Private Signing - Undertale Mettaton x Male reader

BY : CowDong
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Disclaimer: I do not own Undertale, nor do I own any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


WARNING: This fanfiction assumes that you are a “straight” man with a girlfriend and an uncut penis. It contains graphic and intimate scenes not meant for children.




“Tonight's the night,” you think to yourself as you get ready for the Mettaton concert.


You have always been a big Mettaton fan, ever since you were a kid. You owned posters of him, had action figures of him, you even refused to eat any other brand of cereal besides the MTT brand. Your girlfriend had decided to buy you backstage passes to your first ever Mettaton concert, as a belated birthday present, earlier this month. The tickets were always too expensive for you to afford, so you could only watch Mettaton's concerts on television.


You put on a pair of tight jeans over your boxers, and a nice white shirt that you tucked in to your pants. Lastly, a cool looking leather jacket, just so that you don't look like a pansy.


“Are you ready?” your girlfriend asks outside your door, just as you get done styling your hair, even though no matter how hard you try, it still looks a little off. “It's gonna take a while for us to get there, so we should leave early.”


“Yeah, let's go,” you say as you open the door and run past her to the car.


You quickly got in as she raced after you to keep up. She getsget the driver's seat and drivrs you to the concert, the whole time trying to bear with your constant rambling of Mettaton facts. After a long 2 hour drive, you finally arrive. The parking lot is packed, and the concert hall is beaming with lights and flashy signs. Eventually you find a parking spot, and start to make your way to the building.


“Happy Birthday,” She says with a smile as she kisses you on the cheek.


You smile and return the kiss. You hold hands with her until you get to the entrance. Quickly after confirming your tickets, you and your girlfriend find your seats in the huge crowd of fans. The doors had just opened, and the seats were almost completely full already. After about an hour if waiting, the lights dimmed, and the crowd went silent.


A loud “Ooooh YES!” echoed through the room, as a spot light flashed onto Mettaton, who was now standing in the middle of the stage, looking as amazing as ever.


Everybody in the crowd goes wild, including you. You jump and holler with everybody else, as your girlfriend stay seated, watching you enjoy yourself.


Mettaton hushes the crowd, says a few words, and then proceeds to the main event. Hours of non stop fun goes by, as Mettaton dances and flashes all around, and everybody around cheers and laughs. But eventually, the show came to an end.


“Man that was so cool,” You say to your girlfriend as you walk out of the concert with her.


“I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Y/N,” She says as she kisses you again.


As you’re about to leave for good, you remembered that you wanted to get his signature. After all, that's all you needed to complete your collection.


“Wait, babe, I forgot! I wanted to get Mettaton's signature before we left,” You say to your girlfriend, as she was about to step in the car.


“Ugh, fine. Just be quick, I'll go get some drinks for us,” She says reluctantly, before she starts to head over to the food booths lined up all around.


You run back to the concert hall and look for the backstage, where Mettaton is. After a brief search through the crowds, you spot it, surrounded by eager fans wishing they could get in. Luckily, you have a backstage pass, so the guards let you in. You walk in, and there he is, sitting on the couch, fixing his hair in a mirror; the one and only Mettaton. Your childhood hero is just a few feet away from you, sitting so calm.


“He looks so much better in person,” You think to yourself while gazing at an oblivious Mettaton in awe.


“Sorry darling, what was that,” Mettaton asks as he puts his mirror away and stands up, now paying full attention to you.


“Oh shit, did I say that out loud,” You think to yourself, for real this time.


In reality, you're just spouting “M-me-m-m…”


“Well come on, dear, spit it out,” Mettaton says as he walks over to you with his dashing legs.


It feels like he’s towering over you, even though he's just a few inches taller than you. His legs are so long and shiny, his hair is so sleek and bold, and his arms are so big and strong.


“Mettaton!” You finally manage to spit out. “I uh.. was wondering if you could-” you start to say, before he interrupts you.


“Don't worry, darling, I know what you want. Follow me,” Mettaton says as he smoothly turns around and walks out the backdoor.


“Sweet! A private signing,” You think to yourself as you try to keep up with his dashing stride.


While following behind him, you can't help but notice how perfectly sculpted his ass is. It was so plump and juicy, but at the same time, really strong. Each cheek looks so amazing sliding against the other as he walks so magnificently. You catch yourself thinking about this, and question yourself.


“What the hell am I thinking?! I'm not gay? Plus, I have a girlfriend already. I'm just here to get something signed and leave. Nothing more,” You say to yourself as you reposition your eyes back up to his back.


Suddenly he stops. You almost run into him. He opens a door for you and gestures for you to walk in. You notice as he turns around, a huge bulge in his leather leggings. Something that looks like a large ball in between his legs, with a large banana running down his left leg from it. Of course you know exactly what this is, and fixate your eyes away from it to try not to be rude. And of course, because you're not gay.


As you step in, you realize you're in his trailer. You walk through it more and notice how beautiful it is. Everything is clean and glossy, and all the furniture is extremely expensive. You're suddenly startled by the door slamming shut. You look behind you and Mettaton is standing right there, looking down to you. You don't really know why this startled you, though. What else was he gonna do, just leave you? Anyway, you push your irrelevant thoughts away, and focus on him, instead.


“I know why you're here, so let's just cut to the chase,” Mettaton says in a very dominant voice.


“Oh good,” you think to yourself. “Y/GF is really impatient.” Your relief and thought process is cut short when Mettaton’s ungloved hand comes slamming into your crotch, painfully squeezing it as he forms a large grin. You let out a high-pitched squeal of pain as his grip tightens around your genitals.


“You thought I wouldn't notice darling? Please, I can spot twinks like you from a mile away.” Mettaton says as he pushes you back on to a velvet couch. “First, you goggle at my butt, then you stare at my bulge, and here I see to prove my suspicion, your little meat stick is nearly bursting out of your pants.”


At this moment, you realize you have an enormous erection, that can obviously be seen through your skinny jeans.


“H-how though? Why?” You half ask both yourself and Mettaton. “I'm not gay though!”


Things seem to be happening all too fast for you. The first second you just meet Mettaton, the 2nd, you're turning gay for him? Your whole life you only liked girls. You know, tits, vagina, ass etc. But for some reason now, you're getting hornier than ever from a guy!


“That's what they all say sweetie, trust me. Five minutes with me and you will never want to go back,” Mettaton tells you as he gets on his knees in front of you.


He takes off your jacket and shirt, revealing your sweat soaked chest, and next he unbuckles the belt to your skinny jeans.


“Wait, what are you doing?!” You yell helplessly “No, I don't-.”


“Oh hush,darling. Your voice is annoying me,” Mettaton replies condescendingly. After he gets the buckle off, he pulls down your jeans to reveal the throbbing boner barely contained in your boxers.


“Maybe this won't be all that bad.” Mettaton says as his eyes fill with hope.


He then pulls down your boxers slowly, your penis still barely contained, until the boxer's waistline reaches your legs, and your cock springs up, straight as an arrow.


“Oooh myyy….” Mettaton says as he marvels at your rock hard penis.


“This is the biggest one yet! Usually the sorry fucks who are stupid enough to buy the backstage pass are either soggy little boys with tiny little nubs or gross old men with wrinkly pencil dicks. You on the other hand, are surprisingly less pathetic than they are,” Mettaton says.


You can't tell if this is a compliment or an insult. He wraps his ice cold fingers around your piece of wood and starts slowly stroking. You cringe from the frigid cold, but are quickly taken away by the amazing handjob he is giving you. It's nothing like you ever felt before, and you feel ashamed to know that this is the best you have ever felt in your life. His deep strokes caressing your cock so intimately, combined with the shock from the freezing cold, melds to become easily the best moment of your whole life. Who would've thought that the best moment of your life would come from a handjob from a guy. Then again, this wasn't just any guy, this was Mettaton. Suddenly, Mettaton slides his fingers underneath your foreskin, and spreads it apart. He sticks his ice cold tongue in between and lets the foreskin snap back to your penis.


“Hey, hey, hey, wait! What are you doing,” You yell as you remember the situation you're in.


His long wet tongue slides around the inside of your foreskin, going deeper down with each swish around your head. Eventually, his lips are cupped around your head and his tongue is halfway down your foreskin. His freezing tongue pressed so tightly against your vulnerable penis fills you with determination. You decide to be brave and force his whole head down onto your cock. The shock of his tongue sliding so fast down the inside of your foreskin makes you squirt a little bit of pre cum out into his mouth. Mettaton looks surprised as he gags on your cock pushing against his throat. His eyes then meet yours and he gives you a very stern look. Uh oh.


He doesn't pull his head off of your penis, though. Instead, he starts violently bobbing his head up and down your penis, and quickly swirling his tongue all around your foreskin. Your heart skips a beat as the rest of your body goes numb. His head keeps slamming down to the base of your cock, with spit smearing all over his face and your body, with most of it going down and covering your balls. And his tongue violently thrashing through your foreskin completely immobilizes you with pleasure. Inevitably, you burst, and you release the biggest load of semen you've ever shot, into his mouth. It fills up his mouth completely, and he lifts his head up with his cheeks bloated, as if he was in the middle of a yogurt eating contest. Your head falls back as you exhale a deep breath of relief. But then Mettaton forces your mouth open, and empties all the semen and saliva that was in his mouth, into yours, with some spilling out and drenching your face in your own slimy cum, some of it even going down your nose and into your eyes.


Once his mouth was empty and yours was full, he hocked one more loogie into your mouth and forcefully told you


“Swallow. Now.”


You look at him like he's crazy and refuse to. He spits another glob of saliva onto your face and demands again,


“Do it, or you'll force me to do something I really WANT to do, darling.”


Once you realize you have no other choice, you try to swallow the huge mix of semen and spit. It slides down your throat slowly, but unfortunately, your throat can't handle all of it. You spit up half of it, and it spills all over your naked body. Mettaton lets out a merciless laugh before throwing you to the floor and jabbing your throat with the heel of his high heels, as punishment for not swallowing it all. The other heel lands on one of your testicles. You scream out in pain, but he mutes you by stuffing his shoe into your mouth.


“Clean my high heels, boy,” Mettaton demands.


You stupidly reject, and in return, he starts squishing your balls even more harshly. You flail around aimlessly, before being reminded your task by Mettaton, when he shoves his heel further down your throat. You start licking the bottom of his shoe and his heel helplessly, meanwhile trying to deal with the agony that your balls are going through. His shoes are still drenched with sweat from the concert,  and smell awful, too, since he hasn't showered yet. He switches the balls that he tortures every few seconds, and whenever you stop licking, even for just a few seconds, he stomps your balls hard. Eventually he lifts his shoe out if your mouth and shifts all his weight to the heel that is standing on your balls. You writhe with pain, as Mettaton examines his cum and saliva covered boot.


“Eh whatever, good enough.” Mettaton says as he steps off of your balls and watches you recollect yourself on the floor, still recovering from the pain from his testicle torture.


He goes to the fridge and bends over, revealing his sweet candy ass, puckered up waiting for a worthy cock to rip it to shreds. As Mettaton looks around the fridge, you gather the strength to get up and prepare your cock for revenge. As Mettaton tries to reach a diet soda at the back of the fridge, you suddenly grab hold of his plump ass and pull his leggings down to his heels. He tries to pull himself out of the fridge quickly, but it's too late. You spread his slippery cheeks and ram your cock into his puckered butthole.


“W-What do you think you're doing?!?” Mettaton yells as you violently pound his ass with your still rock hard cock.


Your balls slap against his as you fill his innards with your meat. It feels amazing! It's insanely tight, which is odd since his asshole is so swollen, which you can only imagine is because of the massive dildos lined up on a shelf. He has spiked dildos, horse dildos, dinosaur dildos, he even has a replica of his own penis as a dildo! As you're looking at the dildos, you hardly realize Mettaton. He is stuck in his own fridge, begging for mercy as he is being pounded violently by your cock.


“Ple-ea-ease.. st-to-op. I… ca-an-nt... ta-ak-ke... an-ny-ym-mo-or-re!”


After a few minutes of rough anal sex, you feel yourself coming to the edge. You and Mettaton's balls stick together from the sweat, and the sound of your thighs slamming against his metallic ass sounds like someone is making the world's best pancake. Once you finally feel yourself about to shoot your load, you pull out of his gross sweaty butt, and pull him out of the fridge. He lands on his back, and you drop down on his face. Your balls touching his chin and your cock shoved down his throat. Then, you release your sperm. Your wet, slimy cock swims around in the cum that's filling up Mettaton's throat. His eyes fill with shock as he realizes that the dominator has now become the dominated. Cum shoots out of his nose as he violently coughs up semen, even though your cock is still planted in his head. After you feel all your juices flow out of your penis, you slowly slide out your cock; slimy, covered in cum, and smelling like ass. Mettaton lay on the floor with cum and spit slowly spilling out of his mouth and nose. You get up to give him some air. You sit down and, after a while, Mettaton staggers up and sits next to you.


You start stroking his flaccid cock and say “So, are we even now?”


“Even?..” Mettaton slowly mumbles. He looks over to you with a dazed face. Suddenly, he flashes a wild grin and his eyes fill with hatred. “You fucking wish!”


He grabs you by the head and throws you across the land on the other couch, and Mettaton is not far behind. You look behind you and his once small, 5 inch flaccid penis, has suddenly transformed into a huge 15 inch girthy cock. He positions your ass and you realize what's about to happen. This will be your first time losing your anal virginity. You have never had anything stuck in your ass before, and by the looks of it, you probably won't be able to ever again after tonight.


Mettaton slams his boot down on your face to keep you from struggling and his head starts poking your asshole, completely dry of any lubricant.


“Hah! You can't even get it in!” You exclaim proudly, as you notice Mettaton struggling to put his dick in your meat hole.


Your pride is then replaced with pain as he roughly inserts all 15 inches of his robot penis down your rectum. You instantly fill up with excruciating pain and you scream in terror as Mettaton shoves his huge cock up and down your ass at immeasurable speeds. Your balls don't even compare to his huge balls, which are roughly the size of small bowling balls, and completely filled with Mettaton's man juice. They slap your cheeks as your pounded from the back, so not only are your insides being shredded up by a big girthy cock, but your ass is taking a crucial beating by his balls. Although you're experiencing excruciating pain, you can't help but keep cumming all over the cushions. It seems your balls have no limits to how much semen it can dispense. Every 30 or so seconds, you spray the couch with another fresh stream of hot cum, leaving a permanent stain on the expensive velvet cover.


Mid way through this insane anal semen party, your phone rings. Mettaton buries his cock as deep as he can into your ass before grabbing your phone, which is just out of your reach, and answers it.


“Where the fuck are you?” Your girlfriend yells through the phone. You desperately call for her, but your voice never reaches the phone. “I've been looking for you for like, 10 minutes, now.”


“And whom am I speaking to,” Mettaton asked.


“Y/N, it's me! Y/GF!” she said annoyed. “I got us some Italian sodas. Where are you?”


“Ooooh, this is your girlfriend?” Mettaton asked you, holding the phone to his chest before putting it back up to his ear. “Yes, yes, I have Y/N in my trailer right now with a 15 inch cock stuffed down his bowels.” He looks you in the eyes the entire time with a devilish grin smeared on his face.


“Who the fuck.. What are you talking about?” she said with more anger than worry in her voice. “Where’s Y/N?!”


“No, no, I'll show you, dear! After all, seeing is believing,” Mettaton says as he turns on video chat.


Mettaton holds up your phone above both of you and shows a live feed of him posing in front of your helpless body with his monster cock throbbing in your ass. You see yourself in the small screen in the corner. Covered in dry cum and spit, completely red, with your face pushed into the couch by Mettaton’s boot. Your erect penis is fully visible, still spilling out with another load of semen, covered in sweat.


“See darling? He's even enjoying himself! He never liked you, girl. What he needed was the touch of a man to please him,” Mettaton says mockingly to your girlfriend  as she watches, horrified. “Sorry dear, but this is what happens to lazy whores like you.”


After seeing you being completely dominated by Mettaton, she hangs u abruptly.


“No! Please, no! Please no!” You try to yell after she hangs up, but Mettaton’s boot pressed against your face makes it almost impossible for you to talk. “Please don't go!”


“Don't worry, darling, she was a bitch anyway. Sees her boyfriend getting ravaged by a hulking robot penis and just hangs up? She never cared about you, anyway.” Mettaton says shortly before reminding you of the giant cock in your ass, by giving another hard thrust that managed to cause you to burst out another load onto the couch. “If anything I did you a favor! I broke you up with her so you could concentrate on your real purpose. Being a gay cum dumpster for horny fucks like me.”


Mettaton pounds your ass for nearly 20 minutes, but it feels like 20 hours. Eventually your balls run out of cum and instead of shooting thick loads of semen on to Mettaton's couch, you just spill out wet little spurts on to the ground as your testicles increasingly feel more painful. Your tears soak the cushion, joining the cum, and the stinging pain of Mettaton's cock rapidly thrusting inside of you became normal. Your ass is almost completely numb, but at the same time you can still fully distinguish every inch of his metallic penis grinding against the inside of your butthole. He finally pulls out his cock all the way, and a wave of relief fills your body. As usual, that relief is broken as Mettaton slams his dick farther down into your ass than you thought was possible. His steamy cum fills your innards, and you can feel your stomach filling, too. Suddenly, you're not hungry anymore. He slowly pulls out, inflating every inch of your ass with an almost never ending stream of jizz. Eventually, he pulls the head of his penis out with a loud *POP* sound, and his gallons of semen pour out into a large bucket that he prepared. Once a minute or two passes by, the last stream of cum drips out of your ass. Of course, your ass and insides are still coated with it, but the majority has filled the large bucket, with a bit spilling over the edge. He lifts his boot off from your face, which has most likely made a permanent indent, and steps back. You lay there in shock for a few seconds before Mettaton gets impatient.


“Well come on, dear, we don't have all day,” Mettaton says, clearly annoyed.


You try to move but even moving a muscle results in an excruciating shock of pain to pass through your body.


“Ah, ahh… I can’t,” You helplessly say, looking for sympathy.


Mettaton rolls his eyes and grabs your gaping butthole like a shirt collar and yanks you to the ground. You let out a shriek of pain, but you're quickly shut up as he drops his huge balls on to your face. It nearly knocks you out, but you still manage to remain conscious. You instinctively start running your tongue around the smooth ball sacks. Your tongue travels all around them, and eventually explores between his cheeks.


“Now, now. Let's not get ahead of  ourselves,” Mettaton says to you.


You ignore him and start to tongue his asshole. His quivering boner confirms that he's enjoying himself, and you start to get more creative. You begin moving your tongue in patterns around and inside his butt. After a bit of experimenting, you start feasting on Mettaton's delicious, puckered ass. When you weren't licking sweat and dry cum out of his ass, you were wrapping your lips around his swollen butthole. After about half a minute of this, his butt cheeks clenched and you heard him shoot his load with a magnificent




You can hear the cum splat on the window hard, and feel Mettaton loosen up. He then starts to move his cock, still covered with cum and the scent of your ass, down your face.


“One last task for you, dear, and then I'll let you go,” Mettaton says. “Clean me up.”


He lifts up off your face and you get a good look at his monster dick in full. It's drenched in cum, with pubes scattered all around it, most definitely ones he accidentally ripped off of you during his anal assault. You can see the heat of the cum rising above it, and a bit of cum falls down onto your face.


“C'mon, boy! Chop chop!” Mettaton chirps impatiently, staring down at your tired, sweaty body.


You spent so much time gazing at his huge knob that you forgot about reality. You get on your knees and turn to face Mettaton’s cock, its head about an inch from your nose. The stench is indescribable, but it makes you hornier than ever. Mettaton looks down at you sternly with his hands on his hips and his foot tapping, waiting for you to do something. You stare down the middle of his boner and think to yourself;


“Holy shit, this looks delicious.”


You stick out your tongue and start to lick the front of his penis. A little bit of semen spills out onto your tongue and you swallow it. Mettaton smiles at this, seeing you finally know your place. You purse your lips and fit his head into your mouth, licking all the cum, pubic hairs, and other bodily fluids mixed in with the rest. Once the head is clean, you move to the shaft, the head nearly touching the back of your mouth.


“For fucks sake, darling, if I wanted a snail to clean my dick then I'd get one,” Mettaton says in an irritated voice. “You're fucking useless.”


He then grabs the back of your head and shoves his whole cock down your throat. You feel your heart drop and your gag reflexes kick in. You puke semen all over his cock, causing an even bigger mess. Mettaton feels this and pulls out his dick, now even more messy. He slaps you across the face with his behemoth of a cock at full force. The pain hits you like a train and you fall to the ground. Your face starts to swell and Mettaton grabs your shirt and starts cleaning off his cock with it. Once he's done with it, he throws it into the bucket of cum and readies his dick again. He then pulls your head back up, and shoves his penis down your throat again to rinse it off. You feel like throwing up again, but there's nothing left to puke. He pulls out and his cock is gleaming with spit. You can feel your mouth and throat clogged with semen and itchy from hairs.


“Finally,” Mettaton says as he holds his shiny boner pridefully. “NOW we’re even. You can leave now.”


You stagger up off the floor, but don't make it too far before collapsing again on the couch.


“Oh you're pathetic, darling. I take back everything good I said about you.”


Mettaton walks to the fridge and grabs a diet soda.




He throws the can at you and you catch it with both hands.


“At least you can still use your hands, you damn degenerate.”


You crack it open and clear your throat. It's MTT brand, the taste brings you back to your senses. Mettaton lays down and rests his feet on your lap. He takes off his boots and tosses them across the room. After a few seconds, you start to smell the sweaty scent that's built up all day from his bare feet. You look down at his toes, and then at him. He looks at you with his mouth half open and his eyes narrow, looking at you like you're the biggest idiot in the world.


“Please, don't tell me you're that stupid,” Mettaton says, amazed at your oblivion.


You look at him confused and offended at the same time, taking another sip of the soda.


“Why aren't you massaging my feet right now.” Mettaton shouts at you  “You're really that fucking stupid?”


You quickly look down and see his toes wiggling. You put down your soda and start massaging them, as best you can. The disgusting scent makes it to your nose again and you try to block it out, but it's hard to without suffocating. Mettaton relaxes his head back on the arm of the couch as you move your fingers around each toe and down to his sole. Your hands squeeze around his feet, rubbing them up and down, and you realize that they're really soft for some reason. Maybe it helps with performance. Your thoughts cause you to slow down your movement, and Mettaton reminds you again by slamming his foot down into your crotch.


“Oww, what the fuck!” you yell at him, feeling more confident about yourself than before. “That wasn't necessary.”


Mettaton quickly gets rid of any sense of superiority you have by grinding your balls and telling you “Don’t think that just because I'm tired, that you're better than me.”


He gives a final kick to your dick, which makes you cringe with pain, before propping his feet back up, waiting for you to continue again. You look down and see his wet, sweaty toes, glistening in the light, and you can't help but start craving them. After a second of contemplation, you quickly bring his foot up to your face and start licking it all over, covering it with your spit and licking up everything on his feet.


Mettaton looks up at you before saying “Maybe you're not so bad, darling,” and rests his head again.


You ignore him and continue slobbering all over his soft soles and toes. You lap up all the salty sweat and take deep whiffs of that nauseating smell. You quickly get hard again, and Mettaton decides to play with you. As you enjoy yourself with one of his feet, he uses the other to stroke your cock. After a few more seconds, he presses your face back with his foot and forces you to lick it up and down completely, and continue inhaling the sweaty scent of his feet. Meanwhile, he picks up the pace with his foot, stroking it fast up and down, your foreskin folding and unfolding in unison with it, making a wet, sloppy sound with each stroke. You feel your balls start to tingle and your licking start to slow down. Mettaton notices this and takes both his feet and gives you one last hard stroke with them. Somehow, even though you thought your balls were completely empty from cumming so much while getting anally raped, jizz spews out of your cock, landing all over Mettaton’s face. He licks all the cum he can reach with his tongue and then gets up.


“Well now, you should be on your way. I got to prepare for my flight tomorrow,” Mettaton says, walking to the door, gesturing for you to follow.


You stand up and walk towards him, when you remember about the signature.


“Wait, I still didn't get a signature from you. T-That's what I came here for,” you say trying your best not to sound like an idiot.


“THAT'S what you came her for? Damn, why didn't you just say so, darling,” Mettaton says as he walks over to the cum bucket.


He pulls out your shirt, which has been soaking with cum for the past 15 minutes. As he grabs a pen, you look back on the trailer, seeing it so trashed and covered with cum. The velvet couch soaked from the multiple loads you shot on to it. Most of the cum hasn't even soaked in, and some is still spilling over the edge. You see the window, with a large cum splotch smeared all over it, from when you were feasting on Mettaton's lush ass, and he couldn't contain himself. And lastly you look at the fridge, with finger indents to where Mettaton was holding when he was trying to pry himself out of it after you started pounding his behind. Suddenly, a large slimy glob hits your chest and you instinctively grab it and look down. It's your cum soaked shirt, signed by Mettaton somehow. The signature reads;


“Dear Y/N, hope your ass feels better, dear!”


This reminds you of the aching pains from your butthole, but you decide to try and ignore it.


“Well, my little fucktoy, it's time for you to leave,” Mettaton says, looking down at you with one hand on the wall and the other on his hip.


You look down and see his flaccid penis hung like a horse. It's still enormous, even when it's soft, and it looks amazing. For some reason you feel the strong urge to stuff it all in your mouth. Even though your mind is telling you that you want to go, deep down, you're still hungry for his cock.


“For fucks sake darling, you really can't tear your eyes away from it can you,” Mettaton says, noticing you staring at his crotch.


“O-Oh.. Sorry,” you say, realizing what you're doing.


“Yeah, yeah, well it's time for you to go,”  he says as he opens the door for you, increasingly getting more impatient.


You step outside and see the sun going down. You have no idea how long you were in there, but it was probably a few hours. Even still, people are still crowded all around the concert hall, excited. Seeing all these people makes you realize that you need to be appropriately dressed for the public. After all, you only have a shirt


You turn around and start to say “Wait, Mettaton can I have my pants,” but you're cut short when he splashes you with the giant bucket of cum, leaving you soaked, sticky, and smelling awful.


Mettaton laughs and says “Toodles~” before slamming the door behind you, leaving you staring at a reflection of yourself.


And thus, marks the beginning of your new life.

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