Vengeance and Passion

BY : HelenaLover
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Disclaimer: I do not own Dead or Alive, Shadow Warrior, Or any other game slash characters I put into this fic except my OC Alex. I also do not make any money from this fic nor do I intend to try to.

So, after seeing Severance I decided to write a sort of…response fic I guess. So Instead of Helena getting raped and turned into a demon sex slave she will be fucking Alex who in this fic will be the Darkness. If you’ve played the games or read the comics, you know those merc and demon motherfuckers are in for a universe of pain while Helena will have a demi god at her beck and call. This is intended to be a one off but it people want more of it I will consider it. Also prepare for a good amount of characters for other games or online vids to show up in other chapters. Let’s see if any of you can name the games they’re from. I will be uploading Helena stuff to this site when I finish the more adult fics I have for her. Well I hope you enjoy the story. And to reinforce the point I don’t make any money off this fic it’s just for fun.

Vengeance and Passion


The door was sealed and the mercs thought they had Helena all to themselves. They went to grab her but before they could touch her, and dark figure came from out of the floor like a ghost. The walls seemed to change in an instant gaining a dark stained glass look to them. Thick black chains erupted from the gaps between the glass panels, wrapping the mercs up and dragging them to the walls. The chains only allowed just enough air for them to breathe.

Helena’s heart had been racing. She placed her right hand over her chest and took a step back. She immediately recognised her lover.

“Alex.” He turned and bowed to her.

“My lady.” He replied before eyeing the cell phone on the table.

“Victor I must say I’m very disappointed in you. But I’m not surprised.” His voice dripped venom as he finished the sentence.

“Alex you’re still alive. Well the bitch has already been bought and, gruk!” His voice faded, and deep growls could be heard in the background.

“Victor if you’re referring to the freak in the mask… ha-ha…his life expectancy is almost as low as yours and these dumb motherfuckers in here. But you’ve got far bigger problems right now.” Alex hung up the phone and a muffled scream was the last thing Victor Donovan would ever vocalise. Steel plates came out of the chains binding the mercs. They covered their mouths and super heated themselves to the mercs faces. Tears freely ran down their faces as the pain was almost too much to bare. 

“Dear you could have just called me back to your side instead of wasting money and your brilliant strategies on these idiots.” She sighed and nodded.

“Well I would have but you said you’d return to me once you had fully unlocked your powers. As much as I missed you I couldn’t interrupt you. But wait… how did you-”

“-Know you were in trouble? I put a spell on you that would immediately bring me to you should you be in danger and I was already on my way back anyway oh I have so much to tell you. But before we can celebrate, we should deal with these morons. Eh?” Alex enjoyed making fun of that stereotype every now and again. The Twenty-three-year-old Canadian demi god turned his attention back to the human filth chained to the walls.

Any surprise or anger in their eyes had now been replaced with fear as Alex had his twin serpents come out of his back. A signature pair of pain of suffering for his enemies. Their sliver razor sharp teeth ready to rip and tear. Helena merely leaned against the white broad in the room and let her lover have his fun.

“Now what to do with you? Hmm… well let’s see. Number one, you were planning on raping the woman I love. Number two, you were going to threaten her with death to get your way. And finally, number three, you are working for someone that not only is in league with my enemies, but he was going to turn her into a sex slave for the legions of hell.” He paused for a second and looked around.

“Now you all wanted a severance is that correct?” He snapped his fingers. “Well then, I think this should be more than enough.” Small portals no bigger than a quarter opened above each of them. A few seconds later, pure molten gold poured over them. Their muffled screams made Alex laugh in delight. But any joy in his voice was replaced with pure rage.

“You bastards dare threaten my lady!” He roared at them! A few struggled to break free but it was no use. “No, there will be no freedom for you or you’re incompetent troops. You will suffer for a very long time as not even death will free you from my wrath!” By now they should have been long dead, but death would not claim them. Alex opened the portals wider and more and more gold burned into them. Using his powers to keep them alive and able to feel the pain Alex raised his right hand. “For conspiring against my lady, you shall suffer this and many other torments for ten million years! Death will not be freedom, but the transition to the next punishment! Now begone!” Snapping his fingers, he sent them into a dimension he created for the purpose of torturing those who deserved it. His minions had already begun to swarm them. Breaking their bones and impaling them with various sharp objects.

Before he turned his attention back to Helena he called for one of his generals. The massive armoured creature appeared before him on one knee with his head bowed.

“Yes, oh lord and master?” The massive reptile spoke with utter reverence.

“Rise Ajax. I can feel the treachery of the security forces in this building. You will ensure that not one of them escapes here alive!” He commanded.

“Yes, my lord. Your will be done.” With that the creature began his work. Alex simply took Helena by the hand and took her home in a flash of light.

He had brought them to her nearest mansion just outside of the city. Maire Rose, Helena’s ever fateful servant rushed down the stairs to her mistress. Alex had placed a small army of creatures there as he went to rescue Helena. They informed Maire about what could have happen and she was overjoyed to see her mistress was alright.

“Lady Helena!” Rushed into her. “I am so glad you’re alight! The thought of those… never mind. Is their anything I can get for you my lady?”

“No Marie, but I would appreciate it if you could give Alex and I some time alone.” Marie let go of her and nodded.

“I shall be in the room should you need me.” She quickly turned and ran back up the steps. Trying not to let the images of her mistress and her lover into her mind.

Before Helena could say anything, Alex allowed his body to return to normal ditching the organic looking armor for a royal blue dress shirt and black pants. He pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. Helena moaned slightly into the kiss. She had missed him greatly in the year he was gone. She hadn’t had sex in so long that she craved his touch. Especially after what could have happened. He saved her yet again.

She broke the kiss after a minute and looked into his eyes. “Alex take me to bed.” She commanded in as sexy a tone as she could manage at present. He picked her up bridal style.

“As you command my queen.” Again, using his powers, he teleported them to her bedroom. He placed her on the bed before sitting next to her. He began to kiss her once again. Helena dueled his tongue with her own in a battle for dominance. Alex fully knowing she liked being on top slowly laid back onto the king-sized bed. Her hat fell of her head as she straddled him.

She could feel his trapped erect dick against her as she grinded against him. Alex began to grope her breasts through her shirt. This earned him a series of moans from her. He knew she wanted him to just strip her naked and take her. But he wanted to make sure she enjoyed herself. So, he continued to play with her.

“Alex. Ohhhhhh, please. Don’t tease me.” Her back arched and her nails dug deep into his shoulders.

“Patience my love. I’ve been gone for a year and I intend to make sure you enjoy this.” With that he took off her shirt and then softly massaged her amazing breasts.

“Ahhh!” She moaned loudly. Alex sat up and playfully started kiss the weak spot on the right side of her neck. She bit her lip a little and started running her hands down his washboard abs. Feeling the toned muscles under his shirt. She stopped only for a moment to take her boots off. She placed them to the side of the bed then began to unbutton Alex’s shirt.

Alex kept silent as he preferred the sound of her moans. He felt his job was to make her make as much noise as possible while making as little noise as he could. Helena didn’t overly mind this. She could tell he was enjoying himself just fine based on the smirk he was wearing.

He started running his hands to the small of her back while taking her right nipple into his mouth.

“Mmm.” Was all she could vocalise in response. She continued to grind against him as his hands found their way down to her ass. He squeezed and rubbed her backside until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She undid her skirt and tossed it aside. Alex moved his right hand to her wet pussy. He rubbed it through the fabric of her panties. “Ah! Oh, mon amour!” Helena was being worked into a frenzy by Alex’s fingers. After another minute she was close to her release. “Oh, Alex I’m so ah, close.” With that Alex slide his two fingers into her. That pushed her over the edge. She screamed in ecstasy and fell fully on top of him.

“C’était incroyable mon amour!” She smiled down that him. He gave her a minute to recover then he started kissing her again. She couldn’t stand it any more. She needed him fully inside her. So, she stripped herself of her panties and eagerly took off his pants. Alex wasted no time in entering her. “Ahh! Yes. This is what I fucking need!” She normally never used such words, but Alex knew he was doing his job as a lover when she started talking like that. He thrusted into her slowly. Her inner walls were trying to match the shape of his cock. He adjusted his size to match her body perfectly. He knew he had her. Of that there was no doubt. Sure, she came off as a bit harsh at times but considering the losses she’d suffered in her life that was normal. Once you got to really know her she was the kindest person you could ever know. Alex once thought they pair of them could live a nice normal life he even was going to close himself off from his powers. Just so he could be with her.

But she needed him to be powerful. She needed his help if her goals of a better would were to come to pass. She had to be ruthless in this pursuit, so she put on a harsh and cold mask when she was with most other people. But in moments like these she could let that mask fade. Her gentle kisses along his neck line were clear evidence of her soft and loving side. Her hips trying to keep pace with his, so she could pleasure him. They held each other close as they made love.

Helena’s soft silky skin pressed against his drove him crazy. He kept pounding into her. The tip of his cock pressed against her womb. Her moans got louder, and her movements became faster. Her nails eagerly pressed into his shoulder blades as she came again.

Alex kept thrusting into her and caused her three more orgasms before finally being ready to cum himself.

“Alex I’m close again. Let’s come together!” He nodded and pressed himself into her. Each thrust now bringing them both to an amazing climax. Helena came as he filled her with his seed. She loved feeling him cum inside her. Knowing that she brought a being so powerful pleasure gave her a great deal of satisfaction. They stayed joined together as Helena began to fall asleep.

“Alex?” She spoke softly.

“Yes Helena?”

“Promise me you’ll be here when I wake up.”

“I promise.”

She smiled and let out a small yawn. “Bonne nuit mon amour. Je t'aime.”

“I love you too Helena. Sweet dreams my lady.” He gave her one last peck on the lips before she let sleep take her.

While Alex physically stayed with her, he set his mind on other things. He gave orders to his servants. Go forth and take the places Those idiots cost Helena. With speed and her plans, they went to work. By morning all of the targets had been conquered. Her enemies laying in pools of their own blood.

He could feel her stirring in his arms as the clock hit eight thirty in the morning. Her turquoise eyes slowly opening to the sight of her lover’s warm brown eyes.

“Morning Helena. Sleep well?”

She smiled warmly at him. “Better than I have all year.” Helena cuddled into him a bit more. Right now, she wanted nothing more than to stayed in bed with Alex all day. But she knew there were things to do. So, with a heavy sigh she got out of bed and headed for the shower. She hung her ribbon on a nearby self before she entered the cylinder shower.

She wasn’t a morning person. But she felt Alex follow her into the shower. As she turned the water on Alex turned her around to face him. The water made his nearly pale skin gain a slight simmer.

He planted a small kiss on her lips then kept going down kissing various parts of her before he got to her pussy. He reached for the closest shower head and removed it from its slot. Helena knew what he was planning so she reached for her shampoo and began cleaning her hair while Alex cleaned her lower lips. She felt a bit of pleasure as he turned the shower head to her most intimate area.

He rubbed her body wash into the small patch of pubic hair she had. “Mmm. The things you do to me.” Helena said as she continued to run her hands through her long yellow blonde hair.

Alex had fully cleaned her lower regions. Then with a devilish grin he ran two fingers along her outer lips. Helena quickly wash the shampoo out of her hair and quickly grabbed onto the showers’ handle to brace herself for what Alex was about to do.

He began to lick her pussy slowly. Helena’s soft moans filled the shower. Her taste was sweet, and Alex dug his tongue past her folds and into her. Helena was having trouble standing as her legs were starting to buckle. Not wanting to cause her injury he stopped licking long enough to help her to the floor. As soon as she was safe from falling he went back to eating her out. His tongue felt very good inside her. Helena put her legs onto his back. Alex raised her up to give himself better access.

Helena grinded herself against his month. She was close now oh so close. Alex moved his tongue out of her and focused it on her clit. “Ahhhhhhh! I’m gonna ah!” She came, and Alex swallowed her sweet love juices.

“So good way to start your day.”

Helena was out of breath. “Oh…god…yes.” The water continued to poor over them as Helena got her breath back and pounced onto Alex. She needed to reward him for that. Now that he was on his back she had access to his cock. She crawled down his body and took his cock into her hands. She started jerking him off slowly. Teasing him as she ran her hands up and down his shaft.   

“Oh, how I’ve missed these little moments. Mmm you’re so hard.” Helena lick her lips and then leaned down to kiss the tip of his cock. She licked him up and down moving her tongue in a seductive manner. When she was satisfied he was teased enough she took his cock into her mouth. She sucked on the tip letting his pre-cum coat her tongue. His taste was a mix of sweet and sour. Helena took him deeper letting his cock move slightly into her throat. Alex placed his hand on the back of her head and gently helped her move up and down.

Helena could feel him twitching inside her mouth. She knew he was hurrying her along as there was things to do. She also knew that given the choice he would never stop fucking her. She moved faster. Bobbing her head until she felt the warmth of his cum fill her mouth. She greedily swallowed it down then began licking off any of the excess cum that was left on his cock.

She giggled as she finished. “Well that was fun. But I suppose we’ll have to finish cleaning up and then get to work?”

“Afraid so dear. But I think you’ll be pleased with some new developments.” She raised an eyebrow.

“Oh really?” The rest of the shower went by quickly and got dressed. Alex simply put on a black suit with a royal blue tie with black dress shoes while Helena put on a white silk shirt, black pants, a pair of high heeled sandals, and white silk gloves. They found Marie making them breakfast in the dinning hall.

“Good morning lady Helena, Alex.” The pair greeted her and sat down at the head of the table. Maire turned on a radio that was located on a nearby wall. She tuned it to the news station as she knew her mistress wanted to be up to date on what was happening.

“And in other news It seems that DoaTec’s latest failures have seemingly turned around with massive successes in what seemed to be a massive military campaign that started last night. So far there has been no word from Miss Douglas and we await word of what has changed. In related news the DoaTec ocean cleanup project has had massive success in the last two weeks.” The news then broke off into a bit of feel good music.

“Massive military campaign?” She looked at her lover. “I assume you had something to do with this?” Alex merely took a sip of his tea and smirk.

“Yep. I called in the troops. I figured you could do with some successes after those morons failed. I also called in a few friends to keep an eye on some things. Including Kokoro.”

“Is she alright?”

“Relax darling. Your sister is perfectly fine. I have a friend looking out for her. Trust me he’ll keep her safe. He has a history of demon killing.”

She relaxed a bit and began eating her breakfast. Once breakfast was done, Helena and Alex got into Helena’s limo and made for the DoaTec building. Some light kisses were exchanged during the ride. As fun as it would be to fuck in the roomy space, Helena needed to keep a clear head for most of the day. Upon arriving at the building Helena noticed that Alex’ soldiers had replaced the guards. Two of them stood outside the entrance in their armor looking like something out of a science fiction novel. They saluted her and Alex as they approached.  

“Good morning ma’am!” They said in unison. She nodded at them and moved into the building. Inside everything seemed more orderly than normal. The men and women Alex placed here were at their posts and doing the tasks they were supposed to be doing. This was far better than the incompetent staff that she’d had to deal with. Alex nodded to them then he followed Helena into her private elevator. It was no surprise that the broad of directors were wanting to talk. But they were not expecting Helena to answer the call.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen.” The video call opened and the look of shock on the faces of the men and women was almost enough to make Alex laugh out loud. He had put himself just out of sight and allowed his armor and serpents to come back out. Helena made note of the fact that Miyako’s seat was empty.

“M…miss Douglas we weren’t expecting you.”

“Oh? Why not?”

“We were told that you … decided to take some personal time. We were expecting Victor to ah, stand in this morning.”

“Oh well I had to terminate his employment last night. So, he won’t be present for these meetings anymore.” Helena smirked as the faces of the broad members paled.

“On what grounds was he terminated?” Helena looked at Alex. On cue he stood up and got into view of the camera. The sight of him made them piss themselves a little.

“On the grounds that he was going to sell the president into slavery among other things. Now ladies and gentlemen I have no doubt that each of you present had at least some knowledge of the events that he was planning. So, here’s what you’re all going to do. You’re going to sit there and what for the new security to escort you here. You’re to tell us everything you know and then maybe, just maybe you’ll leave with your lives.”

“Now just a minute-”

“SILENCE! You either tell us everything voluntary or I will personally rip the information form your minds and then feed you to one of my pets! One way at least gives you a chance to live. The more cooperative you are the better your odds of survival. Savvy?” They looked at each other and nodded. Helena decided that this was a perfect time to deliver her final message.

“Oh, and in case it wasn’t clear. You’re all fired.” Helena terminated the call and sat on a nearby couch and leaned back. “Does everyone that works for me hate me?” Alex sat next to her and put his right arm around her shoulders.

“Just the ones that can better their positions with you out of the way. Don’t worry darling. I have your back, always.” She rested her head on his shoulder.

“You have no idea how much that means to me.” There was a pause before Helena wanted to ask Alex about what he had learned in the year he had been gone. “So, did you find out what you needed?”

“Yes, I did. I have unlocked my true potential. The things I can now do gave me a few ideas.”

“Such as?”

“Well as far as I know, I am now immortal, and I can make you immortal too.”

“What?” Helena was sure she didn’t hear that right.

“It’s true love. I met us…well other versions of us. I’ve seen our children and what we can do together. Across many realities I’ve seen us. Other variants of me taught me how to control my powers to the extent that I can shape reality itself in some cases.”

“Children? What were they like?” Helena grew exited at the mention of children. Becoming a parent was something she wanted to do. Her mother always said she wanted grandchildren.  

“They were amazing Helena. I can barely describe how much joy the other versions of you had in their eyes. But at the moment we can’t have them.”

“What why?”

“Well all the power I have makes me unable to father children with a normal human. But I already have a solution. Not only will it allow us to have children it will make you immortal. You remember what I told you about how I destroyed the darkness?” She nodded.

“Well I was able to extract the powers of the angelus as well. Other versions of you explained that for us to have children you will need this power. For you are the light to my shadow.”

Helena could defiantly get behind the idea. “What will I be able to do?”

“Pretty much anything I can do. But your powers will be more light based. We can even do it tonight if you want but there’s-” Alex heard his phone ring. “Hello? Oh, what’s up Wang? Okay. Yeah. Hmm you don’t say. Alight get them and yourself to these coordinates. There’ll be a plane waiting. K see you later.” Alex hang up the phone. “Okay that was Lo Wang the guy I sent to protect Kokoro. Apparently Miyako was trying to get Kokoro out of the line of fire and they’re now trying to get out of Tokyo. Demons are over running the city and they’ve set up towers that limit my ability to send troops there directly. So, I’m going to send a plane to go get them and start figuring out a way to get past the blockage. I should be able to beat it but first I’m going to get my armies as close as I can to take the fight to them.”

“Be careful Alex.”

“Always. Ajax!” The general once again appeared in front of his master.

“Yes master?”

“The legions of hell are on the move. I shall go confront them. While I’m gone it’s up to you to guard Helena.”

“Yes, my lord. I shall protect her with all my might.” With that Alex departed.

Hours went by and Helena paced back and forth for most of that time. Ajax stood guard. His enhanced senses keeping a constant vigil. Alex came back after fives hours. “Okay that was disgusting. I need a minute.”

Helena came over to him. “Alex what happened?”

“Well the fucker that tried to buy you is now gone so that’s a plus, but he corrupted a lot of women. The things I witnessed in the past few hours will probably ensure that I don’t get much sleep for the next few years.”

“Mon Dieu. What can we do?”

“Well it’s pretty clear that the forces of hell have major pull in some governments…So we need to deal with that problem cause if we wait it could very well get worse.”

“Alright how?”

“Well since demons usually deal in raw power, we can’t just fight bribes with bribes. So that leaves one path. We conquer the earth before the legions of hell can. Hear me out Helena. If we have total control of how things are run we can stop any summoning rituals, spells, and portals that allow them to get to our world. Less demons means more time for the two of us and you know saving humanity and the world is a nice bonus too.” 

Helena shook her head. She sat that her desk and thought about her lovers’ plan. She saw the logic in not trusting the world governments. Most, if not all of them could be easily turned with the promise of power. She sighed. “I see your point Alex. But what happens after we’ve won?”

Alex moved next to her and kissed her on the cheek. “Well once we get you powered up…We’ll have more than enough power to make the world a better place. We will eliminate sickness, huger and whatever unpleasant things we come across. Think about it, no more suffering, or strife.”

“Alright I’m with you. Now how do we go about this?”

“Ajax, rally the Twenty fifth legion.”

“Yes, my lord.” With that he disappeared, and Alex took Helena into his arms. Helena wrapped her arms around him in return. Certain thoughts ran through their minds. Alex having seen a great many horrible things today wouldn’t mind a nice evening with the love of his life. Some dinner, dancing, and a night of steamy hot sex. Helena at this point wanted to go away for a while to a nice island with Alex and spend most of the time in bed with him. Preferably after she got her powers so she could just fuck him for days on end. Before they could act on any of the urges that were now running rampant through their bodies Alex’s cell once again went off.

He groaned and answered it. “Hello?”  

“Boss it’s Wang. We’re on the plane but things got harry and the pilots say the engines took some damage. Think you could pull off one of your rescues?”

“I’ll be right there. Helena-”

“I heard. Go get my sister.”

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Alex was confident that Helena was out of immediate danger and could be left unguarded for a few minutes. Helena finished the last page of the document she was working on in the minute he was gone. He arrived with Kokoro and Miyako and a man.

“Helena!” Kokoro hugged her sister tightly.

“Kokoro I’m so glad you’re safe.”

“Yeah there were a few close calls but I’m fine. Thanks to Mr. Wang here.”

“My gratitude for keeping my sister safe.”

“Your welcome. Your boyfriend speaks very highly of you. I also hear you had a near incident last night. I’d be more than happy to teach those fuckers a lesson.”

“That won’t be necessary, but I would like to retain your services as a bodyguard for my sister. I assure you you’ll be paid handsomely.”

“Oh, that’s alright. Alex already paid me for ten years in advance. So, until then I’m happy to be any help I can. Oh, speaking of-”

“Yes, I didn’t forget. Here you go.” Alex summoned a large crate. Lo Wang opened it up and smiled.

“Ah nothing like some new toys to make the bad guys shit themselves.” He pressed a rune on the side of the crate to shrink it down to the size of I lighter he then promptly placed it in his pocket.

The day ended on a high note. With the broad members turning over everything they knew. They were allowed to live only because Alex put parasites into each one of them. Should they try and do anything against Helena the parasites will unleash a torrent of poisons into their bodies which will kill them very painfully and slowly.

Helena and Kokoro got to spend a little sibling bonding time after dinner.

“So, to must be happy that Alex is back.” Kokoro gave her older sister a knowing look.  

“You have no idea. I’m so happy he’s home.” They sat on a bench in the garden and looked up at the stars.

“So, when do I get to be an aunt?” Helena blushed at the question.

“Hopefully within the next two years. There are things that need to be done first. Plus, I think Alex and I could use more…practice first.” The sisters laughed together for a solid minute. They talked about other things few another few minutes before head to bed.

Helena put on a red silk nightgown which barley reached her knees. She bent over the bed to make it look as if she were looking for something but both she and Alex knew that she was presenting her uncover pussy to him. Alex took the hint and undid his pants. He sild his cock into her slowly.

“Ooh! It took you long enough. Now fuck me!” Alex gripped her hips and went to town on her pussy. Helena screamed in pleasure as he pumped into her. She truly missed this. A year without him was pure torture. The sheer pleasure she felt as he fucked her was indescribable. Alex decided to turn her over to give himself better access. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper into her.

“Oh yes, please don’t stop Alex!” Helena’s moans filled the room. She was loud enough to drown out any small moan Marie made who was watching them through the small gap between the double doors of their room. She only intended to ensure that her mistress didn’t need anything else before bed. But then she heard Helena moan and couldn’t help but peek. Her hand went between her legs before she knew it.  The noises Helena made were really fucking hot. Marie was able to gather herself just enough to get away from the door and bolt back to her room.

She undressed and started fingering herself rapidly. Her mind filled with fantasies of having a lover that would make her moan like Alex made Helena.

Helena meanwhile was trying to drain Alex’s balls dry. “Oh darling, fill me up! Oooohh!” Alex came deep inside her. Helena welcomed the warm speed inside her once again. She pulled herself up and locked his lips to hers.

Alex broke the kiss after a few seconds causing Helena to give a disappointed moan. “Sorry Helena but you really need to sleep tonight. As much as I want to fuck you till dawn I can’t tonight.”

“But why Alex? Don’t you enjoy our private moments together?”

He rolled his eyes. “You know I do darling. If given the choice, we’d never leave this bed. But You’ll need rest for the long road we have ahead of us. Trust me you’ll feel amazing after getting some rest tonight.” He winked at her and laid them both back on the bed. He pulled the soft blankets over them and kissed his soul mate goodnight. Helena fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. But while her body slept her mind was quite active.

She found herself laying in a sunny field completely naked. She tired to cover herself but after a few seconds she didn’t feel the need and lowered her arms. She turned around and saw a massive citadel and other smaller structures in the distance. She started heading in the direction. The closer she got to the structures she noticed they cover pearl white in colour with outlines of gold covering various patterns, panels, and anything else sticking out of the walls. Once she reached the structures, she realized it was a city. The place overall felt warm, and despite being empty it felt lively.

She continued to walk towards the citadel. She felt the warm breeze gently brush past her bare flesh. She felt powerful right now. It was as if this whole place would bend to her every whim.

When she reached the citadel, she couldn’t help but stair at it in awe. The massive golden doors opened before her. She took a deep breath and entered.

Inside she saw a massive throne covered in white and gold flames. She stood and stared at it.

“Go on sit down.” Helena heard a very familiar voice behind her. She turned around to find herself standing before her.

“What…how?” Her other self laughed lightly and shook her head slightly.

“Well my Alex helped out yours in understanding his powers so, it seems only fair that you should learn from me.”

Helena looked at the throne and took in a deep breath. She went towards it slowly. When the flames touched her, she felt the fire, but it didn’t burn. The flames surrounded her body and formed armor around her. It fit her perfectly and it showed off her body in a tasteful manner.

At this moment she felt like she could do anything!

“Easy now Helena, I know that you feel you can take on the universe, but you need to pace yourself.” Her other self said as Helena looked over her shoulder and saw wings. She had angel wings! They were large and beautiful. “Now let’s get started.”

After what seemed like days of practice Helena had her new abilities down.

“Well done Helena. Our time is up. Take care of yourself…and try not to break Alex.” With that Helena opened her eyes and found herself back in bed with Alex on the floor.

“Ow. Ok I wasn’t expecting that.” Helena looked over the side of the bed. She then felt her wings folding in and saw she was still covered in armor.

“That wasn’t a dream?”

“Nope. I told you, you’d feel amazing after getting some rest. Now you’re an immortal being, and we have some work to do.” Alex was about to get up off the floor, but Helena had other plans.

She jumped on top of him and placed his hands on her hips. “Not yet Alex. Frist I’m going to try out my improved body on you.” She kissed him and pinned him to the floor.

“Now let’s play.” Alex had yet to really use his powers during sex but now that Helena had the ability to take it he was going to give it to her. Her armor had disappeared leaving only her wings which were stretched out. Alex decided to produce a small secondary dick below his normal one. He thrust into her before she knew what was happening. His second cock was coated in precum to help penetrate Helena’s ass. Normally anal sex wasn’t something either of them enjoyed but in this case neither had any cause to complain.

“Why didn’t we try this before? Ooh Alex!” Helena got into the cowgirl position and rode him hard. She moaned hot and heavily letting her angelic voice be as lewd as she wanted.

Alex magically reinforced the floor, so she didn’t send them both through it. She was not going to restrain herself. Alex would be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying this. She looked so god damned sexy right now…though then again, she has always been sexy.

They continued to fuck hard and fast. Helena came when Alex emptied both cocks into her holes.

“Fuck!” She screamed as she felt the warmth filled her up. Both his seed and her fluid started to leak out as she got off him. She was about to start giving him a tit fuck but a knock on the door interrupted her.

“Helena, Alex are you two decent?” Kokoro asked through the doors. Both sighed and stood up. With a snap of his fingers Alex had them both cleaned and dressed within a second. Alex was wearing a simple red button up shirt with black pants while Helena wore her Black and blue catsuit with a silver and black vest, matching sleeves, and a pair of leather boots. This was an outfit she had been seen in often.

“Yes, Kokoro we are decent.” Helena invited her in.

“Wow. I could hear you down the hall. How’d you get ready so quickly?”

“Magic.” Alex said simply.

“Think you could teach me that trick? It would be a great time saver in the morning.”  

 “Maybe later. We have a very important day ahead of us.”

“Oh?” Kokoro raised gave them a questioning look.

“You’ll find out later ma petite soeur.” With that they went off to breakfast and began to mentally prepare for the day ahead.


Ok That’s all for now. If anyone is interested in seeing this story continue do let me know. Again, I do have other Helena fics in the works for this site so look forward to those in the future.

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