Elizabeth in the Orre Region

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Elizabeth in the Orre Region

“I think my Tears have a preference for deserts” Elizabeth sighed as she hopped out of the Tear straight onto burning hot sand which spanned for miles around from what she could see, thankfully she was dressing like in a tube top and a micro skirt having used her Tear to visit several decades into her future to enjoy the fashion and nightlife of the early 2000’s, the light layered clothing helping a lot with the intense heat

Turning to reopen her Tear Elizabeth stopped when the sound of an approaching engine caught her attention, turning back around to see a rapidly approaching dust cloud which gave way for a strange looking motorbike which had far too many exhaust pipes than it needed

Unsure whether the rider of the bike was friendly or not she didn’t get much time to decide what to do as the bike suddenly turned to come to a stop a few feet away preventing the sand it kicked up from hitting her “well at least they’re somewhat courteous” Elizabeth thought to herself as the dust settled revealing the rider “ooh he’s handsome too”

“What’re you doing out here by yourself? You lost or something?” the rider asked her, his voice hard and rough but with enough warmth to it to show that he had genuine concern to her “get in, I’ll take you to the next town”

Despite her previous bad experience with strangers in deserts Elizabeth couldn’t help but trust the young man eagerly climbing into his bike sidecar “what’s your name handsome?”

“Name’s Wes, what’s yours?” the rider responded as he started the ignition

“Elizabeth” she replied as she let her eyes wander along Wes’s tight lithe body and sun stained skin, unable to prevent herself from imagining what he looked like under his clothes she made a mental note to get him to fuck her when they got to wherever they were going, it was only write to do so since he was so kind as to give her a ride

Thankfully the ride to the nearest town was only a twenty minute journey and the moment that Elizabeth laid eyes on Agate Village, the small Village being a literal Oasis in the land of arid desert and the closer they got to it with each passing moment Elizabeth could feel temperature steadily dropping to a much more tolerable cool breeze

“This place is beautiful” she couldn’t help but comment as Wes parked his bike at the entrance of the Village, the rider hopping off before offering his passenger his hand to help her out “such a gentleman” she tittered as she let Wes help her out of the sidecar, paying no mind as her micro skirt rode up from the action of her standing up more than happy to flash Wes a glance of what was underneath

Either not reacting to the ‘accidental’ flashing or just not seeing it Wes made no comment on it as he told her that she could rest at his place for a while so she can get her bearings and find out where she needed to go, an offer she wasn’t going to turn down eager to at least see more of the Oasis Village

Upon reaching Wes’s house after a short walk from the Village entrance Elizabeth took a moment to admire the natural aesthetic to the place and house it had been carved into the side of a hill allowing grass and flowers to grow upon the roof of it “hey Rui I’m back, I brought a guest as well!” Wes called out as he invited Elizabeth into his home, her heart skipping a beat with arousal as she realised that he had a girlfriend or at least a female roommate meaning a threesome was most likely to come if she played her cards right

To her delight Rui came into view moments later dressed almost as sluttily as her to her great approval, the redhead’s tube top essentially just a cloth strip around her chest to cover her nipples and her micro skirt so short that her cunt was completely visible under it “another one? Where do you keep finding these girls?” Rui teased as her big sapphire eyes took in Elizabeth’s form to which Elizabeth struck a small pose for her “oh this one’s good”

“Thought you’d like her, found her wandering around in the desert so I thought I’d bring her back here so that she could recuperate” he stated glancing back at Elizabeth with a slight smirk “I’m gonna go get cleaned up, make her feel at home will ya babe?” he then requested giving Rui a firm spank on her mainly bare ass as he walked by to head to the bathroom to wash up

Moaning from the harsh hit to her ass Rui bit her lip as she turned her sights fully on Elizabeth “so, new to the Region I can tell” she breathed as she sauntered up to Elizabeth, the redhead standing a few inches shorter than her making her look both adorable and sultry

“Yeah I am, I’m…just visiting” the raven haired woman replied with a soft moan as Rui reached around her to blatantly grab her ass, the redhead pulling her forward so that their bodies were pressed together drawing another heated gasp from her “and I’m already planning on coming here more often” she then breathed making Rui smirk

In the bathroom Wes stood in just his underwear having thrown his sweaty clothing into the hamper before dousing his body in cold water from the sink, making his sun stained muscles glistened as he cleaned them of what sand had made its way under his clothing

As he washed off his head he heard the tell-tale sound of ripping clothing downstairs along with a loud gasp of arousal bringing a grin to his features “she could never be patient” he chuckled dryly drying himself off as he then headed downstairs to join his girlfriend and their guest

Heading downstairs Wes found that Rui had Elizabeth pinned down naked on the couch, the redhead’s face buried deep between the sluts legs lashing her tongue along her sweet tight little cunt making her gasp and moan loud and shameless “you could have waited for me at least” he growled lustfully drawing Rui’s head up so that she could look back at him, her lips already glistening with Elizabeth’s arousal

“You told me to make her feel at home, what did you expect was going to happen?” she retorted with a dirty grin as she shook her ass back at him, the redhead having stripped down as well eagerly displaying her fuck holes to her lover as he took his place behind her and dropped his boxers freeing his throbbing cock

Beating his dick against Rui’s thick ass Wes then buried his entire length into her dripping cunt whilst pressing her face back into Elizabeth’s cunt muffling her scream of pleasure, the vibrations from her voice echoing through Elizabeth’s groan making her gasp and arch her back with ecstasy “oh yes! Push your tongue deeper!” she begged as Wes started pounding into Rui from behind

Smirking as Elizabeth writhed in ecstasy from his girlfriend’s skilled tongue Wes reached forward to grab hold of one of her breasts, his sandpaper rough skin setting the sensitive nerves of her breasts alight with pleasure, her hands flying to his wrist to hold his hand there as she arched her back further encouraging him to squeeze and grope as much as he wanted as Rui’s tongue brought her to orgasm, her eyes rolling back and her jaw falling slack from the crushing waves of pleasure

Moaning and mumbling against Elizabeth’s spasming cunt Rui then pushed away gasping for breath “fuck…bitch nearly tore my tongue off!” she panted before letting out a scream of pleasure as Wes’s cock slammed against her sweet spot and his grip on her head tightened twisting her hair adding a delicious sting to her pleasure

Grunting as Rui squeezed tighter around him Wes then pulled her back whilst sitting back against the couch making her sit on his cock, her weight making his dick sink deeper inside of her making her eyes cross momentarily “Arceus you’re a tight bitch!” he growled making Rui moan getting even wetter at his dirty talk

As Rui started to bounce wildly on her boyfriend’s cock Elizabeth whined at the sudden lack of attention on her cunt, the raven haired whore rolling off of the couch and crawling between Wes and Rui’s legs to eagerly lap at where they were joined, her tongue toying with Rui’s clit making the redhead scream out with pleasure “yeah that’s it bitch, work your tongue!”

After working Rui’s clit Elizabeth went lower to suck hard on Wes’s balls, the hot wet sensation of her mouth dragging him over the edge and with a low grunt he was quickly cumming hard in Rui’s hungry cunt, the sudden rush of cum into her cunt and womb making Rui orgasm again, her body stiffening as she eagerly accepted her boyfriend’s load

Overwhelmed by her orgasm and the feeling of Wes’s cum inside of her Rui went limp sliding off of Wes’s lap allowing Elizabeth to take her place, the raven haired woman grabbing Wes’s dick and guiding it back to her tightest hole before slamming her ass down hard, her eyes dilating with sheer overwhelming pleasure as Wes’s girth made her groin bulge out

“Oh…oh yes….break me with your fat cock!” she panted out balancing her feet on his knees whilst grabbing his forearms for support as she started to bounce her ass along his length, her breasts bouncing in tandem as Wes just reclined back letting her do all the work

Recuperating from her orgasm daze Rui picked herself up and with a lustful smirk moved in to continue what Elizabeth had done when she was riding her boyfriend, taking Wes’s heavy balls into her mouth sucking and licking them lustfully as Elizabeth bounced her ass harder, her screams of pleasure near loud enough to make the windows rattled in their holdings

Soon enough for her work Elizabeth was rewarded with a good hot load straight up her ass, her mouth falling open with a long shuddering moan of pleasure as his cum warmed her insides, to her there was no better feeling than a good hot load of cum flooding her

With both sluts blissfully filled with cum the two girls eagerly then knelt in front of Wes working together to draw one last load out of him with their mouths, hands and tits, sharing kisses around his cock head before they were both then rewarded with his final load all over their faces, tits and into their hair making both girls moan and simper with bliss

Sticking out her tongue to catch a few more streams of his cum Elizabeth then moaned as Rui pulled her in for a deep tongue filled kiss making her heart skip a beat for a moment

Normally on her ‘adventures’ her wanderlust would drive her to immediately jump through another Tear to find somewhere new after having her fun but this time she decided it would be best to stay a while, a week at the very least since Wes and Rui were being so hospitable towards her

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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