Power in the hands of the forgotten man

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Hey Merlin here, this is a story I had written ages ago.  Or the start of one anyway . Basically the oc would have a chance with any of the Dragon age women from any game . But I left it , recently I got back into Dragon age and finished the prologue.  It's nothing much and hasn't got anything sexual.  But would love to know if anyone wanted it contained? Or had ideas . If it's not of interest I'll take it down.  

no Beta mistakes are my own . This is just an intro , would anyone want more ? 

Power to the forgotten man




“Get lost weirdo...freak” 

The words cut through what little self esteem the recipient had. The shove to the floor didn’t help but the multiple sets of laughter all but crushed it. But this wasn’t an irregular occurrence, not for seventeen year old mage mortem Renton. Or as his peers liked to call him Mort the wart . 

He was an outcast from the group of young mages that lived at Skyhold. The breach now sealed, yet the inquisition still held strong, still used the power to rebuild . So his group of mage refugees stayed and helped .

The younger mages though like Mortem, spent there times being taught magic. Not that he was much good at it, bottom of the class in all subjects and ridiculed and bullied . Mortem was an orphan, his parents killed when he was only four by darkspawn his luck had only been downhill from then.

At seventeen, he was rather short barely hitting five foot five .  All skin and bones , pale skin, large glasses, pointed nose, crooked teeth and a squeaky voice . No matter how much he washed, he always seemed to struggled with b.o. His short black hair unbearably curly .

It made him a target for his peers, it made him unattractive and laughed at by the girls his age. Mortem the forever virgin was a moniker they had given him . When your seventeen, hell just when your a man, girls are always on your mind.... So to say that phrase stung would be an understatement. Not that the girls his age were what truly interested him... The popular boys were bastards but one thing he did agree with them on when he sometimes eve dropped on their conversations. Was the women they truly wanted around Skyhold . The Lady Liliana, Seeker Cassandra, that crazy witch Morrigan etc ... real unreachable fantasies . 

Mortem had masturbated more times then he could count over some of the older women of Skyhold.  But as the loser picked himself up off the floor with a sigh, watching his attackers laugh as they walked off.  Mortem didn’t realise that tomorrow... His life would change, all because of a wooden wheel hitting a bump in the road .

The next day ... outside Skyhold...

Mortem sat back against the hard wood of the tree, dressed in his blue apprentice robes. The mage having left Skyholds gates, needing a break from everyone around him. He didn’t stray far, just outside the grounds, into a small wooded area beside the Brick road that led up to the castle .  It was a nice day in the usually cold environment and He was going to enjoy it . And keep far away from the people that made his life a misery. 

As he sat back though , his silence was interrupted by the sound of hooves hitting concrete. Curious to what was coming up the path not to far from him , the mage crept slowly, keeping himself hidden as he did until he reached the end of the wooded area .

That was when he saw it , the cart every mage his age gossiped about . The delivery of forbidden magical items. He knew it was that, the sign of the mage circle was on the side. The inquisition having set about gathering dangerous magical items and either storing them or destroying them. In hopes of them never being used with bad intentions.

That's when it happened though , as the horse tugged the cart, one of the wheels suddenly hit a dislodged Brick jerking the cart itself . As it happened, Mortem watched as a small chest slipped from the cart hitting the concrete below, opening as it did. The teen watched as a golden chain with a medallion attached slipped from the chest.

Mortem waited for the driver to stop, surely he heard the noise. But instead the horse continued to move, the item stranded across the floor. He went to call out but the boy stopped, curiosity pumping through his veins. He had to know...

When the cart was out of site, he sprinted onto the road grabbing the amulet and it’s chest before running back into the wooded area. His heart pounding out of his chest. He dreaded to think the punishment if anyone found him with a forbidden item. 

Out of sight, he sat down on the grass below. The scrawny teen nervously eyeing the amulet he now held .  Looking at the chest it come in , he noticed a note inside, the writing on the scroll professional . 

Grabbing the note he began to read curiously, his mouth dropping when he saw what it said .

To whom it may concern, this chest houses the amulet of Drackon love. The mage who wears it, shall be granted the power to control someone’s mind, the telepathic thoughts implanted, the recipient will believe them to be their own, that their decisions will be their own. To grant the wearer stamina and strength of a dragon,  and when their seed has entered that of another .... addiction will grow in the recipient. 

But beware, only a trained mind and a strong mage has the ability to use the amulet to the greatest of its power . It takes dedication. If the user chooses to use it’s powers on someone of strong will, the effects will never reach their true height unless the user is strong enough themselves.

And to the wearer, once you put the amulet on... brace yourself....

Mortem couldn’t believe what the note had implied... his thoughts instantly going to the idea of hiding the chest and never speaking of it.  But then other thoughts come into play, if this was real, if it could truly grant him power .... he had always been a good person , but had never been given any respect .... But then another thought hit him . When he remembered the line about his seed entering another... his perverted teen self took over . A thought not leaving him , he could control the women of Skyhold to be his.

Knowing he would only back out if he waited longer, he threw the amulet over his neck. It felt heavy, not sure what to expect, he couldn’t react quick enough when the amulet began to burn. He tried to scream but was unable to as the amulet began to sear through his robes before burning into his skin . It was pure agony for Mortem, and just when he thought he was about to faint . He heard a roar in his mind, that of a high Dragon.  Moments later he passed out .

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