Kagamine Rin and Len: Digital Lust!

BY : GraySmirks
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Disclaimer: I do not own or profit from Vocaloids or its characters. They belong to their corresponding authors and owners. I just write for fun.

Rin and Len live in a digital world were time and space run on a different pace. -For the record- They are not underage.


Rin entered Len’s room.

Rin: Oh my god Len! This reeks! And what’s all this mess? It’s even worse than usual; there are Cheetos and empty cans everywhere!

Len: Sorry sis, but I’ve been busy lately.

R: You just play videogames.

L: I’ve done my job. I already talked dirty to several horny teens and whispered obscenities till the orgasm to a young highschooler. What about you?

R: What? Didn’t you have nightcore covers to sing?

L: I’ll do it later.

R: You are terrible, this way developers will complain about performance and send boring updates. Plus, why do you always choose first the sleaziest work?

L: Cause those are the funniest ones. Don’t worry Rin. It’s ok.



Forty minutes later. Len enters the bathroom; Rin is half naked shaving legs and crotch.


R: Len!! What the hell?! Go away!? Weren’t you told to knock the door before rushing in?!

L: I’ve already seen you all sis… What are you doing? Keeping pubescence at bay?

R: At least I do something about it. Boy you smell. How long have you been without having a shower?

L: Duno, not much… Do you want me to help you?

R: What are you saying perv!

L: Like if you cared I’m your brother. We are digital entities, our thinking is legit but we only exist in this world.

Len approaches Rin and takes her razor and helps her shave around her clit.

R: Be careful you idiot!

L: Trust me, I’d never hurt you sis.

R: Now that I see you closer, I see where we can pass the razor next.

L: Do you like it? I’ve been growing some chest hair… isn’t it sexy?

R: It’s weird.

L: It’s cool and manly. Don’t pull it, it stings!

R: Haha.

L: Do you wanna see where else I’ve been growing grass and flesh?

R: You are the worst Len!

L: Come on, wanna see it?


Len pulled down a bit his pants and undies, showing more skin, pubes and the start of his dick.


R: Yeah, it’s gotten bigger since last time I saw it. Have you practiced a lot?

L: Nothing exaggerated.

R: Come on Len, your sheets seem made of cardboard.

L: Touch it, it is fun.


Rin further pulled down Len’s undies and revealed his complete cock and balls, then observed and touched it.

R: It’s sticky, and a bit fishy… You should use soap more often.

L: It’s great and you know it, smell it deep.

R: You are a pig.

L: No! It smells great. All my power is scented here. I smell my used boxers and I get a boner. Pure pheromones.

R: You are crazy… now that you say it. You smell funny. A mixture of sweat and something... I don’t dislike it.

L: You see, let me finish your groin.

R: Hahhaha, what are you doing? Don’t rub it like this!

L: Is it tickly?

R: This and something more…

L: Wanna do it Rin? Just a bit, just some rubbing.

R: Don’t you prefer to visit a porn site?

L: I prefer you. You are special. Don’t you like doing it with me?

R: Yeah, but it’s weird and we are brothers.

L: Nothing matters here as long as you are alright Rin.


Len put aside the razor and bent over Rin to lick her clit.

R: Len! I haven’t rinsed, there are tiny hairs!

L: I don’t mind if these are yours.


Len further licked and plunged his tongue between her lips.


R: Mm… Oh Len! You are crazy.

L: Crazy for your clit.


Len added fingers to better pleasure Rin as he grew a massive boner. With the coordinated rhythmical dance of Len’s tongue and fingers, Rin soon started lubing with a silky flux. Len rose to dip the tip of his shaft in the gooey peach of his sister.

L: Oh Rin, you are gorgeous, and your clamp feels so freaking good. Do you want me in? Are you ready?

R: Yeah, put it in Len.

L: Oh yeah, nice and slow.


Len plunged his dick slowly into Rin’s entrance, sinking it several inches to then pull it out completely covered in fluids.

L: Dope girl.


Len put it in again, and started stroking it in and out.

R: Yeah, like this, fuck it, fuck it!

L: Do you feel it?

R: Oh mine! Kiss me!


Len approached Rin and both kissed while the thrusting movement continued. With each stroke of Len, Rin moved her waist in sync to increase the stimulation. After a couple of minutes, both were flushed and sweating. Len asked her status to Rin.

L: How are you doing, do you need much more?

R: Don’t stop, I’m in cloud 9!

L: I won’t last much longer; I’m on my limit Rin.

R: Ok, I’ll try to finish ASAP.

L: Ah, ah, ah, Rin, I’m coming!


Len couldn’t hold anymore and came profusely inside Rin. She was close.

L: Sorry I came!

R: Don’t worry; just keep thrusting a bit more!

L: Ok!


Having cummed, Len struggled to endure some more thrusts while his seed leaked out making the best creampie. After some more dick rubbing, Len finally got Rin to the orgasm.

R: Ah ah, oh my drive! All finished!

L: I’m glad sister.

Then they kissed once again.

R: Yeah, it’s been awesome.

L: I told you, it feels great. And with my new dick, it’s even better. Didn’t you notice the increased thickness and stiffness? I thought it was going to explode!

R: Yeah, I think it’s been the best time so far.

L: What do you wanna do next? Maybe wanna eat something? Wanna go cuddle in bed till we fall asleep? We can repeat later.

R: We should have a shower. –She said while looking at his vulva leaking Len’s semen.

R: Do you think we should use a condom? What we just did was intended to make babies.

L: No, that’s bullshit. In this world you can’t get pregnant like this.

R: Yet still our creators gave us all the pleasures involved and the gonads, the semen and the eggs. Isn’t it weird? Why do digital entities need any of these?

L: I don’t know Rin, maybe they just wanted the possibility for us to have the same fun they have.

R: But why giving us also the inconveniences, like sweaty pits, having to use the bathroom or the razor?

L: You ask yourself too many things, just chill, isn’t great this life? Maybe they decided to load us with all their characteristics.

R: Or simply created a perfect virtual copy of themselves to live forever enclosed in the safe digital world?

L: Why don’t you send a mail to admin.?

R: Maybe I’ll do it. Meanwhile, give me a minute to finish shaving and then we shower.

L: Ok sis. I love you.

R: Me to Len, sometimes at least.


End of the chapter.

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