Fizzer and Target Overfuck

BY : Fizzer
Category: +M through R > Overwatch
Dragon prints: 2019
Disclaimer: Overwatch is owned by Blizzard. Target and Fizzer are owned by me. I do not make any profit from this story.

Target drove off fast on her Bullseye motorcycle, while Fizzer was on the back of Bullhorn, a minotaur creature that had a literal bull's horn in place of his cock. The root beer hero was trying to steer the beast away from his sidekick, whose tits were bouncing about after the top of her outfit dropped. “Next year I swear I'm getting myself a new outfit!” Target screams back at her ally. “This stupid loose top, the freaking target symbol, and I need a new name dammit!”

“Target, now is NOT the time to discuss this!” Fizzer shouts, failing to guide the monstrous minotaur off course and into a wall. “Just keep riding, we can get him to collide with something eventually!”

“Oh right, yeah, because that worked so well before!” said the sidekick sarcastically.

“Look, you're on a motorcyle, he's chasing you down, it's not like I'm asking you to run into a wall! Again!” yelled Fizzer. The hero finally found himself yanked off Bullhorn's back by the beast himself, who tosses our hero in front of him. Target notices this, and does a quick turn on her motorcycle to pick Fizzer up off the street before circling back around to drive away from the monster. “Sonnovabitch is catching up to us.” Fizzer grumbles, holding onto Target's breasts to keep himself on the bike.

“Hands!” Target shouts, Fizzer immediately moving them off her breasts and around her waist. “But for real, this guy's gotten faster since the last time we saw him. This thing was made to outrun him, dammit!”

“So what do you think we should do?!”


“Nerf WHAT?” asks Fizzer.

“I didn't say that!” Target replies. The two look back to see a blinding light collapse from the sky, landing right in front of Bullhorn. The heroes weren't sure what it was, only that just before Bullhorn could ram it out of its way, the light explodes, and the minotaur is sent flying into the night sky until he is nothing more than a twinkle in the air.

“Looks like Bullhorn's blasting off again.” Fizzer says as Target brings the motorcycle to a complete stop.

“I thought I asked you to stop saying that.” sighs Target as they get off the bike. “What the heck just caused that to happen, anyway? Did Webbs make a new weapon or something?”

“Um, you're WELCOME!”

The two heroes turned off to the side, seeing a young Asian woman, likely of South Korean descent. Her hair was long and dark brown, her face covered in pink makeup that was drawn on her cheeks to resemble whiskers. She wore futuristic headphones on her head, a skin tight outfit that was mainly blue with some shades of white, gray, and pink (as well as a multitude of logos), and a pistol was swinging around her finger, spinning about by the trigger. A pink bubble blew out of her lips, immediately popping when it overexpanded.

Fizzer and Target merely stared, baffled. "Is she anyone you know?" asks Target.

"Nah uh." replies Fizzer before turning attention to the new heroine. "And you are…?"

"My name's," said the Korean girl, holding her pistol properly, "And I just saved your butts by sending that ogre thing back to the spawn point! A little 'thank you' isn't going to kill you, yanno."

"Spawn point…?" Whispers Fizzer. "Look, I dunno who you are, but we had that Bullhorn by the…horns." He says, realizing how that sounded before he finished the sentence.

"Did we, Fizzer?" Target asks, adjusting her top. "Did we really? Because I'm not so confident we did!"

"Target, not now…" growled the hero. "Look, it's great that you came out in your cosplay gear and flashed a bright light that sent Bullhorn running blind, really. But you're just a kid!"

"JUST a kid?!" scoffs after popping another bubble. "I'll have you know, I was recruited into the Korean army against the omnics for my skills at Starcraft 2!"

It was Target's turn to be skeptical now. "And how does THAT translate into playing hero on the battlefield?!" sighed, rolling her eyes at the pair. "Look, you want me to prove to you I deserve just a little praise? Let me just get out my MEKA!"

"Your what now?" asks Fizzer, cocking his head to the side. Before any other word could be uttered, something crashed down into the ground at meteoric speeds, yet somehow left no crater in its wake. Fizzer and Target shield their eyes, expecting one debris to hit them, yet they were left clean after the crash. When they opened their eyes, standing in front of was a large pink robot with two gun cannons for arms and a cockpit with a green windshield that seemed to protect the driver, and joysticks that controlled the machine's direction.

"My MEKA!" reiterated, patting on the metallic shell. "Same model, but this is what I self destructed to blast that three-horned boogeyman off into the moonlight."

"Huh, well that's…kind of a waste of resources, isn't it?" asks Target.

Fizzer nods in response. "Yeah, so, what, does the Korean government just have an unlimited supply of these things if you can blow it up so easily? I mean that has to cost billions…"

"Still not hearing a thank you." mumbles, tapping her arm out of annoyance. "Look, fine, if you two are going to act so ungrateful then I'll just leave you to deal with that bull thingy on your own!"

"Gladly!" Fizzer says with snark. "So long,, and the mech you rode in on!"

The Korean gamer gave the hero a one fingered salute before hopping into the driver's seat of her mech, gripping onto the controls after pushing the button that closes up the hatch. But before it could shut itself entirely…


"Uh oh." squeaked. Looking back behind her she saw that the hatch for her robot was jammed, unable to close up behind her. It remained stationary, the gears refusing to grind together and close it up. "Come on…" hisses to herself, trying to get it to shut. "Damn, it's jammed!" Looking out at the two heroes, who seemed to only stick around out of their own amusement, she shouts to them, "Hey! You two assholes! Help me get this closed up! I saved your butts, it's the least you could do to thank me!"

"Right, sure." Fizzer responded, smirking as he rolls his eyes.

"Fizz, let's get serious now." Target sighed, elbowing her fellow hero. "She saved us from a Bullhorn bumrush, admit it and help her fix the door entry thingy.

The root beer jizzing hero sighs. "Okay, fine, I'll help her get the thing…" he grumbles, approaching the mech from behind. Climbing up he takes a look around, noticing the gears were indeed jammed. "So, remind me why you can't turn around and try to do this yourself?"

"I don't have a lot of movement in here," responds, "plus with the way it's designed I can't just back out, I need to eject in some fadhion."

"I see." Fizzer replied, his eyes going immediately down to the Korean girl's ass, noticing how tight it appears with all that latex surrounding it. He licks his lips, rubbing his hands together, as if the most wicked of ideas sprang to his mind. "Well maybe I can try to get you unstuck!"

"And just how do you plan to-"

RRRRIIIIIIIIP! cried out as she could feel her lower body become exposed to the cold night air, looking back to see that the hero had ripped a large hole into her spandex that showed off her holes and both ass cheeks. "What the FUCK?!" the Korean heroine shouts. "What do you think you're doing, pervert?!"

"I'm giving you my thanks, isn't that what you've been asking for this whole time?" Fizzer replies, guiding his cock out of his own spandex.

"Fizz, this REALLY doesn't seem like the time for this!" Target shouts, sitting atop her motorbike, arms crossed as she stares at her compatriot with disapproval.

"You're kidding, right?!" shouts our hero. "We still have that deal where we're nothing but work buddies, and it feels like it's been YEARS since I got any action anyway!"

After a long pause, Target hangs her head, sighing out of regret. "Okay, fine. You can have just this one."

"HEY!" shouts. "I don't get any say in this?!"

"Sorry kid," says Fizzer, slapping the head of his cock against one of her cheeks, "You're stuck, so it's not like there's a whole lot you could do anyway." let out a long gasp as she felt the head of Fizzer's shaft slide inside her pussy, pushing her walls outwards as the hero begins to push deeper. Once his hips had reached the Korean's cheeks he knew that his member was set in place, and grabbed onto her curvy hips as he began to thrust into, who held onto her controls tightly as the hero's boner pounded inside of her pussy. "Okay, I admit," grunts, staring out the windshield of her mech, "You're a lot bigger than I thought you might be."

"I'd hate to ask what you thought my size was, honestly." Fizzer replies, giving a hard slap on her ass. "That's for assuming."

It was an odd moment for the Korean pilot, but when Fizzer smacked her bottom, a sensation went through her body, as if she was enveloped with a feeling, a desire that she had wanted for so long, but was denied repeatedly. And without holding back, the next words out of's mouth were, "Oh yes! Spank me again Daddy 76!"

This gave our hero pause, unsure what he was supposed to do with what he assumes to be such an odd nickname. "Okay, sure. Call me daddy then." Fizzer says, shrugging. He had more or less seen and heard it all as far as sex was concerned, and this was no different. "You like spankings though, eh?" he says, studious. "I think we can arrange that."

While Fizzer continued to ram his cock within the gamer girl's snatch, his hand came down in a slow rhythm, a hard slap coming onto her jiggling cheeks. The soda-themed hero watched it quake, and after enough time had passed saw the spots he was spanking swell up a bit. was certainly whimpering over the matter, but no tears formed from her ducts. Instead she was enjoying the pain from Fizzer's ass smacking, her adrenaline rushing through her body even as the hero's erection was pounding away at her vaginal walls. "Yes, Daddy 76, harder! Spank me harder! I've been such a bratty!"

"Okay, if you're going to call me daddy, at least say Fizzer." said the hero. "Not sure why you need to add the 76…"

Within a few minutes, it didn't take very long for Fizzer to feel stiff, his head pumped with blood as his seed was ready to blast out. The hero grunted, knowing that it was a matter of time before he let himself out inside the Korean woman. He wished he could savor this a bit more, but as he mentioned before it had been quite some time since he last had a cum, so of course he felt too sensitive to keep his stamina up as normal. And herself was too focused on the spanking aspect of this session, she wouldn't even realize (or care) what the hero was about to do.

“Oh god! Keep spanking me, Daddy 76!” she pants, her tongue stuck out of her open mouth while her eyes nearly roll back.

“Shit...” Fizzer grunts. “That's right, cum to daddy!” With one big thrust, Fizzer holds himself against's ass, her cheeks squished by the hero's hips as his cock lets his root beer jizz blast inside of her pussy. The stream of pop flows inside her snatch, filling up so much that it makes cum, the gamer crying out in beautiful agony. The beverage cum and her juices soon started to drip out of her cunt, the hero's rod and thighs getting coated in his own sticky semen. grips onto her controls tightly, the feeling of pleasure and being filled with what she thought was normal cum being so much for her to handle.

Once Fizzer pulled out, his root beer cum was oozing out of's pussy still, dripping out like a stopped fast food beverage dispenser. Still gripping her hips, Fizzer let out a relieved sigh, and wiped his brow. “That was totally worth it.” he said to himself.

“It doesn't really fix her mech hatch now, does it?” Target shouts from her bike.

“Hm? Oh, right, that.” With an elbow smack to the gears that would make Arthur Fonzarelli proud, Fizzer manages to get the gears unstuck, and immediately hops out of the mech before the hatch can close on him. “Okay, chica, you're all set! Door's no longer jammed up!”

“Whuh...huh?” snaps out of her sex coma, realizing that her MEKA was indeed shut. “Oh, good. Thanks for that. owe me a new outfit, you know!”

“Right, yeah, sorry about that. Got carried away.” the hero replies, nervously rubbing the back of his head. “Can't your Korean government fix that up or something?”

“Long story.” she sighs. “I should get home quick and change though. If anyone sees my tights torn like this, well, they might try to get a deal with the Japan government and-”

“Right, yeah, say no more.” said Fizzer, totally in understanding of her plight. With a salute, he says to her, “But listen, if you ever wanna come back to This City, I got a place that you could crash in.”

“Because you want the maids to take care of her I bet.” Target sighs.

“You would know.” Fizzer says with a grin. salutes Fizzer before she flies her MEKA off into the moonlight, and as she flies out of sight, she smells something in the air.

“Is that...root beer?” asks herself. “Where's that even coming from?”


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