Fucking Turians

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Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect, EA, and/or Bioware. The author makes no money off the publishing of this erotic, fan-based work.

Fucking Turians


I do not own Mass Effect, EA, and/or Bioware.  The following is a fan-based, non-profit erotic fiction.  Any similarities to persons living or dead is coincidental and entirely unintentional. 


The first time that Commander Jane Shepard had been with a turian was when she was seventeen. 

Her mother’s ship had been docked at a turian outpost as part of an interspecies training exercise, and Jane was a teenager full of hormones and not a damned clue about turian physiology.  So, out of the watchful eye of any Alliance servicemen, and, most importantly, her mother, Jane had gone and wooed a turian to bed.  There was some awkwardness, considering their differing body shapes and biology’s, but soon, the two of them were panting and moaning for each other. 

Jane could not remember a single thing about that night, but she could still smell the heady, musky scent of her partner, feel the way his sub-harmonics made her shiver in anticipation, taste that minty tang of his breath as he whispered how much he was going to utterly ruin her for human men as he fucked her.  Frankly, Jane was too far gone in passion to care that she had given her virginity to an alien, and one that her species had been at war with only a good decade or so ago; she merely whimpered and mewled, begging for more, always more. 

Her partner, bless his blue face-painted self, had asked her if she was utterly sure that she wanted more. 

And like a true turian, Jane had ordered, snarling, that he just fuck her as hard and as deep as he could go. 

The mind blowing orgasm he gave her was enough for Jane to just want to die then and there in bliss, his hot seed spurting heavily inside her as her turian partner clutched her tightly, talons almost drawing blood as he hugged her closer to him.  Jane dimly recalled having wrapped her legs around his waist, helping ensure that he was as close and as deep as possible as he came inside of her.  And then, when she finally regained some control of her senses, Jane realized something else about turians. 

Male turians had knots.  And when they came, they came

When they had finally separated, Jane had only to sit up in a daze to see her partner’s seed come oozing out of her stretched pussy in a steady trickle.  And then, thanking her lucky stars, Jane had demanded a second round.  And then a third. 

Jane was knocked out of her musing by Garrus stroking the peak of her left boob with a calloused thumb.  “Something on your mind?” he asked her huskily, shifting in place.  Jane hummed in delight as his knot twisted inside of her, cock still sending soothing pulses of warmth into her. 

“Not really,” she admitted, giving her lover a peck on the closest mandible.  “Just thinking about how a certain turian on some outpost in the middle of nowhere gave me a fantastic turian fetish.”  Garrus laughed softly as he nuzzled her neck affectionately.  He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. 

“Any one I would know?” he inquired jokingly. 

Jane smiled fondly at her turian as she closed her eyes.  “Dunno.  When I met him, he was just a rookie trooper.  Hell of a shot with a rifle though.  Pretty shy otherwise.”  Garrus snorted in amusement, the puff of air rushing past Jane’s ear and tickling her. 

“I’m not sure if I should be flattered or insulted,” he said, reaching down to a spot between her legs.  “After all, this rookie managed to get you hooked on turians.  Maybe he just wants to make sure that the job’s done.” 

Jane groaned, squirming as Garrus toyed with her clit, teasing the hell out of her as shocks of pleasure raced up her spine.  “Garrus, stop being an ass!” she snapped, shuddering as a mini-orgasm struck.  “Now, if you have another round in you, then please, for fuck’s sake, just FUCK ME!”  Garrus purred excitedly as he stopped teasing her clit, pulling his hips back to test the connection of his knot.   

“Heh, well then,” he commented, finally yanking his cock out of Jane with a loud, wet pop!  Jane gasped, already missing the sheer girth of Garrus’ length as he licked the plates that composed his lips.  His blue eyes flickered down as he scooted back on the bed, his dick twitching as Jane’s pussy leaked his cum, a large dollop of his seed dribbling onto the sheets.  “Get on your hands and knees slut!”  Jane shivered as she quickly scrambled to obey, her libido spiking at the tone of voice that her lover used.  While the two of them were, as a matter of course, both content with treating each other with respect both in and out of the bedroom, there was just something that the human SPECTRE enjoyed when Garrus, sexy, socially awkward Garrus, took charge and ordered her around like a common batarian whore. 

Settling on all fours on the poor bed, Jane smiled and wiggled her ass enticingly at the turian behind her.  “Ready?” she asked huskily, licking her lips at the still hard alien shaft, the firm spire bobbing as Garrus let out a primal growl. 

Calmly, Garrus crawled over to her, his now predatory gaze rooted firmly on her.  “You know Jane,” he told her, voice low as he slowed his advance just a bit, “You never told me why you prefer turians to other people.  Or better yet, me to other turians.”  Jane bit back a whine as he finally moved over her, his deceptively lean body brushing by her skin as his arms rested just by hers, cock nestled firmly in the groove of her ass cheeks.  “Now, tell me.  There surely had to have been some turians who caught your eye,” Garrus teased, tongue licking the curve of her right ear. 

“W-Well, there was Nihlus,” she admitted.  “But we didn’t get anywhere before Eden Prime.”  Garrus hummed in thought as he slowly let his chest press down on her back, forcing the two of them to lean forward onto the bed. 

“Anyone else?” 

Jane felt his dick slid back, ridges and bumps teasing the swell of her cheeks as her breath moved faster.  “Lorik Qui’in!” she gasped as Garrus began to purr possessively.  “I wanted to fuck him so bad, but he turned me down!” 

“A smart male,” Garrus drawled, this time fully pressing down on her.  Shifting his right arm, he snaked it between the mattress and Jane’s body to firmly grab at her tit.  “Because guess what Jane?”  Jane held her breath, anticipating what was coming next. 

“You,” his dick finally pulled back those last couple of inches, “Are,” now the tip was snugly pressing against her lips. 

The last word that came out of Garrus’ mouth was almost roared as he savagely impaled Jane on his thick length. 


Jane almost came then and there as Garrus threw himself as deep as he could go into the human.  With a ragged gasp, Jane gripped the sheets of the bed in a death grip as the plates of Garrus’ crotch slammed into her, her lover’s alien anatomy tugging and molding the walls of her cunt in marvelous ways as his cocktip brushed against her cervix.  Garrus simply growled even lower as he plowed into her, his knot slapping itself against the inflamed lips of her pussy, begging for entrance.  Below her, Garrus’ hand went to work groping and kneading the soft flesh, talons digging in lightly into her skin. 

A bite against the right side of her neck sent Jane falling into rapture as Garrus roughly claimed her, his free hand pulling her hips closer to his as he began to relentlessly fuck her.  His hips became a savage, feral blur of hide and silver as the sounds of slapping flesh saturated the air along with the pheromones of a well satisfied female and the male who was currently dominating her.  Jane couldn’t stop herself from grunting and panting like a varren bitch in heat, which, as far as the currently near feral turian fucking her was concerned, she was.  Smirking, Garrus pulled Jane closer to him, his mandibles caressing the side of her neck. 

“Tell me!” he grunted as he slowed down his pace, resorting to brief, brutal jerks of his hips, “How much!  You!  Want!  This!”  Jane shuddered as she came, her pussy tugging and massaging Garrus’ dick in desperation. 

“Garrus, please!” she begged in ragged gasps, her body shaking uncontrollably in a lust induced haze.  “Please, fuck me!  Tie me, use me, breed me, just please, please fuck me!”  Garrus growled possessively as he truly slowed down, his cock sliding out of Jane in a wet, sucking symphony of lewd, turian dominance.  “Garrus, please, I can’t fucking TAKE IT!” 

Garrus’ subvocals rumbled eagerly as his tip throbbed just inside of the human’s drenched walls.  “Good,” he growled hungrily before he surged forward, and Jane’s back went rigid as Garrus hilted himself into the silken sheath of her snatch, knot and all, in one smooth, savage motion.  The human Spectre could only howl silently as her lover began to devote all of his primal energy into trying to fuck his way straight into her womb.  Deep down, in some section of Jane’s mind not overcome by lust, she would have thanked Cerberus for making every part of her resistant to pain, because –

“GAAAHHH!!” Jane yelped as Garrus finally breached that inner sanctum inside of her, his top most ridges catching on the inside of her cervix, and the confusing signals of pain and pleasure grabbed Jane by the throat and kicked her into an endorphin fueled haze that Jane only just realized was the start of a series of orgasms that blended together in a colorful, nameless mess, punctuated by Garrus snarling in masculine pride as he let loose once again inside of her; the warm, roiling waves of thick turian cum pulsating up his dick, pushing the ridges deeper into her flesh as it erupted into her making her limbs fall slack.  Dimly, Jane was aware of a sharp, constant pressure between her neck and right shoulder, but the feeling of Garrus stretching her out slightly from the sheer volume he was sending into her was enough to keep her attention for now. 

Hissing in pleasure, Garrus let himself continue to fill up the human in his arms, even as he relaxed.  Holding her close, he let himself fall down onto the bed, twisting to the side so that he was spooning Jane instead of crushing her under his weight.  Glancing down at her face, he saw that she was still going to be more or less fuck-drunk for a while, and chuckled.  He waited patiently for her to come to, and when she did, Garrus nuzzled her gently.  “Sorry for the rough treatment,” he said in an apologetic tone, looking at the mating mark he had given her.  Jane moaned contently as she squirmed closer to him. 

“’m a big girl, I can take it,” she mumbled, smiling in a daze.  “You certainly never fail to disappoint Garrus.” 

“I aim to please,” came the retort.  Jane huffed in amusement before her face fell.  Garrus immediately noticed.  “Jane?  What’s wrong?” 

“I was just thinking,” she said softly.  “When this war is over… would it ever be possible for us to have a family?”  Garrus blinked, mandibles falling slack before regaining his composure. 

“Well, umm, that’s an odd line of thought for you,” he commented.  Smooth Garrus, smooth.  “What brought this on?”  Jane looked over her shoulder, grimacing as her now stiff and healing neck acted up. 

“Well Mr. Vakarian, you don’t lock down your visor nearly as well as your terminal in the battery,” she quipped.  Garrus narrowed his eyes in confusion before his eyes widened in shock and no small amount of worry. 

“Well Jane, umm, you see, it’s, uhh, it’s…!” he stammered before Jane shook her head, cupping the turian’s jaw in her hand. 

“Garrus, I’m not… mad,” she said.  “I mean, I’m not mad now, but I mean, I have to admit, she’s stupidly sexy for a turian.  I guess it just runs in the family, right?”  Garrus gulped on a suddenly dry throat as he tried to will his erection to shrink at a faster pace, if only to get out of bed and take a VERY cold shower.  “So, I looked up birth records.  I never knew you had children.” 

“They live with uncles and aunts,” Garrus said hurriedly.  “No one really knows-,” Jane huffed as she held a finger up to his mouth.  Garrus wisely shut up. 

“Garrus, be honest with me.  Do you enjoy having sex with your sister?” 


“Does she like me?” 

Garrus had to think about it for a moment as he began to absentmindedly stroke Jane’s hair.  “Well, I’ve said nothing but good things about you, and she certainly sings your praises whenever she talks about you about something you’ve done that you haven’t told me, so, I guess she likes you well enough.  Jane, why are –.”

Jane laughed softly as she shook her head.  “Well, I was kind of talking things over with Mordin a few days ago while he was working on Eve.  He says that, all things considered, between the data on the Collectors, and the Genophage work, he could make it so that I can…,” Jane paused as she tried to collect her thoughts.  Garrus felt his dick stir once more as the implications sank in. 

“Wait, so… you actually want to see what a human-turian baby looks like?” he asked her.  Jane shook her head. 

“No, I want to spend my life with you doofus,” she retorted gently.  “If it means that you get to bend me over whatever surface is nearby and properly breed me like you do Solana, then yes.”  Already, Garrus’ icy blue eyes shone with visions of a fully nude Jane walking around the room, her belly swollen with child as Solana serviced him, her belly likewise swollen with proof of his virility. 

“…Jane, you realize that I gave my dear sister twins, twice,” he whispered into her ear, licking the curl of her lobe.  Jane shuddered at the contact. 

Yeesss,” she hissed.  Garrus stopped caressing her hair, letting his hand fall down to where her toned belly was now slightly, but visibly bulging. 

“Then you know that after we beat the Reaper, and we sign the royalty deals, you, me, and Sol are going to find a nice tropical planet, and I am going to turn the two of you into my personal broodmothers,” he told her.  “The two of you will not know a day when you aren’t making me the happiest turian in the galaxy.” 

“Well, Mr. ‘Happy Turian,’” Jane commented as she put her hand atop his, “We can work on that later.  Right now, I want cuddles with my favorite turian.” 

“And my sister doesn’t count?” 

“She’s not currently lodged in me, making me feel so damned full and utterly ruined for guys of my own species,” Jane countered, getting a laugh from Garrus. 

“Okay, fair enough Jane.”  Reaching over, Garrus tapped the toggle for the room lights to turn off, and then returned to the comfortable position of being wrapped around his human.  “…I love you.” 

Jane let out a gentle snore.  Garrus smiled, and moments later, joined her in sleep as he held her possessively in their sleep. 


I blame the kink meme.  But then, I also thank the kink meme for giving me such juicy ideas to bite into and cook together.  So, it’s kind of a mixed bag really. 

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