Heroe's threesome fun

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Everything had happened faster than Ashe could recall. Vent brought her up to the Guardian's airship, and let her meet their leader Prairie. The two girls had quickly become friends and agreed they where both pretty, Ashe complementing Prairie's blond hair and Prairie commenting her grey hair. When they then asked Vent who he thought was prettier he just blushed and said they were both equally pretty. Within seconds, the two girls and Vent where in Prairie's room, fully naked. Ashe and Prairie started gently stroking Vent's cock, which was long and hard. Both girls rapped his dick around their breasts, giving Vent a double boobjob.

After that Ashe layed down in Prairie's bed, spred her legs, and winced as Vent slide his cock in and started fucking her missionary style. Letting out moans of pleasure, Ashe started started licking Prairie's pussy quickly as Vent leaned over and started licking Prairie's breasts. As he continued fucking Ashe, Prairie sliding over towards Vent and started licking Ashe's clit and then leaning forward and gently played with Ashe's buncing boobies. Ashe moaned louder as Vent and Prairie continued to please her pussy, yelling out when Vent shot a load of cum into her before falling back and breathing heavily, Prairie leaning back over to her and the two girls sharing a kiss.

Vent then positioned himself behind Prairie and started fucking her Doggystyle, Ashe slightly chuckling at the blonds yelp of suprise. Prairie moaned loudly as Vent fucked her pussy, Ashe sitting up and leaning into a makeout session with Prairie as the blond eeped as the combination of Vent fucking her and Ashe, whp started fingeringer her as well. Ashe smirked and started playing with Prairie's boobs as she fingered her, Vent continuing to fuck her as well. Prairie moaned out and kissed Ashe again as Vent shot another load of cum into her pussy like he had to Ashe. 

Moments later Ashe was wimpering softly as Vent layed down, Ashe laying on him gently so that his cock could slide it's way into her pussy. Prairie walked over, wearing a strap on and positioned herself over Ashe. She nodded, and Ashe yelled out as Vent and Prairie trusted into her at the same time. Ashe moaned and groaned from pleasure and slight pain as both her holes where fucked hard, both her and Prairie's boobs bouncing back and fourth from the motion.  The combination of Vent's cock in her pussy and Prairie using the strap on in her ass was to much, and Ashe yelled out as she orgasamed.

After that, Ashe and taken Prairie's strap on and started fucking her in the ass cowgirl style, Prairie taking Vent's cock and giving him a blowjob. Prairie moans where muffled from Vent's cock in her mouth, but much like Ashe she was moaning from pleasure and the slight pain from anal sex. As Ashe contined to fuck her as, Prairie orgasamed and maoned out, Ashe pulled the strap on out out of her ass as Vent came one last time, blowed his load all over the girls faces, Prairie then leading Ashe into her shower where they could clean up. 

Once in the shower, Prairie pained Ashe against the wall and started licking her pussy again, the water from the shower tap washing Vent's cum off their faces. Ashe moaned softly, her legs wobbling a bit. Soon, they had traided places and Ashe had Prairie pined against the wall and was licking her pussy, Prairie moaning softly much like Ashe had. Ashe stood up and the two girls started making out, fingering each other at the same time. The girls orgasamed together, Prairie turned the water off and the two dried off, returning to the main part of Prairie's room where they got in bed wit Vent, all three falling asleep together naked and pleased. 

Three months later: 

In nothing but her bra and panties, Ashe looked at the small lump in her belly as she looked at herself in a full lenght mirror, Prairie being right next to her also in her bra and panties with the same belly lump. It was very clear what had happened that one night three months ago. Vent got them fucking pregnant. At that exact moment, Vent walked into the room and took notice of Ashe and Prairie, both prgenant ladies eyeing the boner rising from Vent's pants. And Ashe unclipped her bra. 

Authors note: I will make a second part if enough people ask for it, or if I just feel like it. 

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