ideas this man may get, he won’t know what to do, so it doesn’t matter,” she teased. Her words were sharp, even sharper than usual, but they could both see her hands trembling nervelessly as she feigned a shrug, “Well, it’s fine I suppose.  Although, when you do grow up, I hope it’s with Pyra, because Mythra will just laugh at you.”

He winced, his heart thumping in his chest and his hands clenching tight defensively as her words cut through him. He knew Mythra was a lot softer than she liked to let on and, judging by the way she was always so easily blushing or stammering anytime they got close, he doubted the blonde had anymore experience than he did. But all the same, he couldn’t deny that the idea of her eyes boring coldly into him in such a vulnerable state was a very scary thought. His hackles rose automatically and a spark of frustration flared to life.

“You always talk like you’re so much more mature,” he shot back, “But do you even have any experience either!?”

Nia paused, her body shuddering with a shaky breath as she drew on her courage once more. Her gaze locked with his and once again, the look in his eyes drew her forwards.

“I don’t,” she whispered, crawling back over the bed towards him, “B-But… We, we could learn together?”

Breath catching in his throat, Rex could only stare mutely back from where he was sitting, propped up against his headboard, as Nia slid right up towards him- her large, soft ears bouncing hypnotically until she was barely a few centimetres away from him, her eyes still locked onto his own but her gaze softening to one of gentle affection as her breath tickled warm and teasing across his skin.

He swallowed heavily, barely able to respond.

“Rex, I…” her voice was quiet, nervous but unmistakably sincere and he realised she wasn’t playing, nor was she teasing or goading him anymore. Her right hand raised up, stroking his cheek and she stared imploringly towards him, “I don’t mind about Pyra, and I don’t think she’d mind about me. I-I won’t get in the way of you two, I won’t cause problems or ask for more than tonight. I… I… Rex…”

Running out of words, not knowing how to put her feelings into words, Nia simply moved, her head dipping down towards his and her lips parting softly against his mouth as she kissed him.

Rex knew he should have stopped her, or pulled back, or made sure they both knew what they were doing. But he was young, he was yearning, he was emotionally compromised, and he kissed her back.

Neither of them had any idea what they were doing. His teeth bumped into hers and her hip dug into his thigh. As far as first kisses went, it was exactly as to be expected; it was awkward, it was fumbling and -as his hands wrapped warm around her waist, and as she settled better into his lap- it was almost unbearably intense.

“Re-Hhaa, Rex…”
“Mm, Nia…”

Their lips parted for a moment, just barely enough to gasp for breath, before they each fell into the other once again.

And thus, the warm night burned hotter still.


“Nnhh, not so strong, do-don’t crush them.”

“O-Oh right, sorry.”

“It’s, ahhn, it’s fine, it feels good.”

Sitting in Rex’s lap, with her arms wrapped tight around the man she loved and her head buried flat on his shoulder, Nia whimpered and shivered as his hands continued to caress her small round breasts, kneading them slow and gently at her instruction. Being a Blade, undressing had been as simple as dismissing the ether bindings that kept her clothes in shape, Rex’s underwear hadn’t been quite so convenient to remove, given that the last thing she wanted at the moment was to disengage from him, but being a Gormotti had its advantages and her nails had made swift work of the thin cotton soon enough.

Which left them both completely naked, wrapped tight around each other and both marvelling at the myriad of sensations unlike anything they’d felt before.

It amazed her at just how different a man’s body seemed to be; Rex wasn’t really much bigger than her and yet she couldn’t help but notice how sturdy his chest felt anytime she pressed herself into it, nor how strong his back felt under her fingers. And, that was without even considering the way her heart trembled and raced at the feeling of his own touch on her- the fire he was igniting within her as he stroked her chest, or the incredible feeling of his hard shaft, pulsing hot and hard directly across her entrance and pushing hungrily against her, all the way up to her stomach.

Takings some initiative once more, Rex rolled her nipples between his fingers, drawing out a surprised yelp from Nia and sending her clinging even tighter to his shoulder-blades. No-one had ever touched her like this before, even the rare and tentative explorations she’d done herself hadn’t been anywhere near as intense as this and she could practically feel herself losing control as her body continued to get hotter and hotter! Each time he touched her she wanted more, each time he explored her body, she wanted him to go further… It was as embarrassing as it was arousing, her head was spinning with desire and she wasn’t sure how much she could take.

“Your ears look really cute like this, you know? They keep twitching and shaking each time I touch you.”

“Sh-Shut up!” she moaned, flushing an even deeper red and attempting to move her head further away from his vision, “Wh-what are you looking at my ears for anyway? Are you some kind of pervert?”

“I just think they’re really cute is all! You’re, you’re really beautiful Nia.” It sounded clumsy just hearing him say that, Rex wasn’t the kind of person who could smoothly deliver a compliment like that but it sent her heart racing all the same.

As if in apology, he reached a hand up and scratched gently behind her left ear, “Nnyaah!” Nia mewed in response. Just a few minutes ago they’d discovered a spot, right at the base of either ear where his could easily make her pant and gasp, shooting electric sparks of pleasure right up her spine. She lost all her strength whenever he did it and it left her feeling like putty in his hands… She wasn’t quite sure if she regretted him knowing this or not.

Determined not to be the only one feeling good, Nia pushed her waist even tighter against his, sliding herself up and down the hard shaft pressed between them and doing what she could do shake her hips against him in a way she hoped her liked. Moaning lightly in reply, Rex’s hand began moving up and down the full length of her ear, caressing and squeezing it exactly in time with his other fingers kneading her right breast.

Nia mewed even louder, clinging even tighter against him. Vandham was right, he really did learn fast. Too fast. She didn’t think she could stand much more than this! Already her head was getting fuzzy and her entire body felt ready to beg for more!

“R-Rex,” she gasped, “Nnaa, that’s, that’s enough already. I don’t want to wait anymore.”

His movements stopped and he released her, giving them both a moment to sit back and finally catch their breath, their hearts both racing as their bodies flushed from the shared warmth. They could each feel the hungry throb of his shaft between her legs, as much as the heated need from her thoroughly soaked entrance.

Cupping her chin, he dipped his head forwards and kissed her once more, softer and sweeter this time, enough to almost make her moan aloud -he really did learn far too fast- but only for a moment.

Their eyes met and the same shared heartbeat of nervous excitement passed between them, the same trepidation and the same exhilaration. This was the last moment before they truly took things too far, the final time they could stop before they did something they could never take back.

“If you’re sure, Nia.” He whispered, swallowing heavily as he rested his hands lightly over her hips, taking pains not to force her past what she was comfortable with.

If she was sure? Her heart throbbed and she fell in love all over again. If she was sure? Surely she wasn’t the one who needed to be sure, she was the one who’d come to his room, the one who’d unintentionally escalated things, and the one who’d wanted exactly this for so very long now, since even before she’d realised it… But then, that was just like him wasn’t it? To worry about someone else, even when he should be thinking about himself.

“Rex, I can stop now,” she promised, chewing on her lip as she forced the words out. She knew just looking at him, the only thing worse than stopping here would be having the man she loved regret being with her, “I-If you don’t wan-”

“Nia,” his hands clenched around her hips and his smile soothed her worries, just as it always did, “I want you.”

Raising herself up and properly taking his length into her hands for the first time, she found herself feeling slightly intimidated. Just feeling his cock pulsing thick and hard between her fingers, he felt larger than she’d imagined and, for a moment, it was difficult to believe that something like this was meant to fit inside her. But then again, she reminded herself, easily shaking away the last of her hesitations, she didn’t have anything to compare it to, nor any real idea what she should have expected, this was probably completely normal and in any case there was no point worrying. She knew what she wanted and, as worked up as she was, she wasn’t about to stop now. Settling herself atop his shaft, she let out a long, soft gasp as she felt her lips opening up around him.

‘Sorry Pyra, Mythra, I’m going first… But, I knew him before you two, so that’s fair, right?’

Slowly sliding herself down, Nia’s gasp grew louder and deeper, her mouth dropping open and eyes going wide as his length slowly began sinking inside her, spreading her inner walls around him. His cock pierced easily through her chastity a moment later and she gave a sudden start, wincing as a sharp, stabbing pain seared through her and a small pool of blood spread out from where they were connected. Thankfully, as an expert healing Blade, a simple pain like that was dealt with as easily as breathing and Nia instinctively soothed it away almost before it registered, leaving behind only the building pleasure, and the thought of being directly connected to the man she loved. Reaching down and pulling his hands from her hips, she took hold of them with her own, entwining their fingers affectionately as she pushed her hips down once more.

“N-Nia! Hha, you’re so warm! It’s amazing!”

Even if she’d wanted to reply, it was impossible, her head was fuzzy and she could barely even think, barely even concentrate on anything but the feeling of his thick shaft spreading her pussy open, moulding her tunnel to his shape as she worked her way lower, took him inch, after inch, deeper inside. Her pussy pulsed and coiled around him, and her hands squeezed tight around his own, her entire world seemed to fade away to nothing but the sensation of being filled with him, his shaft opening her up and spreading out her innermost walls.

Until, finally, one short eternity later where- holding tight to him, with one last, loud moan, Nia thrust herself fully down, to his base, burying the entire length of his shaft inside her. It had been maybe a minute at most, but already she was shaking and panting, her head white and heart pounding.

‘It’s… I’m so, I’m so full,’ she marvelled, throwing her head back and drowning in the sensations. It was as if he was touching her entire body, she could feel the heavy weight of his shaft pressing against her deepest walls and every little movement he made -twitching or thrumming inside her- sent waves of heat right through her core. It wasn’t anything she could even attempt to put into words, simply the joy and bliss of feeling them connected on the deepest level, ‘He’s… He’s fully inside me! It’s like I’m, I’m filled entirely with him!’

“Are you okay, Nia?”

“Y-Yes, sorry, of course, it’s… I feel… Ahhnn… Rex, I can feel you, it’s so…” losing track of her words and too embarrassed to explain herself regardless, Nia began to move, slowly pushing down on him and forcefully raising herself back along his shaft, automatically clenching down on him even harder as she sank back into his lap a moment later, “What about you? D-Do I… Feel good?”

“Yeah! Nhha, it-it’s so hot and wet, an-and, you’re squeezing me so tight! It’s incredible!”

Incredible! She’d worried she didn’t really even know what she was doing, but she was making him feel incredible? Heart singing with joy, Nia put all her effort into her movements, digging her knees harder into the bed as she slid herself up and down her shaft, squeezing herself as tight around him as she could manage!

Feeling his every twitch and throb reverberating throughout her body, feeling his shaft hitting the same spot, at the back of her tunnel, her moans became even louder and longer, tossing her head from side to side as her breathing became ragged and her movements became erratic. Clinging tighter to him, her waist fell against his once more and her entire body quaked in response, her breath catching in her throat with a silent gasp, unable to even cry out.


“I’m fine, it’s ju-just, a little hard to move.”

She squeezed her eyes shut, fighting down the sensations swirling throughout her body. “HnghAAHhh! Rex… Hha.” It was no use. It felt too good, better than she could possibly resist.

Each time she raised herself up, each time she felt him scraping back along her tunnel, she couldn’t help but cry out. And whenever she slid back down, whenever she felt his cock buried inside her, filling her completely once more, her entire body trembled and she lost all her strength. Her face was flushed bright red and her mouth open in a dizzy smile, she knew any composure she’d had was long lost, but she still clung tight around him, diligently sliding up and down across his length as best she could, desperate to make him feel as amazing as possible, to show him every scrap of the affection she felt.



Suddenly releasing her hands, Rex pushed down on her shoulders, causing her to cry out in shock as he rolled her backwards, sending them both tumbling -still connected- down onto the mattress and leaving Nia slumped directly under him.

Her words of surprise were quickly silenced as he cradled her head in his hands, wrapping his body tight around hers once more. And then replaced entirely with another deep, desperate, moan of delight as his cock slid inside her, stretching back almost the full length of her tunnel before crashing back into her once more, straining hungrily against her deepest walls, wrapping the full length of her pussy around his shaft.


He repeated the motion and she linked her arms automatically around his neck.

“Tha-That’s, hha, yes, ju-just, just like th-thhaat!”

His cock filled her again and her legs locked instinctively around his waist.

“R-Rex, Rex!”

He fell into a pace, filling her over and over, and her body moved to match him.

Holding him as tight against her as she could, rocking her hips back up against his thrusts, squeezing tight around him each time he pulled out. Nia mewed even more desperately, crying out even louder as the tempo between them rose and their initially clumsy movements began to act in synch.

Having accepted him without even needing to think, or even being aware of her actions, Nia suddenly realised that she was entrusting herself to him, that she was giving herself to him fully, without regard or worry and she understood then, that she trusted Rex not only with her heart but with every aspect of her being. She had finally opened herself up completely to him. It wasn’t something she’d considered before, or something she’d even thought about, but as she relaxed back into the mattress, wrapping her legs tight around him and rocking her body in time with his, the thought crystallised clear in her mind. And then, all of a sudden,

 “Wha? N-Nia? You’re… You’re glowing?”

“Oh… So are you?”

There was a soft glow now filling the previously moonlit room and as they each looked up in amazement, it took another moment for them both to register what had happened. A warm, golden thread was stretching out from her Core Crystal, connecting with him and bathing them both in a gentle yellow hue. Looking down at herself in surprise, Nia could see that all her Ether lines had appeared, crisscrossing up and down the length of her body and shining a bright blue in the moonlight; her eyes went wide in surprise, she’d seen such things from the other Blades, Pyra, Mythra, Brighid and even Poppi, but she’d never had a chance to feel it for herself.

“I didn’t mean to…”

He smiled, bringing his lips down against hers for a moment, “Our hearts are beating as one. Nia, I can… I can feel your happiness?”

“Ah, me too. Rex, I, I feel so warm.”

Just the same as the connection that allowed them to read each other’s intentions in battle, she could feel him now, she could share what he was feeling- the same excitement, same affection and same pleasure that was swirling through her, ‘Is this… Is this what it means to be someone’s Blade?’ it was incredible.

Acting on an unspoken signal, their bodies came together once more; their fingers interlinking and lips locking together in a heated kiss. And this time, when Rex moved, Nia moved with him, their motions matched in perfect synch.

This time, when Rex filled her, he did so a touch slower, moving himself much more deliberately, scraping his cock wonderfully through every inch of her tunnel before pushing himself firmly into her deepest walls. And, this time, just as he did so, Nia clenched her ankles tight around his waist, pulling him another half-inch further inside and coiling herself tighter around him just as he made to withdraw. Bonded together as Driver and Blade, sharing an affinity only they could understand, they each moved exactly to meet the other’s unconscious desires.

There was no need for thoughts or words, she could feel his emotions as vividly as her own; she could feel his desire, his affection, the pleasure she was giving him as well as the affect her own delights sent through him. And, of course, more than anything else, she could feel something incredible building fast inside both of them.

Just feeling his shaft moving inside her had been enough to send her body quaking and seal away her strength. Having Rex hold her tight and thrust himself into her had been enough to make her scream aloud. And now, with the intensity between them rising exponentially, she knew she couldn’t possibly hold on, that they were both very quickly approaching their absolute limits.

Her body was trembling in his arms, rocking and jolting as each new surge of pleasure crashed through her, always hotter and harder than the last! It felt like she was soaring, her breath came only in quick, desperate pants and he mind spun hazily! It was too much, she was going crazy!

Unable to bear it, or to hold back a single second longer, Nia suddenly wrenched herself vice-tight around him, driving his cock forcefully right to the furthest depths of her pussy and all but screaming into their kiss as her world suddenly exploded and an indescribable torrent of bliss smashed completely through her resistance!

“Hnn! Nh-Niia!”

And then, just as her consciousness spun out of control, Nia felt Rex’s own pleasure spill over through their connection- she felt his cock abruptly swell even thicker inside her, his cries joining her own and a sudden eruption of heat, pressure and desire crashing violently against her innermost walls, soaking her very being in him.

For a moment, the entire room was lit up as the golden glow surrounding them both burst with intensity. And then, everything went white.


The night passed quickly from there. It had been an incredibly long day, and after all they’d been through, both physically and mentally, the intensity of their shared release drained the last dregs of their stamina. Staying still wrapped up tight around each other, even as the connection between them slowly faded, they talked lightly for a short time, exchanged more a few more soft kisses and warm smiles, and, within a handful of minutes, were both fast asleep.

Snuggled tight and warm into his shoulder, Nia’s long ears twitched happily through the night as she flitted through a series of pleasant dreams.

Laying on his back, with his right arm wrapped securely around her shoulder, Rex’s painful yearnings were finally dulled and, for the first time since waking up in Tantal, he was able to properly rest.

Warm and secure like that, they both slept long and deeply, and in the end, Rex wasn’t sure if it was fate or good fortune that he woke up, just as Nia was carefully disentangling herself from him, restoring her clothes with a moment of focus.

Calling her name quietly as he blinked himself awake, he caught her hand just as she slipped from the bed, taking her by surprise once again and leaving her unable to resist as he pulled her back towards him, back to his arms.

“R-Rex? You’re awake?” she breathed, flushing anew at the intimate contact, even despite the semen dried thick down her thighs, “S-Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to be rude, I just, I have to get back before anyone else wakes up or they’ll realise I was gone…”

He nodded, but didn’t reply. That wasn’t important right now.

What was important, what he couldn’t possibly put off for another moment, was the knowledge he’d woken with, that he still hadn’t given her his answer. He passed almost a minute, just staring back at her, unable to possibly find the words for what he felt. In the end, all he could think to do was focus on the bond, and what he knew to be true, to speak from his heart,

“Nia. I do love you. You mean the absolute world to me and I never want to be apart from you. But, I-Mmmph!?”

Slinking forwards with a laugh, she sealed his lips with her own, slipping her tongue into his mouth and holding tight to the sides of his face and she sucked him into a quick, heated kiss.

“But… You belong to Pyra and Mythra, right?” she finished for him a short time later, leaning her forehead against his as she spoke, “It’s not as simple as you feeling like you owe Pyra your life, or that you made a promise to her anymore, is it?”


He’d already recognised those feelings for the excuses they were and discarded them. After what he’d learned in the Spirit Crucible, after finally understanding the fear the two Aegis Women carried, Rex had finally recognised his own role. It wasn’t enough to want to help Pyra, or to try support Mythra, the only way to save them was to be completely honest with them, to recognise his love for them and accept them as Addam couldn’t. He wasn’t acting from a promise, or an obligation, he wasn’t looking for Elysium to save the world- he was looking for Elysium to be with them there. He was living for them now.

“I understand.”

He blinked. He’d expected tears, or possibly anger, especially after all they’ done. But instead, Nia looked as happy as he’d ever seen her.

“Hehe, I like seeing you like that.” she teased, tenderly caressing his cheek, “When you’re so determined, it makes you look a little more mature. And, and it makes me believe in you, that you really can do it, that you can stop Jin.

“Rex. I want to save them too. More than anything. I… I already told you I don’t mind about Pyra, you know? So, so you just focus on her. Save her Rex. Bring her back to us. And… And, when this is all over, when we’re all in Elysium…”

He swallowed, her words from the previous night hung in the air, I don’t think she’d mind about me, it was a presumptive statement and one with no backing, nothing more than a vague possibility. But that was fine. He knew Nia was right, he couldn’t afford any distractions and he didn’t have any leniency to think about the future right now. They all knew where each other stood now, that was all that mattered.

The mood was almost bittersweet, but the smile they shared was just as affectionate as the previous night.

“I love you, Nia.”
“I love you, Rex.”

Their hands lingered together for a second before she pulled away and then, without another glance backwards, she slipped through the door and was gone.



Spreading her hands tight around herself as she crept out of Corrine’s house and made her way back to the Inn, Nia’s steps were light and her heart was souring freer than she’d ever felt before. She looked down at herself, at the appearance she’d kept desperately hidden for so long now, and for the first time in years, was truly happy.

It had always been strange thinking of herself as a Blade. She’d been raised, such as it was, as the a Gormotti Lord’s daughter, as a normal girl. Even now, thinking of herself as a Blade rather than a human felt almost alien, it brought with it a myriad of fears and countless harsh memories of her life on the run.

Being a Blade was scary.

But… being Rex’s Blade… That felt a lot better. That felt better than anything. No matter what happened next, she knew she’d be at his side, that she had a place to belong.



A/N: And there you go! Wasn’t that fun! And hopefully kind’a sweet, even if not necessarily completely happy.

While I absolutely adore Nia and she’s one of my absolute favourite characters, I wanted to take pains not to undermine Rex’s relationship with Pyra and Mythra, even despite how much I like Nia, I feel like the story of XBC2 only works when Rex is with Pyra/Mythra. I know plenty of people wanted him to accept her confession, but considering his literal key character development moment is him throwing away his previous reasons and deciding to literally live for them, it’d be a little strange for him to outright start dating Nia right then.

On the other hand, I’m a big believer in a foursome ending. Pyra’s clearly open to sharing, they specifically have unique specials holdings hands together with Rex and even Nia’s entire fortitude line is about how much better she feels when Pyra or Mythra are around. I feel like, if Nia wants to join Rex’s harem, all she has to do is ask. So I wanted to leave that possibility open too.

One thing I absolutely wanted to do with this story was to incorporate a few of the unique aspects of Blades and Drivers into it, which hasn’t really been touched on from any of the stories I’ve seen. Most especially the Golden affinity bond! Two hearts and minds acting in perfect unison? Doesn’t that sound absolutely perfect for a pair of lovers? I suppose as a point of Clarification, I wasn’t implying that Nia or Rex could feel each other’s pleasure like he would likely have been able to do with Pyra or Mythra at this stage, but that they could read each other’s emotions- so she could feel that she was pleasuring him, and vice versa.

Speaking of sharing pleasure though, one thing that I can’t help but notice in the ending is that Pyra and Mythra are now sharing one Core Crystal, just like how Rex used to with them… Perhaps that’s something that might be fun to explore in a possible sequel at some point.

Anyhow, should be back to ACoT next. So look forward to that!

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