Mother and Son

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Laying in bed, Morgan listened to the audible sound of rain hitting his window. For three days in a row there was nothing but dark clouds and heavy rainfall hanging over Ylisse's capital. Things were gloomy around town, and this even was seen with Morgan's recent lazy attitude.

Morgan sat up and stretched his arms out while his eyes finally opened. He sighed, realizing he slept in again and missed his chance to say goodbye to Robin before she went up to the castle to help Chrom.

Then an idea popped into Morgan's head: If he cleaned the house and did the chores, he and his mother could spend the rest of the day reading and practicing with their strategy books. Morgan eagerly got out of bed and rushed out of his room and into the hallway of their modest house they bought in Ylisstol.
Morgan carried a basket of laundry up the stairs and into his mother's room. The wooden basket was filled with mainly her clothes, so it made it easy to put it all away all at once. Morgan placed the basket of laundry at his feet, he open the drawer to his mother's dresser to start putting her undergarments away. An embarrassed blush spread across his face when he looked into her drawer, he saw a variety of underwear: cotton, silk, and even lacy kind. He picked up a pair of  Robin's underwear, it was a lacy, black thong that would've left her entire buttocks bare aside from her privates.

Morgan wondered how his mother had could wear something so thin and skimpy, but then the young-adult part of his mind wandered. Feeling himself on edge and hot, he suddenly stuffed the racy panties into the pocket of his cloak and began to fold and put away the rest of his mother's laundry.
"You're improving. I'd say you're the second best tactician in Ylisse," Robin said, she looked over Morgan's shoulder as the boy closed the book they took turns reading.

"Really? I don't want to end up wasting your time teaching me if I don't amount to anything." Morgan said quietly, showing a bit of anxiousness as he sat in his chair.

"Nonsense, you're doing fine for being so young. You'll get there, trust me." Robin assured him. "Now, let's both get to bed and we can spend tomorrow evening working on this when I get back." Robin said, wondering why Morgan had been acting so antsy since she got home.

"Yes ma'am!"
It had been so difficult not acting ashamed or showing guilt when Morgan had been with Robin earlier. He had been having mental images of her presumably perky butt barely covered by this thin, sexy thong. Morgan kicked his pants off and propped himself up against the wall in which his bed was pressed sideways against. His cock stood tall and hard, he wrapped Robin's thong loosely and carelessly around his shaft and used the skimpy panties to please himself. He stroked up and down, groaning as the fabric wrapped around his dick offered a type of soft friction from the pumping of his hand.

Morgan's eyes closed, he pictured himself touching his mother; he imagined himself bending her over the desk where they studied at and plunged himself into her pussy. He could practically feel all the sensations of his mother's pussy wrapped around him and gripping his shaft in its heat as he fucked her like he wanted to. His hand moved swiftly, he had no second thoughts about thinking of his mother while masturbating, he was consumed by the pleasure he granted himself and he would settle for feeling guilty about this later.

Morgan leaned his head against the wall and groaned, he pumped his shaft up and down faster, dragging his mother's racy underwear along his cock to help jerk himself off. "M-Mother..." He murmured, his hand slid rapidly along his shaft until it twitched and his cum shot up, landing on his thigh and and bare stomach as he pictured filling Robin's snatch up with a hot load.

"G-gods..." A voice said in dismay.

Morgan's eyes opened worryingly, he looked to the left and saw Robin standing with the door open. Her hand was still on the door knob, yet she didn't make an attempt to leave. 

"I can see why you were so out of it today." Robin noted, seeing he underwear in Morgan's hand and wrapped around his shaft.

"I-I'm sorry, I don't..."

"It's... Fine, Morgan. I expect you to take care of your urges, but I didn't think you would be fantasizing me."

"You're not mad? ...What?" Morgan asked in disbelief.

"We all touch ourselves, Morgan. But I don't know how to react to this. I never knew my parents, I don't have siblings--so I have no Idea how common this is." Robin felt oddly excited seeing her undies coiled around Morgan's decently sized cock. It had been too long since she had sex or even played with herself, the sight of a rock hard cock just across the room from her was almost too tempting. "I can't really punish you, but it's not something easily forgotten."

Morgan watched as the woman who would one day give birth to him began to walk towards him with a guilty smile on her face.

Robin let her cloak fall, leaving her in her low-cut tank top and her baggy pants, the twintailed woman's breasts were much bigger than most knew, her clothes' bagginess and her cloak hid her curvy figure well. "I'll let you keep my underwear, just as long as you never speak of this to anyone."

Morgan nodded, the black-haired boy watched as his mother stripped down and laid down on his bed. She spread her legs wide as a signal for what she had planned. Morgan eagerly climbed onto her, he pressed his cockhead against her drooling slit, awaiting his mother's next instructions.

"Don't pull out. You'll be in REAL trouble if you don't give me all the satisfaction."

"I won't!" Morgan smiled, now eager to fuck her. He slowly entered Robin, feeling himself encased by her warm, wet walls that clenched around his cock as he pushed forward into her. Morgan felt closer to his mother than ever now that he was buried inside her pussy and was beginning to fuck her. Morgan pressed his face in the side of her neck and grunted while laying down thrust after thrust deep into the white-haired woman's cunt, his hands grabbed at her round hips so he could roll out consistent thrusts from his position of laying on top of her.

The twintailed woman felt a myriad of emotions from having her future-son's dick hammering at her hole; she felt turned on, joy, and guilt all at the same time. Each of those emotions ran through her at the same time as the pleasure hit her, the mad pace at which Morgan's cock jerked back and forth inside her had began to send a strange feeling of security through her, as if she needed his touch. It was hard to come to terms with that she had never been so horny until she saw Morgan masturbating with her thong, but she coped easily with that train of thought as each of Morgan's thrusts sent waves of pleasure spreading across her body. It felt good to have a cock in her after so long, her needs had beginning to build up and her hand was starting to lose its edge with pleasing herself. Now all she had to worry about was to enjoy the sensations of her son pounding away at her hole.

Morgan gasped in delight, feeling his mother's slightly longer legs wrap around his lower back, her legs kept him close and encouraged him to fuck her deeper and faster. He could sense the excitement building in her, he thrusted quick and hard, kissing her neck as he listened to her high-pitched whines from being stuffed and fucked. Morgan was surprised to have lasted even as long as he did, with how attractive his mother was, he was afraid he would cum from just seeing her naked. Now he thrusted harshly and pounded his mother's pussy, delighting in all the ways it clung wetly and warmly to his shaft as he went.

Robin was reluctant for any of this to stop; she held onto Morgan's back while keeping her legs tightly around him, she relished each thrust he gave, feeling his big, fat cock sliding back and forth through her wet pussy. She pleaded her own son's name while he took liberty in fucking his mom hard, Robin groaned from Morgan's hand squeezed on her big tits as his pace was relentless and the pleasure flowed through her and the heat rose. "You feel so big in me, I bet you'd feel even bigger in my ass." Robin moaned, holding on tightly as Morgan's pelvis rammed into hers and his cock was hilted inside her cunt repeatedly. The seasoned tactician was lost in pleasure; her pussy was stretched out by a nice dick, her mind was at ease, and all the daily worries were forgotten for the time being. Each of the strong thrusts of his cock edged her a little closer to cumming, her thoughts were a mess and the only thing that mattered to her was her pussy being hammered.

Morgan moved frantically as he got close to his release, he leaned a bit back to watch his mother's face of ecstasy, as well as her breasts bouncing as he was barely keeping up with his slams forward. "Mother, I'm going to cum," Morgan warned, his hips shoved forward in a amateurish way as the fatigue began to set in.

"D-deep inside me!" Robin whined, relentless speed of Morgan's thrusts had made her pussy gush and her orgasm trigger, she fell into sensation of heat ripping through her and she moaned vocally from the satisfying bliss she felt as Morgan kept on fucking her convulsing pussy. 

Morgan's hips shoved forward desperately, Robin's tightening inner walls were so snug and intense that Morgan only got a few more thrusts in before he unloaded his cum deep inside the eager pussy. He slammed all the way forward and buried himself balls-deep inside of her tight, slick cunt. "Mother..." He moaned as his cock jerked and his hot cum was pumped deep into the hole he just spent a good ten minutes fucking. The black-haired boy collapsed onto his mother, his cock remained inside of her creampied hole as they both basked in their releases.

"That felt good Morgan. I wouldn't mind doing this again..." Robin said softly, she had decided to accept this strange love and refused to feel guilty about it.

Morgan rolled off his mother and laid close to the wall that his bed was against, he was so tired he slipped into sleep without saying anything to Robin.

 Robin gave his cheek a kiss and left his bed, she walked back to her room without putting on her clothes.
Morgan was looking back over the advanced book of tactics he and his mother had been reading together. Ever since he woke up this morning, Morgan had been consumed by the urge to fuck his lovely mother again. He had seen her for a few moments before she left for the castle, Robin acted as nothing happened and left the house. 

 Images of Robin's ample breasts bouncing as he slammed into her were running through Morgan's mind. The thought of turning his mother around to watch her tight rear bounce as he rammed his cock over and over into her ass was enough to get Morgan hard. In fact, Morgan was too hard and horny to even read anymore. He saved the page he was on and closed the book shut, Morgan left the small room he and his mother used as a study.

Morgan made his way down to the first floor of their house to find his mother stepping through the front door.

 "Oh, Morgan! Chrom had to cancel the meeting today, he's dealing with some concerns at the border with Plegia."

"Did something happen?"

"Not yet, but it seems there's still Plegian brigands striking villages. Chrom's going to deploy more troops to defend the towns being targeted."


Robin hung her cloak on the hook next to the door, she was nearly soaked from the rain and needed a change of clothes. The twintailed tactician noticed the hungry gaze on her full breasts, her tank top's low neckline exposed quite a bit of her generous cleavage, and Morgan was more than eager to gaze at her chest. "Would you like to go study for a bit, Morgan?"

"S-sure! I think I'll be ready for another test later!"
It was clear things weren't going to be as platonic as before, Morgan sat at his chair with his mother grinding her panty-covered crotch against his lap. Morgan settled his hands on Robin's nearly bare butt, her underwear was a tasteful white thong similar to the one he took yesterday. Morgan squeezed her ass as Robin undid her bra, he was thankful they only studied for about 20 minutes before they got grabby. Robin took it upon herself to lean in and kiss Morgan as he groped her full, perky rear. She closed her eyes and moaned, feeling a fire inside her that was pushing her towards her desire to be fucked by her son's cock again.

Robin pulled back from the kiss, Morgan's hands had slid the thin strap of her thong from between her ass cheeks off to the side. Morgan pushed a finger into Robin's asshole to show her which hole he'd like to fuck this time. Robin leaned her head back and moaned, she felt his finger wiggling deep inside her cute hole, her hips wiggled from the thrill and she realized she wanted her ass fucked too.

"My asshole, Morgan? Is that what you want?"

"Yes! I love your butt so much, mother," Morgan admitted almost embarrassedly.

The busty tactician pulled up off Morgan and stood before she turned around, she bent herself over the small desk and brushed the book of tactics to the side and presented her thong-clad ass to Morgan. The taller tactician wiggled her rear at the anticipation of the impending buttfuck and felt Morgan's hands on her ass.

 Now standing behind his bent over future-mother, Morgan slid the thong down her legs, he hurried to unbutton his pants, soon his baggy pants and underwear were dropped to the floor and kicked aside. The boy grabbed at her butt again, he pulled her perky cheeks apart to expose her rear hole. Her pucker was so small and looked amazingly tight, he grabbed his cock and pressed the tip to his mother asshole. Morgan pushed in, sinking his dick deep into his white-haired mother's hole, his hands reached out to grip her slim waist and he gently thrusted forward, gradually sinking his cock further and further with each following thrust. Morgan took diligent care fucking Robin, he started off by thrusting slowly back and forth, gently feeding of his cock into Robin's tight ass. This gentle pace was enough, Morgan was just glad he was able to feel the heat of her backside around his dick.

It was clear to Morgan that his mother was no stranger to sex; both last night and now, Robin moaned shamelessly from having the hole he was in filled, nothing escaped her mouth but sweet cries and pleads for Morgan to fuck her ass faster. 

"I can take as hard as you can give me," Robin stated, leaning farther into the surface of the desk, just after she said she was ready for her ass to be pounded, she felt Morgan hips ramming into her backside harder. It was a searing pleasure feeling Morgan's cock plunging deep inside her passage, the younger tactician caressed and squeezed her rear cheeks as he rhythmically thrusted in and out of her ass.

Morgan found that Robin's rear entrance was even tighter than her pussy, gasps and groans spilled from his lips as he fucked the warm hole encasing his inexperienced shaft. He now wished he could spend the rest of his life fucking his lovely mother; he was hoping to pound her ass and pussy many times after this, he wanted to be sucked off by her and he hoped to fuck her large tits. He returned his focus from dreaming about the many ways of fucking his future-mother, and simply enjoyed the pleasure he got from pounding his mother's backdoor without mercy. He fucked her quick and hard, driving his entire length into her anal passage as they made the most out of another rainy and slow day.

Robin was screaming joyfully from being filled by Morgan's thick cock, she relished in the feeling his cock reaching deep inside her asshole, fucking her hard and creating a tight, hot friction that they both found enjoyable. Even though it was an odd, wrong thought, Robin's mind wandered with the possibility of constantly being fucked by the eager time traveler. She could have her ass and pussy pounded whenever she was in the mood, she could teach him how to eat her pussy then reward his cunnilingus attempts by sucking his cock, she could even give him a nice titfuck that ended with him cumming on her breasts or face. Robin savored each of those possibilities that Morgan probably also had thought of while he stood behind her and continued to slam his entire cock inside of her ass again and again.

"I need to confess, Morgan, I've thought about doing this with you awhile." Robin admitted.

"You have?"

"Yes... When we first met, I saw the youthfulness of you. I saw the promise of you being a kind, handsome young man when you got older. Now that you're a bit more mature, I've noticed how you look at me from time to time. I knew you also wanted this. When I saw you jerking yourself off with my underwear, I couldn't help those strange feelings."

He was unsure what to say, instead he continued to thrust in and out of her ass rapidly, hearing her moan in bliss as he fucked her clearly needy rear. Morgan's gasps and groans had become low grunts each time he hilted himself, he gritted his teeth and rammed his hips and cock into the bent over tactician, feeling his thighs hitting hers and feeling her inner walls squeezing down around his cock. He could feel himself getting closer and closer with each savage thrust, he wanted to flood her hole with his cum, then he wanted to go to either of their beds again and fuck again.

"M-Mother! I'm so close!"

"Me too, Morgan! Don't stop!"

The boy hammered his mother's backdoor wildly, he dug his fingers against her ass cheeks as his hips gave the final thrusts his body could give out, Morgan's dick jerked inside of her tightening hole, his seed shot in spurts, filling her ass up with a full load of cum. Morgan's cock remained hard and inside of Robin as the twintailed woman was enjoying her own release.

Robin felt Morgan's seed trickling out of her asshole once he pulled out, she felt his cock sliding down lower and felt his tip pressing against her pristine pussy.

"Can we do a bit more before studying again?"

"Of course," Robin responded, a guilty smirk appeared upon her face once Morgan's cock slipped into her slick cunt.
A week had passed and Robin and Morgan's sexual relationship continued. The pair of tacticians often awoke next to one another in each other's beds, they occasionally greeted one another with nice cock sucking or pussy eating. Each day since the birth of this taboo relationship was a sexual frenzy; even Robin couldn't stand not having Morgan pounding away at her pussy or ass, they both built up a hunger for sex and they were plenty happy to scratch that itch with a raw fuck.

Right now, Robin awoke next to Morgan in his bed, she felt the comforting warmth under the blankets, that warmth was also helped by the fact that Robin felt Morgan's hard cock pressing at her round butt as he spooned her. Robin took a moment to wake up, she could feel Morgan's morning wood poking her bottom and grinding against her slightly. She slipped from his grasp and forced herself to leave the embrace of the blankets and Morgan. Once out from under the covers, Robin pulled the blankets off the sleeping boy and gently turned him on his back. She crawled between his legs and leaned all the way forward, bringing her hot, eager mouth right up to her future son's hard and needy dick.

She decided to give him a morning blowjob, Robin took the tip of his cock past her lips, she had even come to love simply having Morgan's dick in her mouth, the taste of his spunk was nice reward for making him cum from sucking alone. She heard him groan a bit, Robin began to slowly work her lips and tongue down his shaft, using all she should to give Morgan a nice treat to wake up to. Morgan fucked her well last night, he had pounded her pussy without pause and pounded her until they both came and left her pussy filled with a hot sticky load. Now she wanted a mouthful of that wonderful cum, she ran her hands across his stomach while she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, her pace quickened with each second she sucked, her plump rear wiggled a little bit out of sheer excitement of going down on Morgan.

"What's... Going...? Morgan groaned, his eyes opened all the way and he immediately noticed his mother bent forward on her knees between his legs, he watched as she now rapidly sucked up and down his cock, her teasing gaze peering into his as her moans rumbled down his shaft.

Robin let his dick slip from her mouth, she lifted his length upwards and gave his balls a loud, wet kiss that sent Morgan moaning and shivering. "After this we have a lot of chores to do--and you have a lot of studying to do. If all that's done before bedtime, I may bend over for you later."

"Okay! I'll get to work once we're finished!"

Robin nodded, she leaned back down and resumed sucking.

Morgan smiled and stared up at the ceiling as he took in all the pleasures of his mom's expert blowjob skills going to work, he felt her tongue running along the underside of his shaft while he also felt her lips softly and warmly dragging across his slick cock. Morgan spread out his arms and legs, he got completely comfortable while he enjoyed his morning as well as his mother's mouth. "I can't stop thinking about you, Mother. I love you, your body, and your holes so much that even when I'm sleeping I think about being in side you."

Robin was glad to see she wasn't the only one with those thoughts. Throughout each day she fantasizes about the wonderful feeling of Morgan's cock filling her pussy and pounding away at her. Robin kept sucking, her eyes closed and her mind focused as she sucked down and licked every inch of his shaft. She took him down her throat, her motions were rapid without being to rough with herself to gag from deepthroating him. A part of Robin was glad that Morgan was forced to come to this world to help them stop the destruction caused by their foes. She was glad of that fact because she was now able to have the most exciting and oddly hot sex that she has ever had. She never would have thought a kindhearted and thoughtful person like Morgan could pound her holes so roughly. 

Robin moaned around Morgan's thick cock, she bobbed her head quickly and took his length into the confines of her tight throat, her future son's moans were a total turn on for the twintailed woman, he moaned words like "Deeper," and "So good," as shs pleased him so thoroughly. It was great to see that she could make him feel so much pleasure, even though he needed some work with eating her pussy out, Robin was glad to reward all his efforts by doing this.

A surprised gag slipped from her lips, Morgan placed a hand on the back of her head and urged her suddenly to take his dick further and faster into her throat. "Forgive me, Mother. I can't control myself!" He guided her up and down his shaft roughly, moaning as Robin gagged on his cock, she sucked sloppily and without rhythm as he forced her head up and down his shaft. The tightness of her throat clinging to his cock was just enough to urge his climax, he bounced her head in his lap and down his length  a few times before he held her head all the way down into his crotch, Robin's eyes widened as she felt the warm gush of his seed shooting straight down her throat. Most of Morgan's cum went directly into her stomach, she pulled back from his lap and swallowed the rest of his seed that had gotten into her mouth.

She looked at him with a warm smile, she crawled over to his side and laid down next to him. Robin pulled the blankets over them and nestled her faced into his neck, "It's still early, do you want to sleep in?" Robin asked.

"You woke me just to do that?" Morgan asked.

"Mm, your cock was hard when I woke up, and you were grinding against my butt. I needed to take care of it before I could go back to sleep."

Morgan laughed and held his mother closer, despite the strange advancements in their relationship, he was glad to spend tender moments with his beloved mother.

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