The Unknown Hero

BY : CaptainBanker2018
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Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction not based on any actual events people or places. I do not get paid for this. I do not own Diablo 3, I do not get profits for this.

"It all happened a long time ago, before you were even born. There was a city ruled by a beautiful Queen who loved her people she did everything she could to protect them from that monster of the burning hells, the lord of terror himself Diablo. The city was having trouble with everything drought, famine, sickness, etc. You name it, it happened. No matter how hard she tried things just got worse and worse. On one fateful the end began when a farmer walked out to his barn only to see him standing there. The farmer looked at his evil glare. "The Queen's time has come no longer will she steal my rightful claim", he said. "What do you want from me then?", the farmer asked the demon. "To send her a message", he laughed.

 The farmer horribly shaken asked, "What should I tell her". The demon grabbed the farmer's face! "Tell her Diablo comes for her". the demon smiled. 

The farmer began running for his horse as Diablo let him go. The farmer ran to the caslte to inform the Queen. ********


The Queen in her castle began to feel odd like a dark force was lurking somewhere out there. Suddenly a guard ran into her throne room and screamed, "Your magjesty Diablo has returned." The Queen dropped her glass of wine on the floor. "I order the evacuation of all our people and bring me Sir Henry we need to hold him back at all costs." the queen shouted in rage. a few moments later the throne room was completely empty except for the queen. Henry came in shortly after. He looked out the window as he saw the people run for their lives. "Why don't you leave Kathy?" Henry asked the queen.

"He will come Henry and he will destroy me and everything we hold dear, Henry you must find your father's sword it's the only way", the queen plead.

Henry  said looking around and walking away from the window, "I can't Kathy the blade broke inside of Diablo all those years ago.", he muttered.

The Queen looked at her floor while sitting at her throne, "Then we are doomed you and I", she whispered.

Henry walked to his Queen and as he do so the queen faced him to see a dragger in his hand. He then forced his dragger into her throat. As the Queen fell from her chair she was stunned. "What have you done my knight", she choked on blood her.

 "You killed my brother, so now I killed you", Baal said as he transfromed into his true form.

He touched her head as he pulled her face to see hers, "Die you witch ", he said as he took her soul.

The Queen died in Baal's arms as he prepared to kill everything else! 

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