Yu's Birthday Bash

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Yu's Gangbang Birthday Bash

Turning seventeen or any age, is a joyous occasion for anyone. Spending time with family and friends while laughing and eating mountains of food is a good time for anyone. But for friends of the beautiful miss Yu Nurkami, simple cake and ice cream are good enough for them.

After a long day tutoring a rather annoying child, the young genius wanted nothing more then to take off her clothes and laze around for the rest of the day. Which she did. As soon as her shoes were off, Yu took off her black lacy bra form under her school uniform, freeing her rather large and perky D-cup breast, and tossed it to the ground. She left her long smoky gray pony tail intact and her skin-tight pantyhose

She planned to take off her panties too, but the sudden shout of "Happy Birthday!" Stopped her in her tracks.

The slivered hair girl blinked in shock at the five long hard horse cocks before her. Chie Satonaka, the spunky tomboy, stood proudly in her high school bloomers; a cut off white shirt that showed the underside of her perky breast and red thong that slide between the crack of her big firm butt. Her cock, a large thirteen-inch equine member, throbbed hard and ready against her stomach as it was bunch up in her thong. She isn't the only one dressed in such a sluty state.

Yukiko stood right next to her. A little shyer then her best friend, but her own animalistic cock throbbed eagerly. Dressed in her sultry pink and white Yukata that is ungodly short, her tight butt peaking form it's bottom, with a hole in the front to show off her throbbing eight-inch member.

Nanako was with them as well. Standing with sweet blush next to Nanako. Although she only wore her cute little sun dress. Not that it could hid her stiff six-inch pecker peeking out from the bottom of her dress.

Rise is the most excited of the girls. Standing in a silly pose giving a peace sign in one of her idol swimsuits. She licked purple vibrator in her hand as she giggled. Only with a hole in the front and back to let her fourteen-inch shaft poke out. She stood in front of Naoto who tried to hide behind all the girls. But she couldn't hide the sexy bunny costume that the girls forced her into. Cute long white bunny ears with a tight black string bikini and a white tail stuck up her rear as a butt plug.

"Heh heh! How do you like all your present senpai?" Rise giggled as she jerked her member.

Normally most women would be shocked or disgusted by seeing a bunch of horny dickgirls standing in their home. But for Yu, it's a somewhat normal sight.

Saying Yu is a wonderful and broadline perfect girl is an understatement. Just a few months after she arrived at Yasogami High, she get her own fan club of men and women fawning over her. Overwhelmly skilled in sports, academics, and with a beautiful body, Yu easily beat Yukiko as the school beauty. Much to the meek girl's relief. It didn't help that Yu herself is an outrageous flirt.

So, it came to no surprise that her investigation team turned into the 'Yu's personal harem'. Form Yosuke to even Teddy, the genius young woman has a bevy of men and women to dote on her hand and foot.

And what better present is there then five nice and hard cocks.

"Aw." Yu cooed lustfully. Licking her lips as she eyed her lover's pulsating hot rods. "You guys shouldn't have."

Yu walked towards them, un buttoning her shirt, letting her large, breast bounce free. Not as big as Naoto's, but big enough to fill greedy and needy hands. The large pale flesh with her inverted nipples made her a fetching figure to watch. She waisted no time getting on her knees and taking Naoto's and Nanako's cock in hand. Her tongue switching between Yukiko's leaking flared head, to her lips kissing Chie's larger flatten cock head, and then taking the head of Rise's long dick. Flicking her tongue across the idol's piss slit while sucking back slightly.

Rise, energetic as always, was the first to get Yu's mouth. The idol grabbed her senpai's pony tail and rammed nearly half her cock down Yu's gullet. A good few inches still stuck out from the older girl's lips as she gagged and choked horribly. Tears wet the edges of Yu's eyes as her throat bulged out and constricted Rise's cock.

"Ah…Senpai you're such a slut for cock…" Rise moaned as she threw her hips into Yu's mouth.

Yu's showed no dislike to being choked out by a meaty cock. If anything, she started to bob her head and lick as much of the massive shaft as she could. Her tongue peeking out from under the leathery cock to drool over. Lathering it with her pre-cum mixed spit as her head was bounced by Rise's hand.

Yu's grip on Nanako's and Naoto's cock tighten as Rise started wailing on her mouth. Pushing her senpai's mouth deeper and deeper on her cock. Making Yu's neck bulge out for the sheer size of meat pillar gouging her lips. Yu took it all in stride however. It's wasn't that long ago that Yu was blowing her younger lover in the girl's bathroom. Swallowing a near gallon of cum so no one would wonder why the new school idol clothes were all sticky.

Naoto and Nanako sighed in bless as Yu worked their pricks with her fingers. Rolling her thumb around their flared heads while the rest of her hand moved up and down. Jerking the two futa's off while her pony tail was grabbed by Chie and her mouth was stuffed full of cock. Yu's throated is plowed into by the tomboy.

"Oh fuck!" Chie cursed as her hips railed the slutty girl's mouth. "God damn it Yu! You're going to suck the cum right out of me."

Yu simply moaned in response as she tried to take the whole of Chie's shaft. Being the largest of the girls, Chie's cock always stretched Yu's mouth to its limit. While she can deep throat it, shown by the large throbbing bulge in her throat, she will never not choke on the beastly bitch breaker.

Gurgling spit and pre-cum as her pussy leaked her arousal. She pulled her mouth off from Chie's cock and switched to kissing the shaft and drooling on her hefty sack. The thickest of the five dicks, the tomboy is a little harder the take in. Yu licked the underside of the cock, her tongue trailing down to Chie's hefty ball sack.

Like her cock, Chie also has the biggest balls of the bunch and they are a joy to suck and lick. Bringing her lips to draw back the springing flesh in her mouth. Chie's sweaty hot cock throbbed against her forehead as she nuzzled her lips deeper into filled cum sacks.

"Mmm….I love all your fat cocks…" Yu moaned as she slathered Chie's taint. Licking and kissing the hairless balls like a trained whore. "Good your all so big…."

Yu, leaving a wet sloppy kiss form Chie's balls, and then switched to Naoto's ten-inch monster. Yu held nothing back and gobbled the shy girls cock whole. Stuff her mouth all the way to the beast in one quick and nearly violent manner. Spit and spittle flew everywhere and all over Yu's face. Bobbing her head in a blur and mad and making poor Naoto moan and grip Yu's head in shock.

Yu threw her head like the mad slut she is. She loved taking Naoto's cock. Being in between sizes form the girls, Naoto is the easily to take. But she cums in massive globs that can easily fill a bucket with two shots of her cock snot. Being the cum slut that she is, Yu loved her shy friends cum shots. She always wants to get Naoto to cum hard and fast.

"A-Ah! Y-Yu! Slow down!" Naoto moaned wildly form Yu rough face fucking.

Nanako and Yukiko, who started handling their own cocks while Yu was being passed around felt a little left out as they watched the other girls get serviced. Yu, smacking her lips off Naoto's cock, smiled at her cousin and Yukiko.

"Come on you two." Yu moaned as she licked Naoto's shaft. "There are two more holes you can use."

Both girls took a Yu's firm tit's in hand. Yu's inverted nipples hid inside of the young girl's areole. Instead of the girls taking their cocks placing them between Yu's lovely bosom, they each took a breast and pushed themselves inside Yu's nips.

"Mph!" Yu squealed as her nipples were opened. They spread wide as Nanako and Yukiko pushed their cocks inside of Yu's breast. Sparks of lust raced down Yu's spine as her chest was penetrated. While Yukiko sighed in bless of the tightness around her cock, little Nanako was humping away at Yu's breast.

"Ahn~! Fuck my slutty tits!" Yu took her mouth off Naoto's cock to openly moan with her eyes rolled up in bless. Her body quaking as she neared orgasm.

Her nipples being the most sensitive thing on her body next to her aching clit. It was getting harder to focus on pleasing her friends as her breast were treat like another hole to fuck. Nanako's enthusiastic humping is un even but potent as the rapid thrusting, and slamming of her the flat cock head deep into Yu's tits. The young girl isn't as big or as thick as the others around her, but her energy made up for it.

Yukiko on the other hand is more practiced in her movements on the right breast. Which only made for more pleasure being shot up Yu's back. The yamagi inn hostess squeezed Yu's tit and used it like flesh light. Pumping the breast up and down around her cock as she sighed in bless at the tight wet feeling wrapping around her shaft.

Yu gave a muffled squeal, her eyes rolling in the back of head as she gagged on Chie's cock. Her orgasm hitting her like a truck as she spurted and convulsed with her pussy gushing a river of her juices through her panty hose and panties. Showering the ground, Yu cummed with her lips wrapped around a cock like a cheap whore.

Chie and Naoto joined Yu as they shot their loads. Thick viscous globs of white fired form their equine cocks. Chie isn't much of gusher like the others, her cum shooting out in heavy strings and pooling out of the sides of Yu's mouth. It made it easier to swallow even with Naoto blasted her with heavy white semen. Naoto's spunk is fired out in short, mountainous burst. It doesn't last as long as Chie's, only six shots being fired, but it completely covered her.

Her face became caked in white while her hair is a silvery mess of cum. It blasted across her nose, smearing her face and blocking one of her eyes. It nearly suffocated her as her nose was clogged with semen.

Even though her cock was still rock hard, Chie pulled Yu off her shaft. A great sigh leaving her lips as Yu left her dick. The slutty high schooler sucking all the way while she pulled her head back. However, it was a moment's rest as Rise grabbed Yu's head and slammed her dick back into Yu's mouth.

"You love sucking dicks don't you Senpai?" Rise giggled with a powerful slam into Yu's cum soaked face. Yu's unstable gagging and up turned eyes seemed to agree with the idol.

There is no slow going as Rise went all out on her thrusts. Pounding at full force at Yu's maw, the sliver haired slut going nearly completely limp. Rise let loss all her frustration in a lustful frenzy. Her balls slapping Yu's chin like a pendulum

"Gulk! Gak! Gluck!" The sounds of Yu's chocking filled the house while the slapping of her tits, being fucked by Yukiko and Nanako, were drowned out by the two girls moaning.

Rises bite her lower lip as her cock twitched violently. Nanako and Yukiko having similar expressions as they all reached their peak.

"Take it you slutty senpai! Take all my cum!"

"I am cumming Yu!"


Their rutting finally hit a fever pitch and all three girls came like a just like a horse. Grand jello cum exploded out Yu's mouth and nose. Bubbles gurgling out her cock sealed lips while her tits filled with jizz. Bursting form her nipples, glops of white splattered on the floor and on everyone's clothes.

As everyone spent their load, they pulled out of the jizz covered Yu. Letting the twitching slut fall on her back. Her legs spread open with her cunt twitching and gapping through her panties and stockings as gave out heavy ragged breaths.

Although Yu is far from tired, the poof being her tongue licking the edges of her cum stained mouth. She tore a sizable hole in her pantyhose, then moved her drench lace black panties aside. Pink and pristine, Yu's yawning hot muff greeted the word with its glisten of lust. She let her fingers spread her pussy open as she enticed her friends over.

"Come on you guys…" Yu purred. "There's still two more holes you haven't beaten yet…"

Not that the girls needed much of an invitation.

Chie picked Yu up, the sliver hair's girl instinctively wrapping her legs around her lover, and let her stunning erection poke at her cunt. The sweltering heat radiating off her shaft made Yu moan before kissing Chie. Her cum laced tongue intertwining and licking the tomboy's own before pulling back with a tired sigh.

"Heh heh. Hold on to your tits Yu because I am going all out!" Chie grinned cheekily before plunging deep into Yu's womb. Dropping her on cock as she started to thrust upwards. Gripping the genius girl's tight rear while she shot her hips up.

"Ohh~!" Yu sighed. "Your still so big Chie!"

The tomboy is oddly not very rough in her thrusting even though her cock stretched Yu out and made her belly bulge outwards. There is a method to her strokes as she pushed in with slight twist of her hips, the head of cock scrapping the top most part of Yu's walls. And as she pulled out it was quick and hard. Like a blur she pulled most of cock out before ramming the rest back in.

Yu mewled and moaned under Chie's movements. "Yes! Fuck my sluty pussy!"

Yu hugged Chie and bounced in her lovers' hand as she moaned and squeal in her ear. Yu's tight butt bounced and clapped in Chie's hands with tomboy's balls hitting the crack of Yu's rear as she thrusted up. Hitting Yu's cunt with shallow, powerful thrusts.

Chie let out a short grunt before unloading her jizz deep into Yu's womb. A deluge of cum fired gushed out of Yu's cunt as Chie jerked her hips. Stuffing the sliver haired beauty with her spunk before pulling out. Even though the chestnut-haired tomboy's erection is as stiff as ever, she didn't plunge back into Yu's depths.

Yu licked her lips, looking at Yukiko behind her. "Mm Yuki-chan. I want you and Chie in my ass."

Chie smiled and placed Yu on the ground, on her shoulders, her blinking cunt gazing up at the ceiling, before turning around. Pointing her cock at Yu's twitching anus while Yukiko beside Chie. Squatting over Yu's anus with her dick rigid and hard.

Both girls held nothing back and complied with Yu's request. Plunging their cocks deep into Yu's ass. A throaty moan roared out Yu's mouth as her pussy squirted out a fountain over her body.

"Annh~!" Yu squealed in lust as her star pucker was ruin. "Yesh! Ruin my ass!"

Naoto decided to take Yu's squirting pussy while Yukiko and Chie practically fought over the limited space in Yu' ass. Both girls railing the smoky hair girl, as the detective slid her own cock in Yu's cunt.

Naoto is a little slower paced then the other girls. Not as open about sex as much as the other girls, Naoto's rutting goes at a pleasant, it not steady pace. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the slick tight walls of Yu's muff. Mewling cutely as she steady humped at her lover.

Rise giggled as her stood over Yu. Her heavy sack dangle over the moaning sliver haired girl before she dipped her cock right in her mouth. Repeating the rapid pace face fucking from before but going even deeper in Yu's throat. She pounded and ravaged Yu's mouth with monstrous force.

With her vibrator in her hand, she aimed the buzzing tip at the blazing red clit that thrashed as much as the girl below her. As soon as she let the plastic dong hit Yu's hot button, Rise herself had to size up form the Yu's whole body exploding in an orgasm.

"MMPH!" The sliver haired girl shook and convulsed as she was ruined with rapid fired blast of ejaculation on her part. Her pussy erupting like a volcano as her lust rained down on her in swift burst.

It was a chian reaction that caused Naoto to bite her lip as she came like a hydrant. Her massive load of jizz not slowing down even though she came just moments before. In one pump she filled Yu to the brim while the second could barely fit in the cramped fuckhole.

Chie and Yukiko, their lips still intertwine with one another, fired at the same time. Their cocks firing their load in Yu's over stuffed ass. Thick white cum poured out of Yu's tight anus while her mouth was gagged with jizz. It's exploded out her mouth and nose, while her lust drunk eye gazed into the sky.

Pulling out Rise gave one last large squirt on Yu's face and placed the still moving vibrator in her previously empty cunt. The sixteen-year-old girl let her waist drop to the cum sticky ground as she twitched and shook. Her pussy still clamping and gapping as she moaned in weak satisfaction.


Nanako's little voice, and large erection, brought Yu out of pre-orgasmic bless.

"I didn't forget about you Nanako." With a simile Yu' got on her hands and knees in front of everyone while pulling her cum leaking anus apart for her little cousin. While everyone worked their cocks, Nanako took a stance behind her slutty cousin and slammed her cock in. It was easy given how thoroughly pounded it's been, yet Nanako's energy slammed Yu's face in the cum covered floor while she drooled weakly.

The little six-year-old girl, was relentless in her fucking. With blurring, Nanako slammed in and out of Yu's ass while the vibrator in Yu's greedy tight cunt ran at full speed. The little girl moaned while Yu's weakly whined as she was thoroughly fuck by her younger relative. The fat titted sow let her tongue hang out and drool all over the floor. Begging for Nanako and the other girls' give.

The rest of the party circled jerked around the two. Everyone working their cocks at a fevered pace. Naoto using two hands on her shaft, while Chie and Yukiko shared handed each other off. Rise played and nipped on her breast while toy with her horse member. Toying with the piss slit, while growling with lust.

"I am cumming!" Nanako, being so young didn't last long until she popped. Giving one last thrust and pumping her cousin with her spunk while everyone else showered Yu in white. She came again, not moaning much with her body so tired, but her pussy is still active as it squirted another round of her quim to the ground. As her whole body was is cover with sticky smelly cum.

With her face drooling and helpless on ground of her home. And vibrator buzzing in her pussy, her body soaked in her friend's sperm, and her little cousin filling her ass, the last thought Yu had before blacking out form pleasure was.

'We are so doing this next year….'

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