Horned Love

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Atohi yawned,  the brawny Tauren not used to waking up at the crack of dawn. He was pretending to admire a freshly planted pot of flowers, or at least pretending insofar as how that wasn't his primary concern. His hands may have been gently caressing flower petals, but his eyes were glued to the shop straight across from him. For months now he had been smitten by a beautiful Draenei shaman. He first saw her while on flight to Thunder Totem and while it was difficult to see, he could still make out her features well enough for them to enthrall him. The way she caved in demon skulls only tightened her hold around his heart, as well as his pants. Atohi caught her one day retiring to the Silver Enclave and had since made it his duty to keep track of her schedule and find out whatever he could about her, though so far he only found out that she was a powerful shaman named Disidra Stormglory. Of course he already knew the former. 

He tore his eyes away from the shop as what looked to be a Blood Elf paladin came into view. He had seen her before at the Filthy Animal inn and she seemed to be walking funny. "Wounded in battle, perhaps." Atohi rubbed his furry chin before tilting his head in confusion as a large Worgen double the girl's size carried his feet along behind her. He was being led by a leash and looked utterly subdued. Though as if hearing the Tauren's thoughts, the Worgen stepped forward and gave the Sin'dorei's ass a smack, laughing as she jumped and let out a cute yelp despite being clad in her normal plate. Atohi snorted in amusement. "Right, in 'battle.'" 

He averted his gaze from the odd duo just in time to see a blue tail disappear behind a building. Cursing himself for being distracted, the hooved stalker raced after it just in time to see the Draenei shaman disappear down an alleyway. He waited a bit before continuing after her, striding quickly past some disposed magical items and a shaggy dog digging through them. He saw no sign of the blue woman and quickly found himself face to face with the back of a building. 

"Us hooved races aren't known for being particularly stealthy." Atohi spun around. There she was, the Draenei he was enchanted by. He noticed the dog was no longer there, causing him to frown at his own stupidity. 

"Why have you been following me?" She continued before he could say anything. 

He did his best to tell her the story of how he came to be enthralled by her, stumbling awkwardly over the details as the shaman fiddled with her mace. 

"You've been stalking me because you fell in love with me from 30 feet in the air whilst riding a wyvern? Are all Tauren as silly as you are?" Disidra turned and motioned for him to follow as she made her way back out onto the main street. 

"Hah! Not in my experience!" Atohi grinned and followed behind her, eyeing what he could of her ass through her robe and wishing he could do to it what that Worgen did to the paladin's earlier. 

"I see. A simpleton among simpletons then." 

Atohi's grin faded as the two stepped out onto the main streets of Dalaran.

"So, what was your plan? Or were you actually hoping I might eventually catch you because you lacked the courage to confront me yourself?" The Draenei's tone was accusatory, yet slightly playful. 

Atohi scratched his head in thought.  "I've never really had a plan, though I supposed you're right about the lack of confidence thing."

"Here I thought Tauren were supposed to be big and brave. Just big, I guess." She peeked at him sideways and watched him sigh. 

"Well if anything I've gotten the chance to talk to you and see you up close. I didn't realize how beautiful your horns were until now.

Disidra blinked and looked him in the eyes. "My horns?" 

"They're beautiful and very elegant looking. The kind of horns a hunter would kill for." 

"That's a stupid compliment." The Draenei woman held back a laugh but allowed a slight smile to creep over her soft features. "Your horns are pretty, too." 

He stammered out an apology and a thank you before she suddenly came to a halt. They had reached her destination. 

"You can't follow me in here." She nodded her horned head towards the Silver Enclave. "You're not so bad, ah..." She trailed off in an inquiry for his name.


The Draenei repeated his name, his name falling off her lips and causing his heart to pound. She dipped her head at him in farewell and turned around, but stopped just as quickly as she began to move. 

"It's that damn couple again!"
Atohi was surprised to see the Worgen and Blood Elf from earlier making their way into the Silver Enclave, though this time the paladin was wearing her helmet. One of the Worgen guards raised his hand to high five the Worgen from before who awkwardly reciprocated it. Atohi scratched his chin as an idea formed in his mind.

"I barely got any sleep last night because of those two. You'd think there was only one Worgen but with the way that Elf howls you'd think there were two of them." Disidra turned back around and sighed, folding her arms over her busty chest. "That's not something I want to hear right now." 

"The Horde inn is pretty quiet you know. Surprisingly." 

"That is surprising. But it doesn't help me any." 

"I've got a room there. You can stay with me for tonight if you'd like."

She smirked. "You suppose the guards will just let me in, do you?"

"You can turn into a dog can't you?" That obnoxious couple had given Alothi a fantastic idea.

Disidra Stormglory looked him up and down, darting her tongue out to wet her lips.

"A wolf, actually." The Draenei grinned. 

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