Revenge of the Shepard Clone 16: Miranda Lawson

BY : maryshepardn7
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The clone of Shepard was on the hunt for Miranda Lawson, however her wherabouts were unknown for the past 6 months. One of her closest allies was Jacob Taylor, who had found himself in a ruined shanty bar in Rio, Brazil on Earth. Shepard spent several days trying to find the former Cerberus soldier. According to Shepard's information broker, Taylor had spent the last year in Brazil drinking his woes away for an unknown reason.

Shepard quickly found and entered the abandoned bar that had yet to be rebuilt after the Reaper invasion decimated the still rundown city. Jacob was the only one sitting in the dim empty bar, only lit up by the light peeking through the ramshackled bar.

"Jacob." Shepard said as he walked into the bar to see Jacob slouching over his old drink.

"Shepard? You're alive!? What are-"

"That I am." Shepard interrupted.

"So what happened?" Jacob said as he shook Shepards hand in excitement to learn what happened on the vague day over London that changed the fate of the galaxy forever.

"Later." the clone said, quickly changing the topic. "don't wanna talk about it right now." Shepard said, mimicking Jacob's usual unwilliingness to have a conversation.

"Yeah I gotcha." Jacob said looking into his beer bottle. "So.... It can't be mere chance that you came to this single spot at this time in the galaxy, so what can I do for you?"

"I'm looking for Miranda. I can't go into detail right now, but she went completely off the grid. So that brings up some problems."

The morose Jacob popped open another beer bottle from a destroyed cabinet and sat back on his barstool as Shepard sat next to him nodding against Jacob's offer for some alchohol. "Well, she wanted to disappear to hide from any other Cerberus operatives or mercs that would want her dead."

"Understandable.....but you know she can trust me."

"Sure." Jacob said. "I guess I could tell you."


"She and her sister are in the United States at this address." Jacob tranfered his data to Shepard's omni tool.

"Thanks." Shepard said, as he turned to walk away before remembering that he wanted to end all of the original Shepard's crew.

"Shepard......" Jacob said in the tone of a defeated man. "I got to tell you......My wife.........our baby.....both were captured by the reapers right before the crucible was activated and before she gave birth. I tred my best to find them......but I've given up hope."

The evil clone smiled as he decided to work Jacob over into his fate. "The reapers either turned them to husks, or melted them down, don't be stupid, theyre gone."

Jacob took a deep breathe and swigged his drink slouching even further with tears gathering in his eyes. "Shepard, I don't know whats left in life now......."

The psychotic clone slowly walked up next to Jacob and glared into his eyes without breaking his gaze.

Shepard then pulled out his pistol and slid it onto the bar counter. Both men broke their gaze to look at the pistol.

Jacob sniffled and looked up at the clone. "Shepard.....I don't know.....I-"

"You know what you have to do Jacob. It's the only way to be with them." Shepard said unempathtically. "Don't be a coward."

Shepard started to slowly walk away, back to the entrance. He stood in the broken doorframe for a few seconds waiting with his eyes closed.

Soon after, a lone pistol blast rang out, followed by the sound of a loud thud. Shepard turned around to see his pistol smoking in the hands of Jacob's lifeless body with a smoking hole in his head from his self induced shot, much like his father.

The clone found a sick twisted humor in the situation as he left Jacob to rot as he went back to his shuttle. For once, he used words to control a victim instead of his reaper indoctrination abilities

The address given to Shepard was at a hidden beachfront property in Florida, half a kilometer from the abandoned Kenneddy Space Center. If she was hiding, it wasn't exactly the best hiding spot. However, if she was hoping to hide in plain sight, it must have been working.

The property was on a white sand beach, hidden within the typical florida beach foliage and green florida palmettos. The area had a nice calming breeze as the sun shined brightly in the blue sky.

Shepard knocked on the door to the two story beachfront house, only to get no response. "Well that's just great." the clone said. Before he tried to kick in the door, Shepard could hear the sound of women laugihing in the distance far behind him. The clone turned around to see two women laying on fold out beach chairs next to the ocean. Their pale illustrious bodies looked like that of a beautiful angel off in the distance.

Shepard began to walk towards the women to find out it was both Miranda and Oriana. Miranda was in a black bikini and Oriana was in a pink bikini, Whose tops barely concealed their busty chests.

Shepard made his appearance and greeted them with a great positive energy. Soon afterwards, Miranda and Oriana went back to laying on their chairs, while Shepard relaxed on a towel on the sand in between them, catching up for several minutes.

"This is a nice place." Shepard said, enjoying the wind's cool comfort. "House and all."

"It is...." Oriana said as she layed on her back, showing her covered breasts as they jiggled with her movement. Miranda may have gotten the better ass, but Oriana had the better tits, for sure.

"Shepard, would you squeeze some sun block on me?" Miranda said turning onto her stomach, showing her enormous ass.

Shepard lightly slapped the huge cheeks gleefully. "Sure thing!"

"You ass." Miranda said, obviously enjoying his advance.

For the next ten minutes, Shepard spread the lotion all along Miranda's body, digging his hand deeply into corners and crevices a normal massues would not go. He then asked Oriana if she would like the same treatment and so he did the same for her. All three of them were quite horny from this but didn't follow up on it at the moment and instead continued their conversations.

"It's not a great life though...." Oriana said. "We always have to live in fear of being captured by Cerberus holdouts, or those seeking revenge for our father.

Miranda seemed quite displeased by Oriana's lack of appreciation. "I'm about ready to head back inside." Miranda said grabbing her towel and wrapping it around her waist as she got up and began walking towards the beach house.

"Good idea, I'm cooking out here!" Oriana said following her sister. Shepard got up and followed them into the house.

Shepard grabbed a bite in the kitchen and headed upstairs to Miranda's bedroom as Oriana took a shower downstairs. He opened the door without knocking and saw a topless Miranda pulling down her bikini thong.

"Oh, Shepard." she said seemingly uphased by his presence. Most likely due to the fact that she had slept with the original Shepard many times before. She pulled the thong off and walked to the end o her room examining it as the sunlight from the room's enormous balcony window as it bathed her pale butt in sunight. "Sorry about all that. Sometimes Oriana doesn't seem to fully appreciate the life I made for her and all that I sacrificed for her." Shepard, who was still in his swim trunks walked up behind Miranda, taking in the beauty of her nude body. He would have argued with her, but he was horny as hell and he knew that would not get him some.

"Miranda..." he said grabbing her waist with both hands, turning her around and lowering them to where he was gripping her ass cheeks. She looked down and smiled as she saw his penis was quickly growing, unhindered by his swimming trunks as he pulled her in closer. "You did all that you could.... The rest is up to her to find the appreciation, which I'm sure she will.

"Maybe you're right..." Miranda said touching Shepard's chest.

"Damn right." He responded

"You ass." Miranda said again, right before she and Shepard locked lips.

Shepard pulled her in so that his enormous cock was rubbing up against Miranda's stomach. She stepped back slowly and knelt down, pulling down Shepard's trunks, allowing his meat to flop out. She looked up at him and began to work her oral magic on him, causing the clone to groan in a pleasurable delight as he closed his eyes and looked up to the ceiling. The warmth from inside her mouth was wonderful. "That feels so good." Shepard said.

She took his cock out of her mouth with a slight pop sound. "You know I give the best, commander."

He grabbed her hand and Shepard layed on the bed as Miranda climbed on top of him cowgirl style. She began to ride him, letting out a few loud moans before remembering Oriana was still in the house. She began to cover her mouth to keep her explosive cries of pleasure from escaping.

"That feels so fucking good Shepard! Fuck me!" She said unable to control her orgasmic feelings.

Just then Oriana's voice came in through the door. "Miri?"

Shepard and Miranda looked towards her. She was only in her towel, fresh out of the shower.

"Ori! uhhh it's not what it looks like!" Miranda said feeling as if she let her sister down.

She walked over to the couple. "Not sure what else this could look like...." Oriana said gently gliding her fingers across the bed as she walked towards Miranda as Shepard's solid cock occupied her vagina. "Maybe you can help me understand." she said grabbing the base of Shepard's big white cock, yanking it towards her and out of her sister's pussy.

"Whoah!" Shepard said, surprised by her action. Oriana then began to lick the juice covered tip of Shepard's penis and the shoved it into her mouth as she began slurping it.

"Oriana!" Miranda said

"What, why do you only get to be with the Commander?" she said gently, playing with his balls. She then engulfed his cock with her large naked breasts and began to bounce them up and down as Shepard moaned with glee.

Miranda got down and both sisters began to jerk off the clone, as he was in heaven.

"I want to feel you inside of me." Oriana said as she got into the doggystyle position, waiting for Shepard to enter, which he happlly did. As he thrusted Oriana's tight womb, Shepard kissed Miranda as she played with Oriana's wonderul hanging breasts.

"My turn sis." Miranda said laying on her stomach, wrapping her arms around a pillow at the head of the bed. She whipped her hair back and looked over her shoulder, shaking her ass cheeks as the ferociuous clone climbed over and began to fuck her tight asshole. She whelped with a high pitch as he first entered, but that did not stop him from going at it in the least bit. As he fucked Miranda, Oriana stood over her sister so that Oriana's pussy was eye level with Shepard, giving him a delicious treat as he licked her warm delicious wet pussy.

Several minutes later, Shepard was ready. He knew he couldn't get either girl pregnant, so he pulled out and let out a thunderous roar as he started to shoot a near endless load of hot white cum on Miranda's pale ass while she shook it in place. The clone let out a wonderful sigh, and fell down onto his back on the bed, panting heavily and happily.

"So much cum!" Orina said looking at her sister's ass.

"Go on and taste it." Shepard said.

Oriana then ran her tongue up and down her sister's ass, gathering the huge load on her tongue and in her mouth. After several licks, she had only picked up half of it, and yet she was spilling it out of her full mouth.

"Try some, Miranda." The clone said.


Oriana leaned over Miranda, who opened her mouth. Oriana let the hot salivated cum, pour out of her mouth, transferring into her sister's. The sight was so amazing for the commander. The two then looked at eachother and Shepard amorously, and began to lock their lips, swapping the cum some more for Shepard. They finally turned to him, closed their mouths, and swallowed the enormous load, opening up afterwards to show the clone that it was all gone.

Shepard layed with the women for about an hour of relaxation afterwards. They had decided to go to a local cabana bar at sunset, and so they all started to get dressed. Miranda got her shirt on and began to walk out of the bedroom with Shepard behind her when a pistol shot rang out causing a large red spot to form on Miranda's upper back as she fell to the floor yelling.

Shepard was shocked by what happened and turned around to see Oriana holding a smoking pistol pointed at where Miranda was standing. Shepard crossed his arms and stepped back casually. "What's going on?" Shepard asked as if Oriana had been 10 minutes late as opposed to just shooting her sister.

Miranda was barely able to crawl and mutter "Why..."

"You ruined my life, Miri." she said lowering the pistol. "I could have had the greatest life possible, but it was ruined by you just because of your bickering with father."

"" Miranda said.

"Time to end this." Oriana said raising the pistol up once more.

"I don't think so, bitch!" Miranda said shooting a biotic blast that broke off a large bamboo stick  the room's plant. The stick flew towards Oriana at mach speed, ramming Oriana's stomach, pinning her to the wall. This brought out a large oof sound from her when she started to bleed from her mouth as she looked down, grabbing the stick, giving a short and pointless struggle as she groaned.

"Wow, what did I just see?" the maniacal Shepard clone said heartiley.

"Shepard....."Miranda said deleriously. "Help.... me." she said almost completely laying on the floor.

"I think not." the clone said, kneeling down next to a delerious Mirada as she waved her hand slowly and nonsensically next to Shepard's face. "Why did you not use me, instead of the real Shepard. Miranda's eyes slightly widened.

".....You're....." She then lost the ability to sit up as she could no longer hold herself up with her arm. Miranda dropped completely to the floor, turning paler as she stopped breathing. The clone stood up and observed her for a minute to ensure she was gone and looked towards Oriana, who had lifelessly slumped over her bamboo stick. The Lawson family line was no more.


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