Walk in the park

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Walk in the park

“Ah…ah yeah…just like that…shove that cock in me deeper…”

White’s moans of pleasure echoed through the cool winter air of Goldenrod City’s National Park, the Unovan ex-Champion having travelled to the Johto region with her brother Black to enjoy a more cultural region compared to her more technologically obsessed home of Unova and upon arriving in Johto White was delighted to find that the region had fully adopted a casual nudity and sex law which she immediately became eager to abuse

With her clothes save for her hat and sneakers scattered along the ground leading up to the park bench that Black was now sitting on White rode her brother with everything she had, her thick ass clapping loudly against his thighs as her tits bounced in his face, neither paying any mind to the people continuing their day around them

“That’s it bitch, ride that dick” Black panted spanking his sister hard making her cry out again with pleasure, her screams starting to steadily draw attention as she rode him harder and faster

“Ah fuck! You’re such a fucking pervert!” White grinned dirtily as she ground down on Black’s cock, wiggling her hips to make her ass jiggle harder “using your sister like this in public for everyone to see? Have you no shame?” she moaned as she looked around to find people checking them out, some even holding out their phones to take pictures and record them making her cunt even wetter around her brother’s cock

Licking her lips as a crowd began to gather White decided that they deserved to see more of her, showing off how limber she was by lifting her left leg high holding it to her front as she then spun around on her brother’s cock, not letting it leave her hungry cunt for a second as she repositioned herself to start riding him reverse cowgirl style showing off her bouncing tits and cock stuffed cunt to her ‘fans’

“Like what you see?” she panted out as she arched her back, pushing her tits out further for the crowd to enjoy, letting them bounce harder as a wave of cheers and camera flashes signalled the crowds approval making her cunt quiver with delight, getting even tighter around Black’s cock as her orgasm came creeping up on her

To White’s surprise however Black reached climax before her, grabbing hold of his sisters hair he pulled it hard as his cock erupted inside of her slutty hole, making the brunette scream with ecstasy as a good twenty people got to enjoy the sight of her pussy getting filled with cum, the fact that she had a small audience for once rather than just having one or two people spying on her making her own orgasm all the better when it hit her, the brunette whore shaking wildly on her brother’s cock moaning and babbling in ecstasy

Slowly coming to from the feeling of Black groping her tits from behind White then noticed that a few of the crowd had gotten bolder and a lot closer, recording her face up close making her smirk and lick her teeth lustfully at them “make sure to get my good side” she tittered before moaning as one of the guys decided to take the chance to actually touch her, the brunette most likely making his entire life when she sucked his thumb into her mouth when he cupped her face

“Careful, when this bitch starts sucking something she very rarely gives it back” Black smirked making White scowl and spit out the man’s thumb

“Oh yeah, I’ve never heard you fucking complain when I’m sucking your dick” White scoffed as she suddenly stood up letting Black’s cock slip out of her cum packed cunt before turning around, giving her fat ass a good hard spank to make it shake for her admirers as she sunk down to her knees “I’m gonna show everyone how to truly suck a dick” she then smirked as she leaned in to take her twin’s cock deep into her mouth

The crowd cheered again as White vigorously pumped her head along Black’s cock, her thick ass and tight little cunt on perfect display for them as camera flashes covered her body again, the brunette squeaking and moaning around her brother’s dick as she felt someone spank her hard making her ass cheeks ripple and clap

“That’s it slut, show everyone how much you love your brother’s cock” Black groaned as he reclined back on the bench, loving how her tongue worked every inch it could reach whilst her cheeks bulged out as she tilted her head as she bobbed it

Hallowing her cheeks as she sucked harder White then momentarily released her brother’s cock from her mouth to look back at her audience, her eyes darkening further with lust at the sight of the bulges in their pants “don’t just stand there suffering guys, feel free to whip them out, I’m in need of a good cum bath” she purred before gasping as Black stood up and shoved his cock back into her mouth, making her scowl up at him for a moment before going back to sucking him

With her brother’s cock deep in her mouth and throat and a group of twenty or so men standing around her jerking off to her White couldn’t have honestly felt sexier than at that moment, shaking her ass for her audience as her cunt dripping onto the ground, her tits bouncing in tandem to Black’s thrusts as he steadily fucked her mouth and for a moment she believed she had died and gone to some perverted version of heaven

That feeling was only amplified when Black came hard in her mouth, flooding her throat with his hot rich cum making the brunette moan whorishly as she gulped down his seed, pulling away from his cock to gasp in shock and delight as the men around her brought themselves to climax, showering her from head to toe in their thick hot cum

“Oh yes! All over me!” she exclaimed with delight, even removing her hat so that they could cum in her hair as she happily accepted their cum all over her skin “feels so good!” she moaned before opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out to catch as much of it as she could

When they were finally done White was borderline unrecognizable, her skin shiny with cum and her hair almost a sheer white with spots of her natural brunette poking through as she lapped at the cum on her skin “perfect” she giggled swallowing another mouthful of cum before looking up at Black “let’s go to Amity Park next, it’s bigger than this place, I want to see if I can draw more of a crowd” she purred making Black smirk

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