Hyrule Warriros: War of Lust and Love

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Zelda Prolog

Beyond Time and Space

We start off this tale in a beautiful magical garden where only a single woman lived. And at the center of this paradise was the holy object known as the Triforce. Usually the Triforce was hidden away in bodies and souls of exceptional individuals to prevent is misuse. But in this holy place the Triforce existed as one in order to keep the balance of the world.

"A snowstorm in the middle of summer. Better realign Windom. Mountains are starting to grow in the middle of grassy fields. I'll disburse the build up power. Too many dangerous beasts are appearing near town. Better dial back on courage," Cia said as she peered through time looking for any new imbalances that may have seeped out into time and space.

"Things look fine for now I'll think I should peer in on him again," Cia said as she looked in on her favorite soul. Even though Cia lived in a garden of Eden she was still very lonely. To combat she had taken to watching through the ages of Hyrule, gazing upon the people that had been existing, will exit, and even might exist across the ever-changing flow of time. During this peering through time, she came upon a special soul. Like her own existence, his soul was eternal, nearly untouched the normal cycle of life and death. but unlike herself that lived outside the rules of time, he was constantly reborn into the kingdom. As she watched him over a thousand lifetime, he had been a warrior, farmer, pirate, artist, and many more things over his infinite lifetimes. But through it all he always posseted great courage and valor for this was the soul of the eternal Hero of Hyrule who would always save the kingdom should ever darkness grow too strong.

In the current vision, she saw link as he was tending some sheep. "Aha pleasant and serene settings, I could watch this for hours," she said as she enjoyed the sight of her beloved. However, that piece was soon ruined by the sight of a blond haired young woman in a simple pink dress.

"Arrr that woman is there. Just the sight of that woman with Link drives me crazy. No, I shouldn't think like that. It's not her fault that I can never be with Link.
The woman in question was Zelda, the eternal monarch of Hyrule and the mortal form of the goddess Hylia. It is said that she fell in love with the hero Link a long time ago and started the cycle of reincarnation and gave up her immortal forum so she could be with him for all eternity.

How Cia hated to see the man she loves with another woman. All she wants to do is hold the hero in her own arms and bask in the hero's love, but she was forever bound to remain outside of time and space. Fated to watch her love spend all eternity with that woman and not even knowing of her or the love that she has for him.
'Then you should take him for yourself," came a dark and foreboding whisper. Cia knew this whisper well. In her loneliest moments, it spoke to her giving her dark advice. Cia should just ignore it but it is the only source of comfort in her lonely existence. And much to a small part of her horror, she liked the dark ideas it gave her.

You can use the Triforce to leave here. Make the wish so clam the Hero and destroy Hyrule and goddess," the darkness whispered.

"Oh yes I can do that," Cia said as she reached for the Triforce.

'Wait you can't. If we touch the Tri-force with such dark thoughts it would cause it to shatter. And if we bring harm to Hyrule the Hero would hate us," said the remaining goodness in Cia. The good in Cia felt her words taking effect on the rest of her as Cia's hand just trembled before the Tri-force.

"Part of yourself is holding you back from claiming happiness and form freeing the Hero from his life of torment. Rid yourself of this impediment in order to seize your happiness." The whisper said.

Oh yes, Cia said as she began to banish her good half from her body.

Wait, think about what you're doing, The good side of Cia pleaded as she felt herself being ripped from her body.

Oh, I am. I need the Hero more than I need you. Cia said as her good side was forced out of her body.

As Cia's hand reached for the Triforce her good side of her accidentally touched the Triforce. Had she wanted to stop her bad side then the war that was about to happen wouldn't have come to pass, however, her only thoughts were about the Hero and how much she wanted to be with him. 'I wish Link would love other women.' Little did she know just how much it would change things.

In the bedroom of Princess Zelda as she tried to enjoy a peaceful night of good dreams, but alas it was not to be. In her dreams, a far cloud was consuming her kingdom and she was powerless to stop it.

Zelda soon woke up screaming. Alerted to the sound Zelda's most trusted attendance, Impa and Lady Urbosa, came rushing in to see what was the matter.
"Are you alright princess," asked Urbosa.

"Are you thinking of your twin sister again," Impa asked knowing that anything to do with her missing sister upset her.
"it is something worse I'm afraid. I just had a nightmare," Zelda said.

"Oh, do you think it's one of those visions of the future that your divine power is supposed to give you?" Urbosa Asked. She didn't realize the mistake she made until she saw Zelda's face pale with fear. "Oh, I'm sure that it was just a normal bad dream after all everyone gets them sometimes."

Impa didn't want to admit it but she was worried about the dream that Zelda had. Zelda was no ordinary woman or even a princess, she was, in reality, the mortal form of the Goddess Hylia. According to legend, Hylia was the daughter of Goddess of Wisdom Nayru which is why she naturally has such great natural magic and also why the Triforce of Wisdom is always drawn to her. However, it also meant that she was sometimes afflicted with visions of disasters. In her current life, Zelda was able to use these visions to evacuate people from disaster areas that will be struck by natural disasters or set traps for bandits and monsters. However, if this vision was real it meant that simply moving some people around and setting a few traps would do little good.

"Even if it is real than things are still not hopeless," Impa assured her. "You have faced the great darkness in a dozen lifetimes before and won."

"But not alone. There was always the entrance hero at my side," Zelda said. Zelda's face seemed to brighten as she realized something. "We must find the Hero. If I know the legends he is always close to the goddess, I mean he is always close to me when the darkness rises. So he must already be close by."

It was clear from the look on the princess' face just how much she wanted to meet the hero. Zelda had always been looking forward to seeing the hero for it was said that she as the goddess Hylia shared an eternal love for each other. Being a princess was harder than one would expect and to have her love at her side would be a huge relief. She had already prepaid for the meeting years ago by preparing a green tunic and cap for him.

"How do you plan to find the hero?" Impa asked.

"Simple there are many new recruits in the castle tomorrow I will observe their training. The Hero should be a stand out among them. And it is said that when I behold the Hero it will be like seeing the love of my many lifetimes all over again," Zelda said looking forward to it.

"Um, what will we do if he is not at the castle? The Hero could be training in the city of Gavony for all we know," Impa pointed out.
"I can already feel that he is close by," Zelda responded.

"Do not try to dampen our princesses feelings. If she wants to observe the Voe when they are training her she can," Urbosa said. "But for now let us get back to bed. In fact, as the closes allies of the princess, the two of us should spend the night with her. After all, we can see how shaken she is," Urbosa pulled back the covers.
"Um you do not have to do this," Zelda said.

"Don't be a shy princess. After all, we are more than your bodyguards we are also your friends," Impa said as she also got into the bed. "We can worry about things tomorrow. Just focus on getting some rest tonight.

Zelda felt at ease as her two best friends slept beside her. Before she fell asleep Zelda thought back on her life. At her birth, no one thought that she would be the one to inherited the throne for she was the younger twin. Also her elder sister Tetra was just so good at everything when they were growing up whether it be fencing or leadership. Often acted decisively and without hesitation while she herself took much more time to make up her mind on issues. And though Zelda trained in swordplay she could never beat her elder sister. The two of them never let matters of succession come between them, and since Tetra was so good at everything even she thought that Tetra would make a better Queen of Hyrule.

However, everything changes when the Sheikah announced that she, the younger twin, was the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia. Due to the ancient laws, it meant that she would immediately be made the successor to the throne. Tetra was furious, She felt that the Sheikah could not simply dictate who becomes queen. And also Tetra, like many others, did not really believe in the old legends and did not support making governing decisions based on them. Ultimately Zelda was able awaking her goddess magic which silenced almost everyone who doubted her.

However, Tetra was never truly satisfied with the way she was passed over. She ran away from the castle one night, leaving a single letter saying that she would build her own kingdom.

Just thinking about it broke her heart, but her father was even more hurt by it. She then thought about her father. He was a stern man as well a powerful warrior who has defeated many monsters and bandits in his time, he was also very controlling. It seemed like ever since she was named the heir to the kingdom her life has consisted of nothing but etiquette training, studying, and combat training. To top it all off she was not allowed to leave the castle. It truly felt like she was a prisoner in her own home. Her only friends were the servants who survived under her, but soon she would meet the love of her life and then her life will improve.

Before she fell asleep Zelda reminded the legend of the last time the Hero and the mortal goddess met. The great darkness that exists solely to torment the Hero and the Goddess had risen once more. The great mass of hate had taken the form of a Gerudo male and had spread chaos throughout the kingdom. After a ferace battle, the Hero had cut the very existence of the great darkness in five pieces. To end the cycle of calamity the Hero and imprisoned the five pieces of darkness in different locations so they will never be able to return. The first piece was placed under a sealing stone. The second was frozen in ice that would never melt and placed in the deepest lake. The third was encased in iron and thrown into the land of shadows. The forth was placed beyond the reaches of time and space. And the fifth was placed under the sword that sealed the darkness itself.

With the five pieces of darkness sealed it was said that peace would forever more regain across the land, but Zelda thought that it also meant that the Hero and the Goddess would never meet again. And that made Zelda sad for some reason.

Early that day.

Link was in the castle courtyard with the other trainees working on his swordplay. And as always it was clear that Link was already leagues ahead of the other Trainees, however, that wasn't always a good thing. Link wasn't exactly humble about his skills which didn't earn him many friends. It also didn't help that at the very moment he was practically toying with his sparring partner.

The training moved in close as swung his sword in a wide horizontal arc hoping to strike Link. Link for his part didn't even bother to lift his sword or shield, instead he just casually took a step back at the last second and avoided the blade altogether. "I will not be made sport of. I am the best swordsman in my village," the man said as he started a series of quick thrusts at link face. Link was unimpressed and simply moved his head side to side to dodge the attack without even taking a single step.

The man lost his temper and did a powerful downwards attack on Link. An attack so sloppy that Link simply pivoted to his side to avoid. The power of the attack made the trainee lose his balance and fall to the ground. "Whats going on here," came the shouted the officer oversing the training captain Ashei.

"This man is stopping at nothing to make me look like a fool," the trainee said.

"Oh I was just letting you practice your swordplay since you need the most work out of the two of us," Link replied as he took off his helmet.

"Hmpt, your still a trainee too and you should take training seriously," Ashei said.

"Oh, I take my training seriously its just that I have already obtained a much greater skill level than the rest of the new recruits," Link boosted. "I'll show you." Link then walked to the arrow targets and drew his sword. He focused his energy and swung his sword letting loose a powerful energy wave that flies towards its target and landed a strong strike on the target.

"It's my sword wave technique lets me attack lots of enemies from far away. I was hopeful that this would allow me to graduate early form training early," Link said.
"It doesn't work like that. Basic training is also a great way of removing one ego and teaching discipline. Two things that I can tell that yo- look out," Ashei said as someone though a helmet at Link and hit him in the back of the head. The wound was bad as blood poured out of his head.

"Oh, it looks like you let your guard down on the battlefield. A mistake that not even a beginner would make," Groose said as he road up on his steed. "Clearly you just aren't Hyrule army material."

"This isn't a battlefield and you're setting a particularly bad example of how officers should act," Ashei said.

"What can I say that one needs to be put in his place," Groose said arrogantly. "The way he acts its like he thinks he is the Hero of Legend that's here to save us all or some other nonsense fairytale."

"This isn't the time to talk about silly fairytales," Ashei said. "Link go to the medical bay to have that looked at."

"Okay," Link said as he went to the med area. Once he got there he was greeted by a female Kokiri named Saria. To the average person, Saria would like a young Hylian, however, like all Kokiri she only looked young. In truth, she was even older than Link.

"Oh Link, you're in here. That's a surprise," Saria said.

"Well, Groose threw his helmet at me when I was at the archery grounds," Link told her. "Is it just me or does he have it in for me for no reason?" Saria could hear the sarcasm in Links' voice.

"Oh, he's jealous of your natural skill," Saria replied. "Groose was one of the most promising soldiers here quickly rasing though the ranks until he became a captain of the cavalry. But with your skill, you could make it to captain even faster than he did."

"Most certainly, after all, I knew with my talents that I would at least climb up to at least make it up to general," Link said cockily.

"Oh Link it seems like you still have that ego of yours," said a woman who just walked into the tent. It was Ilia Links childhood fried. She was very close to Link when they were growing up and become far more than friends despite some of Links personality flaws. When Link went off to join army Ilia couldn't let him go so she tried to get a job at the castle to be near him and landed a job as a stable girl.

"What can I say. If one has it why hide it?" Link replied. And to be honest, when you have better a full grown man in a sword fight at the age of four there's really not much more to say.

Ilia hated to admit it but it was true. From the day when Link picked up his sword wooden sword, he was a natural swords fighter. It surprised no one the day that Link told everyone that he was going join the army, except for her a course, after all their relationship had progressed very far and she couldn't believe that he was just going to walk away from her. So she made the fashion to leave her life as the mayor's daughter behind and follow him as a stable girl.

"But why doesn't our little nurse start healing me." Link them picked up Saria by her butt and lifted the small Kokiri up to his head.

Sadie blushed at the internet contact, but she didn't object. After all, Link was quite good looking with a bright future ahead of him so any woman would be glad to be courted by him. She then raised her hands up to the wound and cast her healing spell. "This will take a few minutes so I hope you're comfortable," she said.

"Oh don't worry I'm quite comfortable," Link said with a smile on his face.

"Link it's bad enough that your hurt but do you have to flirt with the nurse right in front of me," Ilia said.

Before Link could reply another young woman came in. It was Malon The stable girl and cook. "Oh Link I heard about what happened during training So I made you some Creamy Heart Soup to help with the healing," she said.

"Oh how helpful," Ilia said dryly. For the last couple of weeks, Malon had been very flirty with Link and Ilia didn't like it one bit. Ilia also didn't like how beautiful Malon was with her fiery red hair, a figure that a man would lust over, and breasts that were much bigger than hers.

"Oh it's the least I can do after all Link did save me from that bull," Malon though back a few weeks when she was in the royal stables when due to a bad shot by one of the trainees grazed the bull causing it to go on a rampage due to fear. It was charging right to her and she was frozen in fear. She surely would've been impaled had it not been for Link jumping in front of her with blinding speed and took the bull by the horns and forced it to the ground. It was at that moment at witnessing Links bravery and strength she fell hard for him.

"Oh you don't have to go through such trouble," Link said as he took the soup.

"Don't move too much. I'm still trying to heal you," Saria said while giving the other two girls the evil eye.

"Come now girls there is no reason to fight so much. If it really bothers you that much then why don't I just take all out all three of you on a romantic date," Link said causing all the woman to blush.

"Link is it too much to ask you to commit to one woman?" Ilia shouted.

"What can I say I just have to love other woman," Link said.

To be continued.
I hope you liked the first chapter. Truthfully I didn't know quite how to end it. I hope to write more but I do have other projects. Also, I should tell you that I am not going to include that convoluted part about merging the eras of Hyrule, everyone will be alive in the current era. Also, I think I will use the map of BOTW as a guide. Also I want to flesh out the Hyrule army with more characters. I have a few form Fire Emeble Warriors and Soul Caliber picked out, but let me know if you have any ideas. The only rule is they have to fit in with the medieval setting.

Also I'm sure many of you are wondering why I wrote Link the way I did. I didn't want him to be the flawless hero and from the games it seemed like the one bad trait that Link had was overconfidence so I wrote him as such. One last thing for anyone who was wondering I got the city of Gavony form Magic the Gathering.

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