Welcome to the Alliance

BY : FieldDranzer
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Author's Note:  Writing this was a lot of fun, so much so that I'd gladly do more at my next convenience. Other than that, a few "challenges" were put up by myself, one of which was to adhere to an oversized style with a certain race, whilst the rest were just to try new things. Would love to hear what people think! 

I won't rant much longer, so without further ado, enjoy the story!



Welcome to the Alliance


Stepping through the portal between the Telogrus Rift and the capital city of Stormwind brought with it a new sense of joy, a strange bewilderment that could not be felt from the other side of the Void, though then again, not many of her people had managed to freely roam the ancient land of Kalimdor, nor the Eastern Kingdoms. So much had changed from what she had once known, having long since discarded her pride as a Blood Elf, only to once again walk beside the people of Azeroth, all in search of adventure and fame. All with a single desire in mind.


The second she had stepped through the rift between worlds, her moonlight colored eyes had been met with a soothing sunlight, a subtle warmth so befitting of spring, and the sight of a spacious area around a small stone brick building, one she had later been told belonged to the Alliance Embassy, and the ambassadors that came from both her own people, as well as one other. The Lightforged. Upon arriving there, in that rich field filled with serenity and life, a new adventure had revealed itself, a new world for her to traverse, explore and enjoy. Or, at the very least, that was the original plan...


... that was one week prior to the current date, and thinking back on things, she should've assumed that nothing would come for free during her travels. Ever since her first night on Azeroth, spent in the Lion's Pride Inn at the outskirts of Stormwind, within a little town called Goldshire, Artemis Sharlayan had discovered two truths. To explore the world, she would need money, most of which could be earned through doing menial tasks for the general populace of the capital, and she would need better equipment to protect herself. The second truth she had discovered came in the form of her fellow newcomers to this world, the Lightforged Draenei. Already, she had come across a handful of their people, one of which had managed to irritate her beyond belief, though there were some merits to what little they had spoken. One positive thing came in the form of how her Shadow magic had managed to affect the man enough to make him leave with a headache.


Thinking back on her questing experience so far, the very first quest she had received had been from a rather enthused Gnome standing right outside the Alliance embassy, offering to teach her about project S.E.L.F.I.E in return for running through town to purchase the required materials to create a small camera. Seeing no harm in that, she had of course accepted the quest, going through town with the vague directions offered to her from the various guards in town, though all in all, it had been worth it to some degree. At least now, she had a means to document some of the more... interesting parts of her journey in case any of her comrades in the Telogrus Rift were interested. 


Blinking her eyes rapidly a few times, Artemis shook her head to clear those thoughts away. As a Void Elf, finding peace between her own race and the rest of the Alliance was key. As a Shadow Priest, increasing her own strength and power was a necessity. As a woman, trying not to kill every man she met was a challenge. Then again, perhaps something good could come out of persuading the men of the world? If nothing else, it might help her learn more about the world and the various cultures around the continents.


Rising up from where she had been crouched down, on the outskirts of a small town in Loch Modan, Artemis' gaze wandered across the immediate area, taking in what little life remained after the great Cataclysm some years prior. To the South, a great fissure had spread across the zone, cutting off certain access points that would make it easier to enter and leave. The great lake that had been the zone's most distinctive feature had also dried up, leaving only a forested zone without a reliable source of water, though even still, the Dwarven inhabitants survived. With the Dwarves in mind, one of Artemis' dark sapphire eyebrows twitched, her eyes hardening despite their moonlit appearance.


Of all the things she could be tasked with doing, of all the menial tasks and quests out in the world, why on earth did the Dwarves require eight bear rumps? The question had remained in her mind ever since her current taskmaster, a female Dwarf by the name Vidra Hearthstove, had asked her to get them. Supposedly, the woman were to make blood sausages out of bear rumps, though surely, someone else could have handled the task. But alas, the job had been left to her, a female Void Elf with naught else to do. Which of course led her to her current predicament.


Sure enough, the Black Bears around Loch Modan meandered about aplenty, no shortage of rumps, if nothing else. Killing one or two brought with it no issue, though after all eight had been killed, what else was there to do? Carrying eight bears back to town had been tedious, and slow, though she had managed to get the job done. Vidra had been skeptical at best, doubtful at worst, though seeing her requested parts being brought up so dutifully had set the Dwarf at ease. At the very least, she had been kind enough to give Artemis ten more silver coins for her added trouble. With three gold coins in her pouch, as well as an additional bag of helpful items, her quests in Loch Modan were finally finished. Killing Kobolds, searching the camps of Iron Dwarves, finding members of the Explorer's League and collecting bear rumps was without a doubt enough trouble for one day.


With that thought settling down in her mind, Artemis rummaged around in her bag for a moment, before eventually pulling out the item she valued the most. A Hearthstone, bound to the inn she had originally stayed at during her first few days on Azeroth. Holding it close to her chest, a faint green hue settled down across the small white stone, and with a flash, the very world shifted around her body, the soothing colors of living fire against stone walls being replaced by a wooden house, and the ever present laughter that accompanied drunken guests and wandering adventurers.




The Lion's Pride Inn had been the very first place for the young Void Elf to rest, and even now, after being gone for a week, some of the residents remained the same. Already, Artemis' moonlit orbs locked onto the sight of a Lightforged Draenei, a woman clad in a rather form fitting orange dress with golden trims, who she had yet to meet. Glancing around the room once or twice more, Artemis shook her head and walked over to where the Draenei was seated. While she herself had no doubts about her beauty, the closer she got to the woman, the more Artemis' leggings began to tighten.


Standing a bit below the average height for one of her kind, Artemis Sharlayan rose up to a height of five feet and nine inches, her dusky violet skin tone highlighting her as a Void Elf. Cascading down her back in long wavy thickness was a mane of dark sapphire hair, a color that blended out to mix with a dark purple the closer it came to the very tips of her hair. What had managed to draw the attention of a Lightforged Draenei however, was likely the way her body bucked and weaved in what could only be called a perfect hourglass shape, complete with a refined hint of muscle beneath her arms and legs to show off her otherwise athletic build. However, despite priding herself on her physical condition, the way her robes were constantly lifted up by her breasts didn't hurt, a firm pair of C-cups by the average Human's standards. Even further down, a taut stomach of the same dusky skin tone trailed down to slender hips, thicker thighs, a perfect bubble butt and long smooth legs. For her arrival in The Lion's Pride Inn, she had foregone her usual robe, opting instead for wearing her black mageweave leggings and vest, an attire that had been given to her by one of the other Void Elves she had met along the way.


Stopping a foot away from the Lightforged Draenei, Artemis' dusky cheeks grew a shade darker, being given an exquisite view of the Draenei woman's form through the robe she wore, a rather risky approach for a newcomer to the world. "Do you mind if I have a seat?" Artemis spoke up after a bit, glancing around the area to make sure no one else paid too much attention. Even though Goldshire was on the outskirts of Stormwind, the inn had quite the crowd of people, most of which were questionably dressed, or in some cases, not nearly dressed enough.


Before her eyes, the Lightforged Draenei shifted her head to look up at Artemis' face, a small smile adorning her lips as her light blue skin tone matched her attire's color. "Of course not! Have a seat." The melodic tone behind the Draenei's voice sent a cold shiver down Artemis' spine, though nonetheless, the Void Elf sat down with a subtle nod of appreciation.


The woman beside her was, without a doubt, beautiful. Easily reaching the same height as Artemis herself, if not a bit higher. Draped down her back in a beautiful braid, the Draenei's silvery hair cascaded down, crowned by two horns that reached skyward, almost shaped like a Ram's horns, in a way. Strong shoulders fell down to slender arms, a chest that was noticeably strained by the sheer weight of the Draenei's breasts, much larger than Artemis' own bust, with a taut and firm stomach even further down. When her companions' eyes were averted, Artemis dared to dip her gaze lower, forced to bite the insides of her cheeks to suppress the moan that threatened to break through her lips.


Hidden behind the honey colored dress she wore, with a hole for her sharp tail to hang out from, was what had to be the biggest, fattest ass Artemis had ever seen, though somehow, judging by the cut along the Draenei's right thigh, it looked unnaturally firm, but still somehow soft to the touch. As was the case with all Draenei, the woman's long smooth legs eventually ended up as a pair of stout hooves, undoubtedly strong enough to tear a hole in the wooden floor if she herself so desired. However, tearing her gaze back up along her companion's body, Artemis' eyes once again fastened themselves on the Draenei's chest. How the woman had managed to find a dress capable of holding those breasts back was beyond Artemis' knowledge.


"Are you going to stare all night, or do you want a room right away?" Feeling a set of strong fingers against her mostly exposed rump, Artemis was all but torn out of her dazed state by her female companion, a look of utter amusement adorning her features. Despite having gazed upon the woman's horns, Artemis' eyes had failed to notice the way the Lightforged Draenei's forehead was adorned with a glowing rune of some sort, complete with a golden gem beneath said rune. "I don't mind the attention, though if you're not careful, we might have an incident on our hands." Giving Artemis a far too flirtatious wink, the Lightforged Draenei merely chuckled at her own comment, returning her attention to the spectacle happening beside the remodeled bar.


Feeling another rush of warmth move along her cheeks, Sharlayan redirected her gaze to the actual Lion's Pride inn. From what she had been told so far, it was one of the earliest places for humans to come across, and nearly every member of the Alliance had set foot in the small inn at one point in time or another. It was a beginning, though for some, it was a place to return to in order to reminisce, or to kill time, depending on whom you were to ask.


From the main entrance, as was the custom with most human inns, there was a small corridor that led into the main area, which in turn was a larger room with a staircase leading up towards the many rooms they had to rent out. However, that was where the sense of normalcy ended, and where the weirdness began. Along the far side of the room, opposite of where one would enter, a long bar was placed, its wooden counter stretching out along a majority of the wall, with a doorway leading elsewhere being put between the stairs and the bar. A woman was currently standing behind the counter, animatedly talking with another one of the guests, and judging by their banter, the guest was likely trying to barter for a good price.


Moving back and forth between the tables were two women, both of which were human, though their usual outfits had been replaced with the smallest underwear Sharlayan had ever laid eyes upon. String thongs that barely covered the women's vaginas, leaving the entirety of their thighs, hips and rears on full display, with a black string dipping down between their fat cheeks. The cloth string that worked as the waitresses' bras could scarcely count as such, but enough was hidden to call vaguely call it decent. All in all, clad in naught more than her black mageweave leggings and vest, nothing was out of the ordinary for a woman within the Lion's Pride. Even the woman behind the counter was clad in naught more than a thong and a bra, a lacy set that covered more than her waitresses' attires combined.


Scattered along the walls were several tables with a few chairs around them, a few more private booths for groups of four to six, though the center area of the inn was left open, seemingly to allow the guests and waitresses to move back and forth with relative ease. "May I have your name?" Returning her gaze to where she sat, on one of the smaller tables along the wall, Sharlayan was startled to realize that she had completely zoned out. "Not that I don't enjoy your company, but having a name would help." Shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly, her Lightforged companion took a graceful sip of her ale, expectantly eyeing Sharlayan up.


Gulping audibly, much to her own annoyance, Sharlayan's moonlit eyes met with her Draenei's own orbs, already falling deep within the trap it presented. "Artemis Sharlayan, though I'd prefer it if you could call me Sharlayan." Lifting up her own tankard of ale to hide her growing blush, the Void Elf's gaze remained fixated on the Lightforged Draenei's orbs, feeling her consciousness slip bit by bit. "And yours?"


Hearing a melodic chuckle slip past her companion's plump lips, Sharlayan moved around on her chair in an attempt to hide her groin from view, practically able to feel the Draenei's gaze upon her body. "Kaaylana Val'ariamis," watching Sharlayan's eyes flutter once, twice, the Draenei's lips quirked up in a small smirk. "Though my friends call me Kayla. It's a bit... easier." Waggling her eyebrows teasingly, Kayla downed the remainder of her ale before slamming the tankard down on the wooden table, drawing the bartender's attention near immediately. With a casual wave of her hand, another tankard was on its way to replace the last one.


Snickering to herself, Sharlayan followed suit, downing half of her tankard in one heavy gulp, letting out a satisfied sigh as the happy buzz of alcohol spread throughout her chest. She always had been a lightweight. "What brings you here tonight then? Waiting for the show to begin?" About the same time she finished, one of the scantily clad waitresses walked up, short fiery red hair done up in a spiky manner.


This time, it was Sharlayan's time to raise an eyebrow, both to the way the waitress had brought two tankards with her, as well as the mention of a show. "I'm not quite sure what you mean, Kayla. Is there something special going on here tonight?" Unable to keep the curiosity out of her voice, Sharlayan's gaze traveled along the perimeter of the inn, her gaze shifting from the practically naked waitresses to the bartender herself, trying to keep her hands away from her thong-shaped leggings.


A silence stretched on between the two of them, Kayla's calculating eyes scanning Sharlayan's body, whilst the Void Elf herself remained focused on the area around the inn, blatantly ignorant of the growing bulge in Kayla's honey colored dress, though by the time her moonlit eyes returned to the Lightforged Draenei, no such thing remained to be seen. "You've never been here before, have you?" Kayla asked, a teasing tint to her voice that Sharlayan simply couldn't place. "Want to head upstairs to talk in my room? You could drop off your things there as well, if you'd like."


A strange enough offer, but a good one either way. Whatever would happen in the inn later that evening would surely be interesting, but talking over the ongoing buzz amongst the rest of the patrons would be more straining than she could fathom. Nodding her head, Sharlayan cast a glance down at her ale, shrugging her shoulders before swallowing down the whole of the tankard in two heavy gulps, already able to feel the buzzing warmth spread from her chest, down towards her groin. Maybe finding a bed would be nice...


Rising up from her chair in time with Kayla, Sharlayan barely caught sight of Kayla's tail moving up beneath the hem of her dress, the sound of a gold coin hitting the table a moment later startling her. Whatever her friend was drinking had to be stronger than the ale she herself had, at least if it cost her a gold coin at the end of the day. Keeping tabs on her light blue skinned friend, Sharlayan's head swayed back and forth, the lightest moan of drunken enjoyment slipping past her lips, though likely, the buzz of conversation swallowed it up before it reached Kayla's horned head.


The walk towards the staircase was short, and upon stepping up along the stairwell, Sharlayan's moonlit eyes widened as she took in the sight of Kayla's swaying rear, barely hidden away by the back end of her honey colored dress, the cut along her thigh hiking up until the smallest glimpse of something more caught her eyes, though before Sharlayan was granted a second look, Kayla turned a corner and walked up the other way, her hooved feet clicking against the wood to make it creak. Jogging to catch up, Sharlayan's gaze was swiftly met by the sight of another small corridor with six doors along the walls, all of which led into separate rooms. Kayla stood before one door in particular, and upon reaching the Lightforged Draenei, the door was pushed open to grant the two of them entry.


The interior of the room was, by all means, exactly what one could expect of an inn. A singular room with a small window on the far wall, with a large double bed placed squarely in the center, dressed up with creamy white sheets and matching white pillows. Already, Kayla had made her way inside, her hooves clicking against the wooden floorboards for every step she took. "Have a seat."


Following her companion's advice, Sharlayan pushed the door closed behind her back, moving over towards the plush bed with hasty steps. "What happens these days anyway? Surely, you can't have been here much longer than I have." Grumbling lowly to herself, Sharlayan's moonlit eyes flickered over to the side, once again fastening on Kayla's rump.


Dropping down atop the bed, near instantly crossing her arms beneath her bust, Sharlayan's eyes were met with a sight she had not quite expected. Where the woman had found it, she did not know, though from somewhere else entirely, Kayla had pulled out two bottles of what she could only assume to be water, handing one over to her Void Elf counterpart. "Do you mind if I get comfortable while we speak?"


Unable to see the problem with that, Sharlayan nodded her head, refocusing on unscrewing the cap on her newly acquired bottle. Although, somewhere between taking a swig of water and glancing over to her left, the sound of rustling cloth reached her ears, quickly followed by an added weight pulling the mattress down beneath her rear. Looking over her shoulder, Sharlayan's jaw grew slack, her mouth going dry whilst her eyes zeroed in on a singular detail.


Laying down on one side, her face, chest and groin facing Sharlayan's back, Kayla had removed the honey colored gown that had hindered the Void Elf's eyes down in the bar, though now, those moonlight colored orbs were granted free reigns, hungrily scouting every slope of Kayla's curvaceous body in search of what she knew awaited her even lower. With her breasts released from their strained confines, Kayla easily boasted a large pair of E-cup breasts by a damn Tauren's standards, both large globes defying gravity with their apparent softness, standing up from her chest without an ounce of sag to their weight. Although, no matter how much she wanted to look away, what had Sharlayan's undivided attention was, without a doubt, what lay between the woman's legs, trailing down and down until its tip slapped down against Kayla's kneecap. A long, fat cock, shaped like a horse's, though with a strange light blue and white coloring to it, its tip being a soft rose pink in contrast, though all the same, it looked threateningly large and mouthwateringly delicious.


"What are you waiting for? Go ahead, get comfortable yourself. I can wait," all but purring out her words, Kayla shifted her weight around, pushing herself all the way up to the top of the bed, placing her back against the headboard of the bed whilst dropping one hand down to lazily grasp around the bottom of her shaft. "Unless, of course, you'd like to soil your leggings."


The casualness of Kayla's pose, the lack of worry or concern to have a clothed woman staring at her breasts, was without a doubt the strangest thing the young Void Elf had seen. Despite the popular belief of the lesser races, not all Blood Elves, nor Void Elves, were sexually charged cum sluts. She herself had only truly been with two others, both of which had been Blood Elves, before she joined the following of Alleria Windrunner. Ever since, she had yet to hear a thing from her former lovers.


Remaining as she were, Sharlayan instead forced her eyes away from the tantalizing sight of Kayla, the Lightforged Draenei she had only met a few scant minutes earlier, relaxing atop the bed without a scrap of shame or modesty left in her system. Instead, the Void Elf's legs crossed together, a hand falling down to adjust the cloth of her mageweave leggings. "Very well. Where do you propose we begin?" Kayla finished, her former playfulness returning in full force, though even still, her cock remained as flaccid as it could be.


Thinking through the situation to the best of her ability, a few ideas popped into the Void Elf's mind, several questions and the unwanted visual of helplessly trying to straddle her companion's lap. The both of them were relatively new to this world, though how long Kayla had been on Azeroth, she did not know. That being the case, only one true question could start the conversation, much to the ire of the voices of the Void. "You mentioned something about a show in this inn? Anything you could tell me about that?"


Somewhere behind her back, Sharlayan could practically feel Kayla's pout, though through sheer force of will alone, the Void Elf remained steadfast, keeping her gaze fixated upon the door that blocked their room off from the rest of the inn. "I suppose, the simplest thing would be to watch, observe and partake, though you'd rather know the specifics first, no?" Kayla's voice bore an edge to it, a faint whimper leaving her lips, with a subtle shake running through the soft mattress of the bed.


Nodding her head in confirmation, Sharlayan had half a mind to join the Draenei in bed, though any such desires were overpowered by her thirst for knowledge. Enjoyment could be bought, obtained or earned later. "For lack of a better word, the Lion's Pride inn has become something similar to a high-end brothel. The patrons are kind, somewhat sympathetic and very interested in what the Lion's Pride has to offer. Every night, a handful of women move about downstairs, either naked or with scraps of cloth here and there, whilst the waitresses lose their attires altogether. Simply put, it's a free-for-all for those with enough coins, or in some cases, those fortunate enough to catch the eye of this esteemed establishment's girls."


All throughout Kayla's answer, the gentle rocking of the bed had sped up, a faint mewl resonating through the room by the end of her sentence. Truthfully, Sharlayan's eyes had long since seen through the disguise of normalcy presented during the day, having already deduced that some kind of entertainment was provided during the nightly hours. A brothel though?


"I assume that you noticed the door in the back? Beside the counter?" Kayla spoke up after a bit, her voice returned to its velvety softness whilst the rocking of the bed had slowed down. Unwilling to trust her voice to answer properly, Sharlayan once more nodded her head, curiosity overpowering her common sense. "That is the Lion's Pride's main attraction. Wherein most patrons enjoy themselves upstairs, listening to the music played by a bard, or watching one of the girls up close, certain guests prefer their privacy while indulging themselves. Put simply, it leads down into a basement, one that supposedly has a more dungeon themed style to it. I myself have only been there once, though needless to say..." letting out a low yelp as a hand fastened itself atop her shoulder, Sharlayan's jaw grew slack as she was pulled down onto the bed, head placed right beside Kayla's, though her eyes alone were granted the view of the Draenei's toned body, or more importantly, the slab of meat that lay between her legs, twitching in time with the slow strokes of Kayla's hand. "It was sublime." The words came out as a whisper, a promise and so much more.


With the Draenei's hand holding her down, Sharlayan's eyes were transfixed, all but gawking at the knee-length cock presented to her. Forcing back a whimpering moan, Sharlayan steeled her resolve, slowly trailing her moonlit eyes away from the delight below Kayla's belt, moving up along her body before once again coming face to chest with a pair of pillow-like tits. Dreading the reply, but craving the truth, the Void Elf's mind fell deep within the Void, wanting one other thing altogether. "Are all Lightforged Draenei..." What could she even ask? 'Were all female Lightforged Draenei herms? Did everyone strip down before talking?'


Biting the insides of her cheeks, Sharlayan's face grew a shade darker, hating herself for the sway Kayla's cock had over her mind. However, whether she wanted to admit it or not, the thong-like piece of her black mageweave leggings had long since begun to hike upward, causing the string piece to disappear between her firm ass cheeks altogether. Shifting her right arm to fall down between her legs, Sharlayan's hand enclosed around something hard, long and far too suppressed for her own good. By now, it had already begun to make a visible bulge in her vest, made all the more apparent to her female companion when Kayla's own cock returned to Sharlayan's sight.


"If you're referring to this here-" hefting her still flaccid cock up as a reference, Kayla gently pumped her hand down along the length of her shaft, a subtle golden tattoo running along its length. "Then yes, all female Draenei that undergo the Light forging ritual become hermaphrodites. I do have a question or two of my own if you want me to explain this of all things though." Waggling a silvery eyebrow, Sharlayan's moonlit eyes zeroed in on where Kayla's hand waved her closer.


Shrugging her shoulders with a faint nod, the Void Elf decided that she may very well ask, having nothing better to do for another few hours. Apparently satisfied with her reply, though still frowning at Sharlayan's amount of clothing, Kayla gave a nonchalant shrug of her own before continuing on, though the hand that had previously been stroking her cock moved further up, hefting one of her sizeable breasts upward.


"The actual ritual of Light forging is pretty simple. You essentially have to fight your own doubts, fears, pain and despair. Even the future that may await you further down the line has to be conquered. However," releasing her breast once more, Kayla's golden eyes trailed up along Sharlayan's back, from her luscious legs, up along her exposed rump, before ending where the Void Elf's eyes were focused on her own, up by the elven visage. "Make no mistake, all Lightforged are meant to carry on a way to spread life, to spread the Light itself. Henceforth, after we have conquered our past, present and future, we earn something akin to a... blessing. I do not know how this affects males, unless their virility is increased twofold, but I do know how it affects us women. Namely, as I'm sure you can tell, I have something extra between my legs. Undoubtedly much bigger than any elf has ever tried to take."


A vague explanation, not that one could expect much else; the Light was a terribly difficult force to theoretically explain and preach about. Although, what the Void Elf failed to realize, was the way Kayla's Lightforged prowess had begun to grow, pulsing in a far too living way before growing, swelling in size until, after a mouthwatering minute of growth, it slowed down, reaching its full potential. What had once been the biggest cock Sharlayan had seen, albeit flaccid, had grown into a beast by any rights. If she were to guess, it could easily reach all the way down to Kayla's shins, if it were to hang straight down. Maybe two feet in length? With a girth that could only be called divine at best. Or, perhaps demonic was more accurate...


... and all of her prowess was poking up against her rump, pressing its way between Sharlayan's thighs, all the while rubbing up against her barely clothed snatch. Almost on cue, Kayla shuffled closer behind her back, sensually snaking an arm around Sharlayan's neck, pulling the Void Elf backward until her long mane of void-imbued hair was nestled in the crook of Kayla's neck. "Now then, you wouldn't mind helping me indulge in my Lightforged prowess, would you?"


Shuddering from a mixture of arousal and dread, Sharlayan directed her moonlit eyes downward, down along her body encased in black mageweave armor, suddenly realizing just how exposed her choice in attire left her. Just the way Kayla's cock rubbed up against her womanhood was enough to turn her on, and the sight of her behemoth of a cock, poking out from between her thighs, was enough to spark something within her groin. Something she had tried to suppress ever since the Void entered her mind.


Unable to handle much more, Sharlayan slowly pulled away, tearing herself out of Kayla's grasp, much to the disappointment of the clearly aroused Draenei. "I suppose it's a little big, isn't it?" the silver haired Draenei spoke up, sorrow laced thick in her voice. "Can't really blame you there. The last woman I had-" choking up her voice, Kayla's golden eyes widened as, in opposition to her former thoughts, Sharlayan hadn't meant to leave. Instead, she was greeted by the sight of the Void Elf's upper body; athletic, lithe and so terribly tempting. Yet, once the black mageweave vest was hurled off to the side, the thong-like leggings were disregarded, all but torn down her thick thighs until...


"Oh." Kayla spoke up, surprise and curiosity laced across her smooth voice. After a moment more of nothing but staring ahead, a genuine smile spread across her plump lips. "I didn't know you were that kind of girl," the Draenei's teasing only served to tempt the exposed Void Elf further, her thong being thrown off to the side to join her discarded vest.


Much to Kayla's surprise, Artemis Sharlayan carried herself with more royalty than she had ever seen. The Draenei was taller, by a few inches, though what the Void Elf lacked in height, she more than made up for with her other assets. Any woman wearing the revealing mageweave armor usually wouldn't be too well endowed, and Sharlayan was no exception to the rule. Standing firm atop her chest, a pair of perky C-cups complemented the Void Elf's athletic build, capped by two dark violet nipples, whilst the entirety of her breasts were the same dusky violet color as her face. Even lower, a taut stomach stretched on, leading down to a pair of surprisingly wide hips, a very firm bubble butt, and two thick, luscious thighs that led down into long, smooth legs.


However, what had caught Kayla's full and undivided attention wasn't the perfect swell of Sharlayan's breasts. Instead, it was the fully erect, pristine cock that rose up from right above the woman's vagina, easily surpassing any of the human males that had tried their luck with the curvaceous Draenei. From where she lay, on her side on the bed, cock fully erect and needy, Kayla's golden eyes feasted on the view. While, it was by no means a cock worthy of a Lightforged, it still had a respectable length, easily over a foot long, with what the Draenei could only assume to be a solid two inches in thickness. Yet, what had her attention almost more than Sharlayan's extra equipment and lack of any balls, was the look in her moonlit eyes. Harsh, domineering and downright sadistic.


When next she spoke, Kayla's body shuddered from the disregard in her voice, the smooth velvety tone from before having long since disappeared. "Roll over," doing as she was told - nay, ordered - Kayla rolled over onto her hands and knees, mighty cock rubbing down against the silky white bed sheets, with her fat ass stuck up into the air behind her back, an expectant look adorning her radiant features. "Did you expect me to give myself to you? I'd rather have a go at that slutty little cunt of yours, if you don't mind." The way Sharlayan's silky voice was contorted into a sneer was more than enough to send a blissful shiver up along Kaaylana's spine, whether the Draenei whore wanted to admit it or not.


Unable to hear, or care, about her Lightforged slut's complaints, Sharlayan's gaze instead fell on the sight of Kayla's rear, far too large for it to serve any practical reason. With something between a disgusted growl and a blissful moan, the Void Elf's hands fell down upon the Draenei's rump, fingers near instantly dipping into the sheer thickness of Kayla's cheeks. Even without touching the whore, Sharlayan's cock had gotten hard, standing up like a dusky violet beacon against the light blue hue of Kayla's rump. "Aren't all Lightforged meant to bear markings of the Light?" Sharlayan all but demanded, moving one hand up in preparation, before bringing it down against the Draenei's right cheek with an audible slap. "Did the Light forsake you during your forging, or were you simply too lewd for its blessing?"


Dirty talk had never been her forte, though judging by the way Kayla's pussy quivered before her eyes, as well as the sound of her breathy moans against the pillow by the head of the bed, there was no doubt as to whether or not it got the Lightforged whore off. Of course, no answer came to her question. Shaking her head in mock disappointment, Sharlayan clicked her tongue as her left hand rose up to mimic its counterpart, slamming down against Kayla's thick ass cheek with an audible slap. Repeating this gesture a few more times on both cheeks, Sharlayan had to bite the insides of her cheeks to prevent herself from moaning, a sadistic wave of pure bliss coursing through her body.


Lowering her gaze down between the endlessly deep crack between Kayla's thick ass cheeks, Sharlayan's moonlit eyes fell down upon the sight of the Lightforged Draenei's vagina, sliding her left hand down to gingerly poke two of her fingers against the light blue snatch presented to her, which, to her baffled surprise, provided no resistance what so ever. Raising a trimmed dark sapphire eyebrow in curiosity, Sharlayan moved the whole of her left hand down towards Kayla's entrance, dipping her fingers inside slowly, though when no resistance was met, a wicked grin adorned her features. Without pause, Sharlayan forced her fingers deeper, a small shock running through all of Kayla's body until, after a minute of silent astonishment, Sharlayan managed to push her entire hand inside of the Draenei's cunt.


"You're taking the word loose to a whole new world, aren't you?" Replacing her harsh tone with a lighter one, Sharlayan wiggled her hand back and forth inside of Kayla's snatch, grinning mischievously as practically no reaction slipped past the Draenei's lips. "I guess you have to be a little loose, seeing as to how your dick is so big. Tell me, do you ever just twist it around to slip it inside of yourself?" Dropping her right hand down, away from the light pink mark that had formed atop Kayla's right cheek, the Void Elf slowly pushed her right fingers against her left forearm, finally drawing an outdrawn groan from Kayla's lips as her second hand joined up with her first one.


Whether it was from pleasure or reluctance, the Lightforged whore practically refused to give an answer, instead opting to shake her hips back and forth, almost pulling Sharlayan's hands out of her snatch in the process. However fun it was to see how far a woman could stretch, the fact that Kayla's vagina easily swallowed both of her hands dampened the effect ever so slightly. With a grunt of exertion, Sharlayan slowly forced her hands forward, easing another inch of her forearms into Kayla's snatch, quickly followed by a second inch, until finally, with a third one being inside, the Void Elf slowly eased her hands apart, pushing against the sides of Kayla's vaginal walls in the hopes of stretching the whore out even more than before.


"How on earth am I supposed to get off with someone as loose as you?" Sharlayan asked, a rhetorical question in and off of itself, though the moan she received in return made her smile slowly die down. "I wonder, is your asshole as loose as your cunt? If so, then I may very well have to call upon my Voidform to thoroughly enjoy our time together." Almost as if to test this theory of hers, Sharlayan slowly eased her arms backward, the walls of Kayla's snatch clamping down around her receding hands in a feeble attempt to swallow the Void Elf's arms back inside. Scraping her nails up against the insides of Kayla's vagina, Sharlayan wiggled around a bit before slipping out, a gush of pussyjuice following her hands whilst Kayla's body slumped down, monstrous horse cock throbbing, whilst a blissful grin adorned her face as her light blue pussy began to tighten up, the slight gape already closing back up. "Experienced little whore, aren't you?"


Watching the slumped arch of Kayla's back, Sharlayan once again fastened her moonlit gaze upon the Lightforged Draenei's thick rear, or more specifically, her dick throbbed with bewildered fascination at whether or not she would have to find another woman to sleep with. Moving her slick hands up towards the fat jiggling ass presented to her, the Void Elf slowly dipped her right hand down, gently rubbing her slender index against the Draenei's puckered rosebud before pressing inward, eyes going wide at the result she received.


In opposition to the sheer looseness of Kayla's cunt, which in and off of itself could be explained by the woman's own cock being too big, her asshole was unfathomably tight, so much so that merely pushing one finger through the tight ring of muscle around Kayla's backdoor became an arduous task. With a low grunt and another push, Sharlayan's finger slipped through, only to be engulfed by a mind boggling heat, the clenching of the Draenei's muscles threatening to snap her finger off. Without allowing such a thing to happen, the Void Elf withdrew her finger, a sadistic grin spreading across her lips.


Down on the bed, Kayla's face had contorted, the faintest trace of discomfort appearing where only bliss had been seen before. Without rising from her position, far too content to keep her cock locked between the soft pillows that made up her breasts, the Draenei directed her voice backwards, trying to reason with the clearly livid hermaphrodite Void Elf. "I'd prefer taking it vaginally, if you insist on topping. I haven't ever-" letting out a strangled groan, Kayla's voice broke off as Sharlayan's hand once again found its way down to her fat ass cheek, rubbing up and down against the stinging mark from her previous strikes.


"Don't even try to command me, whore. Which hole I choose to fuck is my business," as if to prove her point, Sharlayan slowly eased her way up onto the edge of the bed, knees brushing up on the outside of Kayla's legs, whilst her groin hovered a mere inch away from the Draenei's exposed womanhood, her dusky violet cock bobbing up and down as several veins appeared along its length; it truly had been too long since her last conquest.


Despite her words however, claiming an unused hole as tight as Kayla's rear would be tough, especially without the slightest bit of lubrication. Lucky for her, a quivering, juice leaking snatch was conveniently presented to her, ready to be used as the water source it was. Grasping her cock near its base, Sharlayan slowly angled it down towards Kayla's dripping snatch, rubbing her head up against the Draenei's entrance, enough so to draw a whimpering mewl from the fat cocked whore beneath her. Although, before she began her plan, the Void Elf turned her eyes upon the Draenei's back, tracing the lines of her runic Lightforged markings with her mind's eye, before slowly reaching the apex of the Draenei's Light; her head, covered by a loose mane of silvery hair.


Conjuring up a quick Silence spell in her mind, Sharlayan dropped her left hand down upon Kayla's fat ass, channeling the spell directly through the woman's rear, up along her spine, before finally hitting her mind; subtly disabling the woman's spell casting and speech. With the preparations over and done with, Sharlayan returned her gaze to the quivering snatch before her, its juices having long since coated the entirety of her cockhead with its clear pussyjuice.


Aligning her cockhead with the correct hole, Sharlayan allowed one final smirk to spread across her lips, taking aim an inch away before surging forward, feeling her eyes roll towards the back of her head as her lubricated cockhead bumped up against the ring of muscle surrounding Kayla's ass; the Draenei whore bolting upright with wide eyes, a silent scream echoing from her Silenced lips. Moving both of her hands up to grasp the Draenei's massive tits, Sharlayan pressed her hips forward, finally slipping through as the very tip of her dick was enveloped in what could only be described as molten magma.


Refreshing her Silence spell against Kayla's tits, Sharlayan threw her head back with a loud moan, tongue lolling out as another inch slipped inside the Draenei's asshole. Slowly, agonizingly so, a third inch slid inside, though with that, no matter the amount of pressure she applied, no more would fit. How on earth could such a loose whore be an anal virgin? The question bounced back and forth within Sharlayan's mind, though before she could formulate a question, something large, hard and distinctly pink came into view, the very tip of Kayla's thick horse cock bobbing up and down before her chest, thick veins pulsating as a clear dollop of precum began to ooze forth from the slit atop her flared head.


'So, the whore enjoys some pain, eh?' Allowing a wicked grin to spread across her lips, an idea began to form within the Void Elf's mind, already pinpointing the necessary incantations in order to follow through with her earlier promise. While, she doubted the Lightforged whore could survive a round of Void Eruption, perhaps something lighter could set her off. Shifting her grip around, Sharlayan used her left hand to fondle one of Kayla's mammoth breasts, massaging, groping and violating the tit flesh, before pinching and pulling the stiff nipple placed atop the peak of her breast. Her other hand however, dipped downward, eventually coming across the thick sheath of Kayla's cock, grasping her hand around the very base of the thick horse cock.


Refreshing her Silence spell a second time, for good measure, Sharlayan's eyes took on a dark purple glow as she conjured forth a fraction of her Shadow Form, beginning to cast Shadow Word: Pain on the Lightforged whore, though more specifically, she angled her spell to only affect Kayla's throbbing horse cock. Feeling the virgin tight walls of Kayla's asshole ripple and clench around her cockhead, Sharlayan knew that her focused spell had been applied correctly, the only other evidence she needed being the fact that Kayla's cock seemed to grow even harder, if at all possible.


From somewhere above her left hand, a droplet of water slid down, hitting the top of Sharlayan's hand, causing the Void Elf to forcibly twist Kayla's upper body around to give her a better view. The contorted expression that adorned the Draenei's face was almost enough to make Sharlayan cum, her cock throbbing within the Lightforged whore's asshole as a steady stream of precum helped lube up the inside of her new toy's tightest hole. A perfect mixture of pleasure and pain, combined with the slightest hint of masochistic glee, adorned Kayla's face, her cock throbbing violently as the veins along its massive shaft grew even more prominent. To think, she had only applied one cast of Shadow Word: Pain.


However much her body quivered with sadistic glee, the thought of actually killing her Draenei lover was displeasing, though then again, Sharlayan herself did not know how much longer her cock could survive being suffocated by a virgin's rippling asshole. With that thought firmly planted in her mind, Sharlayan pulled her hips back, groaning at the slickness made by her own precum, thankful that she could get off once, if nothing else. Pulling back until only the very tip of her cock remained inside, Sharlayan took a deep breath, steadying her beating heart, before thrusting herself back inside, shuddering as another two inches of her cock slid inside of Kayla's tightest hole.


Repeating the process three more times, it wasn't long before Sharlayan's hips began to move of their own accord, repeatedly pummeling up against Kayla's asshole whilst her hands moved on with their tasks, her left hand molesting Kayla's tit, whilst her right hand had begun to roughly stroke the Draenei's cock, moaning lewdly against the Draenei's ear as the flared head of Kayla's cock had turned into a small fountain, a steady stream of slimy precum lubricating the Void Elf's hand. Throughout her ordeal, she had had to refresh Pain once, her Silence effect having long since run out, allowing Kayla's whorish moans and whimpering pleas to bounce off of the wooden walls of the room.


Even now, with her own hips slapping up against Kayla's fat ass, Sharlayan had to grit her teeth to stave off her orgasm, the tight seal formed by Kayla's asshole keeping every droplet of Void Elf precum inside of Kayla's asshole, making the formerly dry ass fucking resemble the insides of Kayla's outstretched vagina. Unable to hold back for much longer, Sharlayan's moonlit eyes ascended towards the back of her head, this time followed by an uncontrollable need to cum, to dump her Void infused seed inside of this Light imbued whore's asshole.


Right as her orgasm began to wash across her system, just as her cock throbbed violently and the first jet of cum rushed up along her shaft, Sharlayan threw her hands up to Kayla's head, clamping her fingers onto the sides of the Draenei's head as one final spell entered her mind. Mind Control. The second her disorienting spell activated itself, Sharlayan was assaulted by the unmistakable pain of having her asshole fucked, ruined and reshaped by a well endowed lover, all the while shuddering with the light shocks caused by the ever present Shadow Word: Pain that had recently been reapplied. The combination of having her cock massaged by Kayla's - by her - asshole, coupled with the actual feeling of being inside of the Draenei's ass, made Sharlayan's eyes fully roll into the back of her head, mouth falling agape with a breathy moan, tongue lolling out to happily drool down her chin.


The first jet of cum that shot forth from her cockhead felt more like a shotgun being blasted away right up against her asshole, near instantly filling Kayla's backdoor up, though the sheer tightness of the anal ring clamping down around Sharlayan's cock prevented even a single droplet from leaking out. Feeling another jolt of Pain hitting her nerves, Sharlayan moaned yet again as a second blast of cum shot forth from the tip of her cock, shooting far up into Kayla's bowels, quickly followed by a third, fourth and finally, with an exhausted whimper, Sharlayan slumped forward, her firm C-cups rubbing against the rigid back of her Mind Controlled lover.


Even as her orgasm died down, Sharlayan's mind was still overwhelmed with the feeling of having her asshole fucked, stretched and filled to the brim, an odd sensation considering the fact that it was conveyed through a spell. Mind Control truly was potent, allowing a woman to feel her own orgasm, as well as the orgasm of her lover, and every single aftershock that may come from both of them. If the Void did not claim her mind, the Sharlayan had no doubt that it would eventually break from experimenting with her own spells.


Releasing her Mind Control spell after her orgasm had fully died down, Sharlayan lazily redirected her gaze down to her lover's front, or rather, to the mess she had made on top of the bed. The twinge of pleasure and pain she had felt from Kayla's mind was finally made clear to her. Even after her mind shattering orgasm, as well as slowly but surely cutting down Kayla's health, her cock remained as rigid as it had before the Void Elf had dumped her seed inside of her ass. Although, with a note of satisfaction, Kayla was very close to losing what little control she had over her own body.


Leaning up towards the Lightforged Draenei's ear, Sharlayan gently moved her light purple tongue along Kayla's left horn, moving both of her hands down towards the Draenei's waist. "I can help you with that, if you'd be so kind as to get on your back for me." Much to Sharlayan's dazed confusion, the moment the words had left her luscious lips, Kayla's head furiously bounced up and down, the tightness around Sharlayan's cock disappearing with a wet pop.


All but throwing herself down onto her back, Kaaylana Val'ariamis was down on her back, legs spread far apart, hooves pushed down into the mattress of the bed, hands pushing her soft sweat drenched tits together, whilst her mouth was left agape, tongue stuck out for the Void Elf to inspect. Although, more prominent than the Draenei's chest, was the pillar of horse meat that rose up from her groin, drooping down towards Kayla's chest from its own weight, a few harsh throbs coursing through its length.


Shaking her head with an amused smile playing across her lips, Sharlayan allowed herself a moment to take in the sight, ignoring the way her own cock had gone limp, still drenched in thick layers of her own light violet cum. She had promised to help Kaaylana out, and with the Draenei fully aware of her class specialization, casting a quick Mind Blast was likely out of the question. Instead, a kinder thought entered her mind. What sort of Priest would she be if she only caused pain, rather than mending it as well?


Listening to the pitiful whimper that slipped past Kayla's lips, Sharlayan slowly relented, dipping her head down until her lips hovered above the flared pink head of Kayla's horse cock, scrunching up her nose at the stench of Light imbued cum. Getting a Void infused load shot up her ass likely wouldn't cause any problems, but for a being so harshly embraced by the Void, gulping down a gallon of Light imbued seed could seriously hurt her. Then again, she didn't know whether or not Kayla would remain the same in a few days.


Breathing out a long sigh against the tip of Kayla's throbbing cock, Sharlayan slowly closed her eyes, resigning herself to her fate of being used as a cocksleeve; at the very least, her partner was submissive enough to wait. Opening up her mouth as far as she could, Sharlayan slowly, agonizingly so, engulfed the flared head of Kayla's cock, blinking away a few tears from her eyes as her jaw began to burn from the sheer girth of Kayla's cock. Taking it all the way to the base was out of the question, even on a good day. Instead, she opted for the second best thing, bobbing her head up and down along the top three inches of Kayla's cock, while using her hands to casually jerk the Draenei off, sending a threatening glare down to where the Lightforged whore's face was contorted in bliss.


Continuing her sloppy cock sucking for what could only have been half a minute, Sharlayan's eyes widened as a thick glob of cum splashed up against the back of her throat, hastily pulling her head away just in time to watch a solid streak of cream colored spunk blast up from the flared head of Kayla's cock, arching through the air before crashing with the ceiling, leaving a thick stain there to slowly drip down atop Kayla's taut stomach. Watching with a look of fascination on her face, Sharlayan slowly angled Kayla's cock upward even more, the second jet of cum that followed after the first blast landing atop the Lightforged Draenei's massive tits, to which Kayla merely moaned wantonly, bucking her hips up to use Sharlayan's hands as a fuck toy.


A third jet followed the first two, accompanied by a fourth, fifth and sixth, all of which easily overshadowed Sharlayan's entire orgasm, though all of which was still angled to shower down atop Kayla's body, her tits having long since been turned into twin peaks of gooey cream, whilst her neck, face and hair received a true royal treatment. Continuing to jerk her hands for good measure, Sharlayan watched as Kayla's hands shot up, grasping her pulsating cock with before angling it even further down, curling her back and neck before popping the head of her dick inside of her own mouth, cheeks bulging out as a seventh cum blast was shot down her own throat, eyes fluttering closed as a satisfied hum resonated through her throat.


After what had to be five solid minutes of cumming, Kayla's fat horse cock ceased its consistent throbbing, her hands continuing their fervent stroking to make sure every ounce of seed had left her system, before popping the head out of her mouth, a loud burp resounding shortly after. "That. Was. Delicious!" Kaaylana squealed out, moving to embrace Sharlayan in a gooey hug, only to slip around atop the drenched bed sheets, her breasts retaining their cream colored coating all the while. "Thank you for that, though you could've been a little gentler with the spells..." Mumbling out the last bit, Kayla directed a hopeful glance over to where Sharlayan sat, a wicked gleam flashing through her radiant eyes.


Rolling her eyes as if she had been asked an obvious question, Sharlayan moved further up along the bed, making sure to avoid as much of Kayla's mess as possible, before scooping up a handful of Lightforged cum in her right hand, raising it up towards her nose to give it a quick whiff. Feigning the desire to lick her hand clean, Sharlayan's moonlit eyes quickly fell back down towards Kayla's outstretched cunt, pulling on every ounce of haste in her system before jamming her right hand up against the Draenei's twat, near instantly slipping through until she once again found herself with her entire forearm inside of a whore's cunt, her fingers releasing the Lightforged seed inside of Kayla's vagina as one final spell entered her mind.


Grinning up towards her cum coated friend, Sharlayan slowly withdrew her hand, though right as her fingers brushed up against the entrance to her womb, she cast one final spell, amplified twofold. Shadow Mend. Even before her hand had withdrawn from the Draenei's snatch, Kayla's back arched upward as her cock sprung to life once more, slapping the Draenei whore's coated face as the aftershocks of Shadow Mend kicked in, causing a great deal of damage after the afflicted person had been healed up by twice the amount.


Rising up off of the bed in time to watch Kaaylana's rump lift itself up off of the bed, Sharlayan was granted a complete sight of the asshole she had previously ruined, marveling at the fact that not even the tiniest trickle of Void infused cum had leaked out yet, leaving that part of the bed completely clean, despite the result up by the head of the bed. "I'll be going downstairs to check out the main event for tonight. If you want another go, then I wouldn't mind, for a price, of course." With one final wink, Sharlayan slowly pulled on her black mageweave vest, sliding the thong-like leggings up along her shapely thighs before leaving the room, practically able to hear the way Kayla's hands were pumping up and down along her newly revitalized shaft.


Maybe staying in Goldshire for another few days wouldn't be too bad, so long as she had the coin to stay, as well as the coin to keep making new friends. Already, she could hear the change in tone from the music downstairs, as well as the far too familiar scent of ale and arousal.

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