The Rape of Dong Bai

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Dragon prints: 2007
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“Let me go, you accursed peasants!”, Dong Bai hissed venomously at the soldiers as they were restraining her with ropes, pulling them ever tighter around her tense body as to make any form of escape impossible.

Dong Bai had been scouting the area around Southern Guandu on behest of her grandfather Dong Zhou to find weak points in their formation or even supply routes that could be blocked to weaken the Anti-Dong Zhou Coalition, who were trying to rid themselves of her grandfather – and Dong Bai had been ever willing to help her dearest grandfather. While she would have preferred staying in Luoyang and playing with her pet tigers, or tormenting some court official or peasant, she had understood that the number of trustworthy officers among Dong Zhou’s side was ever dwindling, each wanting to steal the fame and wealth her grandfather had amassed. Those he still had he needed to lead his troops and most of those he didn’t trust to go on secret missions in any case. He feared that they might turn to Yuan Shao or otherwise desert his righteous cause – a land of debauchery and hedonism.

As such his beloved granddaughter was the only one who seemed fit for the mission.

It had been going well too, until a patrol had happened across Dong Bai and had disarmed her – with surprising ease, which angered Dong Bai all the more.

“You will pay for this, you miscreants! My grandfather will massacre all of you! Let me go!”

None of the soldiers took heed of her and the one restraining her just giggled as if her bloody threats were nothing more than the playful bleating of sheep.

“Oh no, woman, we won’t be letting you go anytime soon”, their officer said with a sinister grin, “Catching you here was the greatest thing that could have happened. We were mining for just a glitter of iron, yet will return with a cartful of gold.”

Dong Bai eyed the soldier standing around her threateningly, smiling wickedly at her thin figure or silently mouthing prayers towards the heavens.

“A-are you going to rape me?”, Dong Bai asked, her eyes betraying a childish fear that she had not needed to show for the longest of times.

The officer recoiled in startled surprise and all the other soldiers mirrored his reaction in one way or another.

“Rape you? Do you think us barbarians like that damned Dong Zhou?! We’ll hold you hostage! You are the only thing that traitorous swine loves more than himself! When he hears that the Coalition has captured his granddaughter we will be able to lure him out of Luoyang. And when he finally leaves we will cut off his head like the sna-“

“You’re NOT going to rape me?!”, the girl snapped outraged, leaving the soldiers around her staring in helpless confusion, “Of all the soldiers on this battlefield I get captured by the boring ones with moral fibre? Curse it all, for crying out loud!”

The officer stared silently, his mouth still agape as if he were still in the midst of his sentence, turning to the man closest to him, who just shrugged helplessly as the white-haired girl cursed and spat wildly at the fact that she was to be treated with respect.

Dong Bai had had sex before, many times in fact, but they had all been consensual. And initiated by her, nonetheless. She had never mentioned it aloud to anyone – anyone that could tell on her, that is – but she had always wanted to feel the humiliation of rape. Of a man, or several, forcing themselves on her, when she had no chance to get away from them, taking her any way they wanted and not caring about her once they were done.

The girl had thought that she had finally found her chance to live out her fantasy, when these men had snuck up on her, but no, of course not.

The officer pointed at the man who had restrained her just moments prior and ordered him, over the lasting complaints and insults of the white-haired girl, to get her to move.

Dong Bai gave a defeated sigh, like a criminal lead to an execution, and looked at the men around her. Some had pitched very obvious tents, while some others were trying to hide their erections in any way they could.

“Wait!”, Dong Bai pleaded with the non-rapists, “You must be horny! Right?”

None of the men confirmed her suspicions, some of them even denied it – their pants however very clearly portrayed them as the liars they were.

“Woman, what are you trying to do?”, the officer asked. As if it weren’t obvious.

“This altercation with my grandfather has been taking many months! And how many more months might it still take? You really think he’d just leave Luoyang himself just to save me? Please, you don’t know my grandfather very well at all.”

Dong Bai looked every man in the eyes as if she were trying to make her point in front of the Imperial court. Just instead of a court of nobles it was a court of dirty peasant soldiers – who refused to give in to their lust, nonetheless!

“You’ve not seen your wives for many moons! And there are no prostitutes in the entire district either, I know that – my grandfather has taken them all for himself!”

The soldiers looked at each other and agreed. Some were still gnawing their teeth disapprovingly, but Dong Bai saw that they were fighting an inner battle against their morality – and their morals were fighting a losing battle.

The only one who was still holding back quite valiantly was the officer himself. With soothing words he tried to sway his soldiers to remain calm, but he was drowned out by Dong Bai’s booming voice with every sentence she spoke.

“All of you are pent up! All of you want this!”

The last freckles of restraint disappeared like fog over the Yellow River and Dong Bai finished her last sentence like a general would when speaking to his troops as they are preparing to fight in the most important battle of their lives.

“You’ve got a golden chance now! One that might not ever come again! Take it, I say!”

With that the soldiers started to move at the restrained girl in their midst, rapidly closing in, their hands grasping at their belts or simply pulling their hardening cocks out. Each tried to press their cock into her face, tried to find a gap in which they could press their bodies in so they could violate the young granddaughter of their sworn enemy Dong Zhou.

Their officer, still trying to hold his soldiers back, now even resorting to threats, was quickly silenced. What by, Dong Bai didn’t know. Or care, for that matter.

Her tongue was now busy darting from one cock to another, licking hungrily at the nearest one until it was torn away from her and replaced with another. She had no control on which one she got to suck or for how long she did have to suck it. She just willingly took whichever was offered to her. Be it a small one or a big one, a clean one or a stinky one, a fat one or a skinny one. Whatever was in front of her found its way into her mouth.

After a while of Dong Bai sucking on the cock currently in front of her, a thick pole that filled out her mouth nicely, with ever increasing fervour, bobbing up and down its entire length, horny slurping sounding as her lips slid along the meaty pole her tongue danced around the glans of his cock, he moaned loudly and grabbed at the back of her head with one hand, and hilted his entire length within the throat of the petit noble slut. Dong Bai’s eyes shot open in surprise as his thick load poured down into her throat at an incredible pace and when he finally pulled out and moved out of her line of sight Dong Bai immediately started to cough and hack.

“D-damn”, she muttered as the men stared at her, the cum of their comrade dribbling over her lower lip and falling onto her purple dress, “I was right. You guys are backed up all the way to hell.” Dong Bai lifted her head and looked at the rest of the men, who were still stroking their dicks, but were hesitant about approaching her.

“Did I say stop?!”, she growled threateningly.

A shiver went through the rows of soldiers and they again assaulted her lovely face with the stinky musk of their cocks, shoving them into her mouth and stroking them close to her face.

Some of the men had now started pressing their cockheads into her soft cheeks as she was sucking on one of their comrades. After a long enough time, they would ejaculate string after string of their thick, pent-up semen all over her face, covering her beautiful white hair in an even more beautiful white substance. They would then quickly disappear from her view and be replaced by a new cock – sometimes even by two – who would proceed to repeat the process until the entirety of her face was covered in loads of the stinky dick juice. The tangy smell of it penetrated Dong Bai’s nose and crushed down any inhibitions that she still might have had. After several dozen of the soldiers had deposited their cum on the pretty face of the Dong slut several of them started playing with her body. The parts that weren’t restricted by the rope that was still restricting her movements, at least. As the men realised that the ropes were keeping them from playing with her breasts they quickly loosened them and tossed them aside. Then half a dozen hands started running all over her body, lifting her to a full stand, which tore the cocks from Dong Bai’s face, but replaced them with lips that were all eager to kiss her.

Dong Bai would never kiss any of these men willingly. But she had no choice, did she? She was being raped, after all!

She quickly leaned into one of the men and started kissing him sloppily as a pair of hands grasped her breasts from behind, playing with them in a way only a peasant would. Without any finesse or understanding of what he’s doing, but an honesty that could very well be described as cute. Finally, he ripped at her dress, pulling it all the way off her body and a lustful moan of astonishment made its course through the gathered men, who stared at her exposed naked body.

Some were immediately caught by her hard nipples. Others stared at her shaved pussy and others yet were enamoured by her beautiful bubble butt.

“Oh no”, Dong Bai playfully swayed her hips as her hands skilfully rubbed along the cocks of the men nearest to her, “I am overpowered here, aren’t I? And by men who would not stop at ANYTHING.”

She stressed the last word and stared at the men, who nodded in agreement.

Suddenly she was lifted into the air by several hands, that groped at her naked body and a man stepped up in front of her holding his cock with a crooked grin on his lips.

“I’ve got a dong for you, Bai”, he joked and some of the men laughed approvingly.

Dong Bai wanted to groan at the joke. There wasn’t a lover who hadn’t made exactly this stupid joke when bedding her. But she kept the annoyance to herself.

Not that she had much of a choice, as the man rammed his cock into her soft folds without so much as an announcement of his intentions, cutting short any sort of reaction time she could have had.

“Ooooh shit!”, he groaned as he rammed himself into the girl repeatedly, “She’s tight!”

“That’s because your crude peasant cock is so stupidly thick!”, Dong Bai moaned in honest. None of the nobles she had fucked even came close to this. Her grandfather’s cock was huge – that much she knew from the many times she walked in on Dong Zhou fucking Diaochan, which was a lot more frequently than she’d liked – but all the other nobles were utter wimps.

The peasant soldier grasped Dong Bai’s thighs and quickened his pace exponentially. Even though her breasts were small they were jumping like crazy as the man pumped into her with increasing speed. He stared into her cum covered face and Dong Bai stared back into his stupid, peasant face. He wasn’t all too nice to look at, but then again, that’s what rape was about, right? Being fucked by people who one would never fuck otherwise?

“You won’t care if I cum inside, will you?”

“Do I have a choice?”, Dong Bai in an angry tone. Didn’t these idiots understand that they were raping her? Why ask for what she allowed or didn’t allow? Why give her a choice at all?!

“Uh, right, you don’t!”, said the soldier as if he was only now remembering what he was doing.

Then, without another warning and accompanied by the cheers of his comrades, he rammed himself into Dong Bai one last time as he shot his load deep into the slut. Dong Bai bit her lower lip as she felt the hot seed coat her inner walls.

The man who had been fucking her groaned as his cock went limp inside of her and slipped out of her folds.

“That was great. Way better than my wife.”

The men laughed at that comment, as another man stepped up and lined his cock up with the pussy that was awaiting him. His cock wasn’t quite as big as the one before and Dong Bai feared that it wouldn’t feel nearly as good as the first, but her fears quickly vanished when his cock split her cunt in two and rammed into her with a speed that rivalled that of a hare in heat. Dong Bai moaned loudly as this new guy fucked her out of her mind without so much as uttering a word, when below her she felt another cock pushing against her asshole.

“Gods, I’m done with waiting. She’s got two holes, she can take two, right?”

The guy holding her from behind had started pushing himself into Dong Bai and entered her asshole with a powerful thrust that made the girl, that had been coddled all her life, scream in a mix of pain, surprise and pleasure.

She had never been double penetrated before. None of the nobles would so much as allow another man in the room while they were fucking Dong Bai, let alone in their bed. But this feeling was the greatest. If this was what was considered debauchery, then she wanted more of it! She’d fight to the death to make her grandfather’s dreams come true! A land of wine, women and song! A land of all out sexual depravity! A dream Dong Bai could rally behind.

“Look at this slut, I just put my cock in and she goes off the handle!”

The men laugh happily as Dong Bai’s lusty moans fill the clearing. Not like a cry for help but a mating cry that aimed to attract even more men she could breed with.

From this point forward most of her lovers blurred into one.

Once a man came in her he pulled his soft cock out of her pounded hole and was swiftly replaced by another rigid penis that plugged up her hole before any of the white liquid within her managed to escape her body – a process that spanned several hours and dozens of different perverted positions.

After several hours, when the light of day had already left the sky, Dong Bai found herself on her back, legs spread wide above her head, a man lying on her, ramming his cock inside her in a steady rhythm. Dong Bai didn’t know if she had fucked him before, but she guessed that she had. He probably just wanted another go at her. Good for him!

Lovingly she caressed his back, moaning softly with every thrust of his peasant cock, until he rams his cock balls deep into her and another load escaped his cockhead to join the other loads within her.

Gods, she was probably going to become pregnant. And she had no choice. Raped pregnant! The thought alone makes her horny again.

As the man pulled out of her with a relieved whistle Dong Bai found, that no one replaced him inside of her pussy.

“Oh, not now. I just got horny again”, she sighed, lifting her head to look at the men. But none were left standing. All of the soldiers, even the one who had been fucking her just moments ago, were asleep, lying buck-naked on the floor or leaning against trees.

Dong Bai gave an exasperated sigh as she got up, the semen dripping out of both of her holes in waves as she did – and a shiver of arousal ran through her body in reaction.

How many hours had gone by? Many, no doubt. She couldn’t tell, except for the fact that it was becoming night. She had been captured soon after dawn. Had they been fucking her this whole time? Gods, she hoped. Just a shame she hadn’t been awake for most of it.

Dong Bai stretched her tired, well fucked body and rubbed her sore pussy as she looked unto the men, who had until recently been her lovers, now sleep like satisfied babes.

In the end, had this really been a rape? Not really, she had wanted it too much. She had to force them to take her, even. If anything, she was the rapist here.

Damn it all. Her fantasy hadn’t been satisfied yet again!

What had happened wasn’t what she planned for at all. But she did enjoy it nonetheless. And that is what counted. Right?

On the upside none of these men would stop her from fleeing back to Luoyang and her grandfather wouldn’t be forced to do something stupid to save her.

Since her dress was ruined, she’d have to move all the way to Luoyang in nothing but the cum she had been covered in.

Maybe she’d get ‘unlucky’ and find another detachment of soldiers on the way there.


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