Loli and Futanari

BY : S.Corsette
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the franchises, fanbases, characters, or anything else from the series in this collection. That includes skyrim, vampirina, skullgirls, and others. I do not make any money off of this story or these franchises.

Author’s notes: So this is going to be a collection of Futanari and Loli stories. I’m going to change whether the loli is going to be the Futanari and fuck older women, or if the older woman is going to be the Futanari and fuck the loli. I will tell you at the beginning of each story which one it is. Also I really love hearing your thoughts on this so leave a review if you can, leave suggestions for stories you want to read as well.


In this story the loli is the Futanari and fucks an older woman. It is from the show Vampirina.


Vampirina’s potion mishap:

Poppy browsed through the different bottles lining the shelves. The bottles were of different shapes and sizes, little nameplates with symbols that were wrapped around them. The bright colours of the liquid inside illuminated against Poppy’s light brown skin. She noticed a bright green one and picked it up.

 “What does this one do, Vee?” Poppy asked.

 “That one?” Vampirina put a finger to her pale blue skin as she thought for a moment. “Hmmm…. That one makes you all slimey!”

 “Sounds weird!” Poppy giggled. She put it back and went through some more. “You certainly have a lot of potions, Vee.”

 “Yep. Mom and dad keep a lot. I don’t even know what most of them do.”

 “Should we be looking at these, then?”

 “Yea, it’s fine. I do this a lot. Mom says not to drink any ones we don’t know unless she is there with us.” The vampire girl said.


 The human and vampire girl continued looking through the multiple coloured bottles. Vampirina named the effects of each one Poppy showed her.

 The girls tried many. One that shrunk them, one that gave them sticky fingers, one that gave them wings. All had either time limits or Vampirina had the reversal potion ready. They had so much fun trying out each bottle.

 “What about this one?” Poppy asked as she held up a purple liquid filled bottle. The label on it was only a strange symbol it was shaped like the symbols for boy and girl put together.

 “That one? I’m not sure.” Vampirina said. She took the bottle. “Let’s try it.”

 “But Vee, your mother said not to drink anything that you don’t know.” Poppy replied a bit worried.

 “Well, yea. But what she isn’t here right now. And we were having so much fun with those other potions! What if this one is super fun as well? Come on aren’t you interested?”

 “I am… But…. Okay let’s do it!” Poppy said as she made up her mind.

  “Okay.” Vamprina popped open the bottle and took a drink before handing it to Poppy.

 “Nothing happened?” Poppy stated before she took a drink herself.

 “I guess not.” Vampirina answered. Then suddenly she felt something.

 A warmth was growing in her crotch. The vampire grabbed her groin as the weird feeling grew. “Something is happening.”

 “Yea, I feel it too!” Poppy said as she rubbed her legs together. “It feels really weird!”

The two squirmed as the odd warmth ran through their lower bodies. It seemed almost as if something was growing there.

 When it was over, the two looked at each other and pointed to the other’s crotch.

 “Vee, something is hanging there!” Poppy exclaimed.

 “Poppy, your pants, they look like something is inside them!” Vampirina shouted.

 The two girls looked down. Vampirina pulled up her dress and down her panties. Poppy pulled her pants and panties down in one motion.

 And they both screamed.

 Both Vampirina and Poppy had a penis. It was big too, hanging between their legs, down near their knees. They both a cock and massive sized balls underneath.

 “What?” Vampirina stood shocked at the thing. “Did the potion do this?”

 “This is weird.” Poppy said. “We have boy’s things now!”

 Poppy reached out and touched it with her fingers. The cock gave a little jump. “It feels weird too.”

 Vampirina gave it a touch too. “Your right, it does fell weird.”

 “What are we going to do? What if this is permanent?!” Poppy shouted.

 “Alright, don’t panic, I’ll get my mom, she’ll know what to do.”

 Vamprina pulled up her panties. The vampire noticed that the weird feeling grew as the huge cock rubbed against her panties. It was big enough to create a noticeable bulge as well.

 “Just stay here, I’ll be right back.” Vamprina said as she used her vampire super speed to run out of the room.

 She found her mother very quickly. “Mom! Mom!”

 “What is it dear?” Her mother Oxana replied.

 “We need your help! Come quick!” Vampirina grabbed her mother’s hand and rushed off back to Poppy.

 Vamprina and Oxana entered the potion room at super speed and closed the door behind them. Poppy had by now pulled her pants back up but that only caused the big bulge to reappear.

 “Now can you girls tell me what is going on?” Oxana asked.

 “Okay, mom.” Vampirina felt embarrassed as she retold the story. “Me and Poppy were playing with the potions. We made sure to drink only the ones I knew. But we were having so much fun that we drank one of the potions that we didn’t know about.”

 “Vampirina, there is a reason why I tell you not to drink the potions unless you know their effects. Bad things can happen, these rules may seem like they are limiting your fun, but they are there to protect you. You disobeyed me, I’m very disappointed in you.” Oxana lectured her daughter.

 “I’m sorry mom, I won’t do it again!” Vamprina spoke quietly.

 “I’m sorry too, Mrs. Hauntly.” Poppy added.

 “It’s alright girls, as long as you learned your lesson.” Oxana pulled the two little girls into a warm hug. “Now about curing the potion’s effects. First tell me what potion you drank and what it did.”

 Poppy and Vampirina looked at each other than back to Oxana. Then they pulled down their garments to reveal the giant cocks between their legs.

 Oxana gasped, then looked over at the shelf where the half drunken potion was. “I see, you drank the Futanari potion.”

 “How do you cure it?” Vampirina asked.

 “Yea, I don’t want to be stuck with a boy’s thing forever.” Poppy said.

 “Don’t worry girls, it is very easy to reverse. All we have to do is get the potion out of the body through ejaculation.”

 “Ejack-a-what?” Vampirina stumbled over the word.

 “Ejaculation is something that happens to the penis when the person feels good. They release their semen or cum as many call it now. That’s what we need to do.” Oxana explained.

 “It feels good?” Poppy asked.

 “Yes, quite good. I’ve taken this potion before.” Oxana laughed. “Now which girl wants to go first, I’ll help.”

 “I want to!” Vampirina exclaimed.

 “Me first!” Poopy shouted.

 “Alright girls, I’ll do both of you.”

 Oxana got on her knees in front of the two little girls. They stepped forward out of their pulled down and thrown off clothes, and in front of the older woman.

 Oxana reached out and gently took both cocks into her hands.

 Vampirina and Poppy gave a slight moan at the touch. It felt really weird, having the smooth skin of another woman touching the big penis between their legs.

 Oxana then began to lightly stroke up and down the flaccid members. The dick began getting bigger and rising up.

 “Mom, their getting bigger!” Vampirina said.

 “They are supposed to, dear.” Oxana replied. “Does it feel good, girls?”

 “It feels weird?” Poppy replied.

 “Good kind of weird.” Vampirina added.

 “That’s good.” Oxana laughed.

 The adult woman continued stroking the big, fat cocks, watching as they continued to grow.

 Once the two cocks were fully erect, Oxana could tell how massive the things really were. They stood up, almost up to the little girl’s chins. And it was so thick around Oxana couldn’t fit her hand completely around it.

 She knew she shouldn’t, they were only little girls, and one was her daughter. But Oxana couldn’t deny the feelings the massive things she was jerking off were having on her body. She felt aroused.

 The two girls were defiantly feeling it now, they panted and groaned as they felt their added appendage being stroked.

 “I’m going to do something to help speed this up.” Oxana said. She was unable to stop her feelings of lust anymore and she put her mouth over Poppy’s cockhead.

 “What are you- Ohhh…?” Poppy groaned loudly as she felt Oxana begin to suck on her penis. “Mrs. Hauntly?”

 “Please just call me Oxana.” The woman replied as she took out the cock for a moment then went back to sucking on it.

 “Okay, Oxana. That feels… really good!”

 “Mom…” Vamprina couldn’t believe her eyes. Her mother was sucking off her best friend.

 Then Oxana pulled Poppy’s cock out of her mouth and put Vampirina’s in. The added taboo of giving her own daughter a blowjob made her even wetter.

 Vamprina groaned loudly as she looked down at her own mother, watching her suck on her fat dick.

 Oxana switched between the two girls. She would jerk both off, and stick one of the cocks in her mouth. After a few seconds she would take that one out and begin slurping on the other one.

 Soon Oxana was taking the massive cocks deeper and deeper into her throat until she was shoving the entire gigantic dick down her throat to the base, making her gag and her eyes water.

 Oxana spat out the cock, noticing that both were now glistening with her saliva. “Still haven’t cum yet?” She panted. “Alright maybe this will help. Poppy lie down.”

 As Poppy laid herself down on the floor, Oxana quickly unbuttoned her shirt and took it off, followed by her bra. Her big blue boobs bounced free from their confines.

 Both girls looked at the breasts, their eyes wide, taking in every detail of the soft orbs of flesh. Normally this sight wouldn’t have done much for them, but right now they loved it.

 Oxana pressed her boobs over Poppy’s standing cock, covering it in her cleavage. Poppy’s brown cockhead, peaked out from between the two blue globes.

 Oxana bounced her breasts up and down the massive flesh pole, making Poppy moan and groan.

 “Here, Vamprina, Mommy hasn’t forgotten you.” She opened her mouth wide. “Do whatever you want to mommy’s mouth.”

 Vamprina rushed over and shoved her giant cock deep down Oxana’s throat. She pushed her little hips until her entire dick was inside her mother’s mouth and throat. Then she backed up and swung back, slamming her cock inside once more. Vampirina repeated this process, placing her hands on the older woman’s head as she skullfucked her.

 “Mommy! Mommy!” Vampirina shouted as she rammed her massive member constantly down Oxana’s esophagus, making the woman gag and spit out saliva. 

 “Oxana! My penis feels good!” Poppy called as she began thrusting her little hips back against the big blue breasts. “It’s amazing!”

 “Mommy! It feels really good! It feels like something is coming!” The little vampire girl never stopped as she continued face fucking her mother.

 “Me too, Vee!” Poppy shouted. “Something’s coming!”

 “Something’s coming!” The two little girls screamed together as they reached their orgasm.

 Both unleashed their torrent of sticky cum. Vampirina released it directly down her own mother’s throat and into her belly. She shoot wave after wave of cum down there.

 Poppy also shoot her load. It splashed directly against Oxana’s face, covering it with the next few shots in a sticky layer of cum. Some also landed on Vamprina and all over Oxana’s tits.

 After Vamprina had finished cuming she pulled her cock back out. There was still a lot of her cum inside Oxana’s mouth. She watched as her mother drank down her cum in a big gulp. Then the woman began licking it over her fingers, face, and tits.

 Both Poppy and Vampirina watched with perverse pleasure at Oxana drinking all of their sticky seed.

 Then they noticed something. Their cocks weren’t gone! They were flaccid again but not gone, and the show put on by Oxana was certainly having an effect on them.

 “They are still there, mom!” Vampirina said.

 “You said they would come off after we ejaculated!” Poppy shouted.

 “Alright, girls, calm down.” Oxana said in a motherly tone. “The potion must have been stronger than I thought. It will still disappear after releasing semen, it just might take more than one cumshot that’s all.”

 “So we have to do it again?” Vamprina asked as her cock gave a little jump.

 “I-If we have to, we have to.” Poppy added as her cock was also beginning to return to life.

 Both girls were a bit scared of having the cock forever but they also felt so good during the last activity that they were secretly thankful that they could do it again.

 Oxana began to undo her belt. “This will feel even better for both of us.” She said as she removed her belt and then pulled down her pants. Her panties were also quickly discarded leaving her fully naked before the two little girls.

 “Wow! You’re really pretty!” Poppy exclaimed.

 “Yea, you’re beautiful mom.” Vamprina added.

 “Thank you girls.” Oxana blushed and laughed. Then she got down on the floor on her back and spread her pussy lips. “Here you go, put it inside.”

 “Put it inside?” Vampirina asked.

 “Yes, dear. You put your penis inside. That’s how babies are made, when the penis ejaculates and the sperm fertilizes the woman’s egg.”

 “Baby?!” Poppy shouted.

 “Don’t worry, a vampire and a human can’t have a baby together.”

 “What about me mom?” Vamprina inquired.

 “Just be careful not to cum inside.” Oxana responded.

 “I’ll go first okay, Vee?” Poppy said.

 “Yea.” Vampirina was still a bit uneasy about potentially getting her own mother pregnant.

 “Okay, Poppy dear. Line it up with my vagina. That’s it, now push inside.”

 Poppy obeyed eagerly and began to insert her big cock within Oxana’s dripping pussy. The cockhead entered, making both girls moan loudly.

 “It feels wonderful!” Poppy groaned. “It’s so tight and warm, amazing!”

 “Amazing!” Oxana shouted. “This cock is so big!”

 Vampirina watched with wide eyes, listening to the pure pleasure coming from both Poppy and her mother. Her cock was pulsing, desperate to feel something.

 “Mom?” She spoke. “What about me?”

 “I haven’t forgotten about you. Come sit on my face.”

 “Sit on you?”

 “Yes, dear, put your knees on either side of my head and put your cock in between my boobs.” Oxana said, then groaned as she felt more of Poppy enter her.

 Vampirina obeyed. She came over and kneeled down over her mother’s face, her massive cock pointing at the big bouncing blue boobs. She pushed her cock in between the soft orbs and began going back and forth, enjoying the feeling of the supple breasts against her newly formed penis.

 Vampirina gave a shout as she felt something warm and wet against her butthole. Oxana was licking at her tiny asshole, shoving her tongue inside the rear tunnel and eagerly sucking on it. Vampirina loved the feeling of the boobs rubbing against her cock, while also having her sensitive asshole licked.

 Meanwhile Poppy was having the time of her life as she pushed more and more of her cock inside Oxana’s incredibly tight cunt. She groaned and panted as she felt the slick walls clench around her sensitive member.

 Soon she felt as if she couldn’t move her cock any deeper. So she began pulling it back in, enjoying every touch of the flesh. When she had pulled most everything out, Poppy slammed it back in.

 Oxana gave a shout into Vampirina’s butt as she felt the massive girl-dick ram against her deepest area. Vampirina also groaned at the vibrations of her mother’s yelp.

 The two little girls were now rapidly swinging their small hips. Poppy fucking Oxana’s wet and tight cunt while Vampirina continued her titjob. Oxana was eating out her own young daughter’s ass as if it was the most delicious treat she had ever tasted.

 “It’s amazing, Vee!” Poppy screamed. “Your mother feels amazing! It’s the best thing I’ve ever felt!”

 “I want to try!” Vampirina shouted, having forgotten about the baby making part. “Let’s switch!”

 “Alright.” Poppy pulled out from Oxana’s pussy, her cock absolutely drenched in pussy juice.

 Vamprina got off her mother and went over to Poppy.

 “Quick girls, put it back in!” Oxana begged.

 “Okay mom, I’m going this time!” Vampirina very eagerly shoved herself inside. Oxana screamed as she felt Vampirina ram everything she had in one go.

 Vamprina pumped her hips back and forth, much rougher than Poppy had done, making Oxana wail in absolute pleasure.

 “What about me, Oxana?” A very horny Poppy asked as she stroked her cock.

 Oxana shoved her daughter down, so she was riding Vampirina. She then reached behind and spread her butt cheeks, revealing her asshole. “In here! Fuck my ass!”

 Poppy nodded, she was too horny at the moment to care that she was about to fuck an asshole. She pressed her cockhead against the butt entrance, it was a tight fit, but the pussy juice from earlier made it slip in.

 Oxana squealed as she felt the massive cockhead spread her butthole wide and enter inside. She loved it, the feeling of both her holes being filled with a giant cock.

 Both Poppy and Vampirina began to swing their hips, shoving their thick meat deep within Oxana. All three groaned and shouted in pleasure as they fucked.

 “Mommy! It feels amazing! So good!” Vampirina screamed.

 “Yea! Me too! Your butt is great! Really, really great!” Poppy added in a yell.

 “It’s wonderful for me too, girls!” Oxana panted. “Your cocks are so big and amazing! I’ve never felt anything so deep inside me! More, girls, harder, fuck me harder!”

 The two young girls tried to increase their pace. Slamming as hard as they could deep inside Oxana.

 Vamprina and Oxana speed up faster and faster, harder and harder, their vampire super speeds starting to kick in. Poor Poppy couldn’t hold out against such an assault on her human cock and she felt herself close to cuming once more.

 “It’s coming! It’s coming!” the little brown girl yelled before she orgasmed deep within Oxana’s ass.

 Oxana screamed in ecstasy as she felt her bowels being filled up with sticky little girl cum. Her pussy tightened as she orgasmed herself, the fleshy tunnel constricted around Vamprina’s cock, making the girl moan even louder.

 “I’m close too, Mommy!” Vamprina informed. “I can’t hold on much longer!”

 “Then come darling! Cum inside of mother!”

 “But won’t you get pregnant?!”

 “That’s alright! Do it, get my pregnant! Knock up your own mother! I’ll carry your incestual vampire baby!” Oxana roared, too lost in the moment with lust to think rationally. All she knew was that she needed that white cream deep inside right now.

 “Okay, Mommy! I’ll be a great big sister and mommy! I’m cuming!” Vamprina couldn’t hold on anymore. She screamed as she finally went over the edge.

 She pumped load after load of her fertile seed deep within Oxana’s womb. Oxana came as well, her pussy tightening around her daughter’s cock, trying to milk out all the sticky sperm it could.

 The two screamed loudly as they orgasmed, the most intense orgasm they had ever experienced.

 Finally Vampirina had shoot everything out of her cock. Both her and Poppy were exhausted, they pulled out of the two tight holes and fell to the ground panting. Oxana also lay on the floor, cum dripping from her ass and pussy.

 “Look girls, your penis is disappearing.” Oxana said.

 Vampirina and Poppy both looked down. Their cocks were disappearing, seeming to just fade away from their bodies. Soon the giant things were gone, leaving only the tiny pussies in their place.

 “Wow, they really are gone!” Vampirina said.

 “Yea, getting all that white stuff out really did do the trick.” Poppy added with a laugh.

 “I hope you girls learned your lesson.” Oxana said as she picked herself up and began gathering up her clothes. “You mustn’t use any potion that you don’t know about. Make sure to ask an adult about their effects and if they are safe for children to use.”

 “We understand, mom.” Vampirina giggled.

 “Yea, we learned our lesson.” Poppy chimed in with her own giggle.



 A few days later and Vampirina and Poppy were having a sleep over at the Hauntley’s house.

 “Mom!” Oxana heard Vampirina shout from her bedroom.

 The woman was quick to rush to her daughter’s aid. “What is it dear?”

 “Well we accidently drank more of the potion.” Vamprina said as she pulled down her panties.

 “Yea, we are so sorry, Oxana.” Poppy said as she too pulled down her lower clothing. “We need help getting that stuff out again.”

 “Sorry, we haven’t learned our lesson yet, mom.” Vamprina giggled.

 Oxana licked her lips.

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