The Lone Wandering Couple

BY : Morgan Shepard
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A/N - Author’s Notes

Welcome to my first full and published fanfiction.  The thing I want to get out of the way first is that I’ve only got about 8 chapters stored and ready to be posted.  While that may seem good, they’re not super long chapters.  Plus I’m just finishing up the first visit to Megaton.  However, my desire to write diminishes over time as my interests change.  So there will come times when I’ve posted everything I’ve written so far and won’t update for long periods of time.  Maybe if the story gets popular enough, these times will be shortened as I get inspired or motivated by people's enjoyment.  No matter what though, I intend to finish this story.  Whether that’s with no reviews or a million.

Next is how and why this story is rated.  If I was to rate what my fanfiction would be if it was a movie, then I'd go with NC-17 or a X rating. This thing will be dark, disturbing, and feature many themes and bits that I honestly feel even a NC-17 rating can't describe.  Thankfully, AFFO exists with its A++ rating.  There will be limes and lemons aplenty and scenes of extreme violence.  There's even be a rape scene later on.  I’m sorry if people find that uncomfortable but I really want to try and capture the feel of a hellish wasteland where words like order or civility are no longer part of the general vocabulary.  However, I’ll probably make that a chapter all in itself therefore giving people a chance to skip it if they wish.  However, it’ll play a major role in the later parts of the story.  But I’ll leave the choice up to the readers. Obviously at the start, it won’t be like this.  The change will happen over time, my MCs going from nice, kind, and caring people to those I think most people would turn into if exposed to the Wasteland for their entire adult lives. So the start will be nothing too extreme, with bits here and there of what's to come.  But slowly that time will disappear like a shoreline of sanity and calm as they sail into a sea of blood and hellfire.

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All in all, I want this story to be something few, if any, have done before.  It will be graphic, it will be depraved, it will be horrible.  But most importantly, I hope for it to be atleast entertaining.  Now, time to begin this long journey.  Enjoy.

Natalia Miller entered the classroom through the hermetically sealed door that was the standard door in Vault 101.  She had come to class every day since she had started school 10 years before.  Although today, she hadn’t wanted to come to class.  Less than a week ago, she had turned 16.  In Pre-War America, it would have meant she’d be allowed to drive.  But in the confines of the Vault, it meant more.  It meant she could finally get it on.  Do the horizontal bop.  It meant she could finally have sex legally.  Of course, her and her lover than played with each other many times, a quick fingering in a bath stall or groping over their clothes, but it never went too far and they never gave each other a orgasm.  It was more like experimenting than really having sex.  But today, that was all gonna change.

She had been planning on celebrating with her lover.  But to get to then, she had to get through class.  She took her seat, making sure the skirt on her self-customized jumpsuit wasn’t crinkled, and waited for everyone to come in.  As she read a book on her Pip-Boy, she felt someone grab her left shoulder.  She turned around and barely dodged a open hand as it flew towards her for a slap.  She threw herself out of her chair and rolled around to face the owner of the hand.

Great, the Vault bitch whore, Christine.” Natalia thought to herself as she got to her feet.  “You bitch!” Christine yelled.  Natalia looked around “Are you talking to yourself because I don’t see any other bitches in the room besides you.”  Christine snapped, “You don’t talk to me like that!”  She moved to take a swing with her right hand and Natalia grabbed her wrist with her right hand, twirled Christine around so her right arm was stretched across her chest and her back was to Natalia, and pulled herself and Christine in tight together.

Natalia held onto Christine’s wrist and crossed her left arm over Christine’s chest and grabbed her right shoulder to make a X.  This allowed her to resist Christine’s struggles and she moved close to Christine’s ear and spoke in a low, danger laced tone.  “Don’t you EVER try and swing at me again or I WILL break your hand, wrist, and probably your arm.”  Natalia pulled a little tighter, earning a squeak out of Christine and her struggling to stop.  “Now, you will SHUT up and STOP acting holier than thou.  In fact...”  She dropped her tone so only her and Christine could hear and injected a hint of sexuality into it.  “Why don’t you drop by the reactor room tomorrow and I’ll show you just how mortal you are.”

With that, she released her hold and shoved Cristine away.  She straightened her skirt and sat back down, everyone taking their seats, Cristine as well although being slightly hotter than when she came in.  Class progressed as usual, aside from the occasional glance of Christine over to Natalia, who completely ignored her.

A couple hours after class, when the time reached 9:30 PM, Natalia practically bolted back to her room.  She locked the door and shut the blinds on the only window.  She untied her knee high boots and kicked them into the corner.  She quickly unzipped her vault suit and slipped it off her shoulders. She searched through her dresser and found what she was looking for.  A thin tank top that only slightly hid her naked breasts and womanhood.  She liked to call it her Naughty Nightwear.

She then heard a knock on her door but it was no ordinary knock.  It was a distinctive tap-tap-pound-tap-pound-pound.  Only two people knew it.  She unlocked the door and stood ready to impress.  As the door lifted, she admired the shocked look on Amata’s face, who could only eye her girlfriend with desire.  “ look…” Amata started but Natalia quickly quieted her by grabbing her by the collar and yanking her through the doorway and shoving her roughly against a nearby table, locking her into a battle of tongues as the door automatically closed and locked.

Natalia roughly felt up Amata’s breasts through her jumpsuit as she moaned into her mouth.  She fought desperately to win the tongue battle.  Amata, however, was no slouch and had soon won the fight, Natalia surrendering her mouth to Amata’s control.  Amata took full control, gently gripping Natalia’s hips and pulling her in even closer to her own while maintaining control of Natalia’s mouth with her tongue reaching every corner and massaging Natalia’s tongue roughly.

Natalia loved playing rough and while she started out the foreplay, she loved letting Amata take over and have her way with her.  While she loved being submissive towards Amata, she hated being controlled by other women or men.  So while she let her shield down for Amata, she would fight anyone else who dared to try and touch her.

She continued her futile resistance, attempting to fight back by unzipping Amata’s jumpsuit.  However Amata shooed her hands away and finally broke the kiss to quickly untie her own knee high boots and strip out of her jumpsuit, leaving her completely naked.  She moved to continue the fun only to find Natalia gone.  She looked around and found her laid spread across her bed.  Amata took in the sight of her girlfriend seductively spread across her bed for a moment before moving in.

“You know how hot it is that you stopped wearing a bra and panties when we started dating just because I told you to?” Amata said as she positioned herself over Natalia, who rolled onto her back.  “Yeah but do YOU know how hot it is to be ordered around by such a beautiful woman?” Natalia replied.  Amata giggled and bent over to resume her domination of Natalia’s mouth.  As they made out, Amata pushed Natalia’s hands above over her head on the bed and pinned them in place.  Natalia felt so vulnerable, yet that was just the way she loved being with Amata.

They made out for several minutes when Amata decided things needed to progress.  She released Natalia’s hands, hopped off her, sat on her haunches and said “Strip.  Now.”  Natalis smiled and replied “Yes my mistress.” and pulled her Naughty Nightwear over her head and tossed it to the pile of clothes beside the bed, making them both completely naked.  Hearing her girlfriend call her “mistress” turned Amata on quite a bit.

She looked Natalia’s body up and down when she noticed something different about her womanhood.  “What do we have here?” she said as she went low.  Natalia shuddered slightly when Amata lightly rubbed her hand from the top of her pelvis to the bottom of her slit.  “Did someone shave their special triangle?”  Natalia giggled and nodded.  “Well then,” Amata said, sitting up on the edge of the bed “That’s a paddlin.”  Natalia shivered hearing those words.  Amata patted her lap.  “Come on then.  Lay down.”  Natalia crawled over and laid stomach down on Amata’s lap, who began to slowly rub her ass.

“How many should we do today?” Amata asked, putting as much authority into her voice as she could.  “However many you wish, mistress.” Natalia purred.  Amata smiled wickedly “That’s a good girl.  Since you’re behaving so well, I think 30 will do.”  Natalia froze.  She knew this was gonna sting.  Yet she felt more turned on than she had all day, which was saying a lot.

WHACK! Amata’s hand slammed down on Natalia’s right butt cheek.  It was the first hit yet it felt like the 50th.  Natalia grunted in a strange mix of pain and pleasure.  She also knew what she needed to say.  “One.  Thank you, may I have another?” WHACK! A palm came down on Natalia’s left cheek.  Another grunt, this time more pleasure than pain, came from Natalia.  Every hit was a sign of Amata’s dominance over Natalia in bed and they both knew how much it turned the other on.  “Two.  Thank you, may I have another?” WHACK!

This went on for some time.  Natalia’s grunts soon turned to moans and Amata tried her best to keep up the force of her hits but by 20, her hand was stinging and her arm was tired.  “Since you kept up with the count and didn’t squirm like last time, I think I’ll be generous and stop at 20.”  Natalia stayed in place over her lap.  “If you wish, Miss.  May I get up?”  “Yes, you may” Amata said as she smiled, knowing she had tamed one of the wildest people in the Vault was quite the feather in her cap.

Natalia slid off Amata’s lap and sat on the edge next to her.  Amata gently grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled back Natalia to lean back against her chest, with Natalia swinging her left leg over to saddle Amata’s right leg.  “Time for some real action.” she said, shooting her right hand down to roughly cup Natalia’s labia.  Natalia moaned loudly and writhed under her girlfriend’s hands.  Amata rubbed her hand up and down Natalia’s slit, amazed at how wet her girl was already.  She decided not to waste anymore time.

She suddenly dived her middle and ring fingers into Natalia’s snatch, receiving a very loud sexual moan from her now speechless partner.  She cooed loudly and lewdly and started feeling up her breasts.  “Oooohhhh Amata…”  She worked her fingers in and out of Natalia’s warmarth.  Natalia couldn’t help but moan and squirm under her lover’s touch.  Amata tried curling her fingers up to find Natalia’s G-spot.  When her breath hitched and her breathy moans started to become stuttered, she knew she’d found it.  When her two fingers became completely slick from arousing, Amata knew she needed to find out at long last what her lover tasted like.

Amata gently pushed Natalia’s leg back over her own and without removing her fingers from Natalia’s dripping wet honey hole, turned them around and laid Natalia gently onto the bed on her back.  She continued to push her fingers in and out in a steady paced, earning her a series of moans.  She knew that what she was about to do would probably drive Natalia pretty close to the edge.  She slowly lowered her head towards Natalia’s pussy juice soak nethers.  She stopped before her lips made the connection and just took in a deep breath through her nose and savored the smell of the juices that freely flowed out of her girlfriend’s snatch.  Natalia mustered the strength to pull her head up from the bed to look over her 38C sized breasts and see what Amata was doing.  Amata looked up at her with those pretty, seducing eyes.  Natalia could only think of one thing to say.  “Mistress...please eat my pussy.”

Amata gave her girlfriend that wicked smile that Natalia knew could only mean one thing.  Amata was going to have fun at her expense.  Without warning, Amata completely stopped touching Natalia.  She took her fingers out of Natalia’s pussy, wiped her hand clean on the bed sheets, and folded her arms.  A disappointed whine came from Natalia as she pushed herself up onto her elbows.  “Master, why did you stop?” she said with a another whine like a 9 year old who wasn’t being allowed to eat a cookie.  Amata looked away as if the sight of Natalia was unpleasant.  “Maybe your pussy isn’t good enough for me.”

Natalia let herself fall back onto bed and started to squirm slightly.  “Please, I’m so horny.  I need release.”  Amata looked back to her and saw her hands were moving slowly towards her pussy to continue the simulation.  “Hey!” she snapped and slapped her hand on Natalia’s slit and clit.  Natalia let loose a yelp of pleasure pain.  “I didn’t say you could pleasure yourself.  Now you’ve earned some pain with your pleasure.”  She returned to her position at Natalia’s crotch and slip her fingers back into her moist hole.  Natalia sighed with relief at the touch and then moaned as Amata worked her fingers inside of her pussy by sliding them up and down inside of her without moving them in and out.  But then she yelped again as Amata flicked her throbbing clit hard.

She continued this routine, working Natalia up only to flick her sensitive nub hard.  Even though having her clit used to bring her pain, Natalia still continued to moan with pleasure.  The knowledge that her most sensitive sexual organ was being used to inflict pain on her heightened her love for Amata’s form of lovemaking.  She knew how bad of a girl she was and while she wouldn’t change, she thrived on the pain of punishment.  She loved when she was spanked as a child and even when she’d accidently stub her toes or get her hands caught in something.  She’d still react in discomfort but inside, it brought her a strange sense of pleasure, as if the injury she received was deserved.  Not many knew it, but to those who did, Natalia was a self professed masochist.

Amata slowly leaned off of flicking Natalia’s clit and simply returning to fingering her, which Natalia responded to with a breathy moan and muttered words that sounded vaguely appreciative.  She was ready to see what her lover tasted like.  She again lowered her mouth to her lover’s slopping wet hole and took in a deep breath.  The tangy smell that assaulted her sense entranced her.  She didn’t even consciously bring her mouth down on her girlfriend’s labia.  Soon as her lips touched and her tongue slide from the bottom up to the top, Natalia let out a very loud moan of sheer pleasure.

Amata used her free hand to spread Natalia’s labia so she could access the inside half as well as her vaginal hole.  She assaulted Natalia with her tongue, licking and probing the sweet hole in front of her.  She was hungrily drinking the lovely secretions coming from Natalia’s pussy.  She’d love to just sit there forever, drinking the sweet essence of her girlfriend but soon, Amata could tell Natalia was reaching the edge pretty quick so she decided, after 15 minutes of pleasure and pain, she would go for the knockout punch that would bring her best friend and lover to what she hoped would be an amazing orgasm.

She removed her mouth reclauntly from Natalia sweet tasting pussy and picked up heavily on her fingering to retain the flow of pleasure.  She brought all of her fingers, save for her thumb, together into a line with her thumb sitting hooked above them to rub her clit when she inserted them into Natalia’s hungry snatch.  “You ready for the best part?” she cooed and Natalia responded with a needy moan and hum.

When she jammed all 4 of her fingers into Natalia’s welcoming slit, she knew she’d done it.  Natalia completely broke, screaming from pleasure till Amata locked their lips together in a tight hold. Amata easily gained access and explored at freedom.  Afterall, Natalia was a bit too busy at the moment.  She shoved her fingers in and out at a rapid pace while also rubbing her thumb against and around her clit.  After much bucking, moaning, and husky whispers, Natalia was finally coming close to the edge.  “Mmmm ‘Mata...I’ clo…”  She started to convulse as an explosive climax tore through her.  Amata held onto her tightly and kept up the pace of her fingering, extending her girl’s climax as long as she could.

Unknown to either of them, the automatic window hadn’t closed properly.  On the other side, crouched down low, was one Freddie Gomez.  He snapped pictures of the entire scene.  Amata dominating Natalia via kiss, Amata and Natalia naked over top each, Amata spanking Natalia, Amata eating out Natalia’s pussy, and Amata with all 4 of her fingers deeply embedded in Natalia’s slit.  All the while stroking his own erection from within his pants.  Almost in line with Natalia’s orgasm, Freddie blew his own load into his underwear and sulked off with the pictures he had taken, intent on showing Butch what he had found.

Soon, Natalia came down off her high and regained her ability to speak.  “God baby...that...that…”  Amata lifted her cum soaked fingers from Natalia’s snatch and gently slid them into her mouth.  “Here, taste yourself.  Trust me, once you do, you’ll never be able to get enough.”  Natalia proceeded to suck Amata’s digits like a baby suckling from her mother’s tits.  Natalia had never tasted her essence before but as soon as the first dripples slid down her throat, she knew she was hooked.  She quickly sucked Amata’s fingers clean of her cum.

“I taste amazing.”  Natalia said almost in a trace.  “I know you do..” Amata said with a grin  “After I first tasted myself, there wasn’t a time I masturbated and didn’t suck my fingers clean of my own cum.  Plus tasting myself really turns me on.” “Well in that case…”  Natalia said as she moved and allowed Amata to lay down on her back on her bed as she moved around to lay on her own stomach and pushed her way under Amata’s legs to rest her head near Amata’s now delicious wet pussy.  “I want to taste you for myself.”  Then before Amata could say anything and without her consent, Natalia drove her tongue and face into Amata’s snatch and began to hungrily eat her out.

Amata quickly descended into a moaning mess of a woman.  The most she could muster was to coo Natalia’s name.  Natalia alternated between periods of diving her tongue as deep as she into Amata’s honey pot, swirling it around the outside of it, and sucking hard on her fully extended and throbbing clit.  After several minutes, Natalia could tell her master was coming close to the edge again.  She also knew that since she hadn’t waited to get Amata’s permission to go down on her, that she was probably going to get punished.  So she thought if she did a good enough job, maybe the punishment wouldn’t be as bad.  To assist Amata’s trip to orgasm, Natalia moved her mouth to suck on Amata’s clit while she stuck two of her fingers back in her welcoming snatch and began to work them in and out at a rapid pace.

Amata’s moans filled the room quickly.  It seemed like her pussy and clit were more sensitive than Natalia’s.  It only took a few minutes of this to bring Amata right to the edge.  As Amata just tipped over the edge and started to scream in ecstasy, she grabbed Natalia by her long black hair and shoved her face as hard as she could into her pussy and roughly rubbed her face and tongue in her juices as they flowed freely.  Natalia tried her best to drink up as much of her master’s girl cum as she could.  After nearly 30 seconds of screaming and moaning, Amata finally came down off the mountain.

“ are SO...getting it.”  Amata breathy said as her and Natalia crawled up further into Natalia’s bed and wrapped themselves up in a blanket.  “Well, once I gain enough strength to even just stand up.”  Natalia just giggled and called for the lights to shut off.  “That’s really cool you were able to rig your lights up to a voice command.”  Amata said but she quickly noticed Natalia was fast asleep.  She closed her eyes and she quickly followed her lover into the pitch dark of sleep.

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