Every Thing I Have Ever Wanted

BY : SmellmyFinger
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Every Thing I Have Ever Wanted

Chapter one

Starting Life in a New World


            I was standing in my apartment when a flash of light took me to a new world. Now I have been here for two months all alone. I haven’t seen my face yet I haven’t created a mirror. However I know what my skin looks like my skin is gray and a black mist rises from my skin. My hands are no longer the thick fist I knew now my finger nails are claws and my fingers are a little longer and a little thinner there not bone there just not thick any more. I also have a long tail it has a bone spike as the tip and the tail is solid black. I have abs now instead of my three hundred pound gut. My feet have thick calices on the bottom and I have claws instead of toe nails. On my arms I have made fingerless bandages that go all the way up to my bicep. I have also bandaged my legs like stirrup pants they stop mid thigh. The bandages are all a deep black. I have on a pair of really baggy tattered black pants.

            The streets of my village are cobble stone. I have made mage light street lights. On each street before you get to the castle is a stone water fountain with an angel in the center of them. The angels have huge breasts and pure gold wings. The water from the fountain erupts from the angel’s wings.

            I stood in the center of my village witch is my court yard. I decided I wanted some one to share this world with. I wanted some one to at least be kind to me and be friendly with. I concentrated hard I wanted a pokemon that was just about to hatch. I closed my eyes and a magic circle appeared then in a hot pink flash there it was a pokemon egg. I knew it was a buneary in the egg. I opened my eyes and walked over and picked up the egg I knew the longer I walked around with the egg the quicker it would hatch.

            I went out into the woods that had bright white trees they were as tall as skyscrapers and as thick as skyscrapers. Then I used my claws and I climbed one of the trees and got up into its thick branches then I started to jump from branch to branch. A few hours of walking around the egg started to glow. Then the egg glowed a bright pink and the egg hatched. Now wear the egg was a cutie little buneary. It was clear she was female she was a shinny buneary she had pink balls of fluff on her ears and around her waist. She was one foot four inches tall. She had tinny little breast her nipples were pink. I didn’t expect her to be so cutie and here in the tree tops I pulled my pants down.

            The buneary looked at me and cocked her head and she said, “neary bun?!”

            I walked up to her and pulled her close with my pants down. Then I pulled out my throbbing erection after all this is what I wanted a buneary and a lopunny for. The buneary didn’t fight even though she saw my erection instead she let out a loud noise and blushed. I started to rub my dick on her fur.

            The buneary got between my legs and she put both her little paws on my dick and she slowly started to rub my dick. I pulled her head closer to my dick and she started to lick it softly. Her tongue was bumpy like a slimy cat tongue. She started to kiss the tip of my dick and let out some kind of noise. I was hoping she was enjoying her self then I pulled her back a little to see what she would do and instead she almost ran back to my dick it was clear she wanted to do this. I started to rub the back of her head as she massaged my dick with her hands and tongue. I looked into the buneary’s eyes and there were actually little pink harts in them. The buneary was enjoying her self completely. I wanted my dick in her little mouth so I put my dick against her lips. She instinctively opened her mouth as wide as she could and she tried to put my dick head in her mouth. My dick head was much thicker then it had ever been and there were lumps on my dick that circled the rim of my dick head. She had to force my dick into her little mouth my dick barely had any give but it gave just enough for her to get my dick head in her little mouth.

            She started to lick my dick head as beast she could. Each time her tongue went over one of the lumps I felt amazing. I reached down and I started to rub between her legs gently searching for her wet little hole. The fluff around the lower half of her body was so thick it was almost imposable to find I finally found it. I started to move my fingers up and down the slit then I found the hole I was wanting the entire time. I found her tiny little ass hole. I got my index finger nice and slick from her little love hole. Then with a now slick finger I pushed my finger against her anus it was clenched tight. Her anus wasn’t giving me any thing but a fight so I pushed harder against her back door. Finally her anus loosened just enough for me to get my finger in up to my first knuckle. She luckily didn’t bite down in fact she started to suck harder on my dick head now she was drooling slightly and she started to try bobbing a little. However the buneary couldn’t get me any deeper down her little throat. So she started to hum loudly so I could feel more pleasure I took my free hand and took her left ear in my hand and I started to rub it gently. She blushed even harder and she started to run her little paws faster up and down my shaft. I needed it she was making me want her even more. My little buneary loosened her anus even more trying to let my finger in deeper. I pushed my finger deeper into the recesses of her anus this time I got my whole finger in her back door. She let out a cough as excess spit came out of her nose. I wanted more of my body in hers I knew I could force my dick deeper but if I did that she would never truly love me. So I started to push my middle finger up her ass she shifted her legs to widen her stance so I could finger her. It was extremely tight and hard to get my middle finger in but she stretched tears were in her eyes but the little harts were still there so I continued and soon I got both of my fingers in her. She was only one foot four inches tall but her little butt could handle my fingers. Her little ass started to get slick like it was her love hole a wicked idea popped into my head if she could take two fingers maybe she could take my dick. I fully sat down and pulled the buneary off my dick it was good and slick from all her spit. The buneary had a look of longing in her eyes she wanted to continue.

            I pulled my fingers out and said, “Your about to be in heaven or hell just relax and it will be over soon.”

            I lifted up the little bunny pokemon and put her over my ten inch three inch wide dick. The buneary didn’t fight at all in fact she reached down and grabbed her feet and pulled her self into the widest stance she could take then she nodded. I put both my hands on her waist and I pulled her down on to my dick. I found her tinny ass hole quickly because it was gaping a little. As her tiny hole met the head of my dick her whole face turned red and she let out a begging noise. I started to pull her down as hard as I could her ass wasn’t letting me in and she winced in pain. Then there was a loud pop and I could feel a warm liquid running down my dick I had popped her black cherry. As I pulled her down I could see her belly stretch and bulge with the thickness and length of my dick. Then I started to push her down all the way surprisingly her belly stretched to fit my dick. I was all the way in and she didn’t fight at all it was clear even though she was crying there were harts in her eyes and she was begging for more. I bottomed out in her she was still alive and she started to try moving but she was just too small so I had to use her like a pocket pussy. Then I could feel her actually healing she was built for sex I knew that now. I started to fuck her harder and harder.

Eventually she started to scream loudly with moans saying, “Neary bun buneary neary, neary!”

I started to really get off on her moaning like this my dick was trembling hard with every inch I thrust into her. Her anus walls were spasming hard it was like having a vibrator on my dick. No human female could give me this tightness and vibrating pleasure. She finally let go of all her muscles and she let out a little bit of pee. I continued to use her completely she was completely relaxed and her little tongue lolled out of her head. Finally I felt the rise of an orgasm in my balls. The white torrent shot threw my dick and filled the little bunny like a balloon then a some of my seed spewed out of her mouth. Then she started to cough violently I quickly lifted her off of my dick and I pushed down on her belly to get it out of her my seed pooled on the branch we were on.

            I rolled her on to her side so she could get control of the volume of seed that was in her little body. She finally started to cough it up then she started to breath deeply. Then she weakly started to crawl to me she wanted to be held. I used a spell to pull out all of my seed from her throat and fur. She looked me in the eyes and a soft joy filled squeal escaped her lips.

I wiped her eyes clean of tears and she smiled then I used my magic to create a satchel for her to ride in while I explored the forest. I put her in the satchel and I jumped to the next tree. I had been out her several times but so far there had been nothing. I had to admit though I was feeling a lot better after all I hadn’t had any release sense I had been here. I leapt to another tree taking time to look down and see the ground for what it was it never changed it was always bare. There were never any leafs or grass it was actually kind of creepy. The trees were beautiful though I wanted more than just trees though. The buneary let out a weak little call. I was guessing she was calling for other pokemon. However she wouldn’t ever get a response. I jumped to another tree. Then I heard growling ahead it wasn’t far off but I would have to jump a few more trees. I leapt to another tree then another until the growling was right beneath me. I looked down and saw a giant dire wolf it was huge it was as big as Fenrir the Nordic wolf of legend. It was growling at a snake hydra. I really didn’t want to fight the wolf I wanted it to keep living but that snake had to die. I fucking hate hydra especially fucking snake hydra.

I knew how to kill those snake bastards fire and lots of it. I used silent casting to create seven fire balls one for each head. The wolf took a fighting stance but before it could move I launched the fire balls hitting all seven of my marks however one head survived and it looked up at me and it let out a horrible hiss shaking the trees around it. I wasn’t afraid I was a mage in this world. I jumped down from the tree and landed in front of the wolf and I cast my second strongest fire spell meteor on the last head. The beast lunged at me but my spell was quicker. The meteor hit it’s mark hard and the last hydra head exploded killing the beast once and for all. The body of the beast melted away in front of my eyes leaving meat and scales behind. I walked over to the hydra’s remains and pulled out a bag of holding and put the scales into it. Then I picked up the meat.

Then I took the meat to the wolf and said, “Fenrir my name is Greg and I just wanted that hydra away from my home. I don’t care if you want to stay after all you are fucking cool I just want to be your friend. If you can understand me just take a bite of this meat so we can be friends.”

I lifted the meat up into the air and the wolf bit down on the meat and it tossed the meat into the air and ate it all in one bite.

           Then the wolf looked at me and it laid down and licked it’s lips and a female voice said, “Thank you that would have been a tough fight for me. You need to give me some time to decide weather we are friends or not. I’m guessing you created that village near by right.”

I nodded and said, “Take your time and really find out weather we can be friends or not but for now can we at least be civil to one another?”

The wolf smiled slightly and the female voice said, “You might be friend material after all. Yes lets be civil let me stay at your village and I’ll protect it with my life.”

I nodded yet again and said, “The streets are large enough and it would be easy to create a house for you. Do you want me to make it like a dog house or a cave?”

She stood back up and turned towards the village and started to walk that way then she said, “Cutie we can figure that out when we get to the village. I’ll decide when I see what the finished village looks like. Truth be told though I would prefer a dog house that is my size but if a cave looks better I will be okay with that too.”

I climbed back into the trees and quickly leapt from tree to tree keeping up with the wolf I call Fenrir. We finally came to the entrance of the village Fenrir could walk right through the gate I thankfully made it big enough.

Fenrir looked around the village she was taller than most of the cottages. She walked up to the castle and the court yard was big enough to house three houses for her. She picked a spot she liked and she laid down.

Then she said with her disembodied voice, “Cutie can my house be right here. I think a dog house would be cool it wouldn’t mess up the look of your village. So could you build it here?”

I nodded and snapped my fingers and there it was a giant dog house with a sign that had her name in glowing red letters.

Then she looked at me and said, “Can I have a collar with my name on it please? I want it to be spiked.”

I snapped my fingers again and a black collar with a white name tag appeared on her neck and it had glowing red letters spelling out her name.

She smiled and laid her head down and she said, “You’re so powerful cutie thank you and could you make me a magic meal I’m starving.”

I snapped my fingers and a huge bowl with over a thousand pounds of cooked meat appeared in front of Fenrir and I said, “I’m heading out into the woods again eat till you’re full.”

I turned and headed out of the village once again before I left I looked down at my buneary and she was just watching every thing trying to learn every thing she could. I went back down the road to the bright woods. I wanted to know what ells could be out there in the woods maybe some new friends or even some enemies that need to be killed.

I headed out into the woods leaping from tree to tree. It had been a few hours since I had left the village but I hadn’t gone too far from the village. I was going around it in a large circle I hadn’t seen any thing new yet.

My buneary started to let out weird noises. Then she started to gently bite me on the hip. I stopped and let her out of the satchel on to a tree branch. She started to rub her belly then she made biting motions so she could show me she was hungry. I just realized she hadn’t eaten any thing yet. I snapped my fingers and created a pecha berry. Buneary quickly grabbed the pecha berry and she started to really dig into it. Juice spilled from her lips with each bite. I pulled down my pants and started to stroke my length getting my self hard. I was waiting for her to finish eating. My dick was good and hard as the buneary finished eating.

The buneary didn’t even give her self time to take a breath and she was kissing my dick. She started to rub her little holes as she licked and kissed my dick. I let her enjoy her self while she could it was clear she wanted me. This time it was quick I wasn’t nearly as gentle I went crazy on her completely wrecking her tight little asshole and I shot my load all over her face.

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