Life anew in the dark kingdom

BY : SmellmyFinger
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I woke to the sound of air whistling threw the windows. I opened my eyes to see the ceiling it was a midnight black. Hanging just above my head was a candle chandelier it was made of gelded metal. The candles them selves were magical they would never burn down. The beams of the holding the roof together were white and spread apart evenly. I turned my head to see the wall it was white with black beams holding them up. There was my room window it was made of four glass squares separated by a black strip of wood. The shutters were open but in my mind I knew them to be black. I then scanned the room and saw my dresser covered in magical items and enchanted rings. At the foot of my bed was a black trunk locked and it had two white straps. In the corner of my room sits a standing mirror that is seven feet tall just barely enough to show my reflection.

            On the trunk is a pair of black pants and a white shirt. On the top of my dresser are two black gauntlets with glowing red magic cymbals and clawed finger tips. On the coat rack hangs my black trench coat with glowing red magic cymbals on it. On the floor under my trench coat are my thigh high black boots with metal latches instead of laces. The tops of the toes on the boots is metal with spikes on it.

            I finally decided to get out of bed and start my day. I pulled the blood red blankets off of my body. Then my bare feet hit the cool wood floors as I sat up. I looked down to see my midnight black hard wood floors.

            I looked up to the white door with a black door frame and a black door knob. Then I stood up and started to get dressed. As I got completely dressed now you could see the straps that held my two handed zweihander and my belt that held my two handed mace. It was no easy feat to teach my self to single handedly wield two handed weapons. Then I looked to the mirror my new looks always surprised me. My hair was all the way down to my knees its color was a bright white. My face was masculine and I had three claw scars over my left eye and my right was almost unable to open because of a deep blade scar. As I looked in to my own eyes there colors glowed like no other they were green for the left and blue for the right. Magic flowed through me so my eyes glowed literally. Under my clothing I knew there were magic seals dampening my magic so I didn’t go nuclear.

            As I walked to my dresser to get my enchanted rings. I wandered to my self what rings should I pick. This morning I didn’t care so I put on all five what harm could it really do after all? After I put on my rings I headed for the door.

            Opening the door led me to the main room of my little cottage. The walls were white as snow and the ceiling was black as night. The beams holding the walls up were black as night and the rafters were as white as snow.

            The room was separated into four parts my study, my storage, my kitchen, and my living quarters. My study has book shelves, and a desk with a recliner I made my self. There are many books on my shelves. In my storage area I have a deep freezer I made with magic and large cupboards to hold my many potions and enchantment items. My kitchen has every thing any kitchen needs a stove, a refrigerator, a dinning table, and a preparation station.

            As I looked around the room I saw my weapon rack and on it sat my zweihander and my mace. The zweihander was enchanted with fire, ice, and lightning. The mace was enchanted with dark and light magic. I wanted to see the village just for the sake of watching people. I took up my weapons and put them in there proper sheaths.

            Then I walked out my front door. To my left was my garden it had lots of rare alchemy ingredients growing neither food nor flowers. To my right was my personal black smith area with a smelter, a forge, a holy oil quench tank, a work bench, and a sharpening wheel. I have a steel bared fence panted white around my cottage.

            The street is coble stone and the street lamps are black. I haven’t seen the whole village yet. I was going to look around the village but I wanted to deal with a problem a farmer told me about. The farmer told me about wolves killing his sheep he said they looked like dire wolves.

            I headed to the woods near the farmer’s farm. As I came up to the farm I could see the farmer’s sheep. His barbed wire fence was tall and there were six lines of barbed wire the fence was six foot high. The farmers house was much bigger than mine but hell he made more money and he built him self. The roof of the house was blue tile and his walls were cream colored. There was a lot of hay growing in the farmer’s fields.

            The farmer came out of his house to greet me and said, “Dark Mage I didn’t think you cared. After all it’s just some sheep gone missing. By the way the name is Marcus Danthrow all I know about you Dark Mage is not to talk bad about you. I hear those black birds are yours are they?”

            I looked at him and my eyes flashed with lighting in them and I said protectively, “Well Marcus Danthrow I know for a fact that if it is dire wolves there not going to stop at a few sheep. I need to protect my interests and for now every villager is my interest. As for my little friends well they don’t tell me every thing just enough. Sadly though I don’t know every thing there numbers are limited. Now tell me when did you see the wolves and how many have you seen?”

            Marcus the farmer scratched the back of his head and said with concern in his voice, “Well Dark Mage I ran to you the day I saw them-?”

            I interrupted him and grew a quizzical look on my face and it was brooding and pensive then I asked, “Wait what you saw them in the day light?”

            The Marcus nodded and said, “Well that’s why I came to you big man I mean you are the Mage in this town. I know it’s odd for them to be out in the day right?”

            I reached in to my pocket and pulled out a magic gem that glows bright in the presence of black magic. It was glowing a dim red letting me know there was black magic at work.

            I looked to Marcus and asked, “Marcus do you have any enemies? Ex-lover friend ship gone badly you know any thing like that.”

            He shook his head slowly and said, “Na I an’t never done nothing to no one I barely make it by and I an’t never had a partner. You think some one cursed me?”

            I looked at him and said, “No not really I just had to be sure and I don’t think you would be dumb enough to lie to the man trying to help you right?”

            He smiled and shook his head and said with joy, “Glad you get me but what do we do here I’ve only lost ten sheep so far. So what are you thinking witch or demon?”

            I shook my head and said with pride in my voice, “No it’s no demon nor witch I’m thinking a dark beast or a pissed off druid. Show me were the sheep were killed.”

            Marcus looked at me and led me to a spot almost at the edge of the woods. There it looked like blood was used to water the grass. The bones were picked clean there wasn’t even any wool left. I knelt down to get a good look at the bones to see if the teeth marks matched dire wolf bites. The bones were gnawed on and it gave the marks of a dire wolf. I glared at the bones thinking why would wolves be out during the day? The beasts hunt at night and are shy around men unless they are mad. I knew they weren’t mad there was no foaming spit marks.

            Then out of the woods came a scream, “Some one please help us!”

            I jumped to my feet and pulled my zweihander off my back with my right hand and got a fire ball ready in my left hand. I ran in to the woods heading in the direction of the cry for help.

            Then I heard a loud scream of pain and I hastened my feet. I didn’t know who was out there but I knew I needed to save them. I finally came into a clearing of trees and there were six wolves surrounding eight beautiful women. I threw the fire ball in my left hand at one of the wolves and I hit my mark. As the fire ball hit the dire wolf it exploded and rained down in smaller fire balls. The wolf I hit burst into flames dead and two more wolves were hit by the smaller fire balls. Those two wolves let out a cry of pain as another wolf jumped at me. I swung my zweihander hard cutting the accosting wolf in half horizontally. Now there were two perfectly healthy wolves and two wolves on fire. I switched from fire to lightning in my left hand and I sent out a chain lightning spell from my left hand. It connected all four of the remaining wolves in a bright show of power. I continued the spell turning the beasts to ash.  I let my left hand down as I let my spell go.

I was about to look at the women when one shouted, “There’s one behind you big guy!”

I used a spell called blink to get behind a few feet from were I was standing. The creature almost got me but I was just in time. As I became solid once more I saw standing in front of me an eight foot tall werewolf. I looked at the werewolf and I knew it was the reason why the dire wolves were acting so strange. Then I threw a lightning ball at it hitting it right in the center of its back. It turned to me and let out a blood chilling howl. I got a smile on my face this was the first time any thing had given me a challenge. I swung my zweihander cutting off its right arm. It jumped back and howled again and it swiped at me with its left hand claws facing me. I razed my right arm and blocked the attack. The werewolf growled at me and stared into my eyes and its eyes winced in rage. I razed my left hand to the right side of the werewolf’s head and I smiled as I cast chain lightning right up against its head. It started to howl in pain but it tried to force its self through the pain. However I increased the power of the spell and I could smell its flesh starting to melt and its brain frying in its skull. Finally the beast fell to its knees its left arm dropped to its left side. The werewolf’s head was still looking at me even with its burned out eyes so I freed its head from its shoulders. The werewolf’s head rolled on the ground stopping at the women’s feet.

I looked up to see the eight women standing there in shock. The first had a innocent beauty to her she couldn’t be more than five foot one inch tall she couldn’t weigh more than one hundred pounds. She had a cup breasts but a nice ass her body was lithe in form. She was wearing a blue beret on her head covering her blond hair. She was wearing a sleeveless dress with a red tie the chest was black and the sides were blue the belly of her dress was bright white. The skirt was extremely short she had on thigh high boots and she had on white gloves and blue sleeves that stopped at the shoulders. She had a bloody bite mark on her porcelain skin near her neck.

The next girl was at least five foot nine inches tall and she couldn’t weigh more than one hundred forty pounds. She had on a short black jacket with black fingerless gloves with gold colored vambraces. She had on a short white shirt that could barely contain her huge breasts. She had short spiky white hair and her eyes were crimson. Her skin was olive colored and she had a small horizontal white scare on the bridge of her nose. She was wearing extremely short blue jean booty shorts that could barely contain her big ass. She also had on a brown belt she hung like a tail around her waist. She also had on knee high boots with metal covers over her toes.

The third girl I looked at reached five foot four inches tall and couldn’t weigh more than one hundred and ten pounds. She had peach colored skin and there was a lot of it showing. Her hair was short but she had long bangs with white tips the rest of her hair was a light brown. She had sparkling brown eyes and squirrel ears in stead of human ears. She had a huge fluffy squirrel tail it was brown like her hair and it had two black stripes and two cream colored white stripes. She had on a sleeveless under cut shirt that was so tight on her huge breasts that her nipples were poking out a bit. The shirt was black and orange with a zipper in the middle holding the shirt together. She had on black fingerless gloves with a large cross on each arm like tonfas. She had on an extremely tight mini skirt with a slit up each side of the skirt showing bits of her luscious ass. The mini skirt was orange and she had on a black thong showing a camel toe and there were pubic hairs sticking out of the top of the mini skirt. She had on thigh high black stockings and orange shoes.

The fourth girl I noticed was naked as a jay bird she was at least five foot six inches tall and she weighed one hundred and thirty pounds. Her breasts were perfect her ass was big. She was a cat woman she had wild blue hair. Her fur was white and it covered her privet parts perfectly with thin white strips of white fur. Her hands and feet were paw like with opposable thumbs and five toes there were pink pads on her fingers, toes, and palms. Fur went from her paw like hands and feet to her elbows and knees. She had a long white fur covered tail and white furry cat ears.

The fifth girl I looked at was at least five foot five inches tall she couldn’t weigh more than one hundred and five pounds. Her breasts were huge I could barely focus on what she was wearing and what she looked like. However I was able to snap out of it. Her hair was waist long and brown with parted bangs. Her eyes were brown and her face was amazing her skin was fair and smooth. She had on a ninja dress that showed a lot of skin and allowed her breast to bounce freely. Her dress was red with white trims and it had red and white tassels hanging off of her back almost reaching the ground. Her shoes were two toed and black with red stripes.

The next girl reached five foot five in height and she only could weigh ninety two pounds. She had on a cream colored trench coat that covered her hands like giant paws and her hood had tan cat ears on it. Her skin was a dark tan and she had a black tail with a white tip. She had on high heeled boots and red tube socks. Then as she moved I saw what could only be described as red gym shorts. However the strangest thing was her face was coved in a deep black shroud and all you could see is an out line of her mouth and her glowing red eyes.

Then there was the next girl I looked at she was only five foot two inches tall and she could only weigh one hundred pounds. Her eyes were aqua green her short hair was pink and she had a blue bandana with a metal plate on it with the leaf village symbol on it. She had on a tight red ninja dress with white trims. She didn’t ware panties instead she wore black spank shorts that molded to her ass and pussy perfectly showing any one that looked what it all looked like. Her skin was like porcelain and she had on black fingerless gloves and thigh high black boots. On her right leg is a ninja tool bag and under it is white bandages.

Then I looked to the last woman she was five foot three inches tall and only weighed at least one hundred ten pounds. She had knee length blue hair pulled in to a long pony tail and she had a yellow bow in her hair. Her breasts were huge and her butt was extremely ample. She had on an extremely tight white sleeveless zipper shirt with red trims and a choker with a giant golden zipper and she had tight black pants with the outer thigh cut out. Then she had on normal white boots with black stripes. Her eyes were a beautiful pink and her skin was like porcelain.

I knew all the girls by name the first was Noel Vermillion, the second was Bullet, the third was Makoto Nanaya, the fourth was Felicia, the fifth was Mai Shiranui, the sixth was Taokaka, the seventh was Sakura Haruno and the last was Mai Hazuki. I wasn’t always in this world I had actually started life in a different one. In my world they were all video game characters and I loved all of them a lot. It took all my strength not to jump on Felicia my dream girl I was obsessed with her.

I walked up to Noel and used a druid magic to heal her bite wound and asked, “Noel did you get bit by the werewolf or a dire wolf?’

Noel’s face turned bright red and Makoto said, “She was bit by one of the normal wolves. Thanks for your help my name is –“

I interrupted her and said, “I know Makoto Nanaya, Noel Vermillion, Bullet, Felicia, Mai Shiranui, Taokaka, Sakura Haruno, and Mai Hazuki. Don’t insult my intelligence I know who all of you are what the hell are you doing here?”

 They all gasped as they heard what I had to say. Felicia walked up to me and she started to sniff me.

Then Felicia said, “You don’t smell bad but we have been in the woods for days we don’t even know where we are.”

I looked Felicia in the eyes and I knew my expression showed how much I loved her.

Then I said my voice cracking a little, “W-What do you have in terms of gold?”

Bullet grabbed my right arm and said with anger in her voice, “Are you really going to threaten gold out of us you-“

I yanked my hand down and interrupted her and said as I squinted my eyes and looked at her, “You dumb ass don’t you dare accuse me of any thing when you need gold to get a room at the damn inn stupid. I need to know how much you have so I can ether put you up in my house or take your asses to the inn ass.”

Noel looked at me and said shyly, “We don’t have any money at all can we stay with you or could you pay for a few nights at the inn for us?”

I took a deep breath and sheathed my zweihander and said calmly, “I can’t afford to put you up at the inn so your going to half to stay with me until you can get on your feet. Come on I need to get paid for this so follow me.”

I turned to see Marcus running up with a double barrel shot gun and he said out of breath, “ya’ll okay Dark Mage?”

I nodded and said with pride in my voice, “It’s me come on Marcus now about my payment hundred gold a head and three hundred for the werewolf.”

He nodded and handed over a bag of gold. I took the weight of the gold and it was the right amount.

Then I smiled and said, “Nice doing business with you don’t be afraid to ask for help any time.”

I patted Marcus’s shoulder and started to head back to my cottage. The girls didn’t say a word the entire time we walked back to the cottage. The villagers stared at us as we walked through the streets.

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