[Warriors] Hot Springs Interludes

BY : WotanAnubis
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Celica walked along the smooth stone path, which was surprisingly warm under her bare feet. Overhead, the stars twinkled in the clear night sky and stone lanterns all along the path cast their flickering light. It was all quite pleasant, really, which perhaps shouldn't have been much of a surprise.

These were Aytolis' famous hot springs, according to Lianna. Everywhere, there were beautiful natural pools filled with relaxing water. Even the nearby mountain, which at the moment loomed somewhere to Celica's left, was filled with cavernous springs lit by luminescent mushrooms that gave the place a fairy-tale feel.

Lianna had been so enthusiastic, Celica had decided to see for herself. So here she was, walking along the visitor's path in the women-only section, dressed solely in a clean white towel wrapped around her body. She should have been colder, she felt. It was late in the evening edging towards night, after all. She should have felt some kind of chill against her bare arms and bare legs and, frankly, the towel itself wasn't much protection against the elements either. But instead she was quite pleasantly warm. Perhaps it was the springs.

Finally, Celica came across a smallish pool tucked inside a quiet corner. Some kind of flower grew all along the wooden fence. They had blue petals and white centers and were quite lovely, in an unassuming kind of way. Seeing nobody else around, Celica decided to try the waters here.

Celica carefully dipped one foot into the water. It was hotter than she'd expected, but not unbearably so. She carefully stepped into the spring and sat down on the smooth stone floor. Warm water enveloped her up to the neck and plastered her towel against her skin.

Celica sighed contently and leaned back against the spring's edge. The water really was very nice. After days of fighting she knew not how many enemies, it was nice to just sit back and relax. She could practically feel the water drain the stress out of her body, making her feel perfectly at ease for the first time in far too long.

Celica looked up at the stars. She didn't recognise a single one of them. Perhaps there were constellations up there, somewhere, but if so they were Aytolisian ones. They had nothing to do with Zofia. They had nothing to do with her. She felt like that realisation ought to have been an uncomfortable one. She was here in this strange dimension far from home where even the stars were alien, but she wasn't really bothered by that. Maybe it was the water.

It really was very warm. Even as it pulled the tension out of her, it seemed to replace it with heat. Celica felt the warmth rising in her body. It was... not unpleasant, but also curiously... insistent. She found her hands wandering across her towel. She'd wrapped it around herself to protect her modesty, but now it was starting to feel like it was in the way.

Celica blinked a few times and took a deep breath. She hadn't expected this. She'd hoped for a relaxing time, but now she was getting positively... aroused. She had a feeling the longer she'd stay in the hot spring, the hotter she'd get. Perhaps she ought to get out to cool off, but... Well, it felt nice and anyway, she was quite alone here. Why not enjoy it?

In fact, why not enjoy it a bit more? Celica let her right hand drift down her body and pulled up the hem of her towel. She gasped slightly when her hand slipped in between her legs. She found a wetness there that had nothing to do with the springwater. And, then again, had everything to do with the springwater.

She let her hand rest there for a while, lying across her folds. Every once in a while Celica curled one of her fingers ever so slightly to send a pleasing shiver through her body. How long had it been since she'd last enjoyed herself in this way? Certainly she hadn't touched herself even once ever since coming to Aytolis and before that strange happening she had rarely found the time to please herself.

Well, she had time now. Celica slowly moved her hand up and down her folds, caressing herself ever so lightly. Heat spread through her body, one which had less to do with the hot spring and far more with erotic pleasure. Celica let her fingertips drift up and down her pussy, exploring herself, determined to feel and map every intimate little bit. Celica spread her pale legs slightly, giving her hand as much room to explore as she possibly could. A few soft, pleasured moans spilled from her lips.

As Celica filled herself with quite, gentle pleasure, part of her grew impatient. These careful caresses were all very well, but she knew she could pleasure herself better still. She could feel her clit throbbing insistently, practically demanding attention. It was a grand feeling, to be so aroused. To have no concerns other than her own pleasure.

"Oh, hey, fancy meeting you here."

And suddenly there was another concern. Celica's legs slammed together and she hastily pulled her hand away. Blushing hard, she looked up to see Anna standing near the spring's edge, wrapped in a white towel. There was nothing on the merchant's face to indicate she'd seen anything... inappropriate. Just a faint, amiable smile.

"Anna, I..." Celica began. She swallowed. "Nice to see you."

"Enjoying the springs?" Anna asked. "They're pretty amazing, right?"

"Yes, they're very... pleasant," Celica replied.

Anna grinned. "Mind if I joined you?"

"No, not at all," Celica lied.

She really wanted Anna to go away. She was still hot and aroused and she really wanted to finish what she'd started. Perhaps she could make some excuse and hurriedly find somewhere really private. Or perhaps, perhaps she could simply continue masturbating. Yes, Anna would obviously see her pleasuring herself, but so what? What would be so bad about that?

Celica blushed. Where had that thought come from? Had the warm water not just drained away her stress, but her inhibitions as well? There was no way that-

Celica's thoughts were rudely interrupted when Anna unwrapped her white towel and let it fall casually on the stones. She stood, stark naked, her body lit by the fire of the stone lanterns. Celica couldn't help but let her eyes roam across the merchant's slim form, her slender hands, her strong arms, her pert breasts, the thick patch of red pubic hair.

If Celica had been thinking more clearly, she might have wondered why Anna didn't immediately slip into the hot spring, why she simply stood naked at the edge for far longer than necessary. But right now, Celica wasn't really concerned with such questions.

Eventually Anna did get into the pool, and Celica quietly resented the way the water made the merchant's body look indistinct and blurry.

"Oh, man, I really needed this," Anna sighed, as she sat down in the water. "You know, I always tell myself I should come here more often, but then I never do. Real shame."

"Yes, I think I can see the attraction of this place," Celica said.

Anna grinned. "Good word, that. Appropriate."

Anna closed her eyes with a smile, enjoying the water. Celica squirmed uncomfortably. Her arousal hadn't faded in the slightest. In fact, it seemed that Anna's presence had only enhanced it. She really wanted to slip her hand back between her legs and continue where she had left off. She wanted to feel pleasure throughout her body.

And part of her... part of her really wanted Anna to watch her. She didn't know why, she couldn't explain it. She just... part of her just wanted to enjoy herself and let Anna know she was enjoying herself.

Moving slowly, Celica let her hand drift back down towards her legs. Anna's eyes were still closed, so there was no way for her to know what she was doing. As carefully as she dared, Celica slipped her fingers between her legs and brushed across her excited folds. She gasped quietly as her fingertips glided across her sensitive flesh, but she was almost certain she hadn't been loud enough for Anna to notice.

Celica sat stiffly, excitement and terror struggling inside of her. The sensible thing to do was stop. To get out of the pool and away from here. But she just... couldn't bring herself to. Her hand felt too good against herself and Anna looked too good in the light of the lanterns - even if she couldn't see her body that clearly beneath the water.

Celica moved her hand slowly, going up and down her pussy inch by excruciating, wonderful inch. She went slow enough that she could keep her breathing more or less in check, wouldn't suddenly moan, but still gave herself enough attention that her pleasure grew. She had no idea what she would do when that pleasure finally overflowed, but that was a worry for later.

"You know, you don't need to hold back on my account," Anna said, eyes still closed.

"Wh- what?" Celica stammered, blushing fiercely.

Anna opened her eyes and grinned. "Amazing springs, right?" she said. "Everybody always gets in the mood when they visit. Nobody really knows why."

The red-haired merchant stood up, water cascading down her body. Celica stared hungrily at every inch of exposed skin. Celica curled one of her fingers and slipped the slender digit inside of her.

Anna sat down on the edge of the spring and spread her legs obscenely, giving Celica a good view of her dripping pussy.

"Like what you see?" Anna purred.

Celica nodded mutely, too overcome for words. Right now, she didn't know what excited her more - her own hand or Anna's brazen lewdness.

"Good," Anna said. "I really want your first Anna experience to be a real good one."

Anna moved one of her hands across her bare chest, her fingers drawing playful circles on her wet breasts. Celica whimpered quietly, suddenly acutely aware that a towel was pressing against her own breasts instead of Anna's fingers.

"Want to see me touch myself?" Anna asked. "Just say the word."

"Pl- please," Celica managed.

Smiling like the sun, Anna's hand drifted down to between her spread legs. Her hand cupped her dripping pussy much like Celica's had done. Celica heard the young merchant sigh lustfully. The noise sent a little shudder of pleasure up Celica's spine, putting another delicious edge on her own lust.

Watching Anna move her own hand up and down her slit, Celica lost whatever last shred of inhibition she still had. She added another finger to the one already inside of and masturbating in earnest, pumping her fingers in and out of her soaked core. Moans started spilling from her lips, loud and unashamed. Anna smiled and giggled for a second or so, before moaning lustfully as well.

It was... wrong. All wrong. There Anna was, on full naked display, proudly masturbating for her and here Celica was, wrapped in a towel and hidden below the water. It didn't... it wasn't right.

Celica stood up and peeled the soaked towel off her wet skin. Anna watched her with an eager gleam in her eyes. Part of Celica wanted to go slow, to reveal herself to Anna in as teasing a way as possible, but she was too turned on for that kind of thing. She stripped out her towel as fast she could and tossed it aside. She didn't look where it landed. She didn't care. What mattered was that she was just as naked as Anna.

Celica waded through the hot water until she stood in front of Anna. The merchant hadn't paused her masturbation once and looked at Celica with lust dancing in the depths of her eyes, moaning quietly.

Celica gently took Anna's cheeks and kissed her. She pressed her lips softly against Anna's. She didn't really know what she was doing, except that she wanted to feel Anna's lips against her own. Anna moaned into her mouth and for a moment, the merchant's hand stilled between her legs as she focused her attention on their kiss. While Celica was content to gently let their lips meet, Anna obviously yearned for more, kissing Celica hungrily and letting her tongue slip out. Celica allowed Anna's tongue inside her mouth and let her tongue writhe and dance across hers.

"My one and only Anna," Celica whispered.

"Oh, stop," Anna sniffed. "You're gonna make me cry again."

Celica sat down on the edge of the pool next to Anna. She spread her legs wide and rest her head on the merchant's shoulder.

"And do you like what you see?" Celica asked.

"Absolutely," Anna replied.

Celica moved her hand back between her legs, her fingers caressing her aching pussy once more. She wasn't exactly certain why she was masturbating any more. For herself or for Anna? Was there really a difference?

Celica looked down Anna's naked body, watched her hand move between her legs. Anna's fingers were down there, drawing circles around her clit. She heard Anna moan and sigh, felt her body tremble with pleasure against her own. Without thinking, her attention fixed on Anna, Celica slipped a pair of fingers inside of herself and started fucking her core.

"Huh. Like that," Anna gasped.

"Mmm," Celica replied.

Celica leaned against Anna even as Anna leaned against her. She felt her own fingers move up and down inside of her, gliding across her sensitive inner walls, pouring pleasure into her overheated body. Yet, somehow, her own fingers sliding in and out of her pussy were a distant impression compared to the sight of Anna masturbating.

Celica raised one leg and lay it across one of Anna's. Their legs entwined, curving around one another. Celica let herself moan freely, driven by her own fucking fingers and the sight of Anna pleasuring her clit. Anna moaned just as happily, and their twin noise filled the air, making it impossible to tell their voices apart.

Celica kissed Anna's shoulder, tasting spring water and just a touch of sweat. Anna mewed and Celica could feel her shuddering. Looking down her body, Celica saw Anna's hand practically moving a in blur, stimulating her clit as fast as she could. She groaned at the sight, plunging her own fingers as deeply into her pussy as she could.

"Celica, I can't take it," Anna whined. "Gonna... I'm gonna cum."

"Do it," Celica breathed, pumping herself hard. "Show me."

Anna arching against Celica, trembling with an excitement Celica felt mirrored in her own shivering body.

"Same time," Anna moaned. "Wanna cum with you."

Celica whined wordlessly in response, her fingers writhing around inside of her. She desperately kissed Anna's shoulder again, her mouth working its way up the merchant's neck until they reached her face and she kissed her on the lips again. This time their kiss was frantic and passionate, driven by the lust of their shared masturbating.

Pleasure roared through Celica's body, danced on every inch of her bare skin. She could barely tell where it came from any more. Her own fingers moving like a blur between her legs, Anna's naked, quaking body pressing against her side, Anna's tongue pressing frantically into her mouth, or the merchant's loud, wanton moaning. The beguiling scent of the blue flowers or the gentle twinkling of the stars above.

Celica groaned against Anna's lips when her pleasure finally overwhelmed her and she came, her wet body quaking helplessly as her orgasm washed through her. She couldn't tell if Anna came at that same moment or a little later, but it didn't really matter. The merchant moaned with orgasmic bliss, loudly celebrating her release.

But even though orgasmic bliss soared through her body, Celica didn't stop masturbating for a moment. If anything, she drove her fingers in and out of her pussy harder than before, willing this moment of absolute ecstasy to last forever. Glancing down, she noticed Anna more or less had the same idea - the redhead's hand rubbing her own clit hard as she came and came.

After a perfect, moaning eternity, Celica found herself sitting next to Anna on the edge of the hot spring. They were both panting, her chests heaving as they caught their breath. One leg still entwined with the other. Celica held one of Anna's hand tightly. It was sort of odd that the hand she'd just masturbated with would now be gently holding the hand Anna had masturbated with. But it was also right, perhaps even the only thing to do. Celica could feel their intimate juices flow together between their fingers until there was no difference between her pleasure and Anna's.

"You were right, you know," Celica said at length.

"I usually am," Anna said. "But about what exactly?"

"You really should come here more often," Celica said. She gently kissed Anna's neck. "And when you do, let me know. I'll be coming with you."

Anna chuckled. "Oh, I really hope so."

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