Revenge of the Shepard Clone 15: The Quarian Orgy

BY : maryshepardn7
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Shepard sat in his ship's pilot seat as what he called the Normandy SR3 floated in the darkness of space. He had recently recieved a dna and tissue sample study, and was now examining the results. He was unsure as to why his ability to indoctrinate was so strong. As individuals became indoctrinated, they performed actions that benefited the reapers. Most never actually recieving direct control, unless they were a collector. While examining the data analysis, he came to a fascinating discovery.

While he had reaper "DNA" infused within his blood stream, it was not the only alien force embedded within him. The other dna injected within him was from the thorian creature on feros. A being that could directly control organics actions with little resistnce. It explained why he had such a powerful direct control over Shepard's victims, and it made him grow far more confident in the genocidal maniac's capabilities


The clone sat in quiet contemplation when a loud distress call broke in over his comm system. "Mayday Mayday, this is captain Zhel of the Quarian civilian vessel, Lost Ambition. We are low on supplies and life support functions. We have no ftl drive and we will soon die if not helped. Our location is live within this broadcast. Please find us, Keela salai......Mayay, Mayday. This is-"

The clone of Commander Shepard sat in the cockpit of his ship, listening intently to the S.O.S. being broadcast by a male Quarian survivor. The Quarian people were history after the original Shepard sided with the geth, causing the geth to wipe the quarians out.

Shepard activated his com. "How many are aboard captain?"

"Keelah, you found us? Oh, Five of us." a male quarian said.

"I will be there in thirty minutes, captain. But before I let you on I will have o ensure the situation is safe.

"Of course." the quarian said containing his joy. "We will submit ourselves to any screening measures you deem necessary."

An hour later, Shepard entered a star system with no planets, but a large exploding supernova. A lone signal within the system was sending out a distress beacon, matching the one Shepard picked up earlier.

The small dying quarian ship connected to the decontamination chamber on Shepard's ship.

The Normandy SR3 ship had a design of a miniature Normandy SR1 on the outside, but the appearance of the retrofitted SR2 on the interior. The captains cabin was almost exactly the same, however the decontamination chamber was on the rear side of the room, and the pilots seat was at the very front. The SR3 did not have the wide open rooms the other two did. Everything was miniaturized and compartmentalized, making the captains cabin the only open space.

After a quick decon of the visitors, Shepard went to the end of his quarters to the ships decontamination chamber to meet the quarian group. Standing in the enterance Shepard saw the 5 quarian refugees as they stood in the chamber while the mist cleared.

The sole male of the groups walked forward to great Shepard. "We are in your debt, my friend...... Captain Zhell is my name." he said putting his hand out for a shake.

Shepard crossed his arms, looked at his hand and continued to ingnore his greeting.

"May I ask your name, friend?" the quarian male asked.

Shepard waited a second. "John, my name is John."

"Yes, well my family is in your debt." the quarian said, motioning his family forward. The four female quarians were in pink, white, blue and red suits. "This is my wife, sister and my two daughters. They were the last quarians to complete their pilgrimages."

"How so?" Shepard said, looking towards the female group/

"They were the last to finish before the migrant fleet sent out their recall to all quarians right before we reignited the war with the geth."

"I see, well, make yourselves comftorable."

The quarians layed out mats within the cabin as the male, Zhell, layed on the couch.


After a good rest, the quarians all woke up to the sound of the shower going off. Curiously, they all stepped over to look through the open door frame to see the muscular commander completely nude. Knowing that quarian women had an enourmous fetish for human males, he would use sex and sadistic humiliation as his payment for the rescue. "I'm glad you are all up, he said turning around, catching the eyes of all the quarians as the clones enormous flaccid member hung down his leg as he turned to face them. "I believe I have come up with an appropriate payment for my act of extreme generosity."

"Keelah, you don't mean-" Zhell said.

"Yes, I do....." Shepard said bluntly. "I want all four of your females......right now."

The quarian women looked at Zhell, shocked, but almost as if they were seeking approval.

"He did save us...." Zhell's sister said, not realizing Shepard was using his indoctrination capabilities to influence the females.

"But-" Zhell replied.

"It's okay sweetie, we will make the sacrifice." his wife said, falling victim the powerful indoctrination, similar to that used by the Illusive man before killing Anderson.

Zhells's sister then walked over to the shower and squated under the water, gripping Shepard's enormous human genetalia, and began stroking the monster.

"And the rest." Shepard said smiling directly at Zhell.

The quarians all looked at eachother and walked over to the shower, leaving Zhell behind, shaking his head in shame and finally turning to leave.

"Where do you think you're going, Zhell?" Shepard said, as the quarian male saw the silouetes of his family taking turns feeling Shepard's cock within the steamy shower. "I want you in here too......sitting in the corner......jerking your pathetic manhood as I fuck all of your relatives."

Having no choice he entered the bathroom and slouched down, pathetically in the corner.

The clone then got each asari to strip off their suits much to Zhell's dismay, dropping them in a pile next to him.

Each woman sat on their knees taking turns licking and sucking Shepard's delicious cock, which tasted beyond anything they could have ever imagined.

"Stand up, ladies." Shepard said, taking them by the hand as they could hardly resist the temptation of all grabbing his spear as they stood. "Alright, now each of you bend over". The females all faced Zhell, barely 2 meters away and bent over. By this point, Zhell had removed his genital protector area of his suit and was touching his exposed genetalia, which almost burst when he saw the ominous Shepard appear behind his daughter, causing her to yelp and roll her eyes in pleasure as his cock entered her virgin quarian pussy. He had not realised that Shepard was controlling him as well.

"Oh!KEELAH!" she screamed. Shepard began to thrust her until she came almost instantly from never having anyhting or anyone that deep into her.

The quarian was shaking as he pulled out and moved onto Zhell's sister. "Oh yes!" the sister shouted as she the sound of Shepard's enormous balls slapped into her wet body. Shepard grabbed her black hair and yanked it back giving her even more pleasure.

Like an assembally line, Shepard moved onto the next quarian, Zhell's wife. He inserted his cock into her pussy. She gave Zhell a faint smile as he weaped from hearing this human ravage his wife. Shepard thrusted into her doggystyle as he squeezed her large floppy breasts. He was bigger than any quarian she had been with, let alone her husband.

"Next!" Shepard shouted as he began to fuck the last quarian. Now Zhell's daughter was smiling at him as the human filled her with his dick. After about 30 minutes of alternting the women, Shepard led them all to his bed as the shower still ran. He then layed them all down on their backs at the edge of the bed in a line. "Zhell, sit on the floor so you can see this." Shepard ordered. Zhell followed the order and sat a foot behind the clone, seeing his family's exposed parts, miserable and unable to fight back. Shepard began to ram one of the daughters until he began to let out a loud, fierce, animalistic roar.

He began to shoot his hot sperm into the quarian daughter making her toes and fingers curl. He held in the rest of the load and transfered from the daughter to the wife, shooting two shots of his enormous load into her. He quickly moved into the sister of Zhell and did the same as she grabbed his arm letting out a blissful moan. Last, was Zhell's other daughter. Shepard expelled the last of his load into her womb, slowly exiting after none was left. The clone pulled out and layed next to the women. All of whom were panting and moaning heavily as his pearly white loads flowed out of the quarians and onto the bed.

Zhell was ashamed, but knew there was nothing he could do. Several minutes later, the newly fertilized quarian females joined Shepard in the covers at the head of his bed, each wrapping their arms and bodies around the sex god, leaving Zhell to wollow on the floor after Shepard told him he couldn't sleep on the unoccupied couch. This demand completely humiliated the quarian further. They all soon fell asleep.


The 4 quarians layed naked in bed with Shepard, as everyone on the ship quickly fell asleep after such a crazy romp. All but the male quarian. Wrapped with anger and spite, he decided to research the vessel he was on, learning it was none other than Commander Shepard's. This was enough to push him past his breaking point. Zhell grabbed Shepard's dagger off of his captain quarter's counter, next to the floor Shepard made him sleep on.

He quietly approached the foot of the king sized bed, gripping the dagger tightly as he crawled slowly on top of the bed, eventually kneeling between Shepard and his wife as she rested her head on his muscular shoulder. He slowly raised the dagger above his head and thrust the dagger down towards Shepard's heart.

Within an instant, Shepard's eyes opened as he grappleded the quarians wrist without thinking.

"No!" the male said before Shepard twited his wrist, causing him to belt out in agony. Shepard then grabbed the dagger and easily pushed it towards the quarian as he tried to resist the reversal. His struggles were in vain. Shepard slowly and with anger in his eyes, pushed the dagger through the bottom of the quarian's helmet. The weapon drove up through the bottom of the assailant's jaw, preventing him from making a sound as the clone impaled him, letting him fall off the bed and squirm on the floor for a few seconds.

The female quarians all awoke and shreiked at the terrible sight. Visibly frustrated, Shepard yelled at the teriffied women, still naked without their suits, causing a daunting realization for what they had happened.

Shepard grabbed his pistol and aimed it at them. "The airlock, Go!"

The females all moved in. Shepard had no intention of killing them, but didn't want to be attacked by all four if they snapped. Thinking he would simply seal them in for a few minutes to control the situation, he closed the main door, but accidentally pressed the open button for the other side. This activation event would take five seconds. Shepard had forgotten that he had disconnected the two ships long ago. "Shit!" he said, reaching for the cancellation button, only to see all of the petrified female quarians get sucked out into the the vaccumn of space instantly. The clone was angry but but quickly lost any remorse for the quarians that he had just brutalized.

After taking a quick breather, Shepard noticed the male quarian had stopped moving and layed on the floor by his bed. Shepard grabbed what was the last male quarian, and threw him into the airlock, only to be sucked out shortly after. Shepard went back to his pilot console and plotted his next destination without a second thought.






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