Colorful Knights

BY : KratosAurion97
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Kent and Sain were surprised to see Lyn already waiting for them in her room within Castle Caelin. The Lord had already stripped down, letting the men see and look over her body. Their eager eyes flicked across her large breasts and her bare pussy that had a messy tuft green of hair sitting above her entrance. The green-haired woman sank down to her knees and smiled up at her her knights, "I hope you two aren't planning on holding back on me." Lyn said confidently.

"Not unless you command us to, Lady Lyndis," Sain replied quickly as he began to undress.

Standing behind the womanizing knight, Kent was also removing his clothes and armor. As shameful as he felt, Kent had grown to love fucking Lyn. Just as soon has the red-haired knight had finished undressing, he had seen that Lyn already had her soft lips wrapped around Sain's shaft and was being guided up and down Sain's cock by the flirt himself.

Kent stepped up to Lyn from the side, he felt her hand immediately wrap around his hard cock while her head was steadily being pushed back and forth along Sain's dick, the ponytailed woman gagged around the knight's cock, feeling him pushing her down further and pressing into her throat. Both men groaned as Lyn pleasured them, Kent groaned happily from the woman's soft hand steadily jerking him off, the sensations were enough for Kent to briefly forget the guilt he harbored from having sex with the one he served.

"You've certainly improved, milady! Why don't we see if you can take dull old Kent here and myself at once?" Sain suggested, he gave a couple more humps to Lyn's face, sending his cock slamming down the intense tightness of her throat before he pulled out of her gullet to let her bob her head down his cock on her own.

The suggestion excited Lyn; she thought of all the intense pleasure she'd get by having Kent and Sain drilling away at her ass and pussy all at once. She could have the wonderful feeling of her rear fucked from behind while the knight who got the honor of plowing her pussy could grab and kiss her massive tits as he drove his cock right up into her cunt. Those thoughts were almost too alluring, Lyn's pussy was completely soaked and she craved to be ravaged as she still bobbed her head down Sain's shaft, she kept her lips sealed while licking along his cock and taking him all the way into her throat with each descent. 

Kent was staring to finally unwind, the woman rapidly pumped her hand up and down his cock, hearing the sound of her sloppy sucking and gagging from taking Sain so recklessly only turned the stern knight on more, his hips rolled forward into her hand that was curled around his length in order to get a bit more friction from the handjob.

 Lyn gave both men an even amount of attention; she hastily pushed and pulled her head along Sain's shaft, using her lips and tongue to drag along ever inch of his dick to give a him a wet, thorough blowjob. And with Kent, she used her skillful hand to stroke up and down his long length, always delighted at the smooth skin sliding across her hand as she quickly jerked his cock. The Lady of Caelin sat there on her knees while her pussy leaked with anticipation during the start of the reward for the knights. Lyn was far too into sucking down dick and stroking another cock in hopes of having gooey cum splattered across her face, the rapid stimulation of both men's shafts had brought them to a quick end thanks to Lyn's surprising skill.

Sain pulled out of Lyn's mouth and spilled his seed across her lovely, youthful face. Lyn moaned as Sain splattered streaks of thick cum across her face and into her open mouth. At her side, Kent shot his spunk across both of her large, perky breasts as she kept on stroking his thick cock even as he finished. It was a satisfying feeling for Lyn to hear both men moan and cum all over her body, all of this was to be an little bit of fun, but she was having quite a bit of it instead.

Lyn took her time with swiping her fingers across her ample breasts and face, she collected nearly every bit of the two men's seed up and sucked her fingers clean. Both Kent and Sain grew hard again from watching their lady dutifully sucking off her digits clean as of they were a nice cock. Lyn rose to her feet and saw her knights stroking their erect cocks slowly, "Good, I'm glad you're ready for more." She said eagerly.

"Do you wish to indulge in the activity Sain suggested?" Kent asked softly but hopefully.

"Hmm, sounds like Sain wasn't the only one who was eager to try that." Lyn teased, her remark caused Kent to look away for a moment. "So, how do we do this, Sain?"

 Sain looked towards Lyn to give his instructions "Oh, well, I'll lay down and you can ride me as usual. And instead of using your lips on Kent, he'll come from behind and take your behind!" Sain said almost too proudly, he went over to Lyn's bed and laid flat on his back. The busty Lord quickly got onto the bed and mounted the headband-clad knight.

Lyn sank down Sain's large cock with a moan passing by her lips, she felt his hands on her hips as he started to thrust up. Lyn leaned all the way over, she pressed a kiss to Sain's lips as he plunged his cock upward into her pussy. He pushed up into Lyn's wet heat, feeling the slick hole tight around his shaft with each thrust. Feeling her cunt clamping around him was a sensation he never got tired of, and her pussy was something he was always happy to stretch out and fuck until it was gaping and leaking with his cum.

"Lady Lyndis! You feel as tight as the first time we did this, I must admit, I envy Kent getting the opportunity of pounding your pretty bottom."

Lyn said nothing but continued to moan aloud from Sain's dick thrusting inside of her dripping snatch, it was an embarrassing to admit how wonderfully Sain's length filled her. Just when Lyn was in the middle of enjoying the feeling of having her pussy fucked, she felt Kent's cocktip pushing right against her tight butthole. The green-haired woman groaned as Kent pushed into her plump rear, just like that, she was filled with two thick cocks that stretched both of her holes apart and hammered her deep.

Both men enjoyed the hole they were in, Sain bucked his hips upward and drove his shaft deep into Lyn's soft pussy as the woman laid herself out over his body. Kent was kneeling behind Lyn as she was anchored to Sain, he rammed his cock deep into Lyn's ass without a care, fucking her hard while he deemed his service to his lady even more worth it. Both men's cocks thrusted in and out of Lyn's two tight holes at a relatively close pace, the busty woman cried out with a smile on her face as both dicks slammed into her nearly at the same time.

"Ah ha! I knew our Lady Lyndis would love this dual plowing!" Sain exclaimed, his hips continued to thrust up into Lyn's soaked cunt, the shameless knight loved listening to every little sound the woman made from his and Kent's cocks pounding away at her.

"That maybe true, but I'm enjoying Kent in my butt far more than having you inside me." Lyn teased, she leaned in for another kiss. The womanizer's faint look of disappointment faded when Lyn pressed her lips to his and pressed her massive tits against his chest.

Kent shook his head at his friends' antics, he kept his steady pace up to keep to Sain's rhythm, the stern knight drove his thick cock deep into Lyn's pucker over and over, feeling her asshole clamped around his shaft and moaning from the fierce tightness he was pushing back and forth into. Kent had always felt guilty when he fantasized about Lyn's form; he loved thinking of her large breasts that bounced when she'd walk or swing her sword, and he guiltily enjoyed staring at her plump ass through her usual dress as it clung loosly to her perky butt.

Lyn was moaning aloud from both men fucking her hard, she felt curiously full having two hot rods pumping in and out of her holes without missing a beat. Her breasts were bouncing, providing a nice treat for Sain as he laid below her. Kent had pulled her upright as he still pounded her asshole with out any pauses, his hand slipped under her arm and grabbed one of her bouncing tits while at the same time he leaned in to press a kiss to her neck while continuing to fuck her.

"I don't want this to end," Lyn moaned, feeling Kent sucking on her skin as both men kept to hammering her tight holes, "After we're finished, we'll go for another round."

The woman's offer only invigorated her two knights, they slammed into her ass and pussy faster and harder, making the fierce sword-fighter scream from the mind-blowing pleasure from having both holes ravaged so carelessly. Lyn was pulled back down by Sain, he held her close as he and his partner fucked her relentlessly and towards all three of their releases.

Lyn let out a final cry of ecstasy as she came, her body was enveloped in a satisfying heat, her pussy gushed all over Sain's groin, soaking his lap and cock with her juices as the two men finished up with their thrusts. Lyn felt both young men slam into her for the final time, their hot cocks erupted inside both of her fucked holes and they deposited their loads deep inside of her pussy and asshole.

Kent laid Lyn down next to Sain after he pulled out of her ass, the green-haired woman's holes dripped with their cum and she panted heavily with a contented smile on her face. The red-haired knight got off the bed and began to put on his clothes and armor. Lyn looked over to see Kent as he began to pick up and leave, "Going so soon?" Lyn asked.

"...Yes, Milady. I'm grateful for tonight--as always. But I'm still having conflicting feelings about all of this." 

Lyn nodded and watched as Kent completely left her bedroom, she turned back over to see Sain was still happy with himself. "At least I can count on you to not leave when I'm naked." Lyn taunted.

"Yet you love him instead." Sain replied honestly.


"Ha, no worries, Lyndis. I know I'm a third wheel, but as long as I feel your lips against mine and your lovey hole around me, I'll die happy."

"That's all well and good, but I'm not going to let you or Kent die on my watch. Now, I suppose you wouldn't pass up my offer for more?"

"I'm not as dull as our pal, Kent; I'll bed you in any way you desire." Sain offered.

"Good, I'd like to have you in my ass..."

"Then let's get moving!"
Sain was laying flat on the bed, he rested his head on Lyn's pillow and propped his head up by having his arms folded behind his head. He laid comfortably and watched as Lyn was between his legs, sucking his cock with great ease. He decided to lay back and simply enjoy the pleasure for as long as it would last, Lyn's purpose was to mainly slick up his cock for her ass so Sain could fuck her rear as hard as they needed.

Sain groaned, his eyes focused on the beautiful young woman going down on him, her motions were fluid and her sweet moans rumbled down his cock as she went up and down hypnotically. Soon after Lyn's small army reclaimed the castle, Sain went the extra mile with his service as a knight after he and his partner began sleeping with the noblewoman, he was willing to take time off chatting up the girls around the castle to work up another chance to fuck Lyn. Sain gasped in surprise shortly after closing his eyes for a brief moment. He opened his eyes so see that Lyn was sucking on one of his balls, the wet sucking on his sensitive testicle was enough to get a meek groan from the womanizing man. Lyn adjusted her focus to making out with her knight's sack, she kissed and licked each ball as she listened to him moan.

Sain got restless watching and feeling Lyn sucking sloppily on his balls he groaned and shifted his hips, "We'd better get to the act or else I might might finish on your face."

Lyn headed his words and gave one final kiss to his sack before getting up, she climbed onto Sain's lap and mounted him. She reached behind her and pressed his cock between her cheeks and lined his tip up with her asshole. Lyn groaned as she sank down, she felt Sain's tip pushing into her hole and his shaft filling her ass up while lowering herself fully into his lap. Lyn bounced eagerly on Sain's cock, she lifted herself up and slammed herself down his length rhythmically, not caring about the slight searing sensation as she fucked herself hard with a pleasured smile adorned on her face.

The knight watched the buxom woman frantically pounded her own ass on his cock, his eyes moved up and down along with the sway of Lyn's massive tits bouncing as she rode him swiftly. He always envied Kent getting both her ass and pussy while Sain only ever got her sweet snatch and her mouth. Now Sain enjoyed one of the few times he got to feel Lyn's tight backdoor around his cock, he laid happily and took in the whole show of Lyn bucking up and down in his lap, fucking herself hard on his cock.

"You know Lady Lyndis, if you let me sleep in your room, we could do this all the time."

"True, but then I'd have to feel your dick against my butt when we sleep. Or I'd always feel your hand on my crotch or my boobs." Lyn said teasingly, unable to resist toying with the flirtatious knight.

"And you wouldn't like any of that? You don't always act like the same woman when you're alone with us." The sly knight retorted.

Lyn rolled her eyes and kept riding Sain's cock anally, she felt Sain's earlier load still leaking out of her pussy, she moaned from the lovely thought of being filled by her two knight's seed. She owed a lot to Kent and Sain, that's partially some of the reason she let the two men plow her until she's gaping and sweaty. Lyn steadily bounced on Sain's cock, they both felt the pleasure building inside of them, and neither one was held back their groans of joy. The ponytailed woman diligently rode Sain's cock until they heard the sound of the bedroom door unlocking, Lyn and Sain turned their heads and watched as Kent entered the room again.

"That was quick old friend, cleared your head?" Sain asked, watching as Kent quickly closed the door behind him.

"Mostly. But I see you two kept busy." Kent noted, standing off to the side of the bed and saw Lyn sitting on Sain's lap with his dick buried in her rear as she bucked up and down.

"Sure did! I guess we should change into a better position so the new commander of the knights doesn't feel left out." Sain mocked.

Lyn got off of Sain's lap and cock, she crawled on all fours all the way towards the end of the bed. Lyn gripped the very edge of the bed as she felt Sain pushing back into her asshole. She watched as Kent approached bottomless, she smiled at him before opening her mouth. Lyn moaned as Kent pushed his cock in between her lips, she felt his hands grasping firmly at the sides of her head before he guided her face down his shaft until her nose was brushing up against his pubes and his cock was pushed down her throat. Kent was respectful around Lady Lyndis and other women, but when alone with her, his urges took charge; Kent humped Lyn's face, driving his cock down her throat with his push forward and letting her gullet's tightness be his source of pleasure. A shiver went down his spine upon feeling Lyn's excess drool coating his shaft while he delighted in the feeling of her throat constricting around his cock.

Sain knelt behind Lyn while resuming his fucking of her tight ass, he slammed his cock hard into Lyn, knowing that the noblewoman was more than capable of taking a friendly ravaging. The green-haired knight squeezed his lady's ass cheek as he bucked forward and plunged his cock into her rear. Both men basked in Lyn's moans and whines as they pushed into her holes, they both fucked her deep and quick, all three taking in all the pleasure they could this night as they moved hectically.

Lyn felt so warm and full as the two knight took their rewards for helping her make it to her grandfather, Lyn came to adore being used as the knight's cumdump once a week, she loved the feeling of her holes pounded and filled with their spunk and left feeling ravaged and satisfied. Doing this was something Lyn would have never considered at the start of her journey, she found it odd to think she'd ever be fucked by more that one man.

Both men's dicks slammed into her in tandem, Kent and Sain stopped for nothing as they each fucked the hole they were balls-deep in. Kent had started to feel less and less guilty about doing this with Lyn every week, the pleasure of being deep within Lyn's mouth and throat was a good wakeup call to realized that this arrangement wasn't too bad. As much as Kent would love to take and pound each of Lyn's holes to himself, he was oddly happy to see Sain on the other side of Lyndis and pounding away at her backdoor.

"See Kent? She truly loves being fucked by us."

"I see now. I won't step out again." Kent said, looking back down to watch his own length slide in and out between Lyn's sealed lips while he fucked her face.

Lyn was quickly being overwhelmed by pleasure; she felt her own large breasts swaying as Sain rapidly fucked her ass from behind, she reached down with one hand to slip three fingers into her cum-filled pussy. She kept her self in the doggy position with one hand as she used her other hand to thrust her fingers in and out of her sloppy pussy. She moaned from the pleasure building that stemmed from Sain's cock sliding in and out of her asshole roughly. And she gagged from Kent's shaft stuffing her throat so wonderfully. She adored both men now, her proposition of having them fuck her two nights a week would soon be made real after this.

Amidst the chaotic, savage fuck, Lyn came hard. She moaned in pure bliss as she felt the two men's weight hitting her from front and back, she pulled her fingers out of her hairy cunt and squirted all over the bed below her. Kent and Sain followed Lyn; they gave their last few vigorous thrusts into her backside and mouth respectively before they both came in seconds from each other. Lyn felt as gush of warm spunk shooting into her now gaping asshole, she moaned at the sensation of her rear filled up with spunk just before Kent pulled out of her throat and let his cum fill fill her lovely mouth.

Lyn swallowed Kent's load and basked in the sensations of her orgasm before Sain pulled her back towards the pillows. Lyn was soon laying on ner back next to both knights as they ran their hands down her breasts and towards her messy bush, she felt so satisfied and she was happy they felt the same.

"You both should stick around. We'll do the same thing tomorrow." Lyn said softly, looking between both men laying beside her as their eyes lit up with excitement from her words.

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